Why You Need To Protect Your Joints If You Want to Live to Be 100 | Peter Attia on Health Theory

Tom Bilyeu
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Peter Attia, M.D., and founder of Attia Medical, PC, sits down with Tom to discuss what changes everyone should make in their life in order to build and extend the best quality of your physical and emotional durability as you age.

Show Notes
Preserving health and extending physical longevity [0:47]
Loading muscle vs. loading joints [2:20]
The new sport of becoming a kickass 100-year-old [3:27]
Minimizing suffering and training to be the best 100-year-old [4:42]
The physical results and consequences of aging [7:34]
Adapting your exercise to risk probability [9:28]
The VO2 max threshold [11:45]
Fast vs. slow orthopedic injuries that kill people [14:58]
The substantial risks of join overload [16:50]
Driving and alcohol as the biggest misjudgments of risk [17:46]
Caloric restriction offers considerable long-term benefits [21:31]
The truth about the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) [22:45]
Investing in health over money [26:39]
Being cautious on teaching kids how to eat [28:36]
The Sunk Cost Fallacy [31:12]
Using insecurities as a mechanism to drive you [34:40]
Recognizing what your reactions actually mean [36:26]
Surround yourself with honest, patient people [41:40]
Being the best version of yourself for those you love [42:50]
We suffer in our heads more than in any other way [44:59]
Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition, Management of Distress [46:28]

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Comments 100
Brent D Summers
Loved what he had to say about David foster Wallace's commencement speech. Going to listen to it again. It was a few years ago that I first listened to it and it resonated with me. Thanks for this interview Tom.
Emm Yo
Emm Yo Day ago
First vid I dislike. This man is young and fit. When he is 100 I would like to see him carry 2 25 lbs of groceries home from the store. An educated idiot. Young people who think they know about old age. Duh
Laura Croft
Laura Croft Day ago
Hiroko Woods
Hiroko Woods 3 days ago
How old is this man? He looks like he is 28 or something!😱 He is so confident enough to say he is insecure! That’s the real wisdom right there!👍
You F'coffee
You F'coffee 4 days ago
To be fit at a 100 was my goal and I trained throughout my life but its not worked out all that well, as now my 65 year old knees have now crumbled due to excessive exercise.
Steve Meyers
Steve Meyers 4 days ago
I enjoyed the interview. Please keep doing these interviews. My grandfather was a kickass 100 year old. On his 100th birthday he jumped up and clicked his heels together. One of his secrets to success was walking everyday several miles.
VivKittie32 5 days ago
OMG.. Dot from MadTV has a brother! 😂🤣👻
J Segal
J Segal 5 days ago
Watching Tom pretend to be a man half his age makes me sad.
Ruth Biafora
Ruth Biafora 7 days ago
If Peter Attia was interested in expanding his resume, he could write speeches for presidents and world leaders! His podcast is outstanding!! Thank you for another riveting guest!
lou wagner
lou wagner 7 days ago
Read "How Not To Die" By Dr. Michael McGregor
lou wagner
lou wagner 7 days ago
why a meat sponsor when its called health theory? lol
LamixFace 11 days ago
Zedly T
Zedly T 12 days ago
36 minute mark...humility
jammin6816 12 days ago
Peter seems like a great guy but he’d probably do well to read Rick Warrens book “Purpose Driven Life”. The first line in the book is “It’s not about you.” This is not a criticism but a potential opportunity for him and others who are searching for meaning and purpose in their life. It’s opened my own eyes a great deal and my life is so much better for it.
Ferti Logan
Ferti Logan 15 days ago
He lives in NY and he wants to live until 100? Good luck with that lol
TheRABIDdude 16 days ago
25:48 Anyone know what data he's referring to when he says that continual 30% caloric restriction doesn't help? I thought that was the gold standard? Help please!
Lana H
Lana H 18 days ago
Excellent discussion.
wordpressobsessed 18 days ago
So much easier to do intermittent fasting then keto. If you haven't done intermittent fasting, start now. You won't regret it.
rembeadgc 19 days ago
Yes, what we come to know reveals how much we don't know. Making peace with that, IMO, prepares you for increase. As soon as you think you know enough, you've blocked your ability for increase. Shines a light on how our brains are just vessels for awareness through which experience registers, until the vessel breaks down.
ethercept 19 days ago
Excellent interview!
