Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better Than a Toyota Tundra

Scotty Kilmer
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Why the Ford F-150 is the Best Selling Truck of All Time and Better than Toyota Tundra, DIY and truck review with Scotty Kilmer. The best pickup truck to buy. Ford F150 vs Toyota Tundra. Is Ford the best selling truck? Are Ford F150 reliable? Does Ford make good trucks? Is Ford making a diesel F150? The history the Ford F150. Everything you need to know about the Ford F-150. Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 6 998
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer 7 months ago
⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD 2. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2D8Tvae 3. Professional Socket Set: amzn.to/2Bzmccg 4. Wrench Set: amzn.to/2kmBaOU 5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2CthnUU 6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2nrc6qR ⬇️Things used in this video: 1. Rodent Repeller: amzn.to/2Or0rRk 2. Common Sense 3. 4k Camera: amzn.to/2HkjavH 4. Camera Microphone: amzn.to/2Evn167 5. Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2Jwog8S 6. My computer for editing / uploading: amzn.to/2uUZ3lo 7. Video editing software: amzn.to/2jv5Fhf 8. Thumbnail software: amzn.to/2k7tz6C 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► goo.gl/rwYt2y 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► goo.gl/pTAeca Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► goo.gl/CFismN Scotty on Social: Facebook ► facebook.com/scottymechanic/ Instagram ► instagram.com/scotty_the_mechanic/ Twitter ► twitter.com/Scottymechanic?lang=en
John Sluder
John Sluder 19 days ago
Fiat is junk. Lexus and Toyota and Some American made are good. I like Ford trucks.
The 1986 Silverado guy
Scotty Kilmer what do you think about the squarebody Chevy trucks (1973-1987)
Daniel M
Daniel M 28 days ago
Hi Scotty What you think about peugeot 308 1.6 petrol automatic 2009 with 60 k miles?
Dicky Ball
Dicky Ball Month ago
@Marcus Williams , can't go wrong with a Toyota Land Cruiser, Sequoia or 4 runner. Stay away from GM products or Dodges. No range rovers either. He has two segments on SUVs, one is 5 to buy and the other is 5 to avoid. Check them out on USvid.
Marcus Williams
Marcus Williams Month ago
What's your advice on the best SUV's?
Carlos gamer
Carlos gamer 3 hours ago
Scotty what do you think about 2012 Kia Optima
Dbf Crell
Dbf Crell 4 hours ago
Scotty, my 99 Toyota Camy 2.2L with 98k is very well maintained and runs great. I drive 400 miles/week and I use good synthetic 5W/30 every 5000 miles. The car doesn't seem to use oil but at start up, I see a small puff of blue smoke, then it clears up. Should I be concerned?
Pancho Lopez
Pancho Lopez 15 hours ago
What do you think about the mustang Eco-boost
Random Videos with Bodie
Easy there Ford don’t over do it lmao
Daniel B
Daniel B 17 hours ago
Have you seen the abizmal gas milage on the tundra? Omg 14 city
miles leduc
miles leduc 19 hours ago
Scotty what are your thoughts on the 2008-2014 Lexus is-f with the 2ur v8 they only made 5118 isf for America so you probably haven't seen or worked on many but if you have please me a video it would make my day to hear your thoughts on it I recently bought one
Rodger Rowe
Rodger Rowe 23 hours ago
sorry change topic. i have 1996 F250 7.3L with todays diesel fuel i am told to mix two cycle oil to my fuel 100 too one what is your thoughts,
Don Douglass
Don Douglass Day ago
Scotty what is your opinion of the value of engine and transmission oil analysis?
