Whistleblower Claims Trump Made “Troubling” Promise to Foreign Leader: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at a whistleblower reportedly claiming that President Trump made a troubling promise to an unknown foreign leader.
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Whistleblower Claims Trump Made “Troubling” Promise to Foreign Leader: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


Published on


Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 5 116
Raptor 101
Raptor 101 3 days ago
More click bait from a Trump hater Seth Meyers.
Deyis Özdemir
Deyis Özdemir 5 days ago
Well, I guess we all know now who he made the promise to. This mf is causing more demage than I’ve ever thought he would be able to.
Cat K
Cat K 9 days ago
Yes Trump is absolutely a traitor but not just for this he is a traitor for being in bed with isreal and putting them first over the american people what did you expect trump always was and is a puppet an actor unless we ban masonry and completely purge the government of these rats we are all in for a rude awakening also for all those people who say trump is stupid you are underestimating him and the zionist cabal behind him he and they know exactly what they are doing they are always 10 steps ahead of you at all times
Ami Braunlich
Ami Braunlich 9 days ago
Trump is a HUGE DISGRACE on every level of humanity, global warming, laws, communications, tweeter, CNN, etc.... This man has done the most and still has not been told to leave I am so over this. I hope the next President actually cares about all races and moves this country forward in a positive way! god bless all of us regardless of color, nationality, religion. I just want to live in a world free of hate
Joseph notoempire
Joseph notoempire 13 days ago
Dolomite fur revenge Pres. against Mr. Big!
freesimorgh 16 days ago
Who did Nancy's makeup?
j g
j g 16 days ago
Pelosi and Trump take orders from the same bosses. Trump's attacked by Rabid DS, so Realist DS tells her to hold off the impeachment, dirty (already dirty) Biden, distract from the Warren et al, and bring Trump home a tired winner. The game's going according to plan. Survival of the fearful.
Gleason Parker
Gleason Parker 16 days ago
Normandy. Classic.
Gleason Parker
Gleason Parker 16 days ago
The wall is fired and wired.
Andy Macedo
Andy Macedo 17 days ago
Hell yeah get rid of the guns ! I'll go door to door with Beto ! What do you think about dat ? Just think everything that you guys suggest I do the exact opposite ! Surprise ! Stay off the smartphone ! The damn think was on fire ! If you want to look at pictures of my girlfriend go on social media ! Do not touch that smartphone !
Jerry K
Jerry K 17 days ago
I support accountability. .. I support accountability .. I support accountability.... I support accountability..
Peter Peggy Cheah
Peter Peggy Cheah 18 days ago
Trump is not only a threat to US but also to the world. Now he is not suitable in business dealing & the most dangerous in handling the world political problems. Just imagine if he can mixed up where his Grandfather & Father were born that’s tell us, he should not be the leader of USA.
Xavier Gauthier
Xavier Gauthier 19 days ago
4:56 - weeeell it wasn't Putin. It was his next door neighbor. Cue sad trombones.
howard biel
howard biel 20 days ago
These shows are so bland. I hate that USvid auto plays this mediocre drivel. I think Trump is terrible too but, talk about how he is militarily aiding Saudi Arabia in a Genocide. Or the fact that he broke the Emoluments clause by profiting off Saudi officials. (Hotel) This hack can’t make a joke about that? Oh wait, he doesn’t write his own jokes. Mike drop.
V'GER Lightning
V'GER Lightning 20 days ago
Pres. Trump, your " FIRED ".
scott gersok
scott gersok 20 days ago
so sad that Ukraine has voted for yet another corrupt president that has no backbone, Ukraine i feel sorry for you guys
Superfreak Music
Superfreak Music 20 days ago
The wall is a bit like Trump-get too close to it and you'll get burned
DaCo Video
DaCo Video 20 days ago
Imagine the lifelong embarassment that is going to come with ever being pro-trump
Anne Rodgers
Anne Rodgers 18 days ago
Who knows who will write the history books? That’s in the future. For that matter, history books always seem to have a bias, reflective of society as it exists at the point of.
