Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Whoopi Goldberg goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about her love for Foamposites, visiting the White House in sneakers, and being a streetwear pioneer.
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 4 682
CASSPurr Waspurr
CASSPurr Waspurr 2 days ago
i actually respect it so much that she talked about the ridiculous pricing and how even the most richest people don't always go for such high priced stuff and can still be money cautious
Andro'5 World
Andro'5 World 3 days ago
whoopi is so genuine, honestly this was the least akward episode, specially the cashier part, she played it so smooth mentioning the 8 cents haha
Megan M
Megan M 12 days ago
David Edwards
David Edwards 12 days ago
My name is Kelly Heist, and my brand is Supercreep.
Israel Monica144
Israel Monica144 14 days ago
I this is my favorite Complex episode. Whoopi is so genuine and wise.
Nunya 17 days ago
I have her as a mii in my wii. I dont know where the fuck she came from. She just popped up 💀😭
Kamote Topz
Kamote Topz 19 days ago
This is the chillest episode of sneaker shopping. I hope they would have more like her. The mumble rappers are barely audible.
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez 20 days ago
Bro u need chris tucker
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins 23 days ago
The 🐐
Rudolf DeRosa
Rudolf DeRosa 27 days ago
Fuck this stupid dyke
Kenny Haokip
Kenny Haokip 27 days ago
The way she got named "Whoopi" is a funny story
douglepong 28 days ago
The coca cola Chucks.. Damn.. Good taste whoopi..
Steph Bond
Steph Bond Month ago
bro ilove her
Matthew Legaspi
Matthew Legaspi Month ago
Whoopi is a REAL Sneaker head. She literally grew up with the culture of sneakers
King JAXKid904
King JAXKid904 Month ago
Get Marky Mark on the show
Willis Chalepah
Willis Chalepah Month ago
One of my favorite actresses very smart and gets straight to the point.
SKuKuu HeRT Month ago
Leave it to Whoopi to impact some wisdom to you at the sneaker store
SKuKuu HeRT Month ago
Shocked to see her here, knew her movies when she was older. Cool though
Raquel Neves
Raquel Neves Month ago
perhaps one day u can have an episode where u talk about some less overrated brands like reebok, new balance, adidas, puma or vans and not just nike and jordans.
Iza BONAR Month ago
Who’s here after the Bella Thorne and whoopie Goldberg drama ?
silverword Month ago
Favorite thing about her. She wears cool fashion for herself, not for others
milkbunnies 2 months ago
Damnnnn,,,Wiz Khalifa got old and let himself go....
Allycat McNair
Allycat McNair 2 months ago
So dope whoopi Goldberg 🔥🔥
Rohit Gowaikar
Rohit Gowaikar 2 months ago
This is one of 'the' nicest videos. She's so cool! I just want to hug her :)
J Swett
J Swett 2 months ago
Whoopi the Beanbag race baiting liberal moron...yawn
Douglas Walker
Douglas Walker 2 months ago
Anybody else catch that "It was" statement by Whoopi.. I did🙂🙂😂🤣
Lorenzo Boyd
Lorenzo Boyd 2 months ago
Dam she won all the awards😂
Destiny Malone
Destiny Malone 2 months ago
“What would be most interesting for me when I look down”😝🤟🏾
Roshea 3 months ago
What's Whoopi going to do with those Acronym Vapormaxes? Talk about out of place.
Naledi Lopang
Naledi Lopang 3 months ago
The video I never knew I needed
Roshun Flores
Roshun Flores 3 months ago
I love whoopi goldberg, hands down the greatest
Atzi Xoyatla
Atzi Xoyatla 3 months ago
best episode ever !!
David Alvarez
David Alvarez 3 months ago
why does that cashier always say the money amount as double digits, “twelve-eighty nine ” thirty-two-fifty” She’s the only one that does that....Annoying as fuck
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 3 months ago
Omg Y'all got queen Goldberg? This the best episode ever.
Ria S
Ria S 3 months ago
I love Whoopie!!
Stacey Dawkins
Stacey Dawkins 3 months ago
You should get BTS to come and shop.