The Architect
This simply is not true. Upon a full investigation into why Ford claims its had the best (selling) trucks for over thirty years finds some revealing facts. The main reason is because Ford finance allows anyone with any background and the worst credit and even no income to drive away with a Ford truck. Ford does in fact sell the most trucks.....sort of. Mostly they finance the most trucks. Here’s the kicker. Ford also holds the record for most defaults on loans and or repossessions. Relevant to this indeed. Fords are notorious for issues and hold more recalls for major issues like the most tecent with steering columns breaking along with transmission issues engine issues. The triton is plagued with issues. Here’s the deal. Ford has the worst in class interior of the top three. Ram wins that by far. Fords ride quality for the 3500 up is very poor and the 1500-2500 are second place with GM behind that. Ram also is the best in ride quality and a back and forth in towing and cargo. GM has stepped up its game in recent years but the cheap interior and seat positioning leave a lot to be desired. So Ford does sell the most trucks but mostly through financing because of its practices offering to any credit and income which also has the most defaults on loans. They don’t care because this is an after the sale fact that bolsters Fords claims of sales dominancies. I’ve used Fords for my crews and had many issues with a fleet of six 150’s. It came to the point I did my homework and had to sue the dealership inevitability ruling in my favor of an existence of issues in two of my trucks that were never on a recall list which the MAF, ECM and Trns sensors were defective. The other four had different problem from cheap interior plastic shattering like glass and cutting one of my employees to the glue (yes they just glue the cab onto the frame in many areas) coming loose or not properly installed that caused a flex in the floor board. Every time the driver puts his foot on that spot it made a metal popping or flex sound. Minor electrical issues abound but many were covered under warranty but imagine if the warranty expired. Still Ford single cab f150 did a better job than the GMC 1500 reg cab by far. I drive the most comfortable and nicest of the bunch and that’s a Ram 2500 bighorn with some added goodies and all of the aforementioned trucks above were 2016 and one 2017 (gMC). That’s the REAL reason for Fords trucks sales. Literally if you get turned down at GM or Chrysler you can simply go to Ford and guarantee you’ll drive off the lot that day. 30% used Ford as a Second choice when declined by Toyota Direct and GMC. If those 30% were never declined by simply using Fords eligibility model then Chevy would’ve been the Champion in 2017. Ram second for sales. There’s the real truth for all you truck nuts 😁
This guy talks like he's hammered.
James Bowers
James Bowers Day ago
I pulled a big load of lumber behind my f-150 a while back coming up behind a dodge. Well it must of upset him cause he took off a flying for a ways. Well I was coming up on him again and he got pissed off cause he took off and held it down and drove out of sight. I was laughing so much because of his attitude towards my little ford.
Ali Saleh
Ali Saleh 2 days ago
Scotiyota kilmeyota
needle neck
needle neck 2 days ago
Just like to know your opinion on the ford 4.6 V8, I have a 2000 ford f150 with 319000 mile. Thanks
Milton Hackett
Milton Hackett 2 days ago
Do you go out of your way to be wrong ? Or does it just come naturally for you ?
Merry Bear
Merry Bear 3 days ago
I'd prefer a Toyota tundra but they really need a new v8, the fuel mileage sucks.
Mike P
Mike P 3 days ago
@Scotty Kilmer - Are the Tacomas any more affordable to work on than the Tundras?
Mike P
Mike P 3 days ago
Their towing capacity is better, but I wouldn't say it's a better truck than the Tundra. American trucks like Ram, F150 or Silverado are a dime-a-dozen up here in Wisconsin. Everyone has them and they don't hold value.
Vihara2 3 days ago
What do you know/think about australian brand performance sedans and utes? Ford and chrysler made many fascinating cars for the aussie market and many were shipped over to the usa aswell, what do you like/hate about them?
ShadowRaven ʘ益ʘ
I got a friend with a 01 f1-50, rides better than my moms 2017 rav-4
mark oldendorf
mark oldendorf 3 days ago
I bought a Ford ranger in 1999. It is still perfect shape, NO RUST. under 60k miles. What can i expect to go wrong with it down the road. So far i only spent $2g in repair bills. (brake lines, 2 sensors, that is it) I can't find small trucks any more, so I want to keep it.
Mihail G
Mihail G 3 days ago
What a bout the 2021 Tundra 3.5 v6 2 turbos & hybrid ??