MaverickPinoy 20 days ago
Intelligent yet humble! Love how honest this guy is and the amount of knowledge he has is amazing! Thanks Tom for all you do.
michael p
michael p 21 day ago
46:30 great metrics: exercise, sleep, nutrition all being managed by me pretty well. by far the biggest impact in my life comes from forcing the recognition of gratitude.
George Garrison
George Garrison 22 days ago
I’ve watched most Health Theory’s and I will soon have watched them all and stay up to date from there forth, This was one of the most intimate and I loved it! Top five for sure...
Kaalo Lovett
Kaalo Lovett 26 days ago
My grandfather lived to 103. The only reason he died was that he tripped on the stairs and hit his head. #mygoals
Yvonne Kiwior
Yvonne Kiwior 27 days ago
Brilliant!!!! Truth is what we all could strive for!
NEILAND 28 days ago
Your episodes are exactly what humanity needs! You both are so incredible! Thank you so much for this authentic conversation!
Bachconcertos Whitney
Watch this old lady tango usvid.net/video/video-hjHnWz3EyHs.html Spectacular Salsa - Paddy & Nico - Electric Ballroom | Britain's Got Talent 2014
Armenias Thunk
Armenias Thunk Month ago
Risk v. Reward - I think Tom let Peter off the hook here. The risk of taking the 405 may be greater, but for most it would be a necessity as opposed to driving a race car which has only limited benefits extrinsically.
Armenias Thunk
Armenias Thunk Month ago
If there need be a word for it how about Centathalon? Centathelete? Centistenics? As in "I'm training for my Centathalon by doing Centisthenics." We could have age classes as you get closer to the big 100. I don't want to live forever, just long enough to know the world will be okay when I'm gone; she's been pretty good to me.
NRC4Christ Month ago
Peter also sounds smarter because he doesn’t need to drop Fbombs.
Eric Bernal
Eric Bernal Month ago
My grandmother is 99 and she says the key to a long life is eating healthy, drinking lots of water, not smoking or drinking alcohol, walking lots, being active (gardening) and being happy and keeping stress down to a minimum. She has never had a gym membership or ran a marathon. My dad was an orthopaedic surgeon and he always thought jogging was the worst invention ever in terms of overloading joints. He always said the risk reward was not worth it. He always said walking was a much better alternative. He is 86 and still very active and walking lots.
Chris Holton
Chris Holton Month ago
60 here and still play competitive table tennis..on top of working 6 days a week...i play guitar and ride long distance motorcycle...
R Landry
R Landry Month ago
sam blonde
sam blonde Month ago
Nope. Sorry. Genetics >
tukabanbuna Month ago
I love Health Theory. This was one of the best! Inspiring! I felt myself being moved as well!
aLr boosh
aLr boosh Month ago
Have to him in the normal show at some point too as he's done some pretty cool things outside his health knowledge
Brian D.
Brian D. Month ago
Wow, that was fantastic you are a great interviewer pulled a lot of things out of him and I feel very inadequate listening to the two of you great job
Bpjames Month ago
I love the concept of "things a 100 yr old should be able to do" as a marker for how well you did taking care of yourself. It would be cool to have a common sense, realistic list of these things for every decade between the ages of 50 to 100. This is what life should be all about, "dying young at a ripe old age" ( quoted from Dr Steven Gundry, I think.)
