Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 | Peter Attia on Health Theory

Tom Bilyeu
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Peter Attia, M.D., and founder of Attia Medical, PC, sits down with Tom to discuss what changes everyone should make in their life in order to build and extend the best quality of your physical and emotional durability as you age.

Show Notes
Preserving health and extending physical longevity [0:47]
Loading muscle vs. loading joints [2:20]
The new sport of becoming a kickass 100-year-old [3:27]
Minimizing suffering and training to be the best 100-year-old [4:42]
The physical results and consequences of aging [7:34]
Adapting your exercise to risk probability [9:28]
The VO2 max threshold [11:45]
Fast vs. slow orthopedic injuries that kill people [14:58]
The substantial risks of join overload [16:50]
Driving and alcohol as the biggest misjudgments of risk [17:46]
Caloric restriction offers considerable long-term benefits [21:31]
The truth about the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) [22:45]
Investing in health over money [26:39]
Being cautious on teaching kids how to eat [28:36]
The Sunk Cost Fallacy [31:12]
Using insecurities as a mechanism to drive you [34:40]
Recognizing what your reactions actually mean [36:26]
Surround yourself with honest, patient people [41:40]
Being the best version of yourself for those you love [42:50]
We suffer in our heads more than in any other way [44:59]
Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Management of Distress [46:28]

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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 539
Nick Fleming
Nick Fleming 19 hours ago
He literally just described exactly how it could be commercialized, "I would rather be poor and live longer, than have all the money in the world and lose my health", in other words, the test would provide immense value and people like him would be willing to pay a ton of money for it
Mihanik0 21 hour ago
This isn’t the kind of interview I expected based on the title, but damn I like the direction this show is taking. It’s nice that it’s not limited to the concept of “health” in its conventional form, but is rather focused on healthy life in all areas generally. Great job guys!
Kevin Rubink
Kevin Rubink Day ago
Butcher box sounds cruel! #govegan
Darris B. Nelson
Darris B. Nelson 2 days ago
Peter is SPOT ON about drinking even ONE glass of wine, beer, etc. compromises everyone's ability to drive. I live on the coast where people come as a destination to drink wine and then attempt to drive our very narrow, very dangerous coastal roads. I also love that Peter addresses the SAD diet and intermittent and longer fasting. I'm 63 and have done 3-6 day fasts yearly for years. I also don't eat between 6 pm and 11 am. I'm also vegan. I get grief from people for all of these habits but I've been the same (fit) weight my entire life, even after giving birth 22 years ago. All of my choices are simply following my body's signals, it's not about restriction for me. I see my 87-year-old mom and 89-year-old mother-in-law struggling physically. We tend to stop doing physical activity when we've had an injury or get sore/stiff. I've had the opposite response. I lost 2" in my left leg from a motorcycle accident at 19 years old (a car turned into us-leg was the impact site). After months of recovery, I took my PT into my own hands with the help of two weight trainers. I ended up with peak fitness and began snow skiing and becoming more physically active than I'd ever been. The key to staying healthy and fit is to always push myself a bit outside of my comfort level physically and mentally. It surprised me to hear Peter say security is what drives him but I get it. I've fallen wayyyy short on sleep my entire life. I will work on sleep this coming year, thanks for the wake up call. Great questions, great answers. Fabulous interview with a fascinating man.
stephen meinhold
stephen meinhold 2 days ago
nothing last forever even the universe is going to come to an end at sometime. its basicly quality of life of VS conveniance but you can figure out whats best for you and stick to it.
JD 3 days ago
Really good.
Electronicos Caldas
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Melissa Morgan
Melissa Morgan 3 days ago
He's a Pearl Jam fan (saw the shirt in the intro) so I'll basically agree with everything he has to say.
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 3 days ago
21:30 How did you perform in your driving simulator while holding a conversation with a passenger sitting next to you? I'll bet even worse than after one drink. Are you considering banning passengers from your car? I'll bet not. Why not? Because life IS NOT a game whose goal is to live as long as possible. Your own actions tell you this.
xcwiz187 3 days ago
Don't limit to 100? In Genesis GOD limited our lifespan to 120 but that record was broken 122. I suppect DNA and Telomere can be tweeked to autoregenerate to a Human in their 20's given the right conditions. Check Wim Hof for starters....
