Your Ideal Dessert Based on Zodiac Sign

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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 13 005
ErinLovesKittens 46 minutes ago
Yas Aries is so relatable :)
Natalynn Praseudsuk
I'm a Leo And I would've loved the chocolate ball thingy
Sarah B
Sarah B 2 hours ago
I got Libra and my fave dessert is pina colada cupcakes
So I’m apparently Aries. But my personality is the exact opposite of an Aries’. *What?*
CloudytheLeopard 3 hours ago
I'm a Leo and my life revolves around chocolate so my dessert better involve CHOCOLATE! Edit: You guys I'm shook that was spot on
Şeref Mert Arıkan
I feel like they nailed Taurus. I like sour-lemony vibes but most importantly it is easy to make and no Taurean has energy to make a complicated dessert.
Unicorn Potato
Unicorn Potato 6 hours ago
I'm a Virgo ♍. My thoughts on Gemini: DAT IS A FLIPPIN FRUIT SALAD! DAS NOT A DESSERT! my mom is Leo, she would prefer the Cancer dessert over all of them.
Katie Hubble!
Katie Hubble! 7 hours ago
If it doesn’t have chocolate in it it’s not ideal...
Icey the Burrito
Icey the Burrito 7 hours ago
I'm Leo and I'm not a trendsetter or am I social 😂
Tess Kelly
Tess Kelly 8 hours ago
im a cancer nd that looks delicous but i HATE peanut butter :(
Sophs lehane
Sophs lehane 9 hours ago
Anyone from ♈ Aries here?
annette pope
annette pope 12 hours ago
I think this is the most incorrect of zodiacs ive ever seen lol
Sarah Shamsi
Sarah Shamsi 14 hours ago
3:48 I am cancer and i hate peanut butter 🤮
Ruby3Y3 21 hour ago
A giant peanutbutter cup -_- two things I dislike at once. Peanuts and milk chocolate. This is up there with the milk punch🙀
Eternal Bloom the Allwing
egg -
egg - Day ago
Claire Ludwig
The Leo had so much time and effort and then multiple others were just fruit with like 2 other things. Also how is a character trait supposed to lead to your "perfect dessert"
Chloe Hendrix
Every time the do a video based on your sign Scorpio gets the worst recipe...really a spicy hot chocolate 🤦🏾‍♀️
Jas J
Jas J Day ago
Me Aquarius this is not real My fav food is spaghetti I love ice cream really vanilla loves brownies 🤤
Woozie blud
Woozie blud Day ago
Cancer yes!! - Hates peanut butter -dislikes milk chocolate Well that was interesting...
Kittycatastrify 123
I have a problem I’m Aries but I don’t drink wine so mine isn’t accurate at all XD
Maya Bistan
Maya Bistan Day ago
My ideal dessert is... All of them.
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem Day ago
I just realized what the zodiac sign meant..... 🤦‍♂️
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem Day ago
Who just skipped to their Zodiac sign?
Shah Haleem
Shah Haleem Day ago
Let’s be real The Cancer ♋️ Dessert was the best
Kyleigh Kreates
I am lea and I feel good about it! I AM A CHOCOLATE LOVERRRR
ducklamp Day ago
no but cancer gets giant peanut butter cups and I'm officially jealous
Valentina Vazquez
Libra ♎ gang we're you at! And the facts we're TRUE 😂 and I LOVED the recipe! 😍💗
Michelle Tan
Michelle Tan Day ago
Ohhhh Gemini!! (My sign) -Hates coconut -Hates pizza -Doesn’t like apricot OOF😭😐 My friends: Taurus or Leo *cries on inside*
Midnight Monster
i love how cancer was just a giant peanut buttercup. lmao too bad i'm allergic to peanut butter and hate chocolate T.T
Nathan Coyle
Nathan Coyle Day ago
I am a Scorpio but chilli on hot chocolate I would rather not mix sweet with spicy
Nathan Coyle
Nathan Coyle Day ago
Isn't Gemini more like a breakfast ?
Mojo 8 Sweets
I would hate mine because I don't like pineapple or coconut
Crystal poop
Crystal poop Day ago
I wanna eat everything
nickole ming
nickole ming Day ago
I'm Aries and I only liked the strawberries but everything in Gemini I love, so good job.
