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Feb 2, 2017




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Comments 14 141
Random Wacko
Random Wacko 2 years ago
This is so accuarate to a real Mafia
Karen Dolphin
Karen Dolphin 16 days ago
kodra🤐😷👾👽🤡👺☠️👹👹💀👿👻🤖😻🎃😼😺😽😸🙀😹😹😿👏🏼👐🤲🏻😾🤝👍👎🏼👊🏻✊🏻🤛🏻🤜🏽🤞🏽🤟🏼🤟🏼fffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt me
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie Month ago
Herb Cookie
Herb Cookie Month ago
Horacio Rodriguez
Horacio Rodriguez 2 months ago
@MrCarbsie crack coke crack cokey cokey crack crack cokey coke cracky crack cokey coke crack
BenPlays 52
BenPlays 52 3 months ago
Random Wacko l
Daania Hanafi
Daania Hanafi 7 hours ago
At the second round,Bobby didn't ask to them "who think Paul is mafia?"
Marie-Rowan Kennedy
Marie-Rowan Kennedy 17 hours ago
Mafsia is loup garoou(werewolf)
Ty Robbins
Ty Robbins Day ago
Like the video
Archer JR
Archer JR Day ago
“Conner looks like one of those rich white cereal killers
Penny the Boston
Haha I didn’t see Chad at first
Summer Yazzie
Summer Yazzie 2 days ago
In knew it was Kevin from the start
Felecia Dunson
Felecia Dunson 2 days ago
Poor connor bully jfred
Sheeba John
Sheeba John 3 days ago
Amy Studiøz
Amy Studiøz 3 days ago
"I couldn't be murdering anybodys" - ChadwildClay 👌👍
Joy Moreland
Joy Moreland 4 days ago
Omg its chad wild clay!
Man baby Plays
Man baby Plays 4 days ago
Plz do more of these please 🧐
Gospel - Kingdom
Gospel - Kingdom 5 days ago
I think this game copied the card game werewolf.
S.G.K. 213
S.G.K. 213 5 days ago
12:55 did anyone else notice that Bryan said he was the peeping Tom not the peeping girl😂😂
Super TNT
Super TNT 5 days ago
1 more thing 11:06
mineplex553 M c
mineplex553 M c 6 days ago
I did not know Connor was Irish and I am Irish too
Super TNT
Super TNT 6 days ago
Good old times 0:13
emma robinson
emma robinson 8 days ago
What chad is there 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Everett Cannon
Everett Cannon 8 days ago
Saydee Carpenter
Saydee Carpenter 8 days ago
Conner go work at mcdonlds
Saydee Carpenter
Saydee Carpenter 8 days ago
I want to see more mafia games
Stephen Rigsbee
Stephen Rigsbee 9 days ago
Bobby’s the mafia! He’s the one shootin everyone.
Kennedy Maas
Kennedy Maas 9 days ago
"Hey guy from the future, come here!" That !are me laugh so hard! !!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nathan Doran
Nathan Doran 9 days ago
I see CWC
R Morales
R Morales 9 days ago
Jfred last words . Can i have my hat back
R Morales
R Morales 9 days ago
Mathies: no its not jfred 1 min ago he votes for jfred
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera 10 days ago
3:30 connor looks like 1 of does rich white bois serial killer kids
Ester Jane Ignacio
Ester Jane Ignacio 11 days ago
j-fred: coño to me look like one of those rich wite boys serial killer kids me:pffffffffff hahahahahaahahhaha😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Jkookie97 13 days ago
Did anyone noticed how nice Bryan's legs looked?
deva plays
deva plays 14 days ago
Is it chad wild clay?????
Audrey Gaming TV Youtuber King
This is like town of Salem
Zoey Sheldon
Zoey Sheldon 14 days ago
*just Eeeeeeeee why auto correct!!!
Zoey Sheldon
Zoey Sheldon 14 days ago
Who else has watched this video over and over again because it's nut so funny? This now many people have | | V
pim seesuk
pim seesuk 15 days ago
Hi chad wild clay
pim seesuk
pim seesuk 15 days ago
Hi chad wild cl
Amber Morrison
Amber Morrison 15 days ago
XD jfred "ay buthup bith a bosh
James Spuzzillo
James Spuzzillo 15 days ago
A live version of town of salem
SUP LEGO FANS 16 days ago
Who is watching October 2019?
lucas plays games 137
1:00 Bobby be letting murders happen
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos 16 days ago
Cad wut are you doing cad.
JaKey Gaming
JaKey Gaming 16 days ago
J-fred: Am I sAvEd ToO
MDOT SK33MA5K 17 days ago
Keven rip the dream
Phillip Flores
Phillip Flores 18 days ago
j-fred related*
Phillip Flores
Phillip Flores 18 days ago
Are matt a j-fredrelated?
Alcove Games
Alcove Games 19 days ago
You’re playing it wrong they’re supposed to be a Cupid which makes two people fall in love and if the mafia kills the one person that I love the other person dies to also there is a doctor there’s a detective detective save some self and you can save one other person and there is typically two murderers depending on how many people you have and people make guesses and then you have to guess off the guesses that the people make
Julian Straughn
Julian Straughn 19 days ago
If you see this comment, comment your favorite person in team edge(RIP gunner rekt got cancelled so he had to leave I miss him
Monica Lemos
Monica Lemos 19 days ago
it's brayn
Monica Lemos
Monica Lemos 19 days ago
Monica Lemos
Monica Lemos 19 days ago
Monica Lemos
Monica Lemos 19 days ago
Aubrey Thompson
Aubrey Thompson 19 days ago
This is basically Wolf
Random Gaming
Random Gaming 19 days ago
I love mafia I played it at camp
Elladór 19 days ago
fortnitegodnamepro66 mccord
Chad I love Chad
Gavin Rice
Gavin Rice 20 days ago
I love mafia
Nixon Skellety Boy Sanchez
8:15 too dark I can’t see nothing
Adelson Barros
Adelson Barros 21 day ago
Hello Bobby
Adelson Barros
Adelson Barros 21 day ago
Leyton N
Leyton N 21 day ago
“My mama said if somewun ded u take de jewey
Noah Pegram
Noah Pegram 19 days ago
Leyton N ayeeeeee go flames go
Brandi Garrow
Brandi Garrow 23 days ago
Is it Chad wild clay
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