When We Met Other Human Species

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We all belong to the only group of hominins on the planet today. But we weren’t always alone. 100,000 years ago, Eurasia was home to other hominin species, some of which we know our ancestors met, and spent some quality time with.
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Jul 9, 2019

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Comments 3 918
therover65 6 minutes ago
When modern humans met Neanderthals, of course they fought each other. This is the case today and into the future.
therover65 10 minutes ago
Did the Neanderthals have different races? Ditto Homo sapiens of the time.
Green Man Diary
Green Man Diary 11 minutes ago
It's crazy to keep saying "we" and "they"; we're both part part of human evolution. It should be looked at as a merging continuum instead of compartmentalized. Neanderthals didn't go "extinct." They were simply merged into the evolving modern human, and because the product was superior, Neanderthals faded away. I'm sure Homo heidelbergensis from around 500K years ago and Homo antecessor 1 mill. years ago will be proved as our descendants as well.
Tom Rose
Tom Rose 29 minutes ago
dat is really quite funny as simona halep is from da romania too!!!
Perry bishop
Perry bishop 34 minutes ago
Why are you ignoring substantial evidence of earlier traces of human in the americas, people have been disregarding this for years now I don’t understand why
Al Morrison
Al Morrison 51 minute ago
So very interesting. I think hominin divergence is still taking place up to now, now, and in the future. Phenotype follows genotype up until the point where interbreeding results in no viable offspring. Observe the cultures around you and think.
Random Pool Guy
Random Pool Guy 3 hours ago
Empowered And Overpowered Leftist Black Woman
Guys just imagine if other homonin species have reached to AUSTRALIA, did you know that the fisrt people on Austrlia get there like 40000-50000 years ago?, years before the other hominin species died!
Dave S.
Dave S. 3 hours ago
So basically our ancestors were getting freaky with anything on two legs
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker Hour ago
Yeah. Or repeatedly raped
Chan Uppuluri
Chan Uppuluri 4 hours ago
::rubs eyes and blinks twice:: ... HANK?! When did you get here? Where have I been?
SFgamer 4 hours ago
There's only one human species, one biological human race. The world view of "multiple human races/species" is one of the reasons why racism, racial supremacism, and prejudice still thrives. answersingenesis.org/racism/ answersingenesis.org/racism/one-race/ answersingenesis.org/racism/one-blood/ answersingenesis.org/charles-darwin/racism/
Daniel Oliveira
Daniel Oliveira 5 hours ago
So.... racism is stupid as there's only one human race. But Eurasians have Neanderthal DNA and others don't? hum... 3rd world war coming....
kipilla3 6 hours ago
Scientifically if homo sapiens which are a separate species from homo neanderthalensis, went back and crossbred how are the progeny of this mating still considered homo sapiens when it is a half breed of both species. Would that not mean those offspring are a completely different species...... A Leopon is a cross between a male leopard and a female lion, however, the offspring is a species of combined origin but it is not classified as a lion or leopard.
31k 6 hours ago
Imagine how much more we have not found yet
Edwin Dennis
Edwin Dennis 7 hours ago
There's been a recent discovery that's the gist that Neanderthals couldn't obtain as much nutrition from tubers
TheJohnnyJason 7 hours ago
Thanks for the video I think these facts mean something really cool :-) I still do not get the notion of extinction here xD The homo sapiens was more numerous so it is logical who "absorbs" whom^^... As you said - they live still within us ;-) would not quite fit my notion of extinct only because there is no "pure" version left :-P
Derek P.
Derek P. 8 hours ago
I would love to see what a Neanderthal-Homo Sapien hybrid would have looked like from the first generation onward.
Junia ginger
Junia ginger 8 hours ago
What if we are wrong? What if from one man came every nation of men like Moses was believed to have written?
Crap Game
Crap Game 9 hours ago
Maybe in one-hundred years or so scientists will discover that we are immortal souls that simply move from body to body over time.....or NOT!
Timothy Whitehead
Timothy Whitehead 9 hours ago
Just one small comment: you talk about a gene EPAS1 then show a protein on screen with the label EPAS1 but never make clear that the gene is not the protein. Genes are used to create proteins.
Tobie Allen II
Tobie Allen II 10 hours ago
We are a bunch of Humaniacs
nyyotam 10 hours ago
Denisovans and Neanderthals aren't different species from homo sapiens - They are simply subspecies. What happened is that they simply joined in. Initially it was like 10% neanderthal, 90% sapiens as the flood of immigrants from Africa came in. Eventually the huge quantity of Homo Sapiens marginalized the former lords of the continent to around 1%-2% in the genetic record. They didn't go extinct, they simply merged with the rest of us. They lived with us, hunted with us, loved with us and that's all. I know it's not as "romantic" as a tale of a huge war between the Neanderthals and the Homo Sapiens - but we have absolutely no proof of such war. We do have proof of making love, not war. A bit more romantic.
