YouTube Un-Verifies & Demoralizes YouTubers En-Masse For No Good Reason

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Sep 20, 2019




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YongYea Month ago
I'm fortunately not un-verified, and I have no real freakin idea why. Nobody has any freakin idea how USvid works, nor is USvid inclined to enlighten us. I have some theories I share in the video in terms of daily/monthly viewership, but it's all conjecture, I could be way off, there could be other reasons that we're not being made privy to. Show your support on Patreon.com/YongYea or PayPal.me/YongYea or by clicking the JOIN button, and you can also follow me on Twitter.com/YongYea for the latest updates. TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Shaun [BIG BOSS] - Kevin Barnett - Michael Shuler - Vin Giorgio - BobaFett912 [BOSS] - Joe Hunt - Peter Vrba - Tyler Weathers - Time Dragonlord - Jonathan Ball - Alex Moretti - Michael Redmond - Kyle Crawford - Alaryyn - Sentaga - Liam - Mitchell Mason [LEGENDARY] - Tyler Thompson - PrismatDragoon - Darien Cunningham - Mark Taylor - Nezzalonius - TheBritSniper - Theron Webb - Abdulaziz al Senaidi - Gerardo Andrade - Alessandro Ceriotti - Patrick Beaulieu - BattleBladeWar
djjlc 26 days ago
Your channel is verified because you work for major gaming companies you are a paid reviewer which means you are a part of this new system nothing about you is organic! Say it how it is don’t lie to your fans!
Moshpittin' Kitten
Moshpittin' Kitten 26 days ago
You're PC so you're safe.
Bazerk 27 days ago
I doubt even USvid knows how USvid works.
DarthShadie Lavellan
Thanks, Yong. Most of us know that no matter pur size, verified or not, we matter, because we contribute content others appreciate. That is something YT can never take away from us.
Tin and Sof
Tin and Sof 28 days ago
Yong, you're about to lose the verification for dropping TWO fricks in one sentence
꧁༺꧂ Nate Higgers ꧁༻꧂
ACG is like an old dog that needs to be put down hahaha! You're next YoungYeet!
Johnnatan Da Cruz
I keep getting unsubscribed from your channel... WTF is going on?. Same with MXR and many others. Specially the most critical youtubers...
CardSharp 13 days ago
Coca-Cola - Verified Marvel Studios - Verified Jimmy Kimmel - Verified Shazzie_Gamin6 - Not verified, cos who the fuck are you, regardless of number of views or subscribers? I don't know what's supposed to be so confusing, it makes perfect sense to me...
killing field
killing field 19 days ago
A company trying to promote more companies rather than individuals, shocking. Next thing you know video games will be trying to sell you items you used to unlock by playing the game..
ibervang 20 days ago
Just another company that has changed after it got succesful
xI2aiden 23 days ago
Yong, are you showing us how much money you make per video? Damn boi, you ballsy
Logan Braveheart
Logan Braveheart 24 days ago
this is bullshit they're trying to censor conservatives and controversial videos...
ZelosSama 24 days ago
So basically , anyine with a higher ratio than the ones that got verified can claim their channels ? Hiw does that makes sense . I can see people stealing content to get the requirement and get themselves "verified" because it has a higher number.
Master Bait Tour
Master Bait Tour 24 days ago
it seems like it's only white men not getting verified on youtube.
ivan stalin
ivan stalin 25 days ago
Check your privilege white male youtubers
rυshεεηa 25 days ago
USvid doesn’t realize that they’re now competition w/ cable. I guess Susan and her team haven’t learned anything from MySpace and how what happened to it when they tried doing the same thing. Eventually, people will leave, if they keep trying to devalue content creators, the main draw of the site.
Tali VasCarmel
Tali VasCarmel 25 days ago
maybe bioware should take a look at the previous games they made that show how incredible their ability to make awesome games that have lasted time itself, mass effect online to this day players still play either on Xbox, PC or PS3 that tells us this is an incredible game
Tali VasCarmel
Tali VasCarmel 25 days ago
youtube like many other organisation need to update their business profiles, as always not everyone hits the nail on the first go, but thanks to people like you ' Yong yea ' with comments like the one you made prior to your last message, about the e-mails sent to some individuals about their accounts been closed made a difference. well done Yong, now for something completely different and interesting PS3 mass effect multiplayer still going strong after 7 years online.
