Why Ben Simmons' absence from the FIBA World Cup is bigger than Anthony Davis' | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Kevin Arnovitz, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan discuss new Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis skipping the 2019 FIBA World Cup in China, and why it might be a bigger deal that fellow Klutch Sports client Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers is skipping out for Australia. They then (3:43) discuss the Lakers hiring Phil Handy as an assistant coach.
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 432
Lumberjack Tuckbudford
Ben backstabbed us and called us racists he can suck a dick. Id rather see someone else take the spotlight and have the team say we dont need ben.
bigheavy90 2 days ago
Maybe if Australia show been some real respect, he'd play.... Just a thought...
11thWoods 4 days ago
Ben got denied in that casino and was like fuck Australia! Lol
Jonas Juarez
Jonas Juarez 5 days ago
I think the most significant piece of information just flew over our heads. The Boomers might not even be in the Olympics depending on how they play in the FIBA games?? I'm sorry, what?? That alone should have been motivation to put yourself forward to represent Benny :/ hmmm..
Banban 13 days ago
Get off his back espn
Luca D?Innocenzio
Luca D?Innocenzio 19 days ago
Because USA have a stacked team which doesn't need Anthony Davis (or any other real superstar like Steph, KD, Lebron...) to have an almost guaranteed gold...
wnerk o
wnerk o 20 days ago
so this year the big fad is for higher picked rookies to not play in summer league.they must be too good for that.thats for G league and bottom picks.and the other fad is to skip the fiba cup games.why cant nba guys think for them selves.skateboarders are just as bad.i like to skateboard and play ball but the sheep culture is dumb
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 20 days ago
:30-:35 “There’s gonna be a lotta competition for that spot.” -Brian Windhorst. Brian at this rate,there’s almost no competition for the FIBA World Cup spot since most all-stars from the past 3 years have backed out.
LegionBoy2002 24 days ago
American sports dollars makes international play obslete. They might as well go back to the "amatuers only" 80's play. For everybody. Smfh.
Tom s
Tom s 27 days ago
He claims he is Australian and loves his country but would rather let them not qualify for the Olympics just so he can go on a yacht with Kendall Jenner who's been tossed around by every NBA player. You give up a once in a chance lift time experience for that?
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 29 days ago
Frank Vogel is just a punching bag we all know the assistant coaches are the real coaches here
Da Sh
Da Sh 29 days ago
Why so much pressure on players to play for something outside of their JOB? smh. Do you people not understand they still are expected to practice continually to improve AND THAT THEY HAVE LIVES OUTSIDE OF BASKETBALL? smh.
Dhanu Parwito
Dhanu Parwito 29 days ago
Ben Simmons will play for the friendly vs USA, but not for the World Cup
Strawhats08 29 days ago
Yo if hes actually out there working on his jump shot and three pointer like he said, than fuck what anybody else says.
brian quebec
brian quebec Month ago
Shouldn't Brian Windhorst know that Canada has more NBA players than Australia? I need a job, maybe I could get on your show as an 'expert' smh
james benedict
james benedict Month ago
Ben dropped fiba to train his 3 pointers in 2K
Ty E
Ty E Month ago
We have alot of superstars it'll give a chance to the players who dont have a ring feel valuble to get a gold medal
dgoldmitten1 Month ago
Amin stfu Ben Simmons wants a nba championship. This guy is always reaching
Haha Hehe
Haha Hehe Month ago
Rachel Nicholson is annoying as fuck
BOX5 BASTARD Month ago
Can't tell that man what to do. If he don't want to play it's his choice. Tall folk hate flying yell
Tperry182324 Month ago
Canadians are American 😂
Christian Costello
The fact Andrew Wiggins wasnt even invited to attend Canada's FIBA camp is more intresting, here is a 5 year vet, part of what should be a dynamic duo, former number overall pick, and hes not even invited to his countries training camp. While NCAA and role players are invited. Wiggins has been completely devalued.
Aleksandar Spasic
I think he declined in the end, even though he initially wanted to play. He hasn't played since choke job against Venezuela in 2015.
