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I can finally show you all what I’ve been waiting for over a year for. MONSTERMAX IS REAL. I explain where the truck was and show the beginning stages of it’s life as a monster truck. Also we’re building a 1400hp Dentside ford 😂 #MONSTERMAX

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Jan 12, 2020




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Joe Mangan
Joe Mangan 5 days ago
Next video, "driving the monstermax over every truck I own."
Ryan Potwin
Ryan Potwin 3 hours ago
don't provoke him or hewill
Gachapeeps TikTok
He liked he is doin it
Tobe Zehringer
Tobe Zehringer 4 days ago
that sounds safe. Keep up the great work
Lady Red BBW
Lady Red BBW 4 days ago
MindbodySynergy 4 days ago
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Dylan Vest
Dylan Vest Hour ago
What's the suspension setup on the Ford I wanna do it to mine
izzzzzz6 6 hours ago
How long from these being finished till they end up in the scrap pile?
Donna Ashley
Donna Ashley 9 hours ago
Where do you do
Tony Hurtado
Tony Hurtado 11 hours ago
You are to nice, they may be nice but in the business world its called being put on the back burner.
BenCova 11 hours ago
Most excellent my dude
Tyler Henry
Tyler Henry 12 hours ago
Soooo LP24valve had it and didn’t do shit to it?
Wyatt Gross
Wyatt Gross 12 hours ago
Nothing even looks good, looks like everything is just tack welded and some thing look a little crooked. I can’t believe that’s the finished product
Mark Albers
Mark Albers 13 hours ago
Yay! Hes back to prove his channel is still a waste of time. Your an idiot.
WhistlinDiesel 13 hours ago
Mark Albers what
Alex Mac
Alex Mac 15 hours ago
Got dem blue tooth enabled drive shafts.
V Sanctafamilia
V Sanctafamilia 21 hour ago
The Chevy looks awesome
Josh Greenwell
Josh Greenwell 22 hours ago
Will we be seeing the monster max at Michigan mud jam this summer?
Javeon Hallmark
Javeon Hallmark 23 hours ago
Tow truck with monster tires mudding would be dope asf 🔥 even put something on the back 😂 I love the content. You rock bro 💪🏽
Cody Loughran
Just wondering why didn’t you use that mint leather interior in monster max ? Lol
jrmbtr Day ago
Is there a way to contact you? I'd like to get more information on the air suspension you are doing on the Ford for disability access.
What you mean Thirsty?
Nice tack welds on your neck
Michael Zorn
Michael Zorn Day ago
Dent sides are the greatest trucks ever made followed by a bump side then u can have a square body. Beautiful builds
The Man
The Man Day ago
At what state do they start saying pop instead of soda.
Landon Harness
What is that lift you have on the dent side I wanna do it to a k5 blazer
Delta McClung
Hey I'm on my gfs phone but was wondering if ud do a burn out for Wyatt its a 4 year old with brain cancer he has a FB page #burnoutforwyatt be cool if u could
vincem5 Day ago
i got stuffed around very similarly by a "mate" that was doing up a duramax for my 4X4. 3 years later i took it off him and put a LSA in it instead. i feel yr pain!
Donivan Lovetro
I thought he sold monster max!!!!!
Christian Kuhn
I thought he blew up that truck
Eddie Hill
Eddie Hill Day ago
Good video
Irvin Off Road
I thought those things were in the scrap pile. Makes me happy to see them getting positive attention. Should start a mudbog out on the swampy farm. People would come from miles around to play in mud.
PTX PowerSports
Sweet, I use some of d&d paddy tires on my polaris ranger.
Shane Ruud
Shane Ruud Day ago
It looked like you were missing a tack of mortar in the brick. 😂😂😂 This is cool right he only mentioned the truck comments??? Cool vid bro!
Cody Parrett
Cody Parrett Day ago
Love this videos bub🤙
Hunter Man
Hunter Man Day ago
I have been waiting to see that truck for so long
Nicholas Eggers
Next video filing airbags on 79 ford with gas then putting 50 pounds of tarnite on it
willbill820 Day ago
So my man Cody. You sir have really put on some good shows some jolly good shows but I have to ask............ Can I come fix the 18 wheeler for you ? Or be your mechanic plz I dont mind you being how you are with the trucks would love to just help you weld up stuff and most importantly have fun keep the vids coming sir much love......