Dem 1
Dem 1 4 days ago
It’s because a lot of americans are cousin fuckers
life lacked
life lacked 5 days ago
The reason why Ford trucks are selling so well are because they are contracted with cities and governors for work vehicles
Yeah but that's only so many vehicles, 90% of sales are everyday people like you and I, the state and federal buy very little compared to the majority of their sales market. And cities don't have contracts for trucks.
greenfro 5 days ago
What do you think about the new 2019 Ford Ranger?
kevin lokits jr
kevin lokits jr 5 days ago
Cant deny it, toyota is very hard to beat
Marshal Magooo
Marshal Magooo 5 days ago
50k for a truck with a Subaru Brat size bed. No thanks. I'll take my old Tundra with a 7ft. Bed
bbodinefan11 5 days ago
I have a 76 f100. I really miss my 83 f100.
Dakota McNeill
Dakota McNeill 5 days ago
Mopar or no car
Green Crocidile
Green Crocidile 5 days ago
Does this just represent the U.S?
Crussure Owens
Crussure Owens 5 days ago
Scooty is it worth it to buy a diesel engine and use the DEF adblue ?
port nut
port nut 5 days ago
Best selling mayberealiability? Either a non DOD 5.3 or Toyo things arent what they used to be
B !
B ! 5 days ago
I’m impressed with your videos Scotty! I always learn something new after watching one.
Cody Montgomery
Cody Montgomery 5 days ago
Scotty, you rock man!
Ryan Klug
Ryan Klug 6 days ago
397000 km I put on my Toyota Tundra I didn't even retire it I gave it to a guy to use as a bush truck and it still running strong the Ford f150 is the best selling truck of all time is like saying McDonald's makes the best cheeseburgers cuz they sold billions and billions. I'm not saying Fords are badtrucks but I will say this new aluminum s*** they're doing I just saw a guy at a parking lot and I asked him why his fender was all torn up and ripped open like an aluminum pop can he said he caught a jagged Rock I drive in moose country up in Canada and I do not want to drive in an aluminum truck
just enough
just enough 6 days ago
Scotty you are boneheaded piece of crap
David Hunter
David Hunter 6 days ago
Hey scotty, Some guys I know are buying Chinese pick up trucks. Are they worth the savings? Do you think they will improve like Japanese cars did?
mykodi box
mykodi box 6 days ago
Scotty you are the best👍👍
Quintin Hernandez
I'm the proud owner of a f-150 and I love it, Scotty I need one of your shirts with a cool message lol
meber1000 6 days ago
Scotty I have a 2005 mustang V6 100,210 miles after driving for about 20 minutes the car leaks a fair amount of water from under car. Is it the thermostat? ,thanks
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan 5 days ago
meber1000 Could be 50 things
Danny D
Danny D 6 days ago
All the fords i owned have had to replace transmissions 83 tbird 98 Taurus 2002 explorer 2000 expedition i have had no luck with ford
Danny D
Danny D 6 days ago
@Hardwater2457 😁😁😁
Hardwater2457 6 days ago
It’s not there fault you floor it everywhere you go
AxZxTxExCxA 6 days ago
Scotty Kilmer is an awesome guy... 🖐
Bullseye 276
Bullseye 276 7 days ago
Thank you Scotty!
Capitano Coolo
Capitano Coolo 7 days ago
Hi Scotty I just became a new subscriber to your channel and I must admit you give good advice. Tell me something please. I have a Dodge Caravan2014 with 150,000 I'm. Yes I m a proud Canadian lol. Mostly highway miles. What should I expect to go wrong soon. Any advice?
Michael Hess
Michael Hess 5 days ago
Those transmissions get iffy around those miles (mainly people in congested cities though). The 3.6 is proven to be a decent engine . But if it starts ticking badly, take it in quickly. Those are notorious for the camshaft and lifters going bad. But with highway mileage and good care and maintenance. We have had them get to 250,000+ before any major repairs needdd
Keith Harleyk
Keith Harleyk 7 days ago
Dont get the 5.4 Liter 3 valve Triton. Engineers got cute and f'd it up royally. Timing tensioners fail, timing guides fail, camshaft fail, doesn't have enough oil pressure wven though many of the enignes system run on oil pressure, Soark plugs breakn Valve channels to small collect sludge.
