XXL 2019 Freshman Class Revealed - Official Announcement

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XXL presents the 2019 XXL Freshman Class featuring Comethazine, Tierra Whack, DaBaby, Lil Mosey, Roddy Ricch, YBN Cordae, YK Osiris, Rico Nasty, Gunna, Megan Thee Stallion and the 10th Spot winner, Blueface.
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Video directed by @travissatten
Beat produced by @cobimixedthat
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Jun 20, 2019

DaBabyMegan Thee StallionYBN CordaeRico NastyGunnaComethazineTierra WhackLil MoseyRoddy RichBluefaceyk osirisxxl freshmanxxl freshmen2019 xxl freshman2019 xxl freshman class2019 xxl freshman class cover




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Comments 8 479
XXL Month ago
Which 2019 XXL Freshman Class artist is your favorite?
Ubgup Nyunkoomu
Ubgup Nyunkoomu 9 days ago
YK Osiris 🤪🤪🤪
OOFKING LEON 19 days ago
Gooseggm ?
Gooseggm ? 21 day ago
MakeupBy Jai
MakeupBy Jai 27 days ago
XXL neither one. Rap isn’t what it used to be.
Mr Papaya
Mr Papaya 27 days ago
XXL rico💅
Shawn Allison
Shawn Allison 7 hours ago
Where is gunna ?😂😂😂
Conor E
Conor E 9 hours ago
XXL 2019 freshman ranked (worst to best) (IMO) 11. Gunna (worst) 10. Tierra whack 9. YK Osiris 8. Lil mosey 7. Toddy ricch 6. Rico nasty 5. Megan thee stallion 4. Blueface 3. YBN cordae 2. Dababy 1. Comethazine (Best) (Edit: I like everyone on this list (except from gunna) so don’t be mad if you’re favourite rapper is low)
Joel Isawesome
Joel Isawesome 13 hours ago
Yo dat nigga mosey wack asf no way he was over oghessy fuck yous scum XXl iS Not Hip Hop fuk outta here
I Qawasmi
I Qawasmi 19 hours ago
They got this list fucked up, damn
Ka Seng Sam
Ka Seng Sam 20 hours ago
Where's Lil Tjay? Nle Choppa? Polo G?
Switch Fan94
Switch Fan94 21 hour ago
This Year's XXL is Garbage !!!! 2018 > 2019
Justin Roy
Justin Roy Day ago
Genuinely can’t believe Sada didn’t make it🤦🏾‍♂️
Zachary Brant
Where's Polo G?
Jamie Carlson
Freshman class fell off years ago. Nothing but trash rap lately except when jid was on it
Jamie Carlson
Their rap style is lit the complete opposite
beats mode.
beats mode. Day ago
jid a kendrick clone smh
YT Johnnycash0999
only lil mosey is white
UnKnown Person
UnKnown Person 2 days ago
really blueface is already known but ite.
Yung Asbestos
Yung Asbestos 2 days ago
It sucks y'all didn't put Boogie in here, he really deserved it.
Nathan Wharton
Nathan Wharton 2 days ago
only some on this list are good
da real lil shotty duce
Who else is gonna un subscribe take it back after they stop drawing this shii out to long to try and scrape up views cuz. We still after forgot how you changed dj ak into idk a even bigger ⬛ then took then gwttin ride lf joe fucc dat he really was the only reason i gucced with the channel myswlf and ak and yall fucked that up then the liat got us votein like goofys just for you fat white ass can say no no well do him instead and let your wierdo peraonal feelin mess shii up you can dish out fucc shii but cant even take acouple words you disappointing alot of people wit this bs frfr you hide behind the desk sellin false hope to all these aryist playkn wit their hrmeads and careers like dex and alot more its not about tge music wit yall its the look and good police record sorry bih most raplers have been criminals at what point or another so give that shii a rest or die off like the rest that couldn't get past their fucced up views and perceptions nomatter what the fans think ans bring into the office i dont get it they would literally have double clout and views and subscribers if yall keep it a 💯 and left shii at the 🚪 and focus on. What fans want you people who pay yall and fuccin keep the real list real stop askin up to participate im yall fuccery cuz are votes dont count and were hear about you shuttin shii down at certain yimes woth certain artist to make surr youbstill get who want most the