Mr Swanky Blum
Mr Swanky Blum Month ago
I'm Australian and I'm pissed with Ben. Doesn't respect Australia and doesn't even seem like an Aussie. All he wants to be is American
Kp KP Month ago
Agree, Ben Simmons should be ashamed of himself, he has no reason not to play. He got his max, even if he gets injured during the World Cup he is fine. He doesn’t love playing basketball and that’s why he will never accomplish anything in his career. Australia actually have a shot at winning and now Simmons has ruined those real chances.
frankmat Month ago
Honestly... don't know how these "experts" are paid to give opinions. Simmons is working on his shoot this off-season and the worst possible thing he could do is go to a World Cup and start reinforcing old bad habits in scrimmages and games. There is a reason high profile shooting coaches saying you need to take 3 months to work on a shot and not scrimmage or play in that time. You need to build muscle memory especially for someone like Simmons who has hitches in his action that he needs to remove. Playing the World Cup is only going to hurt him.
Kp KP Month ago
Playing in the World Cup could only help him, he is never gonna be a good shooter, he has been hitting threes in practice since before last season but did he ever bring that to his game? He should be going and playing for his country, try taking some threes in games against crappy teams, taking a bunch of threes in practice isn’t gonna help him in the end, you need to actually feel what it’s like in games and he has a chance to do that. He can say he isn’t going to work on his game but the truth is he is just lazy, always has been.
RJ No1
RJ No1 Month ago
Ben pulls out of the world cup yet says he is playing the exhibition games against USA in Australia... Fuk outta here , let the team develop some kind of cohesion because with u there demanding the ball in exhibition and suddenly gone isn’t gonna help at the World Cup arrogant flog
Elliscann 9
Elliscann 9 Month ago
How is Phil Handy not a head coach?! With that Resume 🤔 5 Straight?! “as an assistant” none of these trash teams wanna take a chance?!
Dsperse1 Month ago
So many WNBA players overseas in the offseason to make ends meat and these guys are talking load management and skipping a chance to represent their country. For all the scrutiny woman take about quality of product the men should take more scrutiny for quality of heart. Any court any time is how the real ballers do it.
Kristian Joel Bello
but at the end of the day, results are what matter. Men dominate this sport, therefor there demand is higher. On a patriotic standpoint playing for the Olympics is different tho.
P C 29 days ago
All women should make ends meat.
Aleksandar Spasic
@Todd Hall FIBA even moved continental championships to be once every 4 years, instead of 2, as it has been for almost 60 years.
Nuhash Ahmed
Nuhash Ahmed Month ago
@Todd Hall You know that the WC doesn't come around every year right?
Ernest Muric
Ernest Muric Month ago
Bottomline is he's a NBA bball player who cannot shoot a jump shot at all. People think I'm joking when I tell them that.
Shoney Carpenter
It’s not only that, he was on record saying “I’m going to play for team Australia” so they planned on him coming. He’s going into his 4th year now and he STILL has yet to do anything significant to show improvement in his shooting abilities. Not only is this bad for him as a basketball player, but now he’s under even more pressure to produce because he turned on his country to “improve his game”.
j gra
j gra Month ago
It's funny we work real jobs all of our life we love our teams and buy all kinds of stuff then we have sports players get to play games for about 10 to 15 years and live large the rest of there life's they seem like these athletic guys are getting lazy I miss the 80s and 90s basketball they went to war if Jordan played for the USA then AD can
Shaar Lahat
Shaar Lahat Month ago
If Ben Simmons wants to work on his jumper let him work on his jumper. Cant make these clowns happy. If he went to the Olympics the same guys would be saying he should have stayed back and worked on his game. Amin Elhassan... stop ridin him. Get off his bozak.
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz Month ago
Ben Simmons realized that even if the FIBA 3pt line is closer, he still can’t shoot and didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of the entire world.
