Why RM (김남준 BTS) is called God Of Destruction

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Why RM (김남준 BTS) is called God Of Destruction
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Sep 11, 2018

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Comments 3 762
Yi Juk MI
Yi Juk MI 2 hours ago
Hay da, ai lấy ảnh chắc cj ấy phúc lớn lắm lun, a ấy suốt ngày dọn nhà cho cj ấy, 😂😂😂
RWHN Editz UwU
RWHN Editz UwU 10 hours ago
Namjoon just don’t break the crabs 🦀 and you are alright 👍
whipped_4_SUGA uwu
whipped_4_SUGA uwu 15 hours ago
*breaks memebers soul*
I freaking love bts ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💜
t o k w a
t o k w a 22 hours ago
3:24 its namjoon's booty fault.
BTS young forever
First clip: Rm: HNNN
Eva Maria Gonzalez Luviano
My Bb💞🎶😍😂😂
Touch me
Touch me Day ago
Beerus who?? We don't know who she is.
Dgs Official
Dgs Official Day ago
Poor Namjoonie 😟😭😭
***ConstanzaYmasYT** *
1:52 J-hope: *RAMON*
Patrick star
Patrick star Day ago
RM is just to strong for this world
태태 Day ago
4:19 노래가 뭔가요???
Geisha Leavirni wisesa
I like rm
Ngọcc Hânn
Ngọcc Hânn 2 days ago
5:23 yeah, he IQ 148😂
Mạnh Nguyễn
Mạnh Nguyễn 2 days ago
RM is the same as me:)))😂😆
Addie 2 days ago
All I can think of is burn the stage more like break the stage and idk why
Mojo Suryo
Mojo Suryo 3 days ago
Katelynn Leach
Katelynn Leach 3 days ago
The one with the cups he really did not destroy because it was tipping over
Midnight Turbo Foxy
never bring rapmon out or ur house for a party u never know when he breaks shit
Ariana Martinez
Ariana Martinez 3 days ago
Mi parte favorita fue 4:38
Berylta 3 days ago
Sorry but this is me And i just realised that how hilarious i look like when i break things randomly and by mistake *wow* (A few days ago,i broke the kitchen cabinet while i was trying to get a glass...)
Ejay Eguia
Ejay Eguia 3 days ago
when rm was kidnapped he could just break the glass and run
rimantin 14
rimantin 14 3 days ago
Actually he is Strong woman Do Bong Soon's brother
Gracia Matsufuji
Gracia Matsufuji 4 days ago
I fell bad 1 like=1 respect
Chicken Nugget Gacha
2:11 when life gives you lemons..
暇人正義の 4 days ago
Dmj Vines
Dmj Vines 4 days ago
6:17 WOAH!!!!
Yo YoYama
Yo YoYama 5 days ago
Yilda Briones
Yilda Briones 5 days ago
Los amo muchísimo 🤩🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️❤♥️❤♥️❤😘😘😘😘😘😘
Yilda Briones
Yilda Briones 5 days ago
Syam Said
Syam Said 5 days ago
MEmang rm perusak barang
neko chan.gacha
neko chan.gacha 5 days ago
i thing i same with namjoon:V buat i am carefuly too:V
Double Fire
Double Fire 6 days ago
He can break everything but a onion
Diandra Metha
Diandra Metha 6 days ago
I love yu kookie
Tamia !
Tamia ! 6 days ago
4:39 that sounded lit when it was slowed down😂
Blackpink BTS
Blackpink BTS 7 days ago
9:20 you guys already know what happened to the computer when you watch too much **** using it you get those viruses. I know you namjoon. Lmao I’m just playin❤️
huyen thu
huyen thu 7 days ago
Cái j ổnh cũng phá được😂 bất lực thật mà😅
minhthanh doan
minhthanh doan 7 days ago
Rm: thanh pha hói 😄
Nubia Romero
Nubia Romero 8 days ago
At 2:22 Jimin and jungkook be matching
Sara Sharma
Sara Sharma 8 days ago
Rm:sees the toy Rm:breaks the toy
Rayhanna Qistina Mohd Shukri
Well my friends call me God of destruction
Are you my mummy?
What is the song at 10:00?
Are you my mummy?
@daiking deku I like the song at the end but I do not know what it is called
daiking deku
daiking deku 6 days ago
So what
Jpoy Pengkian
Jpoy Pengkian 8 days ago
RM is very tall that's why she broke everything
Наджун: ну я же не веноват что я такой сильный !:)
ALIM 9 days ago
Разве он не милый😊
Mon ơi là Mon
suong nguyenthingoc
BTS muôn năm I love you Bangtan Boys
Pradip Akhani
Pradip Akhani 9 days ago
4:42 thank you RM
Adinda Desy Anggraeni
Lucu banget lihat video RM
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