Tobias Andersen
Tobias Andersen 3 days ago
Peter on JRE!!!
MrPeripatitis 3 days ago
I would imagine one would want to be at least a healty 90 year old before giving tips on how to become a healthy centenarian and even then with caution. I would amazed though if any centenarian spent his time in the gym, I know my grandfather you lived in great shape until 103 didn't. Leaving the city to stay and be part of the nature, consume only that, follow the daylight and being mentally strong and motivated until his last day was obviously more important.
Jehanzeb14 4 days ago
*Everyone thinks they would like to be the genius, the champion athlete, or the visionary artist -- the personification of excellence. But they don't realize that in the great man's heart is a gaping hole that can only be plugged by titanic achievements. He is so insecure and consumed by suffering that he can only find peace through great accomplishments and recognition. He does it because of the extreme pain he feels from not doing it. Attia discussing how insecurity drives him reminded me of this.*
donhe 4 days ago
Hey guys that was a great discussion and very informative I would like to say living to 100 and over it's something I would like to accomplish from my own research I found that yes being strong and physical fit is important but the most important in my personal research is supplementing with 90 essential nutrients 60 minerals 16 vitamins 12 amino acids and three essential fatty acids and staying away from the 12 bad foods and you'll find that 12 bad food list on Dr Glidden website there's been quite a few athletes doctors and billionaires that has never made it to a hundred or over and they all have the money to get there but they didn't the athlete exercise to stay fit but I can't find any athletes that's made it to a hundred or over athletes bones and joints wear out because you're constantly exercising and sweating out all the nutrients that's in their body they need to put the nutrients back in there body kind of like driving a car you drive your car use your gas you got to put the gas back in so could drive some more right that's the same thing with the human body you put the the nutrients back in eating alone is not enough you need to supplement with the 90 essential nutrients absorbing the right nutrients I feel is the key to longevity
Nicolae Righeriu
Nicolae Righeriu 4 days ago
gtfo butcher box, beef is the worst for the environment
Ken Marriott
Ken Marriott 5 days ago
Why are we always picking on McDonalds. Before the low fat guidelines imposed by government, McDonald fried in beef fat which tasted better and was not as unhealthy as what we have now.
Ken Marriott
Ken Marriott 5 days ago
Can’t joints repair themselves like muscles?
Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez 5 days ago
My grandmother is 101 year older, and eats very small meals a day, and drinks beer (3 beers) every other day, and was divorce at age 49, and never remarried again.
Jacqueline Talbot
That's funny. You mentioned David Foster Wallace's video This is Water in this video and it is in my recommended section.
Louie Marinda Jr.
Secret to long life is to follow GOD teachings period
Synergy Yoga Hallandale
Wow! Amazing thank you! Especially when the interview got more intimate 🙏🏼
Dev DevFuFu
Dev DevFuFu 5 days ago
oh come on, lets for starter grow a liver in a tube, and then transpant it to yourself, that cant be too hard, it should give a boost
SCORPION FIRE 5 days ago
Who the hell wants to live to a hundred anyway.
Jacson C
Jacson C 6 days ago
Why does pasty deflated couch potato Tom run a 'health theory' show? this is a situation where an ad hominem is relevant. Also how is Peter Attia is "his boy?" (he is Rogan's; I'm not a huge Joe fan but that episode was fire). Oh, he's the Quest nutrition guy. I just googled him. Remember those nasty bars you mighta bought in like 2015 when you didn't have enough $ for a Clif bar?
given name
given name 6 days ago
To sleep at night have cheese and crackers it will put you right to sleep.
Honey Schmurn
Honey Schmurn 6 days ago
Peter Attia should write a book
Michael C
Michael C 6 days ago
Joint surface is enhanced by repitition in full range. Same for ligaments. Light to moderate load. Avoid short range high rep ranges as in cycling or jogging. Not that cycling, jogging is inherently bad, but should not be the majority of your workout. Think more in "range of motion" than just stretching for the sake of stretching. Holding extreme positions for extended time such as in yoga is not the best way. Try to maintain "strong flexibility."
