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This episode of Being, I headed to Kentucky to take on the Bourbon Trail. I got to visit many distilleries and most importantly, toast my fan Greg and celebrate his recent recovery.
Whiskey Basics starts at 11:06
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Introducing Being with Babish, my new show where I travel, eat, and share some behind-the-scenes footage. I'm bringing along a new fan every episode for a special experience, because you guys have helped make this show possible with all of your support.
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Jul 12, 2019

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Comments 2 275
Binging with Babish
Get your balls checked by a doctor, fellas. Sawyer is my attorney, which it turns out, does not qualify him.
John Doe
John Doe 11 days ago
@Binging with Babish Bro, I thought you were getting healthy and in shape...
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck 18 days ago
"may those who love us love us May those who hate us hate us And for those who hate us, may god turn their hearts. But if he cannot turn their heart may he turn their ankles so that we may know them by their limps!"
Dxvid 19 days ago
Sawyer balls
Mike W
Mike W 21 day ago
felt my balls while reading this comment
Nel Hour ago
Swig your moonshine like a man.
Cecil Harris
Cecil Harris 2 hours ago
Bogomila Kitanova
Drinking game: how many times do you hear 'Cheers' in this video
George Francis
Great episode! Quick tip, Islay is pronounced "Eye-luh" not eye-lay. Grab a bottle of Lagavulin 12 if you haven't already, expensive but blows away both the 16 and the 8. Cheers!
JonTheArtist 2 days ago
Why did Andrew put his finger in the bourbon cooking in the huge vat of course its extremely hot!!
Brendan Ludwig
Brendan Ludwig 2 days ago
God bless him
darkisss 2 days ago
So we're not going to talk about just how buzzed Andrew clearly is throughout this? Lol
xxdewxx9 2 days ago
I’m new to the channel and this was one of the first videos I watched, this guy is an amazing human and he’s not only earned my sub, but very likely hours of watch time from my account. Thanks for being a a great human, Andrew! ❤️💯
Dominic James
Dominic James 3 days ago
Next being with babish he should come to the uk to experience the food and experience a soccer match
boy squad soy
boy squad soy 4 days ago
This man must prove the USvid algorithm because how can you hate a man like this honestly
Nakano Lemon
Nakano Lemon 4 days ago
oi its pronounced i-la
Bryan Anderson
Bryan Anderson 4 days ago
This episode is amazing. Cancer is fucking terrible , my father died from brain cancer last October. Glad this guy is all good and in remission and that you guys were so kind to him. Much love
UltimaKeyMaster 4 days ago
That thing about drinking the way you like reminds me of this one show clip where this guy mocks James Bond's snooty martini drinking. Well, no one ever asked him for his opinion, right? ;P
Brian SpillWell
Brian SpillWell 5 days ago
I will fight all 526 of you who have this a thumbs down !! Blair park Cali anytime I got it!!!
Daniel S
Daniel S 3 days ago
Brian SpillWell not one of the thumbs down bastards but I will gladly join you in this holy fight.
VampyRagDoll 6 days ago
Me crying and alcohol, not the first time.
Saitama 6 days ago
To be honest, I just started watching this channel and the community here is amazing. Keep it up y’all and have a good day
Cade Christiansen
Does he still have his balls?
That One Time
That One Time 6 days ago
Hahahaha “i don’t know what I am doing!” Why did you start in the first place hahahahaha!! It must’ve been those big “sips” of numerous whiskey 🥃 liquid courage.