17' 17
17' 17 3 months ago
Whoopi is such a bright and smart mind😭
Gary Regalado
Gary Regalado 4 months ago
2 Chainz got some fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jackie Thompson
Jackie Thompson 4 months ago
Ok Whoopi
Mamsir 4 months ago
5 bucks paypal to whoever can link me to where I can buy her glasses.
Kameron  Nelson
Kameron Nelson 4 months ago
Whoopi a legend
ExtremeGaming 4 months ago
Whoopi got more awards then i have money in the bank
ant_x 4 months ago
Bruh she so wise
tony mbaka
tony mbaka 4 months ago
Fabrice Münger
Fabrice Münger 4 months ago
what a total badass
Mikledeepikle -
Mikledeepikle - 4 months ago
Dr Phil goes sneaker shopping with complex.
bigwats 12
bigwats 12 4 months ago
Woopi still finer than a mother f*#ker . Half on a baby for some sneakers
Pame Navarro
Pame Navarro 4 months ago
what shoes is she wearing?!
Oscar Ortiz
Oscar Ortiz 4 months ago
I love her man I feel the vibes
itsgbaly 4 months ago
she's so cool
Jonas Cabrera
Jonas Cabrera 4 months ago
that acronym pick pretty good ;p
Sincerely AJG
Sincerely AJG 4 months ago
Great episode! Gotta love Whoopi!
Dwayne Robinson
Dwayne Robinson 4 months ago
I would love for her and 2 Chains to do a video together
King DnD
King DnD 5 months ago
She probably a cool ass grandma😂
Andrew Piluk Hockey
Andrew Piluk Hockey 5 months ago
Kaywop 5 months ago
fucking legend
Just Harry
Just Harry 5 months ago
damn now i want a pair of alien stompers
Chase OneHunnit
Chase OneHunnit 5 months ago
5:50 I have those shoes on rn...☹️ guess I’ll take them off now.
Queen of the South
Queen of the South 5 months ago
Supreme_ Trevor
Supreme_ Trevor 5 months ago
Look at her outfit she such a fun person with a great personality
Christy van Loenen
Christy van Loenen 5 months ago
SoulG 5 months ago
When she sang “I will follow you” in the beginning I died, love whoopi 😂
Emily B
Emily B 3 months ago
Oh happy day
Dylan Bloem
Dylan Bloem 5 months ago
Akame {The Assassin}
Michael Jordan thinking in his head *Bro thats ankther me!*
Akame {The Assassin}
Roberto_ Berto_
Roberto_ Berto_ 5 months ago
ight whoopi ight you got the drip
Sharon ASMR
Sharon ASMR 5 months ago
I like her style. Its dope 😆👌🏼
Reverend Miguel
Reverend Miguel 5 months ago
FINALLY... someone grabs the coca cola Chucks. I like the white and red a little more, but a classic on a classic. Can't beat that.
Abby Fagerlin
Abby Fagerlin 5 months ago
Whoopi is so Authentic
Malikah Brown-Henry
Malikah Brown-Henry 5 months ago
You guys need more females on this show
yes yes
yes yes 2 months ago
said no one ever
SAINT 1 SENZENO 5 months ago
we need JOE sneaker shopping
jake jones
jake jones 5 months ago
Phuc Yu
Phuc Yu 5 months ago
I never knew how much I liked Whoopie
Johny Borighr
Johny Borighr 5 months ago
Bill Gates shoe shopping with complex
Aaliyah 5 months ago
Finally someone good on this show
Jacey Chmelar
Jacey Chmelar 5 months ago
This was one of the best in my opinion. Despite what she bought she is an Og with classic nostalgic stories🤷🏽‍♂️ and made me laugh. She earned that flex catch up to Whoopi cuh😂😂
jbone •----=_-==〈
Whopper gold booger is an asshole and anti America
XZYPUSH XZYPUSH 6 months ago
Who else loves Whoopi?
Orion Of Valenwood
Orion Of Valenwood 6 months ago
You are ugly woopi. On the inside.
Vergil 6 months ago
i love her she is so REAL
Orange Chipmunk
Orange Chipmunk 6 months ago
whoopi your voice actor on lion king is shenzi
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