Aanlee Devine
*is a scorpio* Video: Hot chocolate *hates chocolate*
blue rose
blue rose Day ago
I personally think Leo is the best 😏🥀
Carmen Dawn Allan
Great Tasty. I'm Libra 😊.👍
Kenisha Lindo
Kenisha Lindo 2 days ago
Omg!! Am loving that Leo desert!! They know me so well!!
Savannah Phillips
Gemini ...& nah
TildaWoof 2 days ago
Im a leo, that looks awesome. But the ball melted 😓
Helena Deviniak
Helena Deviniak 2 days ago
Me: a cancer Also me: hates peanut butter
KristallEis 2 days ago
As a Scorpio,just give me a bag of Maltesers and I’ll be satisfied.
lyssamelon 2 days ago
Am i the only gemini who doesn't hate the dessert 😂 probably not my fav tho
Emily Malak
Emily Malak 2 days ago
Owo I got a Chocolate Muffin, I love that. ( It is the Capricorn one )
Random Girl
Random Girl 2 days ago
Aries- 0:10 Taurus- 0:57 Gemini- 1:55 Cancer- 3:11 Leo- 4:16 Virgo- 5:41 Libra- 6:51 Scorpio- 7:51 Sagittarius- 8:15 Capricorn- 9:47 Aquarius- 10:10 Pisces- 10:51 I didn’t copy anyone I tried my best...pls don’t hurt me ;-;
Skyhill362 2 days ago
(I'm Aries) You lost me at wine.... is there a substitute? Because other than that you hit it spot on! I love fruit and cold desserts!
Shy Boom808
Shy Boom808 2 days ago
skips to capircorn * tasty : put random thinks in and make a muffin exuse why cant i have something like leos.
Theresa P
Theresa P 2 days ago
Me when I got to the Gemini portion of the video: Ah, no wonder none of this is frfr makin sense. Dis summat wypipo shit.
Miss Scarlett
Miss Scarlett 2 days ago
Desserts based on a person's zodiac sign... So what if a person is diabetic and can't have anything on the list???
Creshawn Phillips
I hate my dessert
Yellow diamond Will kill YOU!!!
Girl I freakin don’t want no spaghetti
PuddingGirl06 2 days ago
Everything but the Gemini looks good... I'm a Gemini Why cruel world?
Caleb Hauptmann
Caleb Hauptmann 2 days ago
You got mine spot on
Bellalise Frenzy
Bellalise Frenzy 2 days ago
Me: okay I’m a scorpius Hmm let’s see what it is. -puts milk Me: okay that’s good -puts chocolate Me: yummmmmmm! -puts chilli pepper flakes Me: nooooo! X_X Why chilli Pepper whyyyyyyy!
xXlilsilverfoxXx 2 days ago
Cap here well that so not right for me -~-
Cherryleaf 3
Cherryleaf 3 2 days ago
I *hate* my zodiac sign 😒
Yami Chi
Yami Chi 2 days ago
You got me I'm Leo 😍😍😍
Bella Bunny
Bella Bunny 2 days ago
Why didn't you do capricorn?? I watched the whole video for nothing! Why did you leave it out??
Lunaplayz _YT
Lunaplayz _YT 2 days ago
Bro me, my uncle, and my mom all are caps. And we LOVE that type of food
Megan Mendoza
Megan Mendoza 2 days ago
Hi I am a cancer Is allergic to peanut
Nad Natze Supernatural
Libra ♎ I agree!👍👍👍😉
Sweet Vanilla
Sweet Vanilla 2 days ago
Capricorn* not impressed
Fanfiction Studio
im a scorpio anyone else
Kute Kupcake
Kute Kupcake 2 days ago
*Does this mean I am every zodiac sign? Because I’m a foodie no matter what?*
Kobato Hanato
Kobato Hanato 2 days ago
Me be like: oke oke some good o'le choco, mhm ya got me-- wait no why are you adding chilli-- okay, just ignore it, maybe some people can't have their spice in only drama. Wait no. Don't add more chilliiiiIII-- NO, GOD, STOP IT-- I HATE CHILLI-- KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM THE CHILLI-- Sees result: DISGUSTANG People be like: it's just a video Me: THEY RUINED THE GOOD ASS CHOCO, YOU DUN MESS WITH MA CHOCO-- Also wtf why was this uploaded on my birthday, good lord--
kriti gacha studio
i am cancerian yes mouthwatering 😮
A V I J player
A V I J player 2 days ago
Cancer, yup that's my taste
Powerpeache 2 days ago
I feel like every gemini in the comments hates their dessert (me too)
Vish 2 days ago
I don’t like peanut butt- HOL UP IT JUST LOOKS LIKE A REESES NOOOO I love Leo’s and Virgos desserts tho
:o :o
:o :o 2 days ago
I am in July 7 and I am not romantic
kyutie taylor bts
Yas im leo♌😂 i love it!