ParaIIeI Singularity
LMAO. your more likely to completely lose it if u lack the sleep.. meanwhile the majority are thinking things like, "Aint nobody got time 4dat" "Sleep? What is this word you speak of" "Sleep is 4le weak" "Don't have the time" "You have time to sleep? Lets switch our schedule" It's doomed.
ParaIIeI Singularity
For most, id say sport falls in line with profit, money, advertisement, and entertainment with some horrible injuries on top.
ParaIIeI Singularity
Its interesting bc Peter is looking at "living forever" as a more realistic "aging" standpoint. Whereas most probably would like to be "living forever" in their prime age/health.( Although given a 2nd thought at it, very unrealistic)
HDsharp 7 days ago
Hi, are all your videos uploaded at 60 frames per second? they're causing my computer to crash!
burned oils
burned oils 7 days ago
lol that guy sounds and look just like tom morielllo ahah what a d0mb copycat
Robert Simon
Robert Simon 8 days ago
can any human being better quality than this gentleman ?
Alexander Kristoffersen
Great interview. Thank you.
Ezra Epstein
Ezra Epstein 9 days ago
Was interesting, but I was really looking forward to practical suggestions about how to work out and protect your joints. Disappointed that wasn't covered in any depth.
Campy Camp
Campy Camp 9 days ago
grease the grooves!
Marcelo Temer
Marcelo Temer 9 days ago
#1. Don't bogart them
Marcelo Temer
Marcelo Temer 9 days ago
#1. Don't bogart them
Hamsters & Elderberries
I love his common sense. Sure he’s cool, smart, whatever... but linking seemingly unrelated issues of life together and seeing the whole picture is gold. I only know a few folks that can do it, and some of them come off as paranoid.
Camilo Chaves
Camilo Chaves 10 days ago
I just came here because I have the same cap
cholakicha 11 days ago
conrado k
conrado k 11 days ago
this was so enjoyable for me. thank you peter for developing this thoughts and testing them and being open to new ones
Kelly Peters
Kelly Peters 11 days ago
Is there a transcript available?
Robert Welsh
Robert Welsh 11 days ago
10^-35 small, 10^25 big. So yeah, it is hard to know much as part of an infinite world.
Charley Horse
Charley Horse 12 days ago
Joints regenerate just like anything else. Don't listen to a bald professor of the medicine of death. One thing you can tell someone? Don't listen to assholes who smile as you pay them your life.
Mark M
Mark M 12 days ago
Dr. Peter Attia is quite interesting, he started out in medicine trying to invasively remove cancer but ultimately became more of a life coach/preventative medicine physician for individuals to maintain true health. Indeed an ounce of prevention is a ton of cure. Thank you Dr. Attia.
unionjackess 12 days ago
🙌🏻 Peter is the best!
Manny Motta
Manny Motta 15 days ago
What are the 7 energy sources,you speak of?
D Voss
D Voss 16 days ago
If you want to preserve your joints are one leg BW squats the way to go? Can't agree with him there.
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe 16 days ago
Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips 16 days ago
Joint health starts with diet I believe. Then overloading the joints and tendons destroys quality of life for the aging. Joint health through diet preserves life in general inflammation of the heart and everything else. I think you’re onto many good aspects of what creates long life for sure . Minerals in the proper amounts, sunlight, exercise , fasting good nutrition through diet and low sugar. I think this is a good combo. Exercise according to your body structure is important. This is in-depth so I won’t go there . Look at who in the world naturally lives the longest. Areas as a whole . What is the most prevalent aspects of their lifestyle. Use these as a model . The first thing is high mineral content in their vegetables and water . Meats are natural. Exercise is varied but consistent and done to get the job done but not so excessive the heavy amounts of rest are needed for recovery. Peace out
Rohit Pandey
Rohit Pandey 17 days ago
Great episode, but the harsh shadows are a little distracting. That's something you can easily fix though :) Best of luck.
Brendan Born
Brendan Born 17 days ago
these need to be longer!
