Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

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China has the world’s fastest and largest high-speed rail network - more than 19,000 miles, the vast majority of which was built in the past decade.
Japan’s bullet trains can reach nearly 200 miles per hour and date to the 1960s. They have moved more than 9 billion people without a single passenger causality. casualty
France began service of the high-speed TGV train in 1981 and the rest of Europe quickly followed.
But the U.S. has no true high-speed trains, aside from sections of Amtrak’s Acela line in the Northeast Corridor. The Acela can reach 150 mph for only 34 miles of its 457-mile span. Its average speed between New York and Boston is about 65 mph.
California’s high-speed rail system is under construction, but whether it will ever get completed as intended is uncertain.
Watch the video to see why the U.S. continues to fail with high-speed trains, and some companies that are trying to fix that.
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Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail

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May 7, 2019




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Comments 30 737
Rene Dominguez
Oil companies fighting tooth and nail against it.
janice bediako
janice bediako 9 hours ago
High speed rail in california before solving the MASS HOMELESS problem????
superman4ever101 9 hours ago
Orlando the most visited city in USA New York City " hold my 🍺"
Shashwat Sharma
Shashwat Sharma 12 hours ago
Even vande bharat Express in India travels at a average speed of 81 miles and is way modern than us trains
PeRX 13 hours ago
I just want highways with no speed limits here. If I wanna go 150 miles per hour I should be able to without risking prison. But, most in America don’t have the brain cells to handle limitless roads
bowlweevil 14 hours ago
if California spent as much on high speed rail as they do supporting illegal aliens and corrupt politicians they would be whistling along at 250 mph today LMAO PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!
The end of time
The end of time 14 hours ago
All the excuses and no one point out the elephant in the room. Come on people, the ultimate answer to why can't America have high speed railway is simple and clean: The trains don't burn fossil fuels! That's why oil money controlled congress doesn't want it to happen.
Sean Adver
Sean Adver 16 hours ago
Boring Flat china geographic? Hell they have high speed rail to the place consider as the roof of the earth and some place are all mountains! It's just all about the profitability! Why the private enterprise will care about the social benefit or those who only govern for few years?
jerald triplet
jerald triplet 16 hours ago
talk to fisher,maybe thay could help.
jerald triplet
jerald triplet 17 hours ago
have fisher do it for us,thay know how to do it ok.
Kelvin Ni
Kelvin Ni 19 hours ago
Hope Elon's Boring Company can accelerate the US infrastructure!
David Savage
David Savage 20 hours ago
The US being unable to move away from cars is plainly untrue as in Europe and Japan the car is still dominant yet also have the trains to compliment them.
SHUBHAM KUMAR 22 hours ago
US government needs to invest in Maglev trains as Bullet trains will be a slower option. Aerospace companies like Boeing, Lockheed martin need to focus more towards Super sonic aircraft & Space exploration. Oil companies need to gradually evolve towards Battery technologies & Renewable energy.
Brent Marteney
They also still eat dogs and have sweat shops..
truckero ortiz
Let the Chinese come in and build it,I bet the can do it for half the amount,but no the lobists will never allowed it.
Kosal Chin
Kosal Chin Day ago
The big giant is just awake from long dream of war.
Lamont Mealing
We built a railway from coast to coast in the cowboy days. People road the train from East to West other countries are building rail infrastructure that benefits everyone. Here in the US we're so concerned with what country to invade next on false pretenses! High speed trains would benefit an put less cars on the road but greedy lobbyists don't want this and the American people suffer because of it!
Kevin O. McCann
Automobiles are liberty for the individual. Rail networks are overpriced terrorist targets and a leftist dream of having everybody going the same direction. That should not be the American dream.
Fat Guy
Fat Guy Day ago
Indian trains are more modern than America's
jen Day ago
Americans probably don't want to have to go through TSA just to ride a train. Might as well drive because of the horrible lines.
Phyllis Eldridge
It can't make money because it's for the rich and middle class..you get rich and business from the poor people money.
Paco Jerte
Paco Jerte Day ago
USA should ask China for help to get the most advance train system. China is selling to the world already. If US try to produce that's, it will be like 5G system. When USA finish testing 5G, Huawei will be selling 20G.
