What's Going on w/ Mariahlynn & Rich? | Love & Hip Hop: New York

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When asked about her romantic relationship with Rich, Mariahlynn reveals too much personal information for Rich to handle.
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Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop New York offers a deeper look into the lives, loves and everyday struggles of hip-hop heavy hitters and rising stars in the Big Apple as they try to make their marks in the game. Cast members include Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, Remy Ma, Papoose, Juelz Santana, Kimbella, Yandy, Maino, Maggie Carrie, Safaree, Rich Dollaz, Sidney Starr, Nya Lee, Jonathan Fernandez, Juju and Anais.
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What's Going on w/ Mariahlynn & Rich? | Love & Hip Hop: New York usvid.net/u-VH1


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Mar 12, 2019

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Comments 4 171
Jewel Grier
Jewel Grier 5 hours ago
He not claiming u in public..whole fool
Jewel Grier
Jewel Grier 5 hours ago
First come love then marraige then baby an carriage
Jewel Grier
Jewel Grier 5 hours ago
Rich need dingaling break
Mahogany. Applebum
Mahogany. Applebum 6 hours ago
This is why women use men like Rich.
He had no energy for his own girlfriend, but leapt across a table his ex girlfriend's boyfriend. WTF.
Kelsey Hudson
Kelsey Hudson 22 hours ago
Rich act like we care about him having diabetes... 😒 he was looking for an excuse to be mad
Lawry M.
Lawry M. Day ago
Why did she put all of his information out like that