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A Plant-based Diet Changed My Life | Pat McAuley | TEDxBabsonCollege
11 months ago
Pat McAuley describes the impact that food has on his life and why he is an advocate of the health and environmental benefits of ...
The Power of Plant-Based Eating | Dr. Joanne Kong | TEDxUniversityOfRichmond
2 years ago
The Power of Plant-Based Eating Dr. Joanne Kong; The Power of Plant-Based Eating This talk was given at a TEDx event using ...
4 YEARS VEGAN- Incredible benefits I experienced eating plant based!
Year ago
Eating a plant-based diet was one of the best choices I ever made and I want to share some of the benefits I experienced in this ...
The Health Benefits of Going Vegan with Dr. Barnard | The Exam Room Podcast
Year ago
Dr. Neal Barnard talks about the many health benefits of adopting a plant-based diet! Improves heart health, type 2 diabetes, ...
Vegetarian Diets and Health: Findings from the EPIC-Oxford Study - Prof. Dr. Timothy Key
3 years ago
Recorded at VegMed 2016 / Aufgenommen beim VegMed 2016 © VegMed - www.vegmed.org / www.vegmed.de.
How Your Body Transforms On A Vegan Diet
2 years ago
Looking at 8 clinical trials and a dozen of other studies on vegans we take a look through time at what changes you can expect ...
Should YOU Go VEGAN? | Diet Debbie | Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
Year ago
Medical Disclaimer: The content in this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, ...
LIVE IT: Reduce Risk of Chronic Diseases with a Vegetarian Diet
3 years ago
Want to decrease your chances of chronic disease? Researchers found that a vegetarian diet does just that.
VEGAN DIET SCIENCE: Are Eggs Bad? Vegan Bodybuilding? Is Red Meat Bad?
11 months ago
In this video I'm speaking with nutrition researcher and Director of Examine.com, Kamal Patel. We discuss the ethics of veganism, ...
Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
6 years ago
Cardiologist Dr. Andrew Freeman explains the benefits of a plant-based diet. Learn how you can potentially cure many diseases ...
Is a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet an Answer to Chronic Disease? 2017 Documentary
2 years ago
Is a whole food plant-based diet the answer to chronic / modern disease? Find out in this new 2017 short documentary, which ...
Is Veganism Healthy or Harmful?
4 months ago
This video defines veganism and explores the benefits and pitfalls of following a vegan diet. This video explores the effectiveness ...
Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
6 months ago
Eating a plant-based diet has been shown to help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose levels. Franciscan ...
VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS - Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison
2 years ago
What are Vegans and what do they really eat? How does a vegan diet compare to a meat eating diet? Which diet is truly healthier ...
Are Vegetarians Healthier? - Should I Eat Meat? - BBC
3 years ago
Michael Mosley compares the difference between a meat lunch and a vegetarian lunch to find out whether or not it is actually ...
3 years ago
Here are my top 5 benefits of going vegan! I share my experience on why I changed my eating habits and all the amazing things I ...
The diet that helps fight climate change
Year ago
You don't have to go vegan to fight climate change. Research shows that small changes to our diets can make big differences.
Benefits I experienced going Vegan
6 years ago
Talking about a few of the dozens of benefits I've felt since taking meat and dairy out of my diet. Yes thats me in the thumbnail.
My Top 10 Benefits of the Raw Vegan Diet
3 years ago
Follow us on facebook: facebook.com/rawintuitionmb Instagram: Rawintuition Twitter: @Raw_intuition I have seen so ...
Going Vegan / The 5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet For Men
Year ago
Going Vegan / The 5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet For Men. The thought of going vegan can overwhelm a lot of people, especially men ...