Why So Many Airlines are Going Bankrupt

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 3 723
Bernardus Brouwer
Bernardus Brouwer 10 hours ago
You're forgetting Jet Airways!
theowest 11 hours ago
Jatin Udwadia
Jatin Udwadia 11 hours ago
Jet airways collapsed as well with a history of 25 years plus and they had 23,000 employees in total.
L F 11 hours ago
*never even heard of any of these airlines*
Vicens Durà
Vicens Durà 11 hours ago
Joon also ceased operations
Pratyush Chowdhary
Pratyush Chowdhary 12 hours ago
Jet Airways ?
Magnus Crawshaw
Magnus Crawshaw 12 hours ago
i love that this channel isn't completely america-centric and actually acknowledges that the rest of the world exists, unlike so many youtube channels.
Craig O'Brien
Craig O'Brien 12 hours ago
Great video
Freddie1980 12 hours ago
Thomas Cooks airline business was profitable, it was it's packaged holiday business (it's core business) that caused it to go bankrupt.
itzBuffalo Gaming
itzBuffalo Gaming 12 hours ago
Wendover: *most people buy airline tickets about 5 months before their flight* Mr bean: *Am I a joke to you?*
Des 14 hours ago
Your Mum’s Airlines: Stopped flying
Eric Mwendwa
Eric Mwendwa 15 hours ago
Have you also noted that all firms that have failed have models that include flight, accommodation, transfers and possibly 1 or2 other components? A case hands in too many cooking jars? I subscribe to the school of thought that firmly believes that Airlines should be just that - Airlines; and they will be just fine.
Saul Ferrandiz
Saul Ferrandiz 15 hours ago
Michael Scott Airlines: I declare bankruptcy!!!
Nathanaël François
Good. The less airlines there are, the less people fly, and the more likely we have to reduce GHG emissions before it's too late.
Marc Vdb
Marc Vdb 16 hours ago
if the big shots at the top throw money out like it's nothing and take millions in bonuses then it's not hard to figure out why the money is getting short...
Soki Moh
Soki Moh 16 hours ago
Well......thats sad. Time to bring out my old flying carpet.
Being Malaysian, I never knew that we had an A380 that does that
Ketan 17 hours ago
market consolidation. survival of the fittest.
array s
array s 17 hours ago
More and more people are flying, gas is relatively cheaper than 3-5 years ago, how come theyre failling?
ninth sunn
ninth sunn 18 hours ago
swear i’ll never fly with air malaysia ever again, their excess luggage charge is phenomenal! you could practically buy another flight ticket & the annoying thing was the plane was half empty. it’s not as if it was going to jeopardise the plane maximum loads or anything. i now rather pay more than step on another malaysia airlines
Toast Cat
Toast Cat 18 hours ago
#adria kje ste Slovenci
Sel in
Sel in 20 hours ago
Because CEO offer themselves big bonuses and golden parachutes ! Meanwhile the staff gets peanuts.
A n g e l o
A n g e l o 21 hour ago
I don’t need to watch this video. They’re going out of business because people are fatter, so they use more fuel and take up more space. 😝
BrizDiz 21 hour ago
Stopped flying
Norris Jinglewilly
Norris Jinglewilly 21 hour ago
Disposable income has also been falling in Europe... maybe something there
Thomas Davenport
Thomas Davenport 22 hours ago
Airlines go broke for the same reasons as any other business. They borrow more and more money until when the smallest hiccup happens they fail. Thomas Cook has had 100 years to pay off its dept but choose to get into more and more dept. Simple really. If they had made provisions over 100 years they would still be here
Pxndx Lunx
Pxndx Lunx 22 hours ago
Thought the title said "Why Aliens Go Bankrupt" lol
Andrey Popov
Andrey Popov 23 hours ago
You forgot Transaero
danielsharon524 23 hours ago
I live near an airport (BWI) and I believe it was the day before Thomas Cook collapsed I was shopping where they pass over @ 200' when landing & for the 1st time ever saw a Thomas Cook plane landing. Had never heard of them before then saw the bankruptcy in the news.