sue mason
sue mason Month ago
Great watch!! Lots of interesting stuff to be digested. I'm 68 and mind, body, spirit health is the first focus of my life. I'm not so interested in how long i live, but i want to enjoy my life to the max while i'm here. On the physical level, i walk at least 15000 steps a day, cycle at least 10 to 20km, do yoga 2 or 3 times a week, and lift weights every second day. I eat a plant based diet with a small amount of fish. Lots of nuts and seeds. No, dairy, pasta, rice or bread. I've been eliminating different foods from my diet for the past 20 years and eat pretty much the same thing every day, varied only by what fruit and veggies are in season. I follow the teachings of Buddha and have a regular mediation practice. Also have a strong belief in the law of attraction. I feed my mind with great podcasts and youtube videos like this one. I'm mindful of always choosing love over fear. People constantly tell me i shine. None of this began until i was in my late 40's when i realised i was getting older and it freaked me out. But that woke me up to the fact that there was nothing i could do about aging but there was a lot i could do about how i aged. Up until that point I was a complete couch potato, ate what i liked, drank a lot of wine and smoked cigarettes and a lot of marijuana. I do none of those things now. For most of my life i was around 20 stone (127kg.) I'm now half that weight and have been for the past 15 years and even if i do say so myself i look amazing.... Yes i've had several surgeries to take care of the loose skin that was a result of being so obese but my health is great, i take no medication and i'm pain free. Its difficult for even me to comprehend the changes in myself. i'm in total awe of this miraculous body that has responded so beautifully after years of abuse.
Yoso Month ago
If you can grow old gracefully ....
Razvan D.
Razvan D. Month ago
Truth is we're all getting old.. The trick is to get old in a beautiful way.
rhonda levin
rhonda levin Month ago
What about Stem cell therapy...stemcell rejuvination?....
Jonathan Rosenberry
Jonathan Rosenberry 2 months ago
Ironically this "how to live longer" episode is sponsored by ButcherBox. I'm a huge fan of the positive messages that Tom is spreading, but this sponsoring choice seems a bit contradictory to me. The World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed that processed meats - such as bacon, sausages, hot dog, and ham - are among the most carcinogenic substances along with cigarettes, alcohol, asbestos and arsenic. And the WHO says red meats including beef, pork, veal and lamb are "probably carcinogenic" to people.
Breath Fitness
Breath Fitness 2 months ago
For the exercise portion, I believe we are on to something quite extraordinary combining breath practice and super simple bodyweight control. Here are my favs usvid.net/group/PLsbUxl8rmbXmTmwWhgi1rahvGdWogUPBs
Pat De
Pat De 2 months ago
Best Doctor Ever ! Love him.
Keto AvocaJoe
Keto AvocaJoe 2 months ago
Wow. Ty. I got a lot out of this. Much appreciated.
Krista Nelson
Krista Nelson 2 months ago
Peter Attia is such a hottie.
Joey Atlas
Joey Atlas 2 months ago
Agreed :-)
Amy Buchanan
Amy Buchanan 2 months ago
imposter syndrome...that's what they call it.. don't we all have that? it's part of the human experience. LOW self esteem is NOT the same as feeling insecure. I have plenty of confidence, but still feel insecure about NOT knowing some things...but it doesn't phase my confidence- I've got no problem verbalizing my insecurities
Joey Atlas
Joey Atlas 2 months ago
Wise Woman :-)
Knugen 2 months ago
Are the couches giant or are Attia and Tom tiny? :O
IW Nunn
IW Nunn 2 months ago
Does he have yellow highlighter on his arms?
xochipeli 2 months ago
Risk/Reward is and important point.
xochipeli 2 months ago
on Peters comments about degrading balance with age, I think about the elderly Chinese doing slow motion dance excercise requiring balance daily.
Sandra Carli
Sandra Carli 2 months ago
Saturated fats and acidic foods like animal food is not good for the joints. Also oils because they contain omega 6.
Dey Kim
Dey Kim 2 months ago
Peter Attia is the man, truly inspiring.
Robbie Scrivener
Robbie Scrivener 2 months ago
Well Peter won't live to be 100 if he keeps swimming in shark infested waters...........
WM P 2 months ago
Peter is my boy too. Awesome dude
True Hope
True Hope 2 months ago
The National Institute of Aging has proven that φοβερο Yellow increases lifespan by 7% It's also endorsed by the American Heart Association. No fluff, no snake oil, just irrefutable scientific facts.
Sasha Nivar
Sasha Nivar 2 months ago
the best quote come in at @33:55 "it seemed very logical to always pursue my bliss"
I Mari
I Mari 2 months ago
42:52 - 44:06. Pure gold gentlemen. Thanks for the powerful reminder. Bowing deeply to you. Namaste.