Samuel Keay
Samuel Keay Month ago
this dude kevin arnovitz reminds me of a short bald ryan reynolds
Calgary Zeno
Calgary Zeno Month ago
I love basketball but this is why football (soccer) is a more popular and better sport.
danielf0124 Month ago
ah.... maybe because he and everyone else knows he has a lot of work to this offseason, despite making all star game he clearly has some flaws atm, needs to clear his head and work on all aspects of his game.
ill m
ill m Month ago
Team USA should be ok with James harden
Devin Roussell
Devin Roussell Month ago
Ben isn’t a DAWG. He don’t want it. He is just like Wiggins. Philly ain’t going to win with him on the team.
john hand
john hand Month ago
Me: Ben You could shoot all the jumpers you want in the world cup 3's are shorter Ben: nah mate i want an nba 3
bongo155 Month ago
Whats fatass talking about? Australia not qualifying for the Olympics??? Australian mens basketball team has competed at every summer olympics since 1972. Thats 12 Olympics in a row. We've qualified for 14/16 olympics going back to 1956 ...
bongo155 2 days ago
@Josh Drake Err, I take it you didnt watch the Boomers v Canada game. Canada fucking destroyed Australia. We were absolute trash. Biggest problem is the coach. Lemanis is shit. Canada has NBA winning coach, we have some NBL hack.
Josh Drake
Josh Drake 2 days ago
Australia still has a strong team without Simmons. You got Ingles, Mills, Baynes, Bolden, Delly, Bogut. Then I think Thon Maker and Exum are out. But anyway, should still be a good enough team to challenge for a medal.
Aleksandar Spasic
Australia had the easiest way to qualify up until now. It is true. If Australia loses to both Canada and Lithuania, they have to pray New Zealand loses to both Greece and Brazil by bigger margin. There will also be aditional qualifying tournaments in 2020, prior to Olympics, but they will be super tough as they will have all excpet two European and two American teams.
GST2 S Month ago
There is a different qualification system now. World Cup rankings will now mostly determine whether teams qualify for the Olympics. So Australia's performance in the World Cup matters to the Olympics. This is changed from only needing to beat New Zealand in the Oceania qualification tournament.
Rudy Herrera
Rudy Herrera Month ago
They are hiring a lot to see who gets along wit who there’s no reason to hire a lot of assistant coaches unless u know something will go wrong during da season 🤷🏻‍♂️
Cicero Hobbs
Cicero Hobbs Month ago
Lakers need to pick up Jimmer Fredette
Ryan Conroy
Ryan Conroy Month ago
Millionaire players playing a game people pay to play, and moan it's a grind so load manage. Pathetic
Shook Knight
Shook Knight Month ago
He still has no jump shot that whys 🤷🏽‍♂️😂
KOD Month ago
In Rio Australia missed the Bronze on a bogus call...
San Diego
San Diego Month ago
HOT OFF THE SPORTS NEWS PRESSES: No need to worry about Simmons perimeter shooting, going forward into the future. word has it, that he will now be working out with Lonzo Ball all Summer, and Lonzo will teach Simmons how to be a great perimeter shooter, just like Lonzo is. 😂
Ergi Rrapaj
Ergi Rrapaj Month ago
The elephant in the room is that you motherfuckers of the media don't know shit and speculate about everything like it is a "fact"....2 months ago the lakers were a circus because they didn't pair lebron with another superstar and they hadn't yet hired a coach...now the lakers are assembling a formidable coaching staff and roster and you're saying the opposite.....wtf....
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 Month ago
So stupid to say
Football&Hoops Month ago
he does not give a fuck about australia,for all i am concerned his dad is American also his accent is American too
Robert Lennig
Robert Lennig Month ago
Soccer sucks not everyone wants to like that crap .
Kinson Cooper
Kinson Cooper Month ago
How's come these guys didn't say the load management era was started and perfected by Popovich in that era.
pendletondrew Month ago
I guess players these days don't understand the honor it is to play basketball FOR YOUR COUTRY.