SkyEye787 Day ago
Fam you forgot about India's biggest carrier Jet Airways
Ummer Farooq
Ummer Farooq Day ago
Gretta doesn't like flying.
HisShadow Day ago
Europe's airplane inustry is in for more trouble now that Airbus is getting tariffs from the USA put on it.
the ASD guy
the ASD guy Day ago
I always thought there were too many airlines.
Damn I love this channel
Kilo Tango
Kilo Tango Day ago
Thanos is snapping away all the airlines
KingJasko Day ago
Slovenia's only airline (Adria) was in red numbers for years and they went bankrupt. Apparently the government is now letting the market adapt and take most of the relations that we previously had as this airline covered big majority of flights from and to Slovenia. They also had some flights that are deemed non-profitable, so the government plans on subsidizing these flights to help attract other airlines to fly on these relations. The German owners had some shady business going on and are still trying to hide all the financial information and who they actually own the money to and how much. Glad we made it on the list, though. Nice video, Wendover.
RPDBY Day ago
save time, they go bankrupt because of seasonality of cash flow, during lean months they cant meet their obligations and unlike the airlines in US they can't restructure, so the only way out is to file for bankruptcy. The video mentions other remotely related info, but it does not explain why they dont keep enough cash to get through the lean months, just a shallow talk about random staff
Sean Dobson
Sean Dobson Day ago
TUI have too many balls in play,airlines,cruise ships,hotels,travel agencies etc and their profits are not that high,I think that they will need to restructure and sell parts of their group or risk going bust.
Captain Fiesta
9:05 thats not true. Norwegian is a low cost airline but flies its 787 to new york
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Day ago
Rip wow air ;(
JP Day ago
I got fucked by Primera Air and Adria Airways.
communist lizard
Nioce its on trending
Anime Huntress
So airlines overreached themselves and rather than be prepared for the inevitable rise in fuel costs (seriously, everytime fuel costs drop them come back higher than when they dropped), dug themselves a financial hole and kept digging to try and get out of it.
Mark K
Mark K Day ago
5:16 ALAW?! 💛💙💛💙
Yeet Machine
Yeet Machine Day ago
im gonna sound like a dirty commie but i think goverments should control/own the airlines
Gplus sucks big
This is bull. Its like saying I spent all my monthly paycheck in two weeks and now i'm broke for the next 15 days. Airlines should plan for this seasonality.
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi Day ago
U.S. airlines don’t go bankrupt as much as their counterparts in Europe because flying is the only reliable means of transportation in NA. In Europe, busses and trains are strong competitors to airlines when it comes to moving across the continent.
patrick Katalenas
have they tried not treating their customers like cash cows packed into a super small can of sardines?
westfield90 Day ago
Well I’m sure the green deal advocates would be thrilled that there are fewer airlines to pollute the environment. As long as Leonardo De Caprio and tech leaders and Al Gore have their private jets who cares if little people are stranded or left without choices.
Benjamin Menges
Nice video.
Hugo Stiglitz
The one thing you haven't mentioned is the gradual increase in aviation administration in Europe over the last 15 years or so. EASA are creating a system where the admin staff grossly outnumber the direct engineering staff. 15 or 20 years ago it was the other way around. Every year there's an increase in the amount of paperwork and courses Part 66 licenced engineers to keep current.
gear drop
gear drop Day ago
why do you know so much about airlines? are you a cia asset?
its trump fault airlines goes bankrupt
sam phi
sam phi Day ago
Thomas Cook paid out 20 million amongst their top people in bonuses before they told everybody else they were broke and to go ride a horse.
Zeron Zemesh
Zeron Zemesh Day ago
So the profitability of an airline depends totally on the price of oil. Sounds like a stable business.
Amit das
Amit das Day ago
Recently jet Airways in india shuts down
DJDanny Day ago
I was waiting for fuel prices to pop up. The airlines only go in to bankruptcy to give everyone the illusion that they actully use fuel. When in fact they use no fuel as the jet engine produces enough compression from the air from the the compressor blades to power the secondary turbine whats called perpetual motion. Free energy devices np fuel needed
down1nit2 Day ago
"A Richard Branson quote would go quite well here" - Richard Branson
Gabriel Day ago
That's capitalism.
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