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Massive 18x Lens for Your Smartphone
Year ago
BEST BUY LINK: bit.ly/2SyCkCJ This is a review video of Apexel 18x Telephoto Lens and five other lenses for iPhone and ...
Camera Lenses Explained for Beginners
Year ago
The basics of camera lenses explained, tips on how to choose a lens for video and examples of what different focal lengths look ...
What LENS should YOU BUY?!
2 years ago
What lens should you buy? I asked the same questions when I wasn't quite sure on where to invest my money. There are so many ...
Shooting Macro
11 months ago
Discover ordinary objects through the eye of a moving bullet using our new probe lens by Laowa. Buy Probe Lens: ...
Mobile camera lens || dslr photo shoot?? || 8x zoom mobile camera lens
27 days ago
hello doto kaise hai aap log yaar dosto is video me apko 8x lens jo ki phone ke camera me use kar sakte hai uski review ki gyi ...
Dope Tech: The Probe Lens!
2 months ago
The Probe lens by Venus Optics is the most ridiculous piece of video gear I've ever seen. Venus Laowa Probe lens: ...
Camera Basics - Focal Length
2 years ago
Through animation, I explain various aspects of focal length, from the principle of the subject, to crop factor, and finally the different ...
With $18,000 at the football field! | Canon 600mm f/4L and 1Dx Mark II
3 years ago
Hello dear Canon friends, Today it`s time to review the Canon EF 600mm F/4L IS USM lens. It`s Canon`s predecessor of the ...
A6500 - Massive 500-1000mm Lens - It's 80 Bucks, Does it Suck?
2 years ago
Check out my latest video : usvid.net/video/video-grtp2p1TN5s.html Huge lens: amzn.to/2mVefdP tiny lens: amzn.to/2nc9skr Sony ...
How Lenses Function
2 years ago
Revisit the physics of how lenses work, and how refraction, spherical aberration, and chromatic aberration come about.
Sony QX100 iOS/Android Camera Lens Unboxing
5 years ago
Other places I hang out: FaceBook Fan Page: goo.gl/pZsjC Twitter: twitter.com/soldierknowbest Instagram: ...
The ULTIMATE Introduction to Camera Lenses!
2 years ago
For the beginner filmmakers and photographers learning lenses. We explain focal length, aperture, zoom lenses, prime lenses, ...
This Gadget will Turn Smartphone into a DSLR
2 years ago
A Smartphone Gadget which can transform Your Phone into a DSLR, Today I have Reviewed a Smartphone Camera Lens and I ...
85mm vs 50mm vs 35mm Prime Lens COMPARISON VIDEO + Photo Examples
2 years ago
In this video I compare the 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2 and 35mm 1.4 canon lenses. I used two different types of settings to show you a ...
$100 Camera Lens VS. $5,000 Cinema Lens | Explained
Year ago
Today we test a$100 Canon 50mm Camera Lens vs a $5000 Canon 50mm Cinema Lens!!!! Why does one cost so much?
The Top 6 Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever
9 months ago
The Top 6 Most Expensive Camera Lenses Ever Nikon 6mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens Nikon first unveiled this rare lens at Photokina in ...
7 Reasons Why a 50mm Lens Is All You Need for Great Photography
Year ago
These 7 tips from Shutterbug photographer Jordan Matter will show you why a 50mm "Nifty Fifty" lens is sometimes all you need to ...
Bigger Second Hand Dslr Lens Shop In Bd | Buy Used Canon Lenses Cheap Price In Dhaka 2018
Year ago
Bigger Second Hand Dslr Lens Shop In Bd | Buy Used Canon Lenses Cheap Price In Dhaka 2018 usvid.net/video/video-Qbo6zusGPRI.html ...
Year ago
Check out my Photography Courses at learnfromben.com EQUIPMENT I USE IN THE VIDEO ⤵ Sony 16-35mm 4.0 Lens ...