Service Tech
Service Tech 6 days ago
I have one 310k original motor and transmission. Regular maintenance. No problems.
Mostafa Al-Kady
Mostafa Al-Kady 7 days ago
Are german cars reliable ?? Such as vw group
ford nut
ford nut 6 days ago
No more than a Chevy or ford
Ralph Phillips
Ralph Phillips 7 days ago
I just bought a Ram Bighorn 4x4 crew cab with the 5.7 hemi and 8 speed trans with the 5' 7" bed. It has the Alpine 9 speaker stero. Upgraded cloth seats. White with chrome new model. The MSRP was 49, 345.00 and I landed it for $36,900.00 plus tax and lic. And got the bumbercto number extended to 5 years 60k miles and all oil changes for 5 years included For $1095.00 extra. This truck drives like a absolute stud as I have owned 3 new chevys, two fords, and driven Tundra and this Ram is gorgeous! Inside, wow, the doors the storage in every area is so awesome. The back seat is ridiculously huge. You could drive cross country and sleep in this back seat no problem. The power and smoothness of the shifting is stunning. The options on this truck compared to Ford, you would have to buy the lariat at 56k to equal Ram at 20k less. I dont believe the smack down on Ram, I thing Foed and Chevy hire people to write negitive reviews on every media outlet. My whit Ram is gorgeous and I installed AMP REASURCH electric hiding step rails that light up. And tinted the front windows. This truck looks Hot!
J. A. G.
J. A. G. 4 days ago
Write back in 10 years. I'd be interested in it then. Of course you like it, you just bought it, and nothing has went wrong yet.
ZEROFUX 7 days ago
McDonald's sells the most cheeseburgers...
Mr Maxus93
Mr Maxus93 7 days ago
Hey Scotty ive got a 2006 Suzuki Aerio sx with 230,000 miles i got as a gift can you tell me is it worth keeping and can you get parts for the these cars? Thanks and have a good one.
Rockstar 69
Rockstar 69 7 days ago
Scotty can you make a video on where to get a used car
TheBikerboy86 7 days ago
I had a F-150 once. It was always breaking down. I bought a Tundra and all I do is oil changes. And that pic of the Tundra start is from the old 4.7L from a 2000 Tundra. The 5.7L starter is on the bottom like all other trucks. Funny thing is if you look at what ford techs drive. It’s always a Toyota or Chevy. Lol.
Michael Hess
Michael Hess 5 days ago
I'd rather have a Dodge ram 2500 with a Cummins and aisin trans. Best combination Chrysler has had in a long time (not including the manuals)
Duterte President
Which one is more reliable, 2019 F150 Raptor truck or 2019 Hilux ?
Tyler Broveak
Tyler Broveak 8 days ago
Sure the new 10 speed automatic transmissions are more fuel efficient but they are an over engineered nightmare that destroys itself very quickly because of it. I’m even a Ford man, myself.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 8 days ago
Winslow Arizona, is that the flat bed ford passing me,
Paul O'Connor
Paul O'Connor 8 days ago
Scotty; do you work from your garage and driveway ? :) Please :)
ROBBANKS666666 8 days ago
Big fan 🤓
Anthony Manenti
Anthony Manenti 8 days ago
Scotty is like a Toyota. He will live forever.
Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts 8 days ago
The spark plug issue on the 5.4 and the cam phaser timing set up is a mess.
Mike 9 days ago
Hey Scotty what's your thought on the Volkswagen Atlas? I'm like it and am considering it for my next vehicle. I hear it's really popular too
glastornjet73 9 days ago
maydanlex 9 days ago
Scotty says Ford F-150, I say I'm buying a Ford F-150. First time truck buyer .
maydanlex 8 days ago
@Gs5v5 7bv6tv Thanks! Appreciate any info. you have.