Кирилл Чернов
Another one.
comment Day ago
Yeah, the picture looks pretty, but then they're going to start trying to squeeze the most out of it, going to pack people like sardines two and three rows deep, reduce the seat size and create all sorts of hassles like in what happened to air travel, that will not make it look much more attractive than sitting in traffic but at least in your own private car or simply seeking out jobs where you can work remotely, which is far better for most employees than any of these commuting options anyway. Oh yeah, and they didn't mention getting to the station anyway, waiting in the rain, etc. No, thank you. People, don't accept anything less than remote employment. There is absolutely no drawbacks in it for you and no technical reason you can't do it, and companies will accept that eventually. They make you work from home at odd hours when it's in their interest, right?
Present Miracle
But....but Americans love their cars no?
Кирилл Чернов
Planes and cars, yes.
Tigerman1138 Day ago
$5 billion for border wall... I think you'd see different cooperation from President Trump.
SeaJay Oceans
design communities that have lower population density - and still have everything in walking distance. Why not design covered moving walk ways - just like used in some air ports - safe from the outside weather - you can still walk on it so you are going very fast, and safely monitored by police stations and check points - used by everyone - and bridged over roads so pedestrians no longer deal with 'crosswalks' - risking being hit by vehicles.
Dean Day ago
We already have Amtrak failing.
Jamie Day ago
The main reason is US economy is based on oil and petrol dollar is to critical to US
shu chen
shu chen Day ago
China is suppressing USA in every ways. USA is showing his age and need some change
Кирилл Чернов
No. Go to work, I wait my Nike.
Clay Ruppenthal
Clay Ruppenthal 2 days ago
They touched on it at the end, but did not state it: gov't regulations and unions are what make it so expensive. California's high speed rail is a disaster.
Laqurida Enamor
Laqurida Enamor 2 days ago
Rail in US are always subjected to Failure ,kind of Jinx which US never came out. Also,during early 19th century, too much Corruption happened during construction of Rail network across US. Also, too much money flowing from Auto n Oil lobby to govt for not initiating the effort
Heroes AtMidnight
Where did the money go? You had the money for the High Speed Rail. Open borders maybe? The truth is that the whole state of CA is a scam.
Klaas J
Klaas J 2 days ago
Because its technically a Third World Country.
Кирилл Чернов
Your shitcrapstan?
신하나 2 days ago
I thought that American local route airlines cause suspend to high sleed railways project. If, high speed railways operated in u.s. local airlines will loose a lots of consumer. (Especially southwest airlines, delta, American airline)
Jeep_Recon_USA 1
Jeep_Recon_USA 1 2 days ago
Those pesky rights and laws making it expensive and hard to build in the US. You wanta know why we can’t do it like China? Because Chinas government says and does what they want. They say your home is no longer yours, than so be it. They say your taxes go higher, oh well. There’s endangered species in the construction site, to bad. Safety inspection and regulations? to pesky and expensive. Workers rights and wages? Heck no. Insurance and law suit settlements? China said nah son!
Al Woo
Al Woo 2 days ago
Simple USA not smart enough to create
Кирилл Чернов
Funny joke, nice clown.
dcb4357 hiitsme
dcb4357 hiitsme 2 days ago
we are not all concentrated in a few cities . we are spread out over the continent. rail works. but once you get somewhere you have to find a ride on to the place you are staying. the airlines pretty much wiped out the rail system and the auto industry made inexpensive vehicles that wiped out the bus lines. without government subsidies there would be no rail service at all. it doesn't run often enough and costs so much.
GG SAY 3 days ago
In Russia is only one train line with high speed train between Saint Petersburg and Moscow.
Bolatium 3 days ago
I like to feel like I have a form of personal agency that sone would call liberty. The US will probably come up with some otherworldly type of airspace/traffic deconfliction program and have corridors for personal VTOL aircraft and self driving cars at typical suburban residences before I would adopt those types of transportation systems. I value our liberty and pursuit of happiness to a fault, and I'll not surrender agency.
antlou123 3 days ago
All politics. USA needs High speed train now. One more thing why nobody rides the train in USA is because it is tooooo Expensive! People would rather drive than take the train. Hey, Politicians, you want to decrease the traffic , make train rides affordable.
Doc Watson
Doc Watson 3 days ago
I rode the bullet train in Japan, why are we Americans so far behind?
richies quest
richies quest 3 days ago
If the US need money for the military it's not a problem. stop short changing your citizens and give them something useful.
W Pan
W Pan 3 days ago
China has 23,000 km high speed rail as we speak !
Chris Tian
Chris Tian 3 days ago
The railway system in Germany too was and still is under attack of the car, truck and logistics industry. But till today they did better than the US. At least.