ScorchedCrow95 7 days ago
Man you need to do a video with The Whiskey Vault
Love One Another
Love One Another 7 days ago
Neil G
Neil G 9 days ago
Just fantastic
Algrim the Strong
Respectfully, water @ room temperature actually separates the guaiacol from the ethanol, particularly and especially assuming an existing ABV > or = 59%, pushing the associated olfactory notes of wood smoke, creosote, tar, iodine, beach bonfire, etc. found in a particular and/or applicable class (or glass) of whiskies to the liquid-air interface @ the surface of the specific dram within said glass. It doesn't initially or immediately affect gustatory perception or actuation of same, however, only smell (which in turn directly affects the palate, of course). Most (popular) whiskies in the roughly (and very popular) 45-46% ABV range will not be greatly affected by the addition of room temperature H2O, as the alcohol concentration is not sufficient enough to warrant breaking the guaiacol/ethanol chain to release the aforementioned phenols for their quickened journey to the liquid-air interface. And, while an individual can absolutely enjoy their purchased whiskies in whatever manner they choose, flavor wise, COLD water is NEVER a good thing, and ice is far, far worse, both additions extremely deleterious in their concentrating and clustering of (known) present and accounted phenolic compounds, as opposed to the desired "opening up" of a dram to increase the likelihood of initial and immediate olfactory flavor detection and overall gustatory acquisition and enjoyment, whether by the addition of room temperature H2O, glass swirling, hand heating the snakebite, or simply leaving the poured dram in the glass as intended by the Master Distiller. Outstanding channel, however; my accompanying and respectful compliments to the author and chef. Sláinte Mhaith 🥃
Trey Morrison
Trey Morrison 9 days ago
I’m from ky
Jerrie IsBoss
Jerrie IsBoss 9 days ago
It is amazing having you so close to my home, watching this and being able to know where you are by the backdrops. Amazing.
Big Country
Big Country 10 days ago
I barely ever drink bourbon but i will try some now
Matthew Shearer
Matthew Shearer 11 days ago
Nah scotch is better.
Leo Morris
Leo Morris 11 days ago
I'M-bibing with Babish. As a series title, as a lifestyle. You're welcome.
Master Cheese
Master Cheese 12 days ago
Wholesome Babish❤️
Rianique Lotter
Rianique Lotter 12 days ago
Awwwwhhhhh!!!!😭 You are the very best Andrew!!!!
Blazei 12 days ago
islay is pronounced isle-a for anyone interested
April Ruef-Finucane
I love this so much!!! ❤❤❤❤
Ahab Mc one-leg
Ahab Mc one-leg 13 days ago
Jared Coy
Jared Coy 14 days ago
Pegged you for a "The Macallan" kinda guy.
Albino Cyclopse
Albino Cyclopse 14 days ago
He looks like a bald Ryan Reynolds
술박사 14 days ago
I want to taste that whiskey so bad.
Kellyn Barnes
Kellyn Barnes 14 days ago
I could listen to Andrew talk about... pretty much anything. But bourbon is a plus.
Paul Wells
Paul Wells 14 days ago
what a legend... I love whiskey, I will be checking these out, I've been binge watching your stuff since catching you on first we feast. I'm going to order your cookbook lol, this is awesome.
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 14 days ago
Babish for TV
Bla Bla
Bla Bla 15 days ago
lagavulin is the best whisky i have tasted but jura 12y is ok too
Brandon Kennedy
Brandon Kennedy 16 days ago
Rainbow Corn
Rainbow Corn 16 days ago
I don't want to in any way stray any viewers by advertizing for another youtube channel, but for anyone that enjoys this kind of stuff, you may enjoy the Whiskey Tribe. They have all kinds of stuff like everything you need to know and more about whiskey. It's really interesting and amazing
Alucard 16 days ago
Surprised you didn’t get cocktail chemistry in this video
AdvancedVac AdvancedVac
Ganjalf The Green
Ganjalf The Green 16 days ago
Binging with faggish.
fergus slater
fergus slater 16 days ago
I live close too glenfidich
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts 17 days ago
Superb video, Andrew, but can I recommend Macallan Triple Cask & Sherry Cask: the 12-year-olds are amaze-balls, but the 18-year-olds are mind-blowing(v. expensive though!)...and also virtually all Springbank whiskys. Even better with a few drops of water. Peace and Love from Liverpool UK.
PhosphorusKing 17 days ago
Beautiful episode! So happy to hear he’s doing well and I don’t even know him and got sad haha. Congrats Greg!