Gs5v5 7bv6tv
Gs5v5 7bv6tv 8 days ago
Just make sure its newer than 2013 or older than 2009. From 2010 to 2013 there was a problem with the transmission causing it to shift to lower gears all of a sudden. You could be in the freeway and all of a sudden it shifts down to like 2nd gear and that could kill you. My dad still has his 04 with 235k miles and going strong so they're very well built cars.
Austin Kaddy
Austin Kaddy 9 days ago
Scotty I have a 2003 f-150 5.4L 2 valve, I have a external headgasket leak near my 4th cylinder , it leaks oil and burns it on the manifold however I do not mix coolant at all . The truck has 150K miles . Do you believe it is worth fixing the gasket or should I not worry about it since its not causing a mechanical issue
Navy Phyrfitr
Navy Phyrfitr 9 days ago
Why didn't Ford recall the entire 2004 to 2014 5.4 engine ?
The Reel Slot Players
Scotty, you make my day 😃😂
Darth Raider
Darth Raider 10 days ago
We got a Ford fanboy over here 👀
dennis Rutledge
dennis Rutledge 11 days ago
What do you think about the 2010 Ford Escape
A A 11 days ago
Had a 1986 Ford f150 xlt supercab lariet package with a 351 Windsor engine made in Canada; the only thing good about it was the leer top and bed liner. How long before they perfect it?; another 100 years? They are overrated; overhyped and overpriced..
Andrew Schwab
Andrew Schwab 11 days ago
"Ahhh that didn't work" -shows a FIAT😂😂😂
Nate Warman
Nate Warman 11 days ago
Always very excellent information from you Scotty... And believe me I do listen to you and I do appreciate it myself I am 66 years old and I have to agree with you
Randy Lavine
Randy Lavine 11 days ago
Scotty, which engine is the BEST for the F150, an Eco-boost, Flex fuel, or V-8? and why? Thanks!
Andrew Schwab
Andrew Schwab 11 days ago
Hi. He did a video about how the new ecco boost engines are trash
Leon Lasers
Leon Lasers 11 days ago
Idk why people make fun of Fords for crashing or breaking down if you look on USvid you can find plenty of video of Chevys or dodge cars or trucks crashing
Twana Hamawandi
Twana Hamawandi 11 days ago
for reliability ford is best american company
peter bertoni
peter bertoni 11 days ago
The trannies are trashy though. Guessing it's a FORD PROBLEM
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez 12 days ago
Hi Scotty planning on getting another dually since I hot shot I have a 2018 ram 3500 have about hundred thousand miles already it's been good so far. What are your thoughts on the new Ford f-350 dually as far as reliability
Ben Ault
Ben Ault 12 days ago
What is better Chevy 2500 or RAM 1500
synth505 10 days ago
What's better? Chicken sh*t or horse sh*t?
Amos Vilsaint
Amos Vilsaint 12 days ago
Man I love your videos cuz some of the illustrations that you put on as you describing man some things are off the chain funny
Diesel Rail Muscle
Diesel Rail Muscle 12 days ago
I prefer diesel trucks because diesels can last well over 70,000 miles if you take care of them. A full tank of fuel will last considerably longer and are more tolerant of changing weather
Tampa Tom
Tampa Tom 12 days ago
Damn Daniel
h3r0 0f t1m3 ,
h3r0 0f t1m3 , 12 days ago
I don't know my 09 Sierra with 260k on it has yet to have a major issue. The only things replaced since day one is rotors (pads obviously too) and the CV joints only because one of the axel boots tore. Dodge has the best engine with the hemi, ford has the best chassis, and gm has the alison tranny.. if there was a truck that combined all 3, now that'd be a good truck !! Lol
Joseph Santille
Joseph Santille 12 days ago
Got an 06 F150 Harley-Davidson. It has 116,100 miles. She runs alright the terrible motor design causes me to replace my spark plugs a lot but that is my only issue.