James B
James B 2 months ago
Dude, u can have grandkids in your forties if u want to! Living to 100 is a dumb idea.
Shaun Kerr
Shaun Kerr 2 months ago
Whoa, when did rage against the machines guitarist get so deep & scientific?
Nick Boyce
Nick Boyce 2 months ago
"Hey everybody, thanks for tuning into this episode of Hell Theory"
Copper Rabbit
Copper Rabbit 2 months ago
Lennon Richardson
Lennon Richardson 2 months ago
*Cencathlon Games* 100 functional movement events for athletes 100y/o and older. Let's make it happen. I'll be ready in 66 years. Hope to see you there.
Midas Snap
Midas Snap 2 months ago
The food pyramid is either the most incompetently constructed guideline or big food influenced it for maximum profit and ease of sale. I'm betting on the latter.
Nicolas Bauchet
Nicolas Bauchet 2 months ago
I totaly desagree with the fact that the goal is to live longer. The planet is already over populated... I concentrate more about living healthy physicaly and intellectualy until my last day, would it be 70. But great video nontheless.
Timmy Gregson
Timmy Gregson 2 months ago
I cant unsee Christian Guzman in this guy, gotta be related
Dande lion
Dande lion 2 months ago
Two super amazing inspiring beautiful great human beings. Thank you for the sharing the conservation.
hoverrollertm 2 months ago
Yah great tips 🤓👍🏼 I combined elevated foam rolling and power massagers in a new vid. Signed an NDA with the #1 power massager brand so it's great to create a new artform of rehab. Your isolating areas with acupressure than power massaging so it adds new angles. TY 4 keeping us inspired with your vids 👊🏽💯
hoverrollertm 2 months ago
As far as that brand it's TIm Tam. I spoke to the CEO Tom for 30 min. They have a patent pending on the technology so they could own the whole market when it is granted. As far as a solid brand it's legit. They sold more massagers than anyone and in Asia they sold 20-30 mil in 1 quarter. It worked out. I'm stoked to combo both in 1 system.
C Skog
C Skog 3 months ago
His opinion is from the viewpoint of a young healthy person - he is expressing his fear of immobility and age. I agree that being physically able is preferable but someone like Stephen Hawking was able to contribute immensely as well as other handicapped people. Ask these people if life is worth living, and they will most likely agree that it is. Also, I think Tom went a bit too far in stating that Peter has low self-esteem. I doubt that is true - he's just aware of his limitations (but always striving) which is an intelligent outlook.
Agility Chiropractic
what does Pete think about Chiropractors?!
Susie Queue
Susie Queue 3 months ago
Oh I can’t bear it when the host starts sucking up, and gets all sweary and sincere! I’m out!
El Feliciano
El Feliciano 3 months ago
Well, he already outlived Ayrton Senna and Banco Nacional for at least 20 years now. Just saying🤨
Lincon Rodrigues
Lincon Rodrigues 3 months ago
Peter Attia, you are the man!!! wow!!! fascinating to hear someone at your standard of knowledge talking openly about your insecurities ... humbling!!! thank you for sharing it all!!!! Thank you Bilyeu for bringing it up!!!!
Little O
Little O 3 months ago
An outstanding interview and discussion across several dimensions - especially the psychological dimension. I voluntarily put myself through 4 years of psychotherapy in the 1970's (mid 20's) merely because I learned from some of my consultant clients (psychologists) that the state of Texas required by law that for a PhD Psychologist to practice clinical psychology, one had to have gone through the psychotherapy experience to better understand themselves and not allow their problems get confused with their patients. And that person did not control the length of that therapy. So what started as a trial of 3 or 4 sessions to see what this mysterious (seemly Hitchcock -ian") "PSYCHO-therapy" was, ended up as weekly individual and group sessions each week for 4 years. An amazing journey. So I resonate with the 2nd half, his reliance on counselors and his humility in his admission of his truth (insecurity). As the renowned Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Han would say (something like): From mindfulness and being true to oneself, comes understanding not only of oneself but also of others and from true understanding comes appreciation, compassion and thus love itself. I have a new understanding of Peter Attia as a result of watching this video. He is not only, as he says late in the video, a person driven by emotional attachment, rage and obsession, he also can face his truth and maybe he got to that point for the wrong reason, as he implied, (i.e obsesssion, insecurity, etc.) but he got there. He is human. Bravo! And thanks for the tip on David Foster Wallace's - This is Water.
