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Dinosaurs Probably Weren't Cold-Blooded, According to Eggshells
2 days ago
Scientists can find answers in some pretty unusual places, and recently they found some evidence that dinosaurs weren't ...
The Tree of Life Is Messed Up
4 days ago
Taxonomy is a powerful tool, and one that modern biology wouldn't be able to function without. But trying to shoehorn the messy, ...
What Animal Dominates Earth?
3 days ago
There is a group of animals with more species than any other group, but Earth has such an astonishing variety of life that figuring ...
Betelgeuse Isn’t Just Dim: It’s Lopsided | SciShow News
2 days ago
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What We Know About the New Coronavirus
23 days ago
The WHO has declared the new coronavirus a global public health emergency-but that doesn't mean you should panic. Hosted ...
Why More Choices Don't Make You Happy
3 days ago
We're surrounded by choices in life, but psychologists have found that having those choices doesn't necessarily make us happy.
Yet More Evidence That Vaping Is Probably Terrible | SciShow News
5 months ago
Did you know that your body's fight-or-flight response to danger may, in part, come from inside your bones? Plus, another study ...
Superfetation: When You Get Pregnant... Even Though You're Already Pregnant
2 months ago
The process of human baby making seems pretty straightforward: egg sperm time=baby. But hold on to your ovaries, folks!
Why Do People Have Periods When Most Mammals Don't?
Month ago
Few mammals actually get periods every month, or even at all, but why? Understanding what menstruation really is and why it ...
The Most Venomous Animals in the World
6 years ago
There are a lot of ways to kill and be killed in the animal kingdom, but only a lucky few use the powers of venom. Not all are ...
6 Weird Mushrooms (And Other Fungi)
2 months ago
Mushrooms can be pretty weird! Some have the power to trick animals into caring for them, appear to bleed, or even clean up ...
Why Can't We Farm These Foods Yet?
5 months ago
There are some foods that are so popular that they are at risk of going extinct. What are they and why is it so difficult to harvest ...
Scientists May Have Found a Way to Treat All Cancers... By Accident | SciShow News
9 days ago
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Проверь себя: Синдром самозванца.Или почему ты никогда не станешь успешным? SciShow Psych на русском
Day ago
SciShow #psych2go #нарусском Озвучила Asia Bermann ( instagram.com/asenizator/ ) Есть люди, которые ...
Beyond Identical or Fraternal: 6 Rare Types of Twins
14 days ago
Twins can be a lot more complicated than just identical or fraternal, and the rarer types of twins suggest that we have a lot more to ...
The Girl Who Never Grew Up
Month ago
The human body generally grows in a predictable pattern, but in one rare case, one American girl essentially remained a toddler ...
How Pluto's Heart Makes Its Atmosphere Spin Backward | SciShow News
9 days ago
Pluto's heart is revealing itself to be a major influence on the dwarf planet's landscape and atmosphere, and scientists used atom ...