Benjamin Wagner
Benjamin Wagner 12 days ago
I'll never buy a Ford
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson 12 days ago
I own a 01 expedition 4x4 5.4 all it is an f-150 with an open topper lol. Oh man do I love my expedition. It has gone most plce off road that chevys only dream about lol
Justin M
Justin M 12 days ago
300,000 miles said no Ford owner ever
Justin M
Justin M 12 days ago
I hope people realize that the F1 50 is only the most popular truck has the cheapest truck. That doesn’t mean it’s the most reliable or the best
Force Automotive
Force Automotive 12 days ago
Try calling Jasper and ask them what their #1 selling rebuilt engine is...5.4L F-150 is best selling in engine replacement also!
Kaden Kast
Kaden Kast 12 days ago
Force Automotive clearly why the switched to the 5.0 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Dave 13 days ago
If an F-150 could be as incredibly durable and last as long as my 1997 Land Cruiser (which now has almost 390,000 miles on the OD) I'd buy one.
Nicholas Thon
Nicholas Thon 12 days ago
The truck may, the turbo certainly will not. An F-150 XL trim with the coyote motor probably will last that long. Still an awesome truck.
Kevin U
Kevin U 13 days ago
Has Ram been ascending or descending over the years?
synth505 10 days ago
What kind of question is that? They're owned by Fiat now. What do you think?
The Overclocker
The Overclocker 13 days ago
fords not american car now . I remember those f150 mechanics complaining how bad the transmissions were engineered.
John Mead
John Mead 13 days ago
I can't talk bad about the Ford truck with a v10. My friends dad has put that truck through hell. And still runs strong. Other than that. Eff Ford lol
William Vaughan
William Vaughan 13 days ago
Dam right Ford makes the best trucks. Well engineered and I work on them exclusively as a self employed mechanic not because the break down alot but because they are well engineered and they have the largest market share.
Cohiba& Cadillac
Cohiba& Cadillac 13 days ago
I hate f 150. Day when I sell Froud f 150 is my most beautyfull day.
Jake Rheault
Jake Rheault 13 days ago
Don't buy the 5.4 liter period.
FinerThingsInLife 12 days ago
What reason. Iv had many 5.4s. They are great engines. I have one with over 300k with no issues. The f250 i had before that one i put 290k on and sold it. Ran great. Mind u both these trucks pulled 6 to 8k everyday omost
doves61210 13 days ago
Yes! Scotty! I’ve been watching your videos over the past few months. I’ve watched so many and I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. It’s so helpful! God bless!
Eduardo Guerra
Eduardo Guerra 13 days ago
Is not the same guy that said that the f150 5.4 triton was the worst engine ever built?
Larry Rivers
Larry Rivers 13 days ago
I've been a Ford P/U man and a Chevy car man for over 55 years. Not much has changed me over the years.
Travis Farmer
Travis Farmer 14 days ago
been in the market for an f150 for over a month and they do not age that well if they arent kept up. gm isnt great but older used gm trucks age pretty well over a 97-08 f150
Seth Henry
Seth Henry 14 days ago
I love my F150
Coni McQuiston
Coni McQuiston 15 days ago
Hay scotty, i have a 79 f350 srw, sc ,4x4 dana 60 hipin 60 rear. Only prob i have is trying to rember where the hood latch is to check oil once in a while. My chevy friend likes to pick on me for having a ford, but hey, he's got the hood/hood hinges wore out on his pos.
john lynn
john lynn 15 days ago
Hey Scotty I got a 1980 Chevy k10 4x4 manual transmission and I'm planning on going off roading in it when I get it running how should I start driving it?
Ehco Blyeng
Ehco Blyeng 15 days ago
Hi Scotty I found a 95 F-150 5.0 and would like to know what type of radiator/fuel pump this truck carries same time any other info you can give
Ehco Blyeng
Ehco Blyeng 15 days ago
christian rios
christian rios 15 days ago
Is fueling with a vehicle on safe for the vehicle?
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