Henrik Österberg
Henrik Österberg 17 days ago
On the physical side strength and balance go hand in hand, your musclememory stays with you long after your strength goes so if you ever need to recover your balance while tripping on something the strength better be there to match your brains perception of it, otherwise you will not only fall but could potentially tear some muscles in the process just from the reflex of trying to recover your balance. You need to spend years not excercising to reach this point, but that's not uncommon today and its not only senior citizens. I personally spent 6-7 years with nearly no excercise apart from a physically active job and I believe lack of excercise was a contributing factor to me getting "vestibular neuritis" a few years ago so I got to temporarily experience the neurological side of the whole "loss of balance" equation as well. I personally believe you need a small amount of regular excercise just to keep your central nervous system calibrated and up to date with what your body is currently capable of. We all like to delude ourselves into thinking we are the same muscular athletes we were in our teens but that usually isn't the case.
Patricia Beetschen
Patricia Beetschen 17 days ago
Is a GKI of 2-5 good for a person on Keto who is Intermittent Fasting and wanting to lose weight and be in nutritional ketosis?
Eduardo Gottschald
Eduardo Gottschald 19 days ago
Ele está usando o boné do Airton Sena do Brasil?
Jonthan Chaverry
Jonthan Chaverry 19 days ago
Wow Great Interview!
Garacha222 20 days ago
Peter Attia uses his eyes like Denzel Washington does. Watch his eye movement and the intensity fluctuation as he speaks.
phoebe malone
phoebe malone 21 day ago
Wow, I am so grateful that he was so honest about his insecurities. It would be so cool if more people that are seen as role models were like this, it would burst the bubble of the pedestal complex. I really enjoyed this. Thank you Tom :)
clipsTL 21 day ago
This is an awesome show Tom and I think you bring out great insights from your guests. Peter was great the whole show and so was Dom D’Agostino! Time well-spent! Subscribed! (And I don’t know why I only discovered this now.)
FEAFi 21 day ago
Sleep is really hard though, especially when you are too introspective and think too much.
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 21 day ago
Your glands stop working properly once you pass 80. Meditation becomes less effective and even yoga asanas don't help much. Rather than trying to live on, it makes more sense to die shortly after 80 and be reborn in a fresh body to go out into life and learn more. (Fingers crossed reincarnation does actually happen.)
Greenballed 21 day ago
Cardio is really neurology. Training your body how to cope with stress via input then feedback from the brain.
Total Therapy Solution - Physical Therapy
I would love to hear Dr Attia’s thought on blood flow restriction training as another way to maximize muscular response while minimizing joint compression and joint failure.
Juan Miguel de la Torre Loza
Holy sh*t, really good interview Tom and Tom's Team, however, I think you guys can do better with the titles, at first I didn't feel like to watch this interview just by the title, I just watched because usually, all interviews are good, but maybe if you want to expand your audience you could use some cognitive bias, this title could have been "Is nutrition the only key to longevity?" hope you can use this feedback :)
A.J. Ello
A.J. Ello 22 days ago
I can't believe he mentioned David Foster Wallace. Hell yes.
suzanne jaffrey
suzanne jaffrey 22 days ago
tom the bags under your eyes are scary, you look sick
Johnny X
Johnny X 22 days ago
The host looks like a hipper Alan Harper from 2.5 Men
run2daylite73 22 days ago
Too many buzz words. I've checked out, before the up sell at the end
LIQUIDSNAKEz28 23 days ago
I keep my joints safely rolled up in my cigar box, so I think I'll definitely live to be 100
Terry Forth
Terry Forth 23 days ago
Great interview! Big Senna fan 👍.
X Z 23 days ago
For me, living to 100 is miserable. Good 85 years would be perfect for me.
mineral stains
mineral stains 23 days ago
I had a feeling with an open mind, when a conventional doctor provides his assessment on longevity. Proper supplementation of essential vitamin and minerals along with adequate collagen and stretching will give you a 80% increase in chance. If your body is alkaline, where does this man's I am not going to call him a doctor, because he clearly lacks anatomy and physiology assessments in his theory. Tom, you should know better the lay doctor coming out of a fancy college, is missing the mark. You body needs the proper fuel to get to the gym or at home to stretch, that will keep your electrons going. He is using the conventional wisdom using a Bruce Lee analogy. Dinosaur doc not a Dynamo.
