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When the music video doesn't match the song 2

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Jan 6, 2019

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Comments 20 440
loveliveserve 10 days ago
Follow us on IG: @rhino_ @noahboat_ 🔥 Part 3? 🤔👇🏼
Kahlia Tejada
Kahlia Tejada 10 days ago
Y’all should do my girl mindless behaviour 👌🏽😂
MrUnit1105 10 days ago
YES!!! YES!!! AND yes WAIT I mean YEEES!!!
Cleon Bristol
Cleon Bristol 10 days ago
For part 3 the the total opposite 😂🔥
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo 10 days ago
Seth French
Seth French 10 days ago
Hell yea
Affluentombgaming 59 minutes ago
How blue face recorded “bleed it” video idea
Aaliyah Munoz
Aaliyah Munoz Hour ago
Lowkey the song matches the video
Brandon Vela
Brandon Vela 2 hours ago
Music video made song heat 🔥🔥
Suheily  Dejesus
Suheily Dejesus 2 hours ago
Happened to geuce is dreads crew in like a week
default protector
default protector 2 hours ago
Ladies and gentlemen we got him
Mariana 3 hours ago
Alimatou Issah
Alimatou Issah 3 hours ago
i just realized they were actually singing the song
Kathios 3 hours ago
Make part 3 please
Isaiahmeeks671 3 hours ago
When u have a good reason to listen to Justin Bieber 🤣 without anyone questioning you
Jay Chauhan
Jay Chauhan 4 hours ago
Part 3 gotta be a hard ass trap song wit a soft video 🤣
Divine Umurerwa
Divine Umurerwa 4 hours ago
I love this
Mela_mc_el 1
Mela_mc_el 1 4 hours ago
Bruh that was lit 🔥
Jaida Nichols
Jaida Nichols 4 hours ago
Now I wanna go listen to that song
Raeth 5 hours ago
I think y’all should do sexy back by Justin Timberlake in the next one
Jack Ramirez
Jack Ramirez 5 hours ago
So that's how the hood feels like
Gaming Headquarters
Why pop
Duy Nông
Duy Nông 5 hours ago
I need part 3 😂😂😂😂
Clarita Lash
Clarita Lash 5 hours ago
Do what makes you beautiful from one direction
panther blue
panther blue 6 hours ago
Do the other two guys have channels?
Keianna .s
Keianna .s 6 hours ago
This always makes me really happy
Katrice Jones
Katrice Jones 6 hours ago
Yesss part 3
Jevon Mcpherson
Jevon Mcpherson 7 hours ago
youtube isnt letting my reply to comments it sais "Comment failed to post".
Jevon Mcpherson
Jevon Mcpherson 7 hours ago
Lai Haydiah
Lai Haydiah 7 hours ago
Yaya J
Yaya J 7 hours ago
2:21 who is he?
TheIceGod 8 hours ago
When the first one gets over 1 mill views You no what dat mean Part 2 🥴
Carlton Mitchell
Carlton Mitchell 8 hours ago
yo rhino you look like my teacher
True Bankai
True Bankai 8 hours ago
The first one was heat tho
Ali Akbark
Ali Akbark 8 hours ago
We all got clikbated
James Patchell
James Patchell 8 hours ago
RobotRoshawn 8 hours ago
Freddie Jackson
Freddie Jackson 8 hours ago
🤔...can't relate
tuhleeyuhhvlogs 9 hours ago
Whoever disliked this is a bitch 😪
tuhleeyuhhvlogs 9 hours ago
SFKickerz 9 hours ago
I’m the only one thought that it was a real music video and the editing was insane but then realised that these guys are legendary? 🤷‍♀️
Wuznt Toxic
Wuznt Toxic 9 hours ago
Noah the only white boy 😂
Mohamad Chkif
Mohamad Chkif 10 hours ago
Well the owner of the song didnt do a vid(i think) but if he did it then rhino just did it
Mrs. Ugly
Mrs. Ugly 10 hours ago
Now this song is my favorite ;-;
Malignant Quamir
Malignant Quamir 10 hours ago
Valentino Markowski
Valentino Markowski 10 hours ago
This is way to funny
Eremys Prime
Eremys Prime 11 hours ago
Came to see Geuice dance doe!!!!!
Jason de la Cruz
Jason de la Cruz 11 hours ago
I think Rhino hit puberty...
