YouTubers Get A REAL JOB For The First Time!

Dolan Twins
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We started YouTubing when we were 15 so we never really had a real job before. In this video we find out what its like, and also find out that we should probably just stick to youtube lolol.
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Nov 27, 2018

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Comments 33 565
Grace e
Grace e 16 minutes ago
1:35 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erin Evans
Erin Evans 36 minutes ago
The most funniest vid ever with grayson coming out in the suite
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes 4 hours ago
The intro stops at 4:00 😂😂 your welcome
I’m B o r e d
I’m B o r e d 5 hours ago
15:16 Ethan: *says her order* Grayson: WtF iS tHaT
Marlee Woolsey
Marlee Woolsey 7 hours ago
I would loved to be served by them 🤣
Alexis Gaytan
Alexis Gaytan 7 hours ago
They weren’t ready 😭😂
Natalie Cho
Natalie Cho 8 hours ago
“sometime my earring gets crusty and I take it out” ummmm 🙄💀
Lily Hutchins
Lily Hutchins 9 hours ago
dont have anything to comment but i want to comment something so hi
abelamilia 11 hours ago
i'd freakout if the baristas in my local coffee shop are the dolan twins. god, they're so hot wearing those uniform :$
abelamilia 11 hours ago
2019 anyone? :)
Joe Mann
Joe Mann 13 hours ago
😂it’s so stressful
Arriana Too
Arriana Too 21 hour ago
Why didnt they hire Emma Chamberlain? I mean she is the BEST person to make coffee
Metzy rojas
Metzy rojas 23 hours ago
Natasha Fuller
This video stresses me out so much
Josie’s world Josie’s world
I’m starting off 2019 HORRIBLE!! 😭😭😭. I have to get 2 Root canals and 1 tooth pulled out!! PLEASE can someone tell me if root canals hurt and getting your tooth pulled out???!!!!
Dado 23
Dado 23 Day ago
I get really nervous every time I watch this 😂
Arlis M.
Arlis M. Day ago
A have a heart attack when i saw Grayson in suit. He’s so handsome 🤤🤤
Harper Tulleson
I am nervous for you
Y’all will get to 10 M subscribers in at least 2 months
Quin'Taviious Jackson
Thiis Viideo Was A Lil Intense.... Oh & Anybody Else Diied When Ethan Triied To Refund That Dude's Order 😂😭
Faith Petrillo
Ok but there is something fishy about this. Because one, they wouldve failed their interviews with how they answered the questions. Second, there should be experienced staff helping and guiding them, third there is no way those customers would be that patient and understanding.
Gina G
Gina G 2 days ago
Grayson throwing Ethan under the bus🤣🤣🤣
Alita Cutchall
Alita Cutchall 2 days ago
They need to take notes
May 2 days ago
why is grayson going all fifty shades
May 2 days ago
why couldn’t I have walked in that place at that time?
Laura Isaza
Laura Isaza 2 days ago
Wow Grayson in a suit and I’m here for it!!! 👏🏻👌🏻
Orange Slice
Orange Slice 2 days ago
In every video Ethan is me lolol
Maia Buckner
Maia Buckner 2 days ago
this was published on my birthday:)
Rithika Eagala
Rithika Eagala 2 days ago
"dude sir"
Jaida Shewfelt
Jaida Shewfelt 2 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks “wow an Ice Almond Milk Latte THE SAME DRINK EMMA ALWAYS HAS”
TheSecret Goddess
“Sometimes it gets a little crusty and I take it out and wash it out” LMFAO I LOVE U GUYS LMAOOOO
Cry Bxby
Cry Bxby 2 days ago
How much money did they get
tea sis
tea sis 3 days ago
x Sablix x
x Sablix x 3 days ago
this is so painful to watch lol. good thing they won’t need to ever get a job
Cutesizenina 3 days ago
Watching this was really stressful! You guys are a mess lol Keep doing videos!