Whammer79 23 days ago
Here's the answer and a great example of what is being talked about. usvid.net/video/video-eXfBiJysvTs.html
Artur Chmiel
Artur Chmiel 23 days ago
i never thought about protecting my jounts....I smoke them straigh away ;)
Joe Zawinul Reviews and Reactions
thoughts on basketball, I think it has messed up my hip joints
Leon Tan
Leon Tan 23 days ago
Is that ZDogg MD?
Jef cerulus
Jef cerulus 23 days ago
Step one to longevity... Move out of New York. Clean air, sun and clean water go a Long way. Step 2: eat clean step 3: strengthen your leg muscles without overdoing it. I am no expert but I think this is a great start. :)
Scott Hutchison
Scott Hutchison 23 days ago
I’ve watched a couple dozen Peter Attia videos, ranging from his TED talk to interviews about longevity, diet, exercise, etc. This is my favorite, not because of the information, but because of the depth. Really appreciated hearing from someone who is so accomplished in so many varied spheres in life share about the things he’s dealing with in therapy! Who does that?! Thank you for keeping it real and for reminding us that it’s okay to admit we don’t have it all together.
Planet CEO
Planet CEO 24 days ago
I fart duper fucking loud and have massive gas... what does this mean?
Planet CEO
Planet CEO 24 days ago
I reccomend jacking off intensely every morning, then sleep one more hour, wake up and get your coffee.
Robert Griffith
Robert Griffith 24 days ago
Yes but what are the actual things to do? excercises, food to eat, fasts etc ..... please !! I'd like to know
Ange R
Ange R 24 days ago
I need to stick to yoga and yoga like movements.
George Arnold
George Arnold 24 days ago
I think if I was getting advice to how to live to be over 100... I would want to get it from someone who was actually OVER 100!
steve cooper
steve cooper 24 days ago
first world problems
Algore Daemon
Algore Daemon 24 days ago
Luis 24 days ago
Look to Jack LaLane.
Jack Fanning
Jack Fanning 24 days ago
I listened to this guy for 10 minutes and didn't hear any useful information. He lost me. Wasting my time.
Davi Mourão
Davi Mourão 24 days ago
Nice hat!
Magnus Danielsson
Magnus Danielsson 24 days ago
Attia should team up with Jordan Feigenbaum (Barbell Medicine) and develop these questions of physical development and what is necessary. www.barbellmedicine.com/ Also many of the starting strength coaches have alot of experience from training old people usvid.net/u-results?search_query=starting strength old lady And for the mental thing listen to Sam Harris on mindfulnes and get his meditation app!
JM Fishing
JM Fishing 24 days ago
Peter is the man.
Corey Desmond
Corey Desmond 24 days ago
i thought this way for a year now.. i always said i want to live til 150 and still be able to move like i do now. trying to beat the unknown.
AWE SUM 24 days ago
Anyone out there half a brain knows that if you over 40 you shouldn’t be doing single leg squats - just use your brain ! think about all the pressure put on the knee.....
D S 24 days ago
Its too late for me lol. I did too much athletics and fucked too many joints in the past. Im pretty healthy outside of that tho
halcyon2505 24 days ago
Interesting interview. What I didn't like about the video is that the camera constantly changes back and forth from one person to the other. When the guest is talking, there's no need to keep going back and forth with the camera to show the interviewer nodding. Just let the camera rest on the person who's talking at the moment....
justin case
justin case 24 days ago
i think firas zahabi way of thinking applies very well to this. pro athlete or not.
banjocracy 25 days ago
Great, but where was the answer to the question in the title?
Rick Hernandez
Rick Hernandez 25 days ago
I wonder if we worked out with a pure and healthy oxygen/ source .....feeding your musles, lungs..would this prolong your healthy life... and avoild all joint overload.
Charles Carroll
Charles Carroll 25 days ago
He’s basically talking about Crossfit but doesn’t know it.
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