Jon 710
Jon 710 11 hours ago
Imagine if we not have Racial issues but species issues today lol. Where my Homo sapiens at tho->
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally 12 hours ago
Best channel ever
Kirk Ross
Kirk Ross 12 hours ago
Could this possibly be the basis for our cultural creation of Dwarfs, Faries, Elves? All Human Cultures have these "other human creatures" in our myths, stories, and oral traditions. Could this be the way that modern humans attempted to explain to their descendants that there were "other human creatures" like us long ago?
Demian Si
Demian Si 13 hours ago
Denise Ovens
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 13 hours ago
We were just the superior species.
joe bob
joe bob 18 hours ago
What was the highest neanderthal population? Do we have any idea? They seemed very widespread. And its also fascinating they lived in Europe during several ice ages and warm periods.
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 19 hours ago
At some point we as humans almost have to accept that we are..different species lol and that’s only by our own standards
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong 19 hours ago
I don’t really think they had a downfall as much as we absorbed them mostly or at least for sure 50% of their population (females)
Monique Marilyn
Monique Marilyn 21 hour ago
Imagine "breeding" with a Neanderthal!? Ew.
abbiekitten[13% 52%]
imagine breeding with a negroid or aboriginal
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez 21 hour ago
Hominins or hominids??
feldar Day ago
If modern humans interbred with Neanderthals and they're children were able to reproduce, why do we consider Neanderthals a different species? Aren't we more like different breeds of dogs, than cats and tigers?
Tom Tonev
Tom Tonev Day ago
He said Neanderthal alot!
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Innovations
"An interbreeding event"? I think I've seen this one...
lightmeupper Day ago
Dont forget humans have always killed off spicies wheather they where humans or animals
Old Man from Scene Twenty Four
Other species have killed off humans as well. All life forms go to war or kill for resources.
Cisco Lagunes
I hate how you say neanderthal but very interesting o.0
marc guidetti
why haven't you mentioned the Denisovan remains found in North America in Los Angeles and San Diego in the past 4 years and in Peru and Chile They were in the America's thousands of years before the Native Americans arrived from Asia and before the Solutreans arrived from Europe
Autumn G
Autumn G Day ago
I like the Minecraft soundtrack playing in the back
Bryan Wint
Bryan Wint Day ago
Vegeta's voice: So that means Africans are the only true pure blooded Homosapions
Ted Walker
Ted Walker Day ago
Where did the different species come from in the first place. Did they just suddenly pop up from nothing?
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts 17 hours ago
They probably just all branched off from different, unknown early ape like ancestors at some point.
James Souza
James Souza Day ago
Ya but where does Tony Ferguson fit into all this?
Stretto Dardanelli
Those who came out of Africa had no Neanderthal admixture, which we do... They weren't us!
danturbo316 Day ago
Let me guess, we took out the other hominids just like we're doing to many other animals today?
Im gonna keep calling them dennahsovans, you cant stop me.
Alex Block
Alex Block Day ago
Isn't the def of a species split that the animals can no longer mate?
PudelsRule Day ago
Thank you for this presentation - as our knowledge grows it makes one excited to learn more! Signed, human happy to have 304 genetic variants that can be traced to the Neanderthals- This is more than 89% of 23andMe participants to date.......no ooogh about it!
Tree Rock Gaming
Ju liar u said videos every Tuesday now it is Wednesday
wilkatis Day ago
Well, here's a question - isn't it somewhat a definition of separating 2 species that they can't interbreed between them, at least not without producing an infertile offspring? Humans & other hominids being able to interbreed almost sounds like them being the same "species", just different "races" so to say. Following that logic one could assume that migrating & thus "mixing" would end up unifying both "branches" into a single, somewhat "modified", one. If one "race" has more "attractive" quantities (lets say - human females generally preferring human males over other humanoid males for some reason) together with the numbers advantage (the smaller group always has less of a footprint than the larger group, you could say it gets diffused into it) this could lead to an eventual unifying into a single branch that continues with the others somewhat "going extinct" (even if a better term for that would be others getting "absorbed" into it). Well, that's just my nonsense thinking
marcelo rubio
Breeding and producing fertile offspring is the biological species concept, which is not widely used today, because it ignores evolution as a continuous process affecting all populations. If a group of organisms comes from a distinct lineage, with a unique and relevant evolutionary history, it is understand that it deserves to be named and classified as a distinct species, even if it is possible that occasional interbreeding with others populations results in fertile offspring. Also, reproduction should not be used to unite different groups because it is a basal caracteristic, that can be shared or not among all descendants of a common ancestor, like there are examples of species A, B and C, in wich species A and B are more closely related but can't interbreed, but interbreed between A and C occurs.
ZenBrane Day ago
It sounds like you're saying homonyms.
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