Yvonne The Potato
But like why did the boss not teach them how to make all the other drinks
Its_Lexi 3 days ago
this makes me feel anxious ahhh
Vivianna Tellez
Vivianna Tellez 3 days ago
can we just talk about the boss's reaction
Addy Faith
Addy Faith 3 days ago
I love you guys hope you know I have been praying for you guys a lot and I just want to let y’all know take as long as a break you guys want to it’s fine I can wait but you guys are my favorite youtubers I hope your family is fine xoxo addy ps I love you guys with all my heart
Poop Poop
Poop Poop 3 days ago
Woman:do you like cleaning. Me:bitch do i look like i like cleaning the fuck Woman:i was just asking Me:and i was just asking you to shut up ugly ass hoe look like you poor what you doing here
Bella Latte
Bella Latte 4 days ago
My nickname is Latte. I feel so SPECIAL hearing the twins say it!!!!!!
l 20
l 20 4 days ago
4:05 he looks like elijah mickleson
Kodiak 4 days ago
This video gave me so much anxiety
Cover Central
Cover Central 5 days ago
Me and my two brain cells trying to do anything
Chryella S
Chryella S 5 days ago
Wtf... The "boss" LITERALLY showed them just how to make vanilla latte and then what? They will know what to do magically 😂?
Élise D'Astous
Élise D'Astous 5 days ago
It would’ve been funny if only one of them got the job😂😂😂
Georgia Franke
Georgia Franke 5 days ago
Oh shiii😂
Chloe F
Chloe F 5 days ago
This video is sooooo stressful to watch 😂
JustMiniGamer 5 days ago
I don’t understand how Emma Chamberlain isn’t a barista
Priyanshi Thingore
Like for that guys refund 😂😂❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
I'm the guy in the back 😂😂😘❤️I love gray 😂❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
I really miss these guys so much ❤️.....lots of love and strength to both of them ❤️❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
E What are you doing ? G I don't know shh 😂😂
Priyanshi Thingore
We can make the other thing whatever you said ❤️😂😂😂oh God I'm laughing so hard rn 😂❤️❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
Shake it with joy 😂😂❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
😂😂😂😂😂😂oh God I'm literally tearing up they are so funny 😂😂❤️❤️
Priyanshi Thingore
The way gray does ummhmm 😂😂❤️
Manuela Delgadillo
The bosses face
Manuela Delgadillo
“Well u have 2 earnings instead of one “🤣🤣😂😂
Audrey Taylor
Audrey Taylor 5 days ago
You And I Are Suicide And Stolen Art
You And I Are Suicide And Stolen Art
You And I Are Suicide And Stolen Art
They should be called the daddy twins😍🤤❤
The Monster&Bean Show
o gawd 🤣
Emily Zaff
Emily Zaff 6 days ago
Funny how you didn't know how to do anything- bad boss or workers?😂
lil' curious
lil' curious 6 days ago
At least they got professional in making vanilla latte
lil' curious
lil' curious 6 days ago
This video gave me panic attacks like I didn't already have enough in my life😂
Abiha Mirza
Abiha Mirza 6 days ago
Anyone imagined,what if the person who interveiwed them was a fan Oh,its just me Fineeeee
The Gacha Freak
The Gacha Freak 6 days ago
25:19 shouldn’t put my earphones on the highest sound.....I literally just had a Heart-attack
hannahatheart 6 days ago
rat toe lol
rat toe lol 6 days ago
My anxiety was going crazzyyyyyy during this whole video😂😂
RAHMA MAHMOUD 6 days ago
Just bring Emma, she knows how to do that ...😂
Senorita Lastnamé
*emma has left the chat*
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 6 days ago
**walking into your local starbucks and sees the dolan twins waiting to take your order** g and e- what can i get for you you- **faints**
Shakila Shaikh
Shakila Shaikh 7 days ago
My anxiety is boiling
Lucille Sullivan
Lucille Sullivan 7 days ago
this makes me feel so incredibly uncomfortable 😂
ItzJade 7 days ago
can i just say you guys are so funny
Asha Rainbow
Asha Rainbow 7 days ago
WHY is no one talking about how good gray looks In a suit ??
