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People Get Checkups From The Hot Doctor Of Instagram
3 years ago
It's National Doctor Day, and what better way to celebrate than with the hot doctor of Instagram!
How Instagram star says he went from shy, unconfident to 'Sexiest Doctor Alive'
Year ago
Dr. Mike Varshavski, who was named New York City's most eligible bachelor and called the sexiest doctor alive by People ...
Ask Doctor Mike ft. YOU | Instagram Q&A
2 years ago
Hey, guys! Welcome to Ask Doctor Mike part II ft. YOU. I asked you on Instagram to send me your questions and you did…across ...
Exposing FAKE Accounts & Catfish SCAMS | Doctor Mike
10 months ago
I only have 1 account on each of the major platforms!!!! Yes, there are hundreds of fake accounts created using my pictures every ...
Meet the 'Sexiest doctor alive'
3 years ago
Known as @doctor.mike on Instagram, Dr. Mikhail Varshavski has over 1 million followers and was just named the "Sexiest Doctor ...
'Hot' Doctor Mike On His Instagram Fame & YouTube Channel | Instant Exclusive | INSTANT
2 years ago
We talked to Doctor Mike on his rise to Instagram fame, his USvid channel and so much more SUBSCRIBE: ...
Doctor Reacts to YouTubers Saving Lives (ft. Dr.Mike)
2 months ago
Today Doctor Mike reacts to the Walsh Family performing emergency medical scenarios. How many lives did we save?? Dr.Mike's ...
Behind the Facade | Instagram Star Talks Reality of Medical School
8 months ago
Jay Feldman is a 4th year osteopathic medical student who just matched into family medicine residency! He talks the reality of ...
DOCTOR WHO Best Instagram Edits Collection
8 months ago
DOCTOR WHO Best Instagram Edits Collection FULL COLLECTION FROM OLD JUST A CHANNEL Like and subscribe for more!
Sexiest doctor alive saves life on flight
4 months ago
Coverage from Chasing News with Bill Spadea.
MY MORNING ROUTINE 2017 | Doctor Mike
2 years ago
Hey, everyone! This is my morning routine that helps me prepare for a hectic day at the hospital. Hope you'll find some tips in this ...
If Siri Was a HOT DOCTOR in Real Life (ft Doctor Mike)
2 years ago
if you couldn't tell, this is basically an infomercial parody lol. this is my first comedy sketch in over a year! doctor mike i had SO ...
4 years ago
Doctor Mike is a 2nd year medical resident NYC/MIA An avid explorer of life Just a man and his dog against the world. I made this ...
She's Just A LITTLE Funny | Doctor Mike
12 days ago
Meet my friend Pamela Rae Schuller she is an absolute rock star! Well, actually shes a stand-up comedian, who will make you ...
Hugh and Penny are intimate | Doctor Doctor Season 3
Year ago
Subscribe here: bit.ly/2nI3zka Full episodes here: bit.ly/2p7nl97 'Kiss me goodbye now' Watch full episodes and ...
Hilarious MEDICAL Whisper Challenge! | Doctor Mike
8 months ago
I was inspired by Jimmy Fallon's Whisper challenge and decided to sit down with my friend Dilshad Atwal (PGY-4 PM&R) to make ...
When a DOCTOR gets sick - what happens??
9 months ago
What happens when a DOCTOR gets sick!? Well, we usually put it off for as long as possible...but eventually have to go get ...
doctor.borisov: доктор Борисов в Instagram
Year ago
Немного обо мне, о том, что докторов Борисовых много, не надо судить обо мне по отзывам от посторонних людей....
HUGE NEWS from my doctor - 6 weeks post TUMMY TUCK!
8 months ago
Today is my 6 week post op appointment for my tummy tuck & mastopexy. At this appointment I explain why I paid FULL price for ...