Seshadhri Subramanian
I'm sorry. I can never understand how you can turn down a chance to play for your country to play for a club. Country is always above club. Also, He should have worked on his jumpshot in the offseason after year one.
P C 29 days ago
Then quit your job and go work for your country. For free. Clean up the streets man. A lot of third world stuff going on there.
SunRae* **
SunRae* ** 29 days ago
Dude, his father is American. The 170 million dollar contract is American. Sorry, not Sorry.
tasos tasoss
tasos tasoss 29 days ago
@Ricky Delgado i always loved Dirk because he played almost every time with his national team.. and Germany is not a top team.he is a national hero there and ii am sure it's not because of his NBA career maybe people in the USA thing different because there are so many great players but for us here in Greece it is a big deal if Giannis play's or not for his country!!!
Strawhats08 29 days ago
Is the country paying for his rent or is the club? Yo I'm just being real about this
Aleksandar Spasic
@Naquan Nimmons Countries do pay them for playing tho and for medals too. Some even give national pensions. All players are also covered by insurance.
Andreas Dengler
Andreas Dengler Month ago
Hes too busy partying in L.A. let's be real here.
Reapio Month ago
Rachel sounds sick
Aleksa Vujic
Aleksa Vujic Month ago
Conveniently forgot to mention Serbia, Spain, Greece, France and Lithuania as additional contenders for the gold. This WC is gonna be STACKED in terms of talent. I am not so sure the US cruise to the gold even though I expect them to win.
Football&Hoops Month ago
even with our C team we will win
Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey Month ago
Simmons will be resting road games in meaningless places like Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, Minnesota, Phoenix etc. May as well start early by avoiding strenuous workouts like FIBA where an injury could occur.
Darrius Hairston
Ik man it's annoying I get people don't wanna get hurt but damn they gonna be playing ball anyways
jpah Month ago
Once again the cancerous dog of the NBA Rich Paul strikes again. The NBA would be so much better off if that cunt disappeared off the planet.
matt.t Month ago
lakers just continue to be a weird soap opera and whether they win or lose it's pretty dramatic lol
Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant Month ago
ben simmons doesnt want to be acknowledged as an australian to th u.s. masses ..and i dont think he really likes the game of basketball
Jmad 8950
Jmad 8950 Month ago
I cannot be the only one who thinks Simmons doesnt give a shit about others. Doesnt train his jumpshot to help his team, doesnt play for Australia, who gives them a chance for a Medal.
Mr. Excitement
Mr. Excitement Month ago
Why Ben Simmons is a max contract player is beyond me.
Fizzy Frathouse
Fizzy Frathouse 6 days ago
So when he gets all NBA honors you sticking to this statement?
Ashleigh O'Donnell
Ashleigh O'Donnell 19 days ago
P C 29 days ago
He's not even a top 30 player in the NBA.
Yung Flex
Yung Flex Month ago
Mr. Excitement look honestly mate I know ur gay and that but calm down no gay no big uncle woggidy
Juniorii Jr
Juniorii Jr Month ago
Frank Vogel is just happy to be a Lakers coach and getting that bag. He don't care who on his staff lol.
Douglas Higgs
Douglas Higgs Month ago
Ben does not give a fuck about Australia watch him never come here for anything he’s probably got a house in Malibu somewhere
Kp KP Month ago
When he does do meet and greets in Australia he turns up an hour and a half late whereas another guy like Eric Gordon actually gets there early. I’m sad to see Australia’s best player act this way.
zoomboomashz Month ago
Mannn they got my boy Woj doing the outros 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣
David Flores
David Flores Month ago
I'm concerned this could be like when Argentina beat USA back in the 2000s if more American stars keep dropping. Go Philippines!
David Flores
David Flores 20 days ago
@Oli I know.
Oli 21 day ago
David Flores Simmons plays for Australia
Tom Sugars
Tom Sugars Month ago
if he skips the olympics though i will lose all respect..
Aleksandar Spasic
If they even qualify.
