"Who Done it?" Challenge!

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Feb 2, 2017

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Comments 13 952
Random Wacko
Random Wacko 2 years ago
This is so accuarate to a real Mafia
Krokov The weeb
Krokov The weeb 27 days ago
500th reply
Itsfunneh Month ago
500th comment
It’s Seewii
It’s Seewii 2 months ago
Lynn Addie
Lynn Addie 3 months ago
Adrianna Shabi
Adrianna Shabi 3 hours ago
Every time Matthias tried to say, “Polly wanna cracker?” Somebody spoke over him and it made me really sad
Isabella de Champlain
have chad on the chanil more
Conner Boyd
Conner Boyd 11 hours ago
Tell the white boy to preach
Federal Bureau of Investigation
9:35 "I believe J-Fred is not J-Fred."
Crizpy 231
Crizpy 231 2 days ago
Yo listen In the first round Bryan didn’t even vote for anyone for mafia
Masked Warrior
Masked Warrior 2 days ago
At 12:44 Keven sounds like The Black Panthers ya brothers and sisters
JOSHUA ISAACS 2 days ago
ive played it before
Aid 037
Aid 037 2 days ago
A message to Bryan, In the UK, A Peeping Tom is a Paedophile. So if I were you I’d stay well clear of that term dude 😂🤷🏼‍♂️😂👍🇬🇧🇬🇧 12:56
Aid 037
Aid 037 2 days ago
No at 12:54
Monica Smigleski
Monica Smigleski 2 days ago
THE AVOCADO 3 days ago
Kevin:*says oi casually as he dies
rhodesnewkirk newkirk
Its Conor I saw his head up in the red gunshot
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 3 days ago
10:57 rip matthias
Tailourk Tailour
Tailourk Tailour 3 days ago
hahahaha like if it was funny
Sam Petrie
Sam Petrie 4 days ago
That is literally like werewolf
Tim Brennan
Tim Brennan 4 days ago
Dep Kat
Dep Kat 4 days ago
Go sub to chad wild clay
Daddy Savage
Daddy Savage 5 days ago
Lol 😂 made me laugh
Gavin Marmon
Gavin Marmon 5 days ago
Just taking a look at my original favorites in 2019
Der Anfallsquad
Der Anfallsquad 5 days ago
I think it's the same as werewolf, right?
MIY Mahdi
MIY Mahdi 5 days ago
the one with the sigaret
MIY Mahdi
MIY Mahdi 5 days ago
wait was that chad wild clay?
Quang Banh
Quang Banh 5 days ago
please do more i love it especally with my frav. youtuber chad wild clay who is dealing with project zorgo
Marlee Newton
Marlee Newton 6 days ago
Tano Vargas
Tano Vargas 6 days ago
Chad wild clay!!!
Alisha Ali
Alisha Ali 6 days ago
Carter sharer I like you
Ann McNelly
Ann McNelly 6 days ago
Listen to 3:29
Ali PMG 6 days ago
I love it i
Xx_Panda_xX 771
Xx_Panda_xX 771 6 days ago
This is kinda like breaking point and murder mystery2 in ROBLOX
Jae n
Jae n 7 days ago
am i the only one who thinks the guy next to chad looks like Klaus from Vampire Diaries 😂
K Pierce
K Pierce 7 days ago
I liked
K Pierce
K Pierce 7 days ago
Beni Tshita
Beni Tshita 7 days ago
i am the mifiaaaaa im am i mafia
Courtney Dobbs
Courtney Dobbs 8 days ago
never trust a guy in sun glasses joey 2017
Mlg Noob6789
Mlg Noob6789 8 days ago
12:58 SOOOO TRUE Connor did do that XD i believed Bryan was inocent.
TBNR_frags The Loser Person
I know chad wild clay
Travis Nguyen
Travis Nguyen 8 days ago
Hey Chad where is vy
Marc Sonnabend
Marc Sonnabend 8 days ago
the mafia is bobby lol
Roz Campbell
Roz Campbell 8 days ago
rachel 8 days ago
got it right abt kevin being mafia
Alex Curl
Alex Curl 8 days ago
Cole White
Cole White 9 days ago
This is called town of Salem... Not mafia
Devin Brower
Devin Brower 9 days ago
If Joey wasn’t in this show, honestly idk if I’d watch it
Connor Corlett
Connor Corlett 9 days ago
Were going to be asleep made me suspicious of j Fred
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith 9 days ago
can you have
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith 9 days ago
can you have chad in a lot
Patty Hernandez
Patty Hernandez 9 days ago
leah Nord
leah Nord 9 days ago
The two guys next to Joey are they brothers
Julie Granstrom
Julie Granstrom 9 days ago
whos watching this in 2019 just me:( :)
Gogeta 9 days ago
This is a game in the Netherlands called DE WEERWOLVEN VAN WAKKERDAM i know you cant read this but in English it sounds stupid
Brystar Awesome
Brystar Awesome 9 days ago
Chad wild clay is in this
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