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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 2 362
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 23 days ago
Gisselle Mercado
Gisselle Mercado 10 hours ago
When are you gonna make a part 2 of the the girl who was so beautiful and the hater sisters pls answer
KimKat Buntyn
KimKat Buntyn 23 hours ago
Lele Pons you should collab with Liza Koshy again if she isn’t busy. You guys are so funny
Sophia Melo
Sophia Melo 2 days ago
This video is AIDS
Trey Stewart
Trey Stewart 2 days ago
Lele Pons I love you
Nickeisha Cameron
Love you
*hufflepuffs are particularly good finders*
I don't understand. Is this supposed to be "comedy?"
baileigh's Life!
baileigh's Life! 5 hours ago
I love your videos I have been watching sence I was 3
Amazing Autumn Gacha
LPSmimi LPSbobbls
LPSmimi LPSbobbls 8 hours ago
Plz make a part 2 Lele
wewey duck
wewey duck 8 hours ago
Lele sweetie go ahead drop the comdy career just go to singing
jessica Ruvalcaba
jessica Ruvalcaba 8 hours ago
You are so awesome
Fatimah A
Fatimah A 9 hours ago
lol great video ily
Kayla Orozco
Kayla Orozco 10 hours ago
Lele you so funny make more
Merve Naz Aykaç
Merve Naz Aykaç 10 hours ago
3:32 music ?
Rihan Ali Shaikh
Rihan Ali Shaikh 10 hours ago
5:00 🤣🤣
univurs godzilla
univurs godzilla 10 hours ago
hani yeh
hani yeh 11 hours ago
How they left their french fries on the table? 😲
Ronicka Joseph
Ronicka Joseph 13 hours ago
this look so realistic
Ronicka Joseph
Ronicka Joseph 13 hours ago
this is my favorite one
Najifa Rafiq
Najifa Rafiq 14 hours ago
Haven’t seen a video this lame in a while
Kanizia Bradley
Kanizia Bradley 21 hour ago
Melanie Lahura
Melanie Lahura 22 hours ago
The bramfam old intro 🤣🤣🤣
i lolvreee looking at poopooo hahhaahaha get it?
Katie Vito
Katie Vito Day ago
My face the entire time😨😨😨😨😨
Daniella Alino
Plot twist: That is Lele's real voice.
True Canadian
Girls: pillow fight Boys: DIG THE GLADIATOR PIT
Nanaliz Irizarry caraballo
No speak English I speak a Spanish you can speak in Spanish I like more more more you I'm a girl
Hi my name is Becky, I am Wisconsin and i'm 23 years old ~Silence~ Becky: Allergies Girls: OHHHHHHHHH
Sophia Melo
Sophia Melo 2 days ago
This video is AIDS
Emerson Rummel
Emerson Rummel 2 days ago
Did anyone laugh once?
susankemler9 2 days ago
Hi my name is Janessa and Lee Ritenour
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson 2 days ago
Wait...is lele Latino??
Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan 2 days ago
Haha very funny at the end
Joyce yaacoub
Joyce yaacoub 2 days ago
i love this video so much!!
Mangoo 27
Mangoo 27 2 days ago
You are not LATINA
Mark Still
Mark Still 3 days ago
black dragon
black dragon 3 days ago
Thats me in a pillow fight
Aquanetta Jackson_Jarrell
Lele I saw twan video it said I am surprising my girlfriend and it was the other girl that you like
aaron Aaron
aaron Aaron 3 days ago
Lele pons
QT Royalz
QT Royalz 3 days ago
Paige Peters
Paige Peters 4 days ago
hey my dad and his side of the family is from Wisconson
PoP Er
PoP Er 4 days ago
man its funking not her voice.
Mad n'Kay
Mad n'Kay 4 days ago
The end 😂
Ahmed soccer ALmousa
Lele can you do a police and criminal game girls are criminals and boys are cops because they are good cops
Yin Win Mu
Yin Win Mu 4 days ago
hi i am ashly i love your vedio lele love you
Ryan Punzalan
Ryan Punzalan 4 days ago
That was weird but okay i love lele pons
Adyasha Tudu
Adyasha Tudu 4 days ago
Yeah, she's not a baby, she's *L A T I N A*
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez 4 days ago
Exploryy 5 days ago
This turned into a pillow fight to world war.
crazy Fox
crazy Fox 5 days ago
2:41 is this making Lele a lesbian in this weird movie?!?!?!?!?!?XD
Alissa Vole
Alissa Vole 5 days ago
It annoys me how obsessed I am by lele She's amazing
Arjun Rzun
Arjun Rzun 5 days ago
Bruh....this video got me sleepy fr 😴
Silver Baradge
Silver Baradge 5 days ago
Why’d he patt him on the head 😂😂😂😂😂
Larry Kiamaia Brown
Hi lele pons my name is Tia I'm 8 years old and I'm from new Zealand I am using my Dads youtube channel to say Hi and I like your videos can we be friends because I realy like you.
Erica Martinez
Erica Martinez 6 days ago
Jobie Cope
Jobie Cope 6 days ago
John  Pandolfino
John Pandolfino 6 days ago
What a waste of time.......
Yousra omran
Yousra omran 6 days ago
This is taken from the movie hot chicks
Top Comment
Top Comment 4 days ago
Like you could do much better
2:42 Lele Being A Lesbian For 24 Hours xDDDDDDDDD
emma ekey rice
emma ekey rice 6 days ago
I love this u guys are boring
sara kerculj
sara kerculj 6 days ago
Please make part 2 please
LizaOriginal •
LizaOriginal • 6 days ago
This is the first channel i dont Watche and scroll the comments sometime WOW
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