Lana's Life
Lana's Life 7 days ago
Everyone just gave up on their order after hearing "Vanilla Latte" 80,000 times🤣
Mallory Lindsey
Mallory Lindsey 7 days ago
This was so painful but amazing at the same time😂😂😂
Chloe Bear
Chloe Bear 7 days ago
Did it hurt falling out of the vending machine cause you a snack 😋🥰
Emma Scire
Emma Scire 7 days ago
Love you guys
harriet rayner
harriet rayner 8 days ago
Am I the only one this thinks Grayson and Ethan look just like young Jason momoa?!
QueenB 8 days ago
The ‘nutella latte’ lady’s order sounded so fake, like she just randomly made it up at the counter 😂 “Like a nutella latte, with collagen, cinnamon, 5 espresso shots and a pinch of pixie dust” Too bad the fake Nutella machine was broken 🤣
Riley Simpson
Riley Simpson 8 days ago
I love your videos and I might be a little ubcest (sorry I spelt ubcest I don’t know how to spell it😅) I was trying to buy merch but it’s so expensive love you guy can wait for your next videos
Elaina lover
Elaina lover 8 days ago
Must of been the guy in the back!!
Ashley W
Ashley W 8 days ago
“I think I have to check you out”
Agustina G
Agustina G 8 days ago
I became a barista at 16 in New Jersey Coffee beanery at the Rockaway Mall. I worked there for 7 years. I have to say that the most difficult part is definitely customer service. You never know who you’ll encounter.. What kind of day they’re having..or if they are just plain rude. I’ve had men yell inappropriate things to me..I’ve had customers order the wrong drink and blame it on me.. But honestly I enjoyed the positives and it definitely outweighed the bad. I loved helping others and sometimes you could tell when someone was having a horrible day. And I always did my best to make sure they were taken care of..honestly I miss that..I miss serving others.. It was hard to learn the menu but with time you can do it with your eyes closed.. I ended up training others and even helped with the hiring process. Also a coffee shop does not work without teamwork..you have to be respectful and if someone messes up you have to be able to juggle your order and still help them fix theirs. I would tel them to help the next person and I’d juggle 5+ drinks at once and made sure they were each perfect.. But anyways..I know you guys were not really “working” because those customers intentionally gave you difficult orders..but just so you know if your life ever took a different turn and becoming a barista was an option ... you would do GREAT with customer service and if you have that you have 70% of the job down. Seriously. After that it is memorizing the menu, repetition and learning how to work as a team. It’s hard at the beginning..I remember crying my first couple of days.. it felt stressful, hectic and overwhelming but good does come out of it in the end..the experience, friendships, and growth is well worth it!
It's Bree
It's Bree 8 days ago
There boss in the background got me weak😂😂😂😂
male lmm
male lmm 8 days ago
grayson can i please have a vanilla latte thank you
Sehajpreet Bains - SouthFields Village PS (1454)
I was cringing the whole time but I loved it!
hi there
hi there 8 days ago
Grayson looked so hot in a suit ❤😍
Shannonsmedley 9 days ago
when he gave back the "Chai tea" i had a panic attack for them!!!
Mena Maath Sadoun Al-Khadhar 8C Holbæk By Skole, afdeling Absalon
The intro was the most cringe thing i have seen. But i still love u guys!
Anrla Lelo
Anrla Lelo 9 days ago
Emma would drink their coffie cuz emma would drink poop in coffee Form with 4 shots of espresso 😂😂😂
Kam Smith
Kam Smith 9 days ago
“my feet are uhh good” oml lol😂😂
Shereen Khan
Shereen Khan 9 days ago
5:29 her face tho... she like "what the f*** am I doing?"
April ajkd
April ajkd 9 days ago
Khushi Shetty
Khushi Shetty 9 days ago
2019 ?
The real tea Sis
The real tea Sis 9 days ago
i had 5 anxiety attacks while watching this
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