past havein even had no real 🔥songs so arnt you tired of lookin like mf dummy wastein spots turnin down future superstars for niggas that wont even get up and write shii or hit the studio y Uae your money fro a better deal then live off the advance they got and disapear not fuccin bring us some gire this year you supposedly heard and is 🔥 lien to are facein how the upper people alow this shii anyways # fucc xxl #un subscribe #same day they stop releasing shii to let em know we only hear for the liat and freestyle and you keep lien cheatin minipulateing the vote and list we wont evn subscribe for that or view# get your shii together
God BD
God BD 2 days ago
next freshman list 1.Lil Tjay 2.Lil Tecca 3.Polo G 4.NLE Choppa 5.Luh Kel 6.NBA Youngboy 7.YBN Almighty Jay 8.BBG Baby Joe 9.JayDaYoungan 10.YBN Nahmir
Lorenzo Vega
Lorenzo Vega Day ago
I think ybn nahmir was in the 2018 freshman.
Dudeyeet yeetye
NLE Choppa declined todays XXL, so i doubt he will be in the other one
AM Mercurio
AM Mercurio 2 days ago
Polo g ??? Where he at
Jeramy Cornelius
Jeramy Cornelius 2 days ago
Drinkingrocket 2 days ago
they drip feeding tf out of these freestyles. We still haven't even got to the cyphers yet
ur mom
ur mom 2 days ago
Gunna too good for them 💀
Astral Form
Astral Form 3 days ago
josmar_ alvarez
josmar_ alvarez 3 days ago
This i show many times xxl forgets about the fire rappers 👇
GoFF Akurate
GoFF Akurate 2 days ago
Like polo g and tjay
josmar_ alvarez
josmar_ alvarez 3 days ago
Juice wrld is in another world Lil baby dripps to hard
riri montalvo
riri montalvo 3 days ago
"the 10th spot winner, blueface" well... He is the 11th person on this list... They need to learn to count looool
Darrious Coleman
Darrious Coleman 2 days ago
riri montalvo RIGHT WTF
Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson 3 days ago
Atlantic Hall Unleashed
what about polo g NF, lil baby n tee grizzly
lucas 3 days ago
But the real question is wheres quad?
Qhay May
Qhay May 3 days ago
Umm 😐
Joey Peden
Joey Peden 3 days ago
I understand blueface and gunna but wtf with the rest I think icy narco should’ve made it and lil baby “if he hasn’t already been a freshman” but I know he wasnt the 3 years and he really blew up this year! Also Gmoskee should’ve been a freshman and Ouija Macc and clever and blue choppa
BruhMomentemum 3 days ago
damn i’m upset juice turned this down
Jaison Williams
Jaison Williams 3 days ago
DarkZz 4 days ago
Where is OhGeesy?
Rodolfoskates 4 days ago
No ohgeesy tf
Chan Leyana
Chan Leyana 4 days ago
Rifle K
Rifle K 4 days ago
Lil tecca?
Jay 4 days ago
So still no Polo G?
Price Parent
Price Parent 4 days ago
Next year gon have Lil Tecca, NLE Choppa, Polo G, and Lil TJay for sure
Hadeel Almandil
Hadeel Almandil 4 days ago
Mosey be lookin sooo fine😫❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
YaGirl RollxN
YaGirl RollxN 4 days ago
Yk, gunna and comethazine instead of polo G or Nle or quando?¿
Lil Soya Sauce
Lil Soya Sauce 4 days ago
uak blueface gon be off beat
Acenday1 4 days ago
Blue face smashes these lil Niggah
JB Da Damaga
JB Da Damaga 4 days ago
Omar Diaz
Omar Diaz 4 days ago
Yung bans should of been on it
Saucey Pasta
Saucey Pasta 5 days ago
Garbage except roddy rich
Zymond YT
Zymond YT 5 days ago
NLE Choppa?
ChivaVert 5 days ago
wack ass class, shoutout 2016
AsiaGirl 5 days ago
Rico, Thee Stallion, and Tierra Whack hella chill wit rappin. They're original, they're artistic and dont follow after others people steps. I mean they're good people that send all the right vibes ✌🏼 enough wit that 🤡rap shi
King Arthur
King Arthur 5 days ago
So no polo G shits fu never fw this again 🗣‼️
cHrome TriumpH
cHrome TriumpH 5 days ago
Did anyone else think that lil Mosey had both his hands up but then you realize one of them is yo Osiris’s hand
Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose 6 days ago
How many mumble rappers?
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