Zenfone 6 Flip Camera TEARDOWN! - How does it work?

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The Zenfone 6 has one of the coolest cameras that weve ever seen in a smartphone. Asus has their camera flipping up from the backside. But how does the Asus Zenfone 6 camera even work? What does the Zenfone 6 camera look like from the inside? Today we are going to disassemble the Zenfone 6, take it apart, and review the new smartphone from the inside.
Here is the Zenfone 6 Durability Test: usvid.net/video/video-ZPv9XPHMYfg.html
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Jun 21, 2019

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Comments 3 161
Asep ilham
Asep ilham Day ago
Wow crazy brooo, gift for me bro
Krall 2 days ago
this is pointles. your youtube channel should be closed.
Andrew Garay
Andrew Garay Day ago
Hater always going to be
Darathu 2 days ago
Looks fragile as phuck.
bubu mic
bubu mic 2 days ago
hmmmmm i`d rather have a phone with no selfie camera at all ...
Andrew Garay
Andrew Garay Day ago
It only comes in handy sometimes but agreed
Hi-tech sonu short trick
Battery adhesive problem thiss mobile
epicgamer_95276 2 days ago
Do a Alcatel 1 tear down I'm using it now it does have a plastic back
logistick126 3 days ago
Zack, You can test electrical connections of the camera module in the freezer. There are 49 wires inside.
V3LOXy 3 days ago
Probably the best front camera out there, unfortunately for Asus, the people using the front camera the most (selfies) usually just stick to flagships from Apple and Samsung.
wasim shaikh
wasim shaikh 3 days ago
Thanks sir 👌👌👌
unlimited typs
unlimited typs 3 days ago
Redmi k20 pro
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera 3 days ago
Whats the blue stick you use called?
shyam agarkar
shyam agarkar 3 days ago
Teardown redmi k20 pro
Seven Hopkins
Seven Hopkins 4 days ago
YouOnly LiveTwicE
Waiting for the under display camera
김라로 5 days ago
뭐지 왜 이 영상만 나는 한국어로 보이지 ㄷㄷ
FAO PINIK 6 days ago
Bro k20 pro.
Me watching this video on a Zenfone 5z😂
FaZe KILLER 6 days ago
I never can't trust mechanisms in smartphones
James Jones
James Jones 7 days ago
Pop up camera.
Jaivin B.V
Jaivin B.V 7 days ago
Bro please put k20pro durability test
Tej Shah
Tej Shah 7 days ago
Please do the Durability test and teardown of Redmi k20 Pro
Insiderve ROBLOX
Insiderve ROBLOX 7 days ago
Why iPhone 11 pop up camera isn’t gonna be like asus’s
Sujoy Mukherjee
Sujoy Mukherjee 7 days ago
Hi Jerry, can you please show us the durability of Nokia 8 Sirocco ?
Steward Gillespie
This man make expensive phone looks cheap.
would deff get it if it had wifi calling but it dont
Suman Malakar
Suman Malakar 9 days ago
Jerry test the new Vivo z1 pro
Kartik Swamy
Kartik Swamy 9 days ago
I am eager to watch the teardown too of samsung A series mobile (A50,A70)
s.ashwin kumar
s.ashwin kumar 9 days ago
Redmi k20 pro durability test
Nguyễn Thành Tín
Samsung galaxy A80
M. D. Luffy
M. D. Luffy 9 days ago
Can you teardown and durability test xiaomi redmi k20 pro?
Jop Mendoza
Jop Mendoza 9 days ago
Do teardown on redmi k20 pro
GeX - SnneX
GeX - SnneX 10 days ago
Jo Jerry, why don't you show what happen at lv. 7 8 9 10, i mean you destroy every mobile anyways xD
Michael M
Michael M 10 days ago
Have you thought about doing a teardown and durability test on a Sonim XP8.
Shubhankar Kalekar
Shubhankar Kalekar 10 days ago
You should test Samsung Galaxy M40
ali attia
ali attia 11 days ago
ممكن يكون فى ترجمه عربيه
Kaan Küçük
Kaan Küçük 12 days ago
I want new iphone 11
Himav Singh
Himav Singh 12 days ago
Do a durable test on the Samsung A80
The Kutub
The Kutub 12 days ago
Sir plz.. test the oppo realme. X mobile phone
Abhishek Srivastava
Do a teardown of Realme 2 pro
Loi Than
Loi Than 13 days ago
BITES THE DUST 13 days ago
This bald nigga
mylastname is my first
This guy should be a surgeon
jacob danial
jacob danial 13 days ago
Hey can u test the flagship killer Redmi K20 pro
Living Water
Living Water 13 days ago
accidentally on purpose
Loomis1406 Yt
Loomis1406 Yt 14 days ago
Don’t respond if your a hitman
singing retarders
singing retarders 14 days ago
for me the flip camera is a lot more usable as i can get the higher camera performance and also the same kind of image quality as primary
Meeo Kosett
Meeo Kosett 14 days ago
JerryRigEverything: flip or pop up camera ? Me: under display camera !!!
Moses Raj
Moses Raj 14 days ago
Will the cooling system be a problem for prospective buyers?
Frame 14 days ago
Please make durability test on Honor 8x
Narayan Banwanshi
Narayan Banwanshi 14 days ago
Its a request do the test of vivo z1 pro
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