What's in my Tech Bag! [2019]

Marques Brownlee
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My tech everyday carry.
Peak Design Everyday backpack: amzn.to/2lCOFdR
OnePlus 7 Pro: amzn.to/2lrmPRv
iPhone XS Max: amzn.to/2xUSOfP
Sony WH1000XM3: amzn.to/2lCmg7H
Canon EOS R: amzn.to/2XRYe62
Anker 26,800mAh battery: amzn.to/2XTmwfO
dbrand Anker skin: dbrand.com/anker-battery-bank-skins
11" iPad Pro: amzn.to/2lALFi3
MKBHD Merch: shop.MKBHD.com
Vanja SD card reader: amzn.to/2k5rLLG
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recom...
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD
Intro Track: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: goo.gl/B3AWV5

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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 5 018
Rikin Thakkar
Rikin Thakkar 22 hours ago
My 15 dollar backpack has nothing but crumpled papers from 8th grade
shubham sharma
shubham sharma 2 days ago
Hey how many guys are from India .Btw I am your indian fan
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 3 days ago
Can we get a 2020 edition?
Frank Pitchford
Frank Pitchford 3 days ago
Do you or would you carry a portable ssd?
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad 3 days ago
1:44 spelled "Nebula" wrong
cylurian 4 days ago
If you are just taking pictures, you should consider a Fuji camera, colors are great and the footprint is small. Of course you can always go with a Fuji X100V.
HARSH 4 days ago
that skeleton employee working behind tho.......
wcnmlgb 6 days ago
Does it have enough room to store the new 16 inch MacBook Pro?
Flavius Tanigoi
Flavius Tanigoi 7 days ago
Please do another what's in my backpack 2020
Adwait Deshpande
Adwait Deshpande 7 days ago
When you realise you can hardly afford just the bag
Joe Lin
Joe Lin 8 days ago
Look at the comments lol Man buys $3000 purse for woman: It's nothing Man buys $300 backpack for himself: No way I'm gonna spend that much
kewalin aryal
kewalin aryal 9 days ago
You forgot to talk about your apple watch.
George thomas Pramod
The guy who steals marques bag is so lucky.
Best Tuber
Best Tuber 10 days ago
@t I bought it from this site. The price is very reasonable. $ 200 profit guarantee. Suggested. beautiful ipad
Sour Lemon
Sour Lemon 10 days ago
Instead of that battery pack you should get a solar power one. The one I use holds enough for 8 full charges (which I never need but is fun if I go camping) and it’s water proof
Joshua Givens
Joshua Givens 11 days ago
And why do you need two phones
Archie Elvidge
Archie Elvidge 11 days ago
Nice vid
Noah Duyan
Noah Duyan 11 days ago
what about the straps, are they comfortable?
NOOBツ LEO 11 days ago
Sabhi apne bag kyun dikha te hay 😒
iOS baby
iOS baby 14 days ago
Where is Cube
Dmarcus Liu
Dmarcus Liu 15 days ago
got the same earphone bro
Meenakshi Samayal
Meenakshi Samayal 15 days ago
Luv from Tamilnadu, India
Sid 16 days ago
Pointless video
Magnus Haukelidsæter
defuq! Who uses two phones...
fookin hell
fookin hell 16 days ago
romani gypsies seizuring...
Saba Afxazava
Saba Afxazava 19 days ago
This guy looks a little like koby bryant
The alive one or the burnt one?
Ribhu 20 days ago
So nobody talked about the skeleton seating on the chair behind him.
Mister GG
Mister GG 20 days ago
Why 2 phones?
Kyle Wong
Kyle Wong 20 days ago
Cool man !
Raphael Loh
Raphael Loh 20 days ago
"I've been bery picky. I've had 3 in the last... 9 years"? I bought 2 last year...
Delhi Technology Club
What’s in my Tech Bag 2020 ? Are there any upgrades?
Jobri 21 day ago
Cool to hear a watsky song in the intro
JS MANA CHANNEL 21 day ago
I’m happy 😊 because all your beg and all I have is Sony WH-1000
ギドラ 21 day ago
Only a USvidr millionaire would need two smartphones as “daily drivers”.
ً ً
ً ً 18 days ago
ギドラ or someone who needs a phone dedicated for work
JAY 22 days ago
He didn’t mention his watch.
Howard Hui
Howard Hui 22 days ago
No one gonna comment on the Nebaula blue?
Nirav Sharma
Nirav Sharma 23 days ago
Did anyone else notice at 1:42 it says "Nebaula" instead of "Nebula"
ZAds Azhad
ZAds Azhad 23 days ago
Nebaula blue🤔
AnM 24 days ago
Flying at night, oof 😅
Joel Maysey
Joel Maysey 24 days ago
The Rubik’s cube seems to work very efficiently
ASD 25 days ago
Don't you carry your watch charger?
Vignesh 25 days ago
But, what about a water bottle?
Abishek Soundararajan
Why you should steal my Tech Bag! [2019]
randomgennericBlogger 1234
My tech pocket: nokia
BryceDaRice 29 days ago
if you ever feel useless just remember that there is an all black rubix cube that exists
Fleatick 77
Fleatick 77 29 days ago
My daily driver iPhone 6s Beats solo 2 wired Apple Watch s3 Beats carrying case
JustinBurnsRed21 29 days ago
Did anyone else hear him say “that take cares of that”
Ridley Coates
Ridley Coates Month ago
4:49 You: take cares My ocd: you gotta be kidding me
Lukkaip ϟ
Lukkaip ϟ Month ago
in my bag: school books pens, pencils gamepad fidget cube portable charger.
fishtherapy100 Month ago
He stole it.
can old man jenkins reach 10,000 subscribers?
Marques: “i’ll start with phones I carry” Me: did you just say “phone’s” Edit: aye thanks for 2 likes!😃 Edit again: oOf 10 likes!
Jer Jer
Jer Jer Month ago
Wheres the black cubic?
SAVAGE bro Month ago
Steal this guys bag n u will be rich
Richard Andrew
Richard Andrew Month ago
...and all I want its just a T7i w/ a good lens to take photos and make a movie or other... :(
nice. Month ago
The man has a fully black rubix cube in his backpack
Sean Dent
Sean Dent Month ago
I have a bunch of electronics that my mom wont let me bring to school besides my phone. So all I have in my backpack is papers I forgot to turn in to the teacher and some pens and pencils and more papers!
DJ_ PlayzStuff
DJ_ PlayzStuff Month ago
iPhone 8, 64GB Apple EarPods to Lightning Adapter A lock for a locker And useless shit
GD Zodixc
GD Zodixc Month ago
The Thumbnail Has A Literal Stickerless Cube
Daniel Hartnett
Daniel Hartnett Month ago
On the thumb nail he has the same headphones as Jacksepticeye
WaterCubeGamer Month ago
Am I the only one who clicked on this video to see the gray colored rubik's cube?
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