Finesse03 25 days ago
This will be used as a copyright and political wrong think hammer to further control info before the 2020 election. They know youtube leans right or centrists and want to take that away.
Dizzula 25 days ago
Yeah, my morale suffered too
Paladin Gaming
Paladin Gaming 25 days ago
I'm waiting for something better to come along. Someday
Don Dailey
Don Dailey 25 days ago
That is business speak for why they want to make changes they want. “We talked to our employees and found it was confusing to have a job”. I was snarky at the end but it’s because it’s bs, they didn’t talk to people, they had a board meeting, maybe. Switching things around to see how they can increase revenue. When it is unfavorable they may change it, but you have to suffer for a year or three before something less severe takes its place. You will then get this message “We have heard what you have been saying and that the past changes effed up your lives, we are giving you a carrot on a stick and some may be eligible for a sugercube or salt lick.” The difference is when they say they have made changes because they talked to people versus when we they heard us gripe for years. The good changes never happen when they say “we talked to *blank*”.
adam west
adam west 25 days ago
we need new youtube that is free from gov control
MordethKai 25 days ago
This seems like old media sabotaging the new.
MAGA COUNTRY 26 days ago
MRX was also unverified.
Alec Luna
Alec Luna 26 days ago
I do watch a lot of USvid and i dont know of and dont watch most the channels you showcased.
Atlas Hugged
Atlas Hugged 26 days ago
USvid says the verification feature was intended to differentiate real channels from fake impersonations and not to communicate an endorsement. This tells us the core of the problem: USvid isn’t attacking the problem directly, but trying to solve it indirectly with little check mark stickers. The little check mark stickers didn’t solve the problem because little check mark stickers don’t get rid of impersonation accounts- a human has to do that. But USvid doesn’t want to solve the problem with human work hours, so we get little check mark stickers instead.
Justin 159
Justin 159 26 days ago
I have noticed that there a lot of fake Joe Rogan clip channels so I can see it not mattering
Wer Nau
Wer Nau 26 days ago
You guys need to have a strike or something
Imply Doods
Imply Doods 26 days ago
dont you have a higher view to subscriber ratio than pewdiepie ??? pewdiepie shood not be verified with the new system
DrSmirnoff 26 days ago
And anyone is surprised by this? Nothing is gonna change and USvid will keep shitting on people cuz it makes them money.
Spectral Gaming
Spectral Gaming 26 days ago
Same thing happened to Rags. He doesnt upload often, but when he does he gets good veiwership. His videos are also 1 to 2 hours long. Idk if average video length has anything to do with it.
Lea I
Lea I 26 days ago
Apparently, as of the new year channels/videos that have content deemed for "children" could be demonetized. These include certain crafts, slime, and game walkthroughs (among other things that I can't remember). They are not being very clear about it either.
Xilla Stephan
Xilla Stephan 26 days ago
I give you super kudos for this video that's why I like your content do you know how unbiased you have to be to put your own channel up against another Channel when asking comparison questions knowing that it might not be in your favor👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 and still give a sound review
Personal Space
Personal Space 26 days ago
There needs to be a competitor too USvid. But thats easier said then done.
The Doomsday Duck
The Doomsday Duck 26 days ago
Jaden Pearce
Jaden Pearce 26 days ago
The quartering is awfully similar to your channel. Words and format are to identical not to be stolen from you. Seems like he just copied your videos and changed little bits. Idk who came first you or him. But something is fishy.
Ian Buck
Ian Buck 26 days ago
I feel bad for MxR Mods content creator.
Lupus2324 26 days ago
Well ACG not uploading everyday makes sense i mean he doesn't upload a review till he finishes a game or play a good amount i mean hes not IGN so youtube should take this into account
Eestiny 26 days ago
They definetly have an agenda with this. No need to try to justify this.
Pixel Whisper
Pixel Whisper 26 days ago
Maybe another big group needs to take youtube down for another few hours again
djjlc 26 days ago
Sat in front of the camera talking rubbish doesn’t make you a USvidr or a creative which means you will have your verification removed you are not doing anything real and you are cheating the system go and get a real job or start creating real constructive videos for USvid but we’re not paying you to sit at home chatting shit in front of a camera anymore!!
Ajit Adonis Manilal
Found another shill.
BloodfelX 26 days ago
So wait, not only are they un-verifying many channels... but they are also changing how verification looks to be more subtle and harder to understand? Why? Just, why any of this?
Opti 26 days ago
18 min video about a check-mark? Classic Yong content
Cognitive Dissident
USvid was more than happy to build their platform on the content of everyday people, and turn their back after milking that content for all its worth. The world needs altern a tubes to all the big social media platforms, and then people need to abandon these crooked bastards en masse.
seePyou 26 days ago
Yeah, what else is new... YT is moving to be the new TV, catering to Ad companies. If the message did not get through when we started seeing two ads at the start of videos, I don't know what is needed...
Walter ZAMBOTTI 27 days ago
Occasionally a company that is so far ahead of any of competition and has no fear of losing that position %&$#'s up. It is at those moments when an alert competition can act to take hold of an advantage that never previously existed. Maybe one of the other streaming sites will take advantage of this. Maybe not. What ever opportunities like this don't come around that often. Maybe disgruntled creators could start the ball rolling and approach another channel on mass. Or they could just lie and take it! It's truly wonderful where motivation comes from.
kyle Ken
kyle Ken 27 days ago
Especially seeing as though they doubled back and cancelled it as soon as susie saw the outrage.
Gamer Family
Gamer Family 27 days ago
if you aint tom cruise or nine inch nails I think you wont get this verification. It don't matter how many views you got at all wait for it. To be honest no one should care
DryAssLips 27 days ago
Bartosz Baranowski
Bartosz Baranowski 27 days ago
With deranking you cant really tell if it is natural or fabricated "low count".
Chris Lemmon
Chris Lemmon 27 days ago
USvids criteria for their checkmark is checking the persons twitter to see if they have a blue checkmark there I'm pretty sure. Left wing corporate echo chamber tactics at their finest lol.
Gaming Dad
Gaming Dad 27 days ago
They all look to be gaming channels.
Daniel Batten
Daniel Batten 27 days ago
I think it might come down to branding, you have a unique brand and use images of yourself rather than using memes or gamertags. ACG for example is fairly non descript and one of the others you showed sounded more like a gamertag than a youtube channel name. It could indeed be automated, it could be checking for patterns in names and for certain imagery in headers, thumbnails and icons.
Ajit Adonis Manilal
So then a company can call themselves ACG or a band can call themselves LA Beast and get propped up by USvid. They will be monetized and all the proceeds from ACG or LA Beast's channel will go to USvid or those creators usurping the name. They can also get people to click the videos and give them views and ad revenue. Because of no more verification.
Chad Crypto
Chad Crypto 27 days ago
I never even noticed the check mark. I'm more interested in the content. I don't give an S about labels!
KydNotorious 27 days ago
I wonder how feasible it would be to have a mass exodus of content users move to a different platform, one without such stringent rules and hard regulations. I wonder what would it take to create a new streaming tube site mostly geared towards gaming?
ArtistAnthony9 27 days ago
My verification was never seen, is it cause my videos have to be high quality to even matter?
Kimber2K 27 days ago
really?!?! my man MTashed is getting screwed????
Amko Hilles
Amko Hilles 27 days ago
i think this is the time where we have to go to another platform
Adrian 27 days ago
USvid demonetized Steven Crowder for NOT violating their terms of service and literally suspended an the account of Laci Green for impersonating... Laci Green. The truth is that USvid is being managed by halfwits so this isn't really all that surprising.
Arcamean 27 days ago
They're pulling this shit so they can push MORE censorship onto channels as the 2020 elections start to build up steam. They want to have ABSOLUTE control so that 2016 NEVER happens again and people are left completely in the dark, it will only get worse.
tskjesusfreak 27 days ago
YT has been fully corporatized. It started in 2014.
Andre van Rooyen
Andre van Rooyen 27 days ago
USvid is changing for the worse. I get back to back ads before every 2nd or 3rd video. Aaaand double ads after the video. If I see one more Audible ad....😠 This causes me to accidentally click ads sometimes. Not nice YT. I'll pay for an ad free version of YT. I'd pay double and only watch content in 540p if all the internet could become ad free. (Whispers: please don't get ads Netflix and Whatsapp, please please please)
broth54c 27 days ago
Does it involve small youtubers? Because I’m pretty small and don’t provide daily content
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