Anne Rodgers
Anne Rodgers 18 days ago
Bud Tommy Isis is still fighting, they have not been defeated. Trump hasn’t built up the military.
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 18 days ago
Yes theirs the double standard. Academia will over look much of Obama's record...such as not listening to his generals and calling ISIS the junior varsity...causing the loss of tens of thousands of lives and the migration of over a million refugees to Europe. A colossal Presidential mistake. But this will occupy not much attention because academics on the left feel it's more important to minorities of the future to see him in a much better light and some one they can emulate and base their lives on in the future. Little will be mentioned about Trumps build up of the military and defeating ISIS's caliphate because the left wishes to minimize the success the Trump administration accomplished.The left soon will be the majority and it is they who will wright the history books.
Dan Hennessy
Dan Hennessy 21 day ago
A heated wall that is great for global warming.
Jim Keller
Jim Keller 22 days ago
Hey dumb ass. Don't think a wall that is extremely hot would be a little harder climb?
Thomas Bruchhäuser
Trump promised pardons if aides broke the law to build the wall? So, if they shoot the landowners, they will get pardoned? They can abuse or kill workers who are too slow and they will get pardoned? They can rob banks to get more money for the wall and get pardoned? Call me old fashioned, but this doesn't sound very democratic anymore.
Thomas Bruchhäuser
In my book this promise of pardon alone would be a grounds for impeachment - in this case number (1) abusing the presidential power of pardon: "Congress has identified three general types of conduct that constitute grounds for impeachment, although these categories should not be understood as exhaustive: (1) improperly exceeding or abusing the powers of the office; (2) behavior incompatible with the function and purpose of the office; and (3) misusing the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain." (Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impeachment_in_the_United_States#Impeachable_offenses)
Stuart Salmond
Stuart Salmond 22 days ago
Grannies have marie. Osborn actress
K McG 22 days ago
Cory needs an indictment (after the Impeachment)
Onii chan
Onii chan 23 days ago
make sure the whistleblower is not assassinated by you know who.
victor voss
victor voss 23 days ago
This show better be nominated for an EMMY!!! SO ENTERTAINING!
victor voss
victor voss 23 days ago
Love Seth soooo dam SHARP!!! LMBAO!!!
VKC N 23 days ago
f-trump for breaking law
Marlo Webster
Marlo Webster 23 days ago
🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s wired 😉
Charles K
Charles K 23 days ago
Another nothing burger. Liberals and media have a long history on silencing whistle blowers. Nice laughing machine, propaganda machine
Chris Wessel
Chris Wessel 23 days ago
Isn't Trump the spy?
Ranger Don
Ranger Don 23 days ago
Some call it a SHAM
Ranger Don
Ranger Don 23 days ago
Nice wall,if any movie stars leave as they said they would if trump won they wont get back over the wall :) I like that.....
Paul Morgan
Paul Morgan 23 days ago
bet seth is praying he gets a 2nd term
Penguine Sandra
Penguine Sandra 23 days ago
Nancy. It is time for Impeachment
Monster Dad
Monster Dad 23 days ago
Trump 2020! Libbies heads are exploding. :)
TREX LEX 23 days ago
Trump is such a MORON.
declan gibo
declan gibo 23 days ago
the YR putin got one of his crooks into the WH lol USA will never get back from this trump joke
Joseph Mosesean
Joseph Mosesean 24 days ago
Do you think world feel sorry for us with trump ?
Pam Miner
Pam Miner 24 days ago
This man running the nation is so ready to break the law if it makes sense to him,that it’s worrying that people still support the man who can’t tell the truth .
LifeisGreat 24 days ago
“You can fry an egg on that wall” -TRUMP2020
Sam Rich71
Sam Rich71 24 days ago
About half the American people are DUMB . They approve of what this moron is doing. Thus , they are at the same level of stupidity and criminality. Half. ! I hope I am wrong and it is just a Fox News cult. But the Electoral college is in favor of Orange. These red states are nothing more than zoos
Sam Rich71
Sam Rich71 24 days ago
The wall The wall W A L L@@@ F’k this buffoon . Just F’k him. In the news every day. Stupid as hell
Rachel Garber
Rachel Garber 24 days ago
I think the concern is the possibility that if he's not removed by the Senate, a real possibility, that he'll make himself out to be a martyr. Which he has already done quite frequently. Remember "no president has ever been treated worse than I have" ignoring the 4 presidents who were assassinated.
Berad Casteel
Berad Casteel 24 days ago
"They're designed to absorb heat".... Umm, you mean, they're steel? They're metal? Oh, okay! Fucking idiot!
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 24 days ago
Fake abc nbc cnn this comedy channel so funny demacrats ripped this country off making deals begazi americans killed clintons payed way to white house obama gave her the job these people are criminals all coverups clinton lost election cause she couldnt pull strings to rig it they have blood on their hands for not sending support for our service people and u all support these corrupt dumbasses why you think clinton destroyed everything evidence against money deals murder look up all the folks around them coming up dead police agents folks from there town connected to them money coverups her fake charity paid daughters wedding bill clinton taking funds out
scudrunner5 24 days ago
Ooooo another bombshell! Nothing is gonna happen! Believe me! Believe me! Trump will spend the rest of his life as the president! Deal with it 😂
Tiago Jordao
Tiago Jordao 24 days ago
If the wall heats that much, why not use it to produce energy? Would be a much better use than what it's used for.
John Rowe
John Rowe 24 days ago
MBF 24 days ago
He's a idiot 🤦🏾‍♂️
Agimaso Schandir
Agimaso Schandir 24 days ago
The House has the power to impeach the President, but the Senate tries the impeachment. The penalty if convicted is removal from the office and banning of them holding any office of honor. In other words, by impeaching President Trump, him being convicted by the Senate is small, and if convicted, he would possibly avoid facing civil courts and thus not paying for the crimes committed. I would personally hold off on a voting on the articles of impeachment if to see if Trump runs for and wins a second term. President Trump has a slight problem as well. If impeached, and if convicted, he may avoid civil penalties, but basically his job is done, he has furthered his own fortunes. It was likely President Trump would not have sought a second term, to get on with what really matters to him (himself), but, if an impeachment is voted on as "yes" by the House, he might run a second term in order to avoid civil trails and get impeached. Getting gnarly for President Trump either way, but all he has to do is avoid going to prison or paying a hefty fine. BTW, despite what Trump's lawyers say, he cannot pardon himself, at least, if one wants to go by the U.S. Constitution
Carol Donato
Carol Donato 24 days ago
Does he have trowel in the office!!! Hmm---what is he up to at night. Build that wall!!!
Bud Tommy
Bud Tommy 24 days ago
Whistle blower has a political bias and did no hear telephone conversation. American people can plainly see this is a set up by the Democrats involving a whistle blower using 2nd. hand information and is proven to have a political bias. Still not enough votes in the House to Impeach. Biden now all but out of the race and may be charged because of the China deal and 1 1/2 billion given to Bidens son and a gangsters son with John Kerrys step son as owners of a private equity fund. If Dems cannot get enough votes to Impeach in the House...looks like it's all over for the Democrats and the Biden Crime Family come Nov. 2020.
FL 360
FL 360 24 days ago
G 24 days ago
And to think we will have 5 more years of this.
Knatgeo Zirconium
Knatgeo Zirconium 24 days ago
It was not Putin
AkuTenshiiZero 24 days ago
I'd call Meyers a clown, but clowns do occasionally make me laugh.
Christopher Lund
Christopher Lund 22 days ago
Damn, dude, not even one LIKE after two days. Sucks to be you.
Mickey McGowan
Mickey McGowan 24 days ago
At least when ppl egg the wall the coyotes will get partially hot snacks. I mean the animal not the other thing
imnotmike 24 days ago
You had the price wrong on Trump's wall infomercial. It should have said 3 easy payments of only $20 billion.
savantiflag 24 days ago
I bet he talked to the leader of the Ukraine and promised that he'd do something regarding Putin Like he's chummy chummy with Putin
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