YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

Dolan Twins
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We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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Nov 27, 2018

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Comments 31 620
Laila Taylor
Laila Taylor 12 minutes ago
Omg When you don’t know what to do on a test so you distract other people “YOU HAVIN A GOOD DAY?”
All Panic No Disco
All Panic No Disco 19 minutes ago
Professional dumbasses mE
Navas Mohamed
Navas Mohamed 34 minutes ago
I can never close my mouth from smiling even for 1 min
Anna Cain
Anna Cain Hour ago
this entire video is legit just them convincing people to try a vanilla latte
ShadowFuryOG Hour ago
It would have been funny if a subscriber who recognized them walked in, they would have been so confused.
Anna Cain
Anna Cain Hour ago
they're GREAT baristas, but honestly i'd buy coffee from them
May Eatonne
May Eatonne 2 hours ago
Oh my God this hurts me😂😂😂
Sarah Ahmed
Sarah Ahmed 3 hours ago
I just started watching your channel and I already love you guys!
Edely Fernandez
Edely Fernandez 3 hours ago
Wow people are so nice 😂
N L 3 hours ago
G: "Do you think this guy will notice that his chai tea is actually coffee?" E: "Nah, nah, you're good."
Maila Arifin
Maila Arifin 3 hours ago
Amirah Iftoni
Amirah Iftoni 3 hours ago
Drake and josh sushi conveyor belt vibes
N L 3 hours ago
Grayson: "You have two earings instead of one." Ethan: "What the fuck. You have a suit on." Grayson: "You have a necklace."
Ronya H
Ronya H 3 hours ago
Do you have Nuetlla WE HAVE VANILLA Do you have caramel WE HAVE VANILLA
Lerato Mahau
Lerato Mahau 4 hours ago
I dunno what chai is but I'm giving him something
Cherie Moncur
Cherie Moncur 5 hours ago
Happy birthday
Arty crafty Girl
Arty crafty Girl 5 hours ago
Hadi Charine
Hadi Charine 5 hours ago
This is painfull to watch :)
Alana Jagel
Alana Jagel 6 hours ago
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki 8 hours ago
Y'all did a good job . Y'all didn't suck
Bella's Music
Bella's Music 8 hours ago
3:17 so you want me to press it again?
Sanskriti Karki
Sanskriti Karki 8 hours ago
I want an Iced Coffee now😂
Brooke Proctor
Brooke Proctor 10 hours ago
These guys were so awkward and cringe... but I love them 💖
hadasa paredes
hadasa paredes 13 hours ago
USvid, can you explain to me why you recommended this to me..? I was watching racing drone videos.
hadasa paredes
hadasa paredes 12 hours ago
“Oh that’s not chai tea?” as if he doesn’t know... thank you USvid for this laugh at 10pm.
hadasa paredes
hadasa paredes 12 hours ago
decided to skim through, and definitely got a good laugh. “Do you think this guy will know it’s not a chai tea but half coffee?” Oh goodness.
niveda kumar
niveda kumar 13 hours ago
gray is that one kid i always hated at school
Mary Andrews
Mary Andrews 15 hours ago
The outro is the BEST!!!!
Princess CUTIE PIE Imma kat meow ._.
You guys grew beards I have not seen you in 2 years but I don't remember you with beards ok I'm watching you again
swaggy rapper in the future
Mary Andrews
Mary Andrews 15 hours ago
This video stressed me out but i still loved it
Peyton Crazy girl
Peyton Crazy girl 15 hours ago
I want to see more of these videos
Jasveer Magendran Magendran
Screwed up big time
Abi Hernandez
Abi Hernandez 17 hours ago
Grayson with a beard: 😍😋💦
Natasha lopez
Natasha lopez 17 hours ago
Izzy Rigby
Izzy Rigby 17 hours ago
imagine walking into a coffee shop and seeing the Dolan twins serving you 🤩💗
C R 18 hours ago
"What if she just takes it and runs?"
Carolina Lopez
Carolina Lopez 19 hours ago
Ethan can make Emma coffee now lmao
Cozette Jones
Cozette Jones 20 hours ago
Their merch is so chill and aestheticly pleasing like I need some
carson sickler
carson sickler 20 hours ago
this makes me so uncomfortable 😂
Avery Nevitt
Avery Nevitt 20 hours ago
Avery Nevitt
Avery Nevitt 21 hour ago
the awkwardness has me dying oml this is great
Jayda Michelle
Jayda Michelle 21 hour ago
Hi, I’m a new USvidr and model, my instagram is jay__har and it would mean everything if you would check out my USvid channel and insta
Maira Imran
Maira Imran 22 hours ago
“Your not working at Microsoft hq” 😂
SmilEndlessly 23 hours ago
They definitely helped the business because all their subbies will be headed there
Abbey Carnley
Abbey Carnley 23 hours ago
Emma Chamberlain should work there too
Sparsh Agarwal
Love from india
Melissa Parker
This reminded me so much of my first 2 jobs! #1 - a fruit smoothie stand. The owner trained me in about an hour, didn't speak English, then dipped after that 1st hour. I really tried my best but I was the only employee in the shop on my 1st day! Every time I handed someone their smoothie I apologized, it was bad. #2 - a large pizza chain. I was put on phone orders. Once again...no real training. My 1st day I was told a GM was coming in & to act like I knew what I was doing. You think it wouldn't be hard to figure out but with a ton of phone lines ringing & having no clue what to do it becomes overwhelming. I lasted less than a week at each.