Aleksandar Ačanski
@1:16 Ooooh, you're gonna eat your words come september Amin :D
Aleksandar Ačanski
@Bobby Joe Jr. Yeah, they might. But they have previously and were even left without a medal. USA are the best by far, but that is only providing they send their very best players. Which granted they have in larger supply than other countries. Don't underestimate other teams. USA have struggled and been beaten before.
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr. Month ago
Don't get your hopes up. USA could send 1 or 2 year experience pros and still win.
Jerome Ybarrita
Jerome Ybarrita Month ago
FIFA World Cup will always be better than FIBA World Cup because the players value their national team more than their club team. It is their obligation to always play for their country.
Aleksandar Spasic
Players value their national team in every sport all the same. The problem here is NBA is too powerful, while in most sports one roof organisation is above all. FIFA covers all competitions across the globe, as of FIBA it's only the most. They have to deal with NBA.
Jamill Hakeem
Jamill Hakeem Month ago
Jerome Ybarrita couldn’t have said it better myself.
Jerome Ybarrita
Jerome Ybarrita Month ago
I know and I get your point. But it just sucks to see the ideology of some of the International Players to prioritize their ballclubs. It just magnifies tbe fact that the NBA > Olympics > FIBA World Cup. We've waited 5 years to have a new World Cup.
Jamill Hakeem
Jamill Hakeem Month ago
You’re not wrong at all, but the FIFA WC has a lot more competition, if basketball could have that then it’ll make the WC much better.
Sim W
Sim W Month ago
Ben "pissweak" simmons
Creux Month ago
*Bum Simmons*
Will Owens
Will Owens Month ago
0:49 she petty😂
NV_1790 Month ago
The lakers view assistant coaches the same way the Knicks see power forwards 😂
MadMax MMA
MadMax MMA Month ago
NV_1790 wowwwww. The burn is real..... 🔥🔥👍👍
Life Of Brandon
Life Of Brandon Month ago
170 million and no jump shot
Bearded Gaming413
Simmons has more to worry about than world cup games! Worry about hitting a 3 in the NBA! Your chance of getting a gold metal is as good as having a decent 3-point percentage lmfao. Ben is a future hof if he can hit a f***ing jumpshot! Makes me sick!🤮
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Month ago
Perfect place for him to take shots in a pressure situation that means nothing to the NBA
Korvus Month ago
The fact that Simmons won't even work on his 3 or even hire some help tells me all I need to know about who Ben is as a person. I would've found a way to sign Kemba and trade or let Ben walk. Fuck that nigga. Kemba at least has proven he's worked hard for many years fine tuning his game
I Don't Know Man
Is Rudy playing? I want to see the bigs.
Roman Peńa
Roman Peńa Month ago
Just do it for the love of basketball..Damn
Ted Grover
Ted Grover Month ago
Klutch sports the death row the the nba
everyday life
everyday life Month ago
Bet that part of contract with the 76ers was that ben cannot play for australia because of injuries concerns.
Young Extendo
Young Extendo 7 days ago
@Alex Smith Those are bench players not all stars
Kp KP Month ago
everyday life Simmons coach even said he hopes Ben plays. Ben is just lazy.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Month ago
Tobias Harris is playing for team USA at the World Cup so is Bolden for Australia and they are both on the 76ers
Felix P
Felix P Month ago
Dude got a max contract after 2 NBA playing years wtfffff!!
K Grant
K Grant Month ago
pay him that now or u pay him significantly more later...CHOOSE.
ads ___
ads ___ Month ago
@luna aryal It's weird that you would use the word, "technically", to say that Ben played 3 years, when, if you actually are being 'technical', he Did only play 2 years. How the fuck you try to correct someone else incorrectly? And, Yes: We ALL know that he has been an employee of the NBA for 3 years, to this point...
Watch_Doge Month ago
So did KAT and Wiggins but Wiggins was a bust.
Andre Obimah
Andre Obimah Month ago
Klutch Sports for you lol
Felix P
Felix P Month ago
luna aryal Thing is he doesn’t even have a jumpshot or proved that he’s a top five point guard in this league
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