benevolent dictator
benevolent dictator 3 months ago
Swimming; no joint load while providing resistance training coupled with aerobic, in a lake or ocean (to reduce chlorine/fluoride exposure)
howdydutt1e 3 months ago
This guy is amazing, he has more than motivated me.
Jade Zee
Jade Zee 3 months ago
what bull shit..who cars how you feel in a race car...what in hell does that have to do with anything...and just WHO told you you were going to live to 100? and no..you will NOT be walking up 4 floors of stairs with groceries at 80...let alone 100...this dip stick brain...is so in love with himself...he cant stop talking about how he drives..drinks eats..and how others live..maybe i dont want to live to 100...maybe i want to drink..eat..and laugh to my hearts content and live to only 85!
Jade Zee
Jade Zee 3 months ago
dude has serious set of chimp ears
Planet CEO
Planet CEO 3 months ago
Try both. If you want to hit the ceiling try after bro...
Big Bad Wolf
Big Bad Wolf 3 months ago
I interment fast all then time but I’m starting to work on my long term fasting. I can do around 36 hours without a problem but I’m working up to 3 days to 5 days. The problem is that my wife is a coffee roaster and I cannot go without coffee. Its problematic but I just restrict everything but coffee.
Neon Symphony
Neon Symphony 3 months ago
I spoke to god , I said I don't smoke weed, I don't have sex, I don't drink will I live to 100 , he answered me ... why the fuck wud u want to live to 100 if your doing this
bmo 3 months ago
The fitness world tends to glorify "overkill fitness", like squatting twice your body weight or running a marathon, but Peter Attia points out that most of us should prioritize "functional" tasks, like carrying heavy luggage up stairs or sprinting short distances. Variety is the key, to cover the huge range of physical demands. Skill deficits tend to cause more injuries than a lack of brute strength.
Joey Atlas
Joey Atlas 2 months ago
Kristian N. Aune
Kristian N. Aune 3 months ago
One of my favourite episodes no matter what podcast/show!
Gerald Davis
Gerald Davis 3 months ago
Nooo!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!!!
Judy Cohall
Judy Cohall 3 months ago
As a 60 year old woman working to get back in shape, I need this. Nursing a groin pull now, ugh!
Joey Atlas
Joey Atlas 2 months ago
Vid joe
Vid joe 3 months ago
Somehow this is incredibly sad.
MissLaffy x
MissLaffy x 3 months ago
I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu I’m screwed 😂
imhellag 3 months ago
The second half of the podcast is just superlative
1&only FlowerOnTheMountain
i loved this. definitely going to tune into his podcast.
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze 3 months ago
"what drives you"
mike vic
mike vic 3 months ago
Sounds like an honest genuine guy. People like this should have children.
mike vic
mike vic 3 months ago
partner348 3 months ago
The host says, "butt fuck" a lot. Makes one wonder just how much he DOES admire his guest.
ebateru 3 months ago
Awesome talk! Really surprised how the talk changed towards the end and how much Peter opened up. Great stuff man and all the luck with achieving your 5 year plan!
Jackson Tarbox
Jackson Tarbox 3 months ago
Is swimming in shark infested waters on his list of things that shorten your life?
Yes You Are
Yes You Are 3 months ago
Love this, as always! Hey Tom, or anyone here, which one has a guy who talks about alcoholism and evolution??
United States Navy 75
Peter is a badass!
United States Navy 75
He’s wrong about yoga. Yoga does correct a lot of these issues.
ForOrAgainstUs 3 months ago
Sees title of video: "Welp..."
Andre Dre
Andre Dre 3 months ago
only I noticed the Airton Senna's cap?
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