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Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review
Year ago
Hey guys! I am back with the next installment of my diet review series. This week I am covering the incredibly popular ketogenic ...
Doctor Mike On Diets: Intermittent Fasting | Diet Review
Year ago
Hey guys! I've seen over and over questions and comments regarding dieting so I decided to start a series where I conduct a diet ...
Doctor Mike Tries KETO for 30 DAYS
9 months ago
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Honest Whole30 Diet Review | Doctor Mike On Diets | Wednesday Checkup
2 months ago
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What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike
2 years ago
Hey, guys! Today, I'm sharing with you what I actually eat in a day. My schedule can get hectic but I still try to eat a balanced, ...
What I Eat In A Day As A Doctor Ft. Bear | Doctor Mike
3 months ago
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Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...
5 months ago
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How I Lose Fat and Keep Muscle | Nutrition 101
7 months ago
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QUICK, TASTY, HEALTHY MEAL PREPS | 5 Meal Ideas for Busy People | Doctor Mike
Year ago
Hi guys! Here are 5 quick, tasty and healthy meal ideas to kick off 2018. I added links below for you to check out the ingredients on ...
How Do I Lose Belly Fat? | Responding To Your Comments! | Doctor Mike
Year ago
As you guys know I love connecting and answering your health and wellness questions every week. But I wanted to do an even ...
Finally a LEGIT Nutrition Study! | Wednesday Checkup
6 months ago
Vegan 30 Day Challenge: usvid.net/video/video-P28mbaFf52g.html Nutrition research articles are usually pretty blah. They make outrageous ...
Working Out With Dr. Mike
Year ago
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COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription
Year ago
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Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review Reply
Year ago
Doctor Mike on Diets: Ketogenic Diet | Diet Review Reply Video from a doctor who has hundreds of hours in nutrition. While there ...
I Tried Following Doctor Mike's “What I Eat in a Day"
4 months ago
Spoiler: I was hungry all day Doctor Mike's video: usvid.net/video/video-uz_DVBZaAoY.html CONNECT ☀ Instagram: ...
Functional Approach to Ketogenic Diet | Mark Hyman, MD
Year ago
Mark Hyman, MD, Director or Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine answers questions about the functional medicine ...
Doctor Mike Tries A Vegan Diet (and shills for Thrive Market lol)
5 months ago
Doctor Mike's video usvid.net/video/video-P28mbaFf52g.html Vegan, DASH, Mediterranean-Which Diet is Best?
2 years ago
Hi, guys! With summer fast approaching, I thought I'd share with you 10 healthy steps you can take get a summer body. Subscribe ...
I ate like Dr.Mike for a week | EATING TO NEVER GET SICK?!
2 days ago
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