GGGiseleGaming 11 hours ago
this gives me anxiety. your singing a Justin Bieber (i think) song in the hood.
abom OWO
abom OWO 11 hours ago
This is fucking hilarious
Big Bad Booty Daddy
Big Bad Booty Daddy 11 hours ago
I came back just to see if the Chance the Rapper/Lil Yachty still alive.
bleachfulofspoon 12 hours ago
I dont see a problem other than the cum in my pants
Ferdinand Erritzoe
Ferdinand Erritzoe 12 hours ago
Part 3!!! Best yt Channel ever!!! Makes my Day everyday love u guys❤️❤️❤️
Lil Vlady
Lil Vlady 13 hours ago
Bro low key this music video kinda looks good with the song😂😂🔥👌
Nicholas Depass
Nicholas Depass 13 hours ago
Why is this on a little yachty playlist 😂😂😂😂😂
random dude
random dude 13 hours ago
what funny is no one crack a smile while filming
Zay Davis
Zay Davis 13 hours ago
What the original song at the begging
Azlynn Nelson-West
Azlynn Nelson-West 14 hours ago
What’s the song in the beginning tho
Brooke Tanae
Brooke Tanae 15 hours ago
This is GOLD
Dexter Maglalang Jr.
can i join your group? this Group are lit better than most rapper today
Irie 15 hours ago
Y'all should do shake it by metro station 😂
MrShranky 15 hours ago
how can i unhear this cuz i the song is playing in my head everytime im watching rap videos
Chantelle Jordan
Chantelle Jordan 17 hours ago
I’m watching this and smiling so hard!!! I love you guys 😍😍😍
Zach Ahearne
Zach Ahearne 17 hours ago
This high key flames 🔥🔥🔥
Manolo MUA
Manolo MUA 17 hours ago
everypne walking past. "hello 911...yes a BUNCH of negusses in the park send someone NOW!"
PSX lmao
PSX lmao 18 hours ago
ZomB 18 hours ago
What’s the instrumental in the first few seconds before the actual song called????? I need to know that beat is too 🔥
carlos kuate
carlos kuate 18 hours ago
part 3
carlos kuate
carlos kuate 18 hours ago
carlos kuate
carlos kuate 18 hours ago
carlos kuate
carlos kuate 18 hours ago
Jg Tiki origin Marrero
These are hints to his new song
L R 20 hours ago
What was the song that they were about to play called ? The one before Justin bibber
IBrahim Abu Ghali
IBrahim Abu Ghali 21 hour ago
Wtf 😂💔
Tyrell Amoson
Tyrell Amoson 21 hour ago
If you havent done it you guys should do a when the lyrics dont match the beat video?
BM 23 hours ago
😂😂 hey boys let’s do a Justin Bieber song 😍
trippie blue
trippie blue Day ago
That first beat is fire🔥🔥
Dithok xx
Dithok xx Day ago
At last found the Justin Bieber I can respect and consider straight.
Julia_aaa Day ago
1:57 Teddy Fresh merch papa bless
Nevaeh Snipez
Bro fucking dead😂 loved the first one, now the second one my fav banger, gotta make part 3 fam
Julian aesthetics
PART 3 PART 3 PART 3 like to get there attention
Z Day ago
Holy shit bro I’m dead ass wearing the same fit as #3 wtf
Random Channel
I see this to hear justin in the gym and when someone passes by they see I'm seeing a thug song
vrizzyy Day ago
I'm just paying attention to the guy in the pink
Wendy L
Wendy L Day ago
1:17 Noah looks so cute in his jumpsuit XD
Lukas Sundkvist
Im addicted
Song in the beginning is 02 Shit by Cdot Honcho if y’all were wondering 🤘🏽🌎🌎
KING Jay Day ago
I love the part it shows Noah the only white kid there with all the black people
Carlos Rodriguez
2:48 “We need somebody to LOVE” Guy holds The L
42,069 Subs With Zero Videos??
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theKlinsman Ong
still the most fire music video ive ever watched XD
Tsm Xommers
Tsm Xommers Day ago
This slaps on Larry
puffdaddy _21
what was the song they played before jb'
puffdaddy _21 02 shit by cdot Honcho
Bryan Chavez
Bryan Chavez Day ago
Noah is the only white guy there iam dead 😂
Skyla Edwards
I really watch this everyday 😭😭
BursT _
BursT _ Day ago
The piano that starts the video is fire , anyone know where it’s from ?
BursT _ 02 shit by cdot Honcho Produced by me 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
Ghosty Kid
Ghosty Kid Day ago
what is the begining song before justin
gg Day ago
Keep doing these I love them💖💖💖
50 Macks
50 Macks Day ago
This is gay as hell
Christopher Charlestin
Do the backstreet boys
unsatisfied Day ago
Yung Brat
Yung Brat Day ago
Doesn't this bring so much memories??
ITSTJ Day ago
William Bouret
What song is the intro before the actual song
William Bouret 02 shit cdot Honcho
Joseph Hu
Joseph Hu Day ago
Give. Noah. Lines.
Next videos
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