Looks good
Zac Conners
Zac Conners Day ago
Havent started the monster max in 6months. Gets it started. Immediately revs the piss out of it. That's why I love this channel.
8joejames8 2 days ago
I like you videos of off the wall stuff. But I really enjoyed this style of more serious video and being more genuwyne and down to earth hope to see more like this!
Jonathan Cross
Jonathan Cross 2 days ago
Shit if you don't want that 70s Ford ill take it
Jason Orr
Jason Orr 2 days ago
Bet bruh I'm going to be at ucc. Plan on putting my truck in the best dually class
FN Tayyyz
FN Tayyyz 2 days ago
Fix Carl 😩
Leventa Ware
Leventa Ware 2 days ago
You put air ride on that s&$+ box feerd??!! Awesome!
Max Fly
Max Fly 2 days ago
Was Monstermax,... One year of ClickBait...with No progress...thats 4 marks, one each quarter, and one more for just no progress, and another for not taking it to another shop after 6 months...look out StreetSpeed717...you are catching up.
Jeep’n With Friends
First start in 6 months... Instantly floors it and only lets it run total for 1 minute.😂😂😂😂
Josh Wise
Josh Wise 2 days ago
1200 with Efi. Hahahaha. Yeahhhah....
Don'tWorry WhatMyNameIs
Wow,I thought these two trucks been gone to the junk man.. they're both gonna be sick asf! Crazy seeing him rebuilding instead of destroying 😂
Nate Teubert
Nate Teubert 2 days ago
I honestly dont care about monstermax, just destroy it like all the other Maggot trucks
Destro X
Destro X 2 days ago
So excited
The Dragon King
The Dragon King 2 days ago
I had the same thing happen to my car. Dropped it off to have the engine bay painted. They claimed 2-4 weeks. 6 months later with exposed metal sitting in the rain, sun, etc, I called and borderline yelled at the lady. Told her "I'm coming to get it tomorrow."
Will Andrews
Will Andrews 2 days ago
Man, I’m so happy/excited for you! I have always wanted one of these!!! I wish you would do one more build tho, a truck similar in height to all your other Chevy trucks, but solid axle so you can show us how much tougher a solid axle is compared to IFS, yes you may say hey that’s what this is, but it’s not a good comparison because this is a monster truck it’s just so vastly different.
Lenny Dabits
Lenny Dabits 2 days ago
Bad ass bro love the dent side
Ryan Hensley
Ryan Hensley 2 days ago
next episode, you buy a 4 banger....
Ryan Hensley
Ryan Hensley 2 days ago
fuckin donar truck? both them fuckers are MINT
david stanley
david stanley 2 days ago
You know what's funny @WhistlinDiesel I guarantee you most of the people who leave hate comments and talk shit are the ones who just sit there doing absolutely nothing with their lives. So they gotta shame other people to make themselves feel better or at least try to shame lmao who really gives a fuck what they say, you're doing things with your life, your making a living out of it. The main thing is it's your stuff you obviously do whatever the hell you want with it. That's the thing I don't get some of these people act like you just ruined their lives with some of the stuff you do 😂. But anyhow I enjoy the videos it's something different everytime 😉
kyrito SRT
kyrito SRT 2 days ago
hell yeah
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 2 days ago
But my dad loves watching you tear shit up it’s literally amusing as shit
Josh Williams
Josh Williams 2 days ago
There beautiful 😍😍
Dragon800 2 days ago
i love that orange and cream truck
That mustang dude -
Man that’s fucked I hate when this shit happen I’m about to drop off my mustang to get a new clutch I just received it today
Randy Cook
Randy Cook 2 days ago
I thought you blew that blue Ford up
Lil Kone
Lil Kone 3 days ago
Welcome to altec Lansing iykyk
Bad Apple
Bad Apple 3 days ago
Bro I had a similar situation with one of my cars , except it took the body shop 3 YEARS! Never again will I make a "deal" with a shop to save money. Just a major headache.
nick beaman
nick beaman 3 days ago
You should roll it down a hill just for likes. Btw that ford is badass.
Logan Karr
Logan Karr 3 days ago
It truly is amazing what you can do with daddy’s money
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