John 3 days ago
So basically this boils down to Orange Man Bad. Lol
Andrei Areiza
Andrei Areiza 3 days ago
because of coal was my first thought
Acro G
Acro G 3 days ago
In my homeland, Guizhou China, the cost of high-speed rail is $26 million / mile, where the GDP per capita is $3200 / year. I sincerely think, this is an example of lifting life standard and implementing equal right of every citizen to access high-speed transportation. (Guizhou has 1000 miles high-speed rail combined until 2018)
Ramcar Patiño
Ramcar Patiño 3 days ago
And then there's also the Philippines.......
Oluwaseyi Adejuwon
U.S. will soon build one.
David H Bingham
David H Bingham 3 days ago
Not so crazy thing, is that many major BUS lines in high population areas of the USA have gone "BANKRUPT" Public Service Transit in New Jersey had to be rescued by the State of New Jersey & the irony is that the majority of NJTransit routes are either Commuter Rail or Light-Rail on rail tracks that used to be owned by bankrupt freight railroads. Now California and Texas among 2 states building a form of High Speed rail essentially designed to be very similar to JAPAN EAST Shinkansen High Speed elevated rail, but there remains rural areas which remain to highly oppose any form of rail on grounds of their fear of loosing their land. Nevermind the fact that a Interstate highway typically REQUIRES a Right of Way about 1 Mile WIDE compared to the 100 ft. typically used by railroads. 🤨
ca ss
ca ss 3 days ago
California should not need help from the federal government...
Barrett Abney
Barrett Abney 4 days ago
The US Government subsidizes our railway systems, yet it can't turn a profit... Seems anything the government touches, dies on the vine and fails to be profitable. How bout we just recognize that its the government that stands in the way of rail evolution.
18dot7 2 days ago
Ehm, anything the gov touches is paid by the taxpayers and should benefit taxpayers. Don't you think?
Raymond Obedoza
Raymond Obedoza 4 days ago
Tio slow
Atri Zas
Atri Zas 4 days ago
Personally, I love driving with car from city to city. Enjoying beautiful scenic of nature and stop where ever I like.
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 4 days ago
On the political side of these issues, is pretty much entirely thanks to conservatives who are terrified of change. Especially if it upsets their rich friends.
Clint Ford
Clint Ford 4 days ago
I don’t want to pay more taxes Missouri for high speed rail in California. California can’t even manage their own budget. If investors want to invest in high speed rail then great. The democrats will use tax dollars to buy votes or pursue endless smear campaigns and baseless investigations against the Trump White House. No matter how much money you give the democrats it will never be enough.
Clint Ford
Clint Ford 21 hour ago
Silver Lining Your figures are out of date. You also forget the fact that industry is leaving California as fast as they can build the new location in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas. Haha but okay whatever keep doing what you’re doing. The midwest appreciates it.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining 3 days ago
@Clint Ford Sorry Clint, but facts don't care about your feelings. In 2016, California received 356 billion, and paid 369 billion, meaning they paid an extra 13 billion. Mississippi on the other hand was the biggest welfare state with receiving $2.57 for every dollar they paid back.
Clint Ford
Clint Ford 3 days ago
Silver Lining B.S. California is the biggest federal drain on the government than any other state in the Union. The state has more red red tape regulations, permits, fees, and fines than any other state in the Union. High taxes, permits required for everything, more regulations and no incentive for businesses. California is losing jobs and industry by the thousands per day. Ports, orchards and software are all but the only thing left. Much of it is even leaving. California Democrats are writing checks that the citizens of California cant cash.
Silver Lining
Silver Lining 4 days ago
Except California pays a surplus to the government in taxes, meanwhile Missouri takes more from the Federal government than it pays back. Maybe you should worry more about Missouri being a welfare state.
Jim Knowles
Jim Knowles 4 days ago
California is broke......and now they want to spend more money they don't have on high speed trains?? Our politicans never stop spending!!
FREE WILL 4 days ago
perhaps the US is spending too much on war and not enough on it's own infrastructure.
FREE WILL 4 hours ago
@Кирилл Чернов roads, bridges collapsing degrading, landscape drying up, water distribution systems not delivering clean water....it could be much better with how much tax payers give the government.
Кирилл Чернов
US infrastructure is great at all. Stop being that dumb.
Justin Price
Justin Price 4 days ago
Oh wow its the politcians fault ,.. what a suprise
Kieran Vandekemp
Kieran Vandekemp 5 days ago
The U.S. has a high-speed train
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