velvetulipe 2 days ago
Virgo... that gelatin was not fully mixed !!! 😜
Philene Swanepoel
Cancer is spot on😆
Yessss Leo's for the winnnn Damn I'm hungry​
Mariam Nasser
Mariam Nasser 2 days ago
Im an Aries and this is stupid because I like fruite but I dont like fruit desserts, I dont drink and the types of desserts I like are cakes, ice cream, cookies and chocolate! 🎂🍦🍨🍰🍪♈️
Td lyda48
Td lyda48 3 days ago
Mine is Aries... Ya'll knew I was an alcoholic...
Donut Animations
Donut Animations 3 days ago
I like Leo the best, and Cancer is the runner-up. I really enjoy chocolate and I'm glad the Chocolate Berry dessert is my zodiac sign. Comment if your a Leo!
Meme Senpai
Meme Senpai 3 days ago
Yo my dessert was so basic I mean come it’s just a vanilla cake pop with lots of food coloring on it but what’s worse is that it wasn’t even chocolate cake pops
Gaeridall Marie Grey
Scorpio whos stomach can't take spicy foods. -_-
Iriel Vera
Iriel Vera 3 days ago
Is gemini Sees choice for gemini *AW HELL NO*
Notice Me
Notice Me 3 days ago
I’m a Virgo and I absolutely hate cake pops >:U!!
Joanna Chan
Joanna Chan 3 days ago
Um... I’m allergic to nuts ._.
Sceptic Scythe
Sceptic Scythe 3 days ago
Let’s be real here... *Saggitarious has the best dessert. It’s like obesity on a plate. I want five.*
Laurie Plumley
Laurie Plumley 3 days ago
...why was mine only hot cocoa?
Unicorn Crazy
Unicorn Crazy 3 days ago
Mines a giant Reeses? Hate to say but, I’m not a huge fan of Reeses no offense reeses lovers
FAIRY TAIL 3 days ago
Fruit is amazing
FAIRY TAIL 3 days ago
I like fruit better
FAIRY TAIL 3 days ago
I skipped to my zodiac
FAIRY TAIL 3 days ago
Umm... 😐😐 I’m a Virgo and I don’t really like cake pop desserts
Lianne Alkateb
Lianne Alkateb 3 days ago
Why is this so true im in July and I love peanut butter and chocolate together and it was peanut butter giant peanut butter cups
Jenna Maben
Jenna Maben 3 days ago
Couldn’t be more wrong hahaha
Esther Mézière
Esther Mézière 3 days ago
Me, as a French Scorpio: What the hell that's not even a real dessert!!? 🤦‍♀️🙄😡
AlyMations 3 days ago
I hate the Gemini dessert and I'm Gemini
Abigail Chronicles
This is totally wrong
Anna Czarnecka
Anna Czarnecka 3 days ago
*god creating me* OK so first make her 12 in 2019 . Then make her lactose intolerant Make her prefer chemical coconut And make her a Libra
Asuna Yuki
Asuna Yuki 3 days ago
I'm a capricorn but cant have chocolate lol so yea, totally sucky
Drystan Morgan
Drystan Morgan 3 days ago
Virgos choice,dont really care for..i love semi sweet
Mariah 3 days ago
I'm an Aries, and I have to say...... No. That seems like something my sister would eat. She's a scorpio. The ones for Leo and Virgo would be perfect for me. They look great.
Katy Slayz
Katy Slayz 3 days ago
Am I the only one who didn't like the dessert that they got?
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