Juliana Arellano
Ethan: "the Nutella machine is down" The boss:😯 Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jasmin Aryee
Jasmin Aryee Day ago
This was lowkey so awkward how the first customer watched without laughing is truly shocking
Alana Stop
Alana Stop Day ago
This whole video was so cringe
Nathalia Werneck
This is so funny omg hahahahahaha
Kassandra Garcia
Omg I feel embarrassed for them omg🙈
Fleur ter Horst
Why didn't they explain EVERYTHING😂😂to them
Mimay Does Nightcore
"I dont think its chai tea.." "its not chai tea?" ":0"
LillyBug Olweean
Grayson- compared to Ethan I think I'm more professional LIAR I'm dead
Mimay Does Nightcore
Im dying
Ayesha Yaseen
Do views on your videos let you earn money ?
Incredible World
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Katelyn Bagnall
Grason looks so muck more profesuonal that e 😜😎 And still is 🔥🔥🔥 HOT!
Milo Campbell
Fat emma
skyebird1205 Hour ago
Milo Campbell wtf
Incredible World
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DireWolf Bloodline
This was painful to watch, I feel so sorry for you guys but you did your best and you really tried... That is all that matters from this experience
Irene Panopoulou
Milly Cook Viken
Hello random person scrolling through the comments during the video
Ester D
Ester D Day ago
guys you are so beautiful omg :)
Ashley King
Ashley King Day ago
chai doesn’t usually have espresso in it unless they ask..... “its just coffee do you think he’ll notice its not chai” “no” *hands him drink*😂😂😂😂😂
Iras Ioane
Iras Ioane Day ago
Man, I myself have a twin sister and I'm older then her,but what I am trying to say is that after I was done watching this video and if I was to compare me and my sister to Ethan and Grayson,I would be Grayson and my sister would be Ethan 😂🙌 because in here Ethan would always/kinda mess up and look to Grayson for help and Grayson would like look to Ethan like "Wtf don't you see I'm busy doing my own thing"?! And Grayson knew how to handle situations in a mature/kinda way. 😂🙌 BUT ANYWAYSSS GREAT VIDEO GUYS! I LOVE 💕✨ YOU TWO SO MUCH!!! 💕🙌✨
kelssiekrick Day ago
Omg. As a barista I am SHOOK 🤣🤣🤣 nice try boys, train for 2 weeks tho lol
Yara Kahel
Yara Kahel Day ago
“our Nutella machine is down”😂😂
Tanya Shah
Tanya Shah Day ago
6:15 when Grayson started shaking that cup his muscles were looking so good wth
Lana Playz
Lana Playz Day ago
ethan is really embarrasing himself XD
Josselyne Medina
For this reason you re youtubers 😂💙
Jenna B.
Jenna B. Day ago
Menu: *Vanilla Latte*
Poppi Douglas
never have i ever seen such patchy beards
So sad that they have lost 2.2 million followers in the past year
daderpycookeh cookies
Oh nooooXD I immediately knew things would go back as soon as the first customer walked inXD
Shea Magnus
Shea Magnus Day ago
I am a 19 year old who just started my first job, also as a barista, at my university coffee shop. It was SOOO hard to learn all the drinks at first, but now I've been working for about 3 months and it is SOOO fun. Great that y'all got out and tried something new and challenging.
Julia Sacta
Julia Sacta Day ago
Ethan's crew neck matches his skin tone better than James can match his foundation
Unicorn Magic
Heloisa Carmo
Zoe Pence
Zoe Pence Day ago
In the intro Ethan reminds me of a stoner that burnt all their braincells lmao😂😂
Nani Sostre
Nani Sostre Day ago
Lmaooo they’re literally my mood
Incredible World
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Amiee Erickson
"Sorry our nutella machine is down"😂😂 I can't breathe. I'm dead
Mishka Day ago
Ouffff stressful man 😂😂😭 you guys are too much 😂😂😂
Mishka Day ago
Wthhh😂😂😂😭 I'm crying 🤣🤣😭 it's 2:00 am right now and here I am watching this for like the *100th* time 😂😂😂😭
Lola Henschke
*cleaning....I find it very therapeutic*
Jocelyn Cox
Jocelyn Cox Day ago
Professional dum asses 🖕lol😂
Jocelyn Cox
Jocelyn Cox Day ago
Professional dom asses
Ja-lay-lay Beatrina
Just started watching the Dolan twins and I’m hella rolling of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂
skyebird1205 Hour ago
Ja-lay-lay Beatrina they do that to you😂 you just wait to be lying in bed dying of laughter with tears rolling down your face
Cintia Roldan
i love this video hahahaha
Ella M.
Ella M. Day ago
in the gentlemans handbook it says reaching the bekt line
Ella M.
Ella M. Day ago
grayson your tie is too short
Gaming Animals
This made me so uncomfortable
Fitness World _
I tell ya, that suit made a fucking difference😂 Noticed how she treated them the first 50 seconds on meeting them?
jordana c
jordana c Day ago
i wanna see another one, of them working at like a fast food chain HAHAHAH
jordana c
jordana c Day ago
this literally gave me anxiety, where was the guy that was supposed to be training them? he can’t teach them one drink and just expect them to go on their own? that would have been soooo stressful and unfair on them :\
Julianna Fraser
Grayson tuck in your shirt
Abigail Gibbons
they literally picked the hardest job omg
Ella Sophia
Ella Sophia Day ago
This is soooo cringy to me 🙆‍♀️
K is for Kameron
K is for Kameron 2 days ago
Hey Twins 👯 did y’all come to Elle’s
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