YoungBoy Never Broke Again "Highway" Feat. Terintino (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Highway" by YoungBoy Never Broke Again Feat. Terintino.
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Directed by Nick Rodriguez
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Jul 26, 2018




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Comments 3 850
Alex Tomas
Alex Tomas 2 days ago
Anyone here 2020
Bruce 4 days ago
Okay. So why isn’t it on Spotify
Kariel Gaulden
Kariel Gaulden 8 days ago
If i was nba youngboy i would have told Terintino no i can't so a song with u cuz i need to go make a drop in La or some
Dutchy Y
Dutchy Y 9 days ago
2020 who still banging dis on 290?
Frapp Ccino
Frapp Ccino 10 days ago
Had everybody attitude change when dude feature came on
Runoff Gaming
Runoff Gaming 19 days ago
He need to drop more stuff like this
Ezekiel Griffin
Ezekiel Griffin 20 days ago
That otha nigga verse weak ass hell but that make youngboy go even harder
DG GC 24 days ago
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Lewis 29 days ago
jolonni huggins
jolonni huggins 29 days ago
Niku Month ago
Adp Zo
Adp Zo Month ago
Dat nigga trash 😭 tf YB was on why he got bruh on here
Bruce Month ago
Why tf isn’t it on Spotify
Austin Folks
Austin Folks Month ago
The rev in ole boy part the only thing getting me hype in his verses... 😂 gas it every time.
eyemme ohigho
eyemme ohigho Month ago
Reppin tramadol lmao
Young Wizzy
Young Wizzy Month ago
What if terintino reading the comments and swears to never make music again
Kiriakis Kirk
Kiriakis Kirk 4 days ago
Young Wizzy lol 😂 😂😂😂😂
Ryan b
Ryan b 2 months ago
pharmaceutical companys litterally love nba youngboy adverstisement to millions on millions all over the world for free
Trenton Whiting
Trenton Whiting 2 months ago
Trenton NO
Trenton Whiting
Trenton Whiting 2 months ago
Juij Kj
GamerChannelYT 2
GamerChannelYT 2 2 months ago
Terintinos verse wan't bad yall
TYB LAHDEE 3 months ago
Youngboy punch bro n his shi 🤣🥀usvid.net/video/video-QKjLyBPYdMY.html
cj king
cj king 3 months ago
I like the money
Cxzmos Cxzmos
Cxzmos Cxzmos 3 months ago
Damn bruh terentino fucked up the whole song 🤦‍♂️ shoulda only been youngboy on the track
hd _4kt
hd _4kt 3 months ago
Nba went hard other dude was trash asf
kenneth Gonzales
kenneth Gonzales 3 months ago
Yb is my favorite,
Jonathan Tostado
Jonathan Tostado 3 months ago
Terintino ruined it
MOB LIGHT 4 months ago
Hubert Cochran
Hubert Cochran 4 months ago
The Arsenal
The Arsenal 4 months ago
im so upset this nigga came on song wouldve been so good
Chandler DeWitt
Chandler DeWitt 4 months ago
I fell u keep goin hard 💯
Trxly ISO
Trxly ISO 4 months ago
Even if the other niggas verse was trash it was a lil verse but me personally I think it was 🔥🔥🔥
YouKnowMeQuandoTV 4 months ago
Arthur Thorne
Arthur Thorne 4 months ago
Didnt fuck wit nba until this shit.. Terintino gambino Terintino gambiglo #glo #gang shit
Young King
Young King 4 months ago
Tino sound like Capp if you listen to him clearly
Supaflyy Owen
Supaflyy Owen 4 months ago
One of the most underrated YB songs forsure 💯🗣
Dishoun Teasley
Dishoun Teasley 5 months ago
Fuck 38 baby big 23 shit
Da real Comando
Da real Comando 5 months ago
Who is 2019?
Blouu 5 months ago
Other dude not trash yall jus some nba dick riders lmao 🤡
Nellie Gucci
Nellie Gucci 5 months ago
Young boy 4 Life tho 👆🏾✌🏽
Christopher Queen
Christopher Queen 6 months ago
Lol everyone hate the second did I'm just over here like meh lol it is his song two
MissAikoPlayz _
MissAikoPlayz _ 6 months ago
other dude part hit different when you skip over it😋
Trayvon Johnson
Trayvon Johnson 6 months ago
Stop cursing
Gucci Raccoon
Gucci Raccoon 6 months ago
Nigga play on my son kill all y’all
Christian Cano
Christian Cano 6 months ago
Go hard
Aaron Mack
Aaron Mack 6 months ago
I'm a big fin of NBA young boy
Dekeldrick Brown
Dekeldrick Brown 6 months ago
Youngboy should have did this. Solo ong cause that nigga made the song lame
Geremy Wilson
Geremy Wilson 7 months ago
Second dude is a big shit turd that won't flush. Weak asf thought he was Waka at first
Einkäufe & Mehr
Einkäufe & Mehr 7 months ago
Please share this on spotify
Faisal Awan
Faisal Awan 7 months ago
Naw why the other dude do the track like that😫
Earin Stevenson
Earin Stevenson 7 months ago
That tap out
Raymond Mccray
Raymond Mccray 7 months ago
Carolyn Turgeon
Carolyn Turgeon 7 months ago
Gang shitt
Layton Holder
Layton Holder 7 months ago
Who really just relapsed taking tramadol💚ME💚FREELILTOP💚
999 Wrld
999 Wrld 7 months ago
GBE Terintino Verse wasn’t bad He’s just unknown so y’all immediately call it trash
Spm Handdown
Spm Handdown 13 days ago
Bruu wat 🤣 his shi was straight ass dont een matta if he unknown
FL 16
FL 16 Month ago
Fax Terintino raw
ISOSOL 2 months ago
999 Wrld hell naw boy if Eminem came Nd did sum Shi like tht it’s trash ion know who told boy he could rap😂
queen _honeybun
queen _honeybun 7 months ago
#freeyb wtf they locking him up foe 14 months dawg
Just Adrian
Just Adrian 7 months ago
"fuck atlantic, where my money? I aint callin y'all" too savage
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera 7 months ago
“I relapsed on em pills takin tramadol”🤷🏽‍♂️
JD 66
JD 66 7 months ago
latundria alexander
latundria alexander 8 months ago
Anyone else heard YB say he still wear the same draws
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 8 months ago
Bro dude fucked up a good ass song
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