P Conn
P Conn 17 days ago
There are a lot more(possibly better) Irish whiskey`s than Bushmills
Pine Cone Eagle Man
5:21 “also that is the cleanest your finger will be all day”
Michaelo Cortez
Michaelo Cortez 17 days ago
this video could also be titled Drinking With Babish?
Glorious Content
Glorious Content 17 days ago
Alcholhololism with babish.
Sarah Foye
Sarah Foye 17 days ago
He picked the good bourbons from the bourbon trail...he did forget Makers Mark but eh whatever
2wingo 17 days ago
*Please do Professor Pyg's meat pies from "Gotham."*
medowucha 17 days ago
Woah ... Scotch is so expensive on the other side of the pond. Totally forgot about that. Over here (Germany), Lagavulin 16 (the "regular" edition) clocks on at just around 55 Euro, sometimes even cheaper.
TheDanmanguy 17 days ago
This is the most bromantic thing a guy could ever do for someone. Hero status approved.
Eline Brouwer
Eline Brouwer 17 days ago
the smell of Lagavulin to me is just like wetting an old dirty ashtray with hot water and holding it right under your nose. I'm a smoker but by god I can't down that stuff. I prefer me some aged Clynelish, Oban or Dalwhinnie
Sarah Henderson
Sarah Henderson 17 days ago
You're such an awesome human being
Tyler Garcia
Tyler Garcia 17 days ago
He’s so fucking buzzed😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 *sticks finger in boiling hot mash* “FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!”
Togsee 17 days ago
If you like whiskey and have money to burn the SMWS out of Leith, Edinburgh do one-of-akind scotch bottlings that can't be bought elsewhere. Would heartily reccommend!
César Noran
César Noran 17 days ago
I'm having Absinthe for breakfast, my life is going well.
Blxire 17 days ago
Here I am... under the age of 21... watching a whiskey video
Quaweds 17 days ago
Kinda thought they would be more information about whiskey here, but I guess tha'ts more for the whiskey vault and such channels :) still enjoyed the tour.
thomas h
thomas h 17 days ago
No makers mark?
Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
This... is... awesome. :'-)
some weeb
some weeb 18 days ago
Who in their right mind would dislike this video?!
Ruairc O Shea
Ruairc O Shea 18 days ago
Do a gin episode
Daniel Casey
Daniel Casey 18 days ago
I am whiskeychief and his is my kind of video
X.X.X. Shadow.Reaper
I hate those Canadian Soviet Nazis communist bitches
X.X.X. Shadow.Reaper
Dylan Payton
Dylan Payton 18 days ago
I live here in Louisville and it was SO crazy seeing all the places you went to! Angel's Envy is with out doubt my favorite Bourbon, right above Buffalo Trace.
Davis Tuck
Davis Tuck 18 days ago
In the imortal words of daniel wittington "the only right whiskey is whiskey you like to drink"
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 18 days ago
no chivas in the thumbnail no honor The glenfiddich and monkey shoulder are good shit tho
Soggy__Nut 18 days ago
Love the vids and love this man hope to see more being with babish soon🖤🖤🖤🤧
Elizabeth Whitman
Elizabeth Whitman 18 days ago
Can't wait to drink again once I get this parasite out of my uterus. Glenfiddich also changed my life with whiskey, cant wait to explore more. Thanks for the heads up about Lagavulin, I'll try to remember to go for the older version (which I already know is usually better).
Ethan Harper
Ethan Harper 18 days ago
Do you have cancer? Drink Whiskey
ZSTRODE. 18 days ago
You should review whiskey with pewdiepie
Jord Leemburg
Jord Leemburg 18 days ago
I shouldn't be watching this, I'm on a alcohol stop. If i manage to not drink for a month I may reward myself with a good whiskey. Thinking of getting the Lagavulin 12
I H 19 days ago
Ya Walod. God bless you man!!
FireTyranny 19 days ago
I'm birthday is litterly the day after this was uploaded
Brenyn Grubic
Brenyn Grubic 19 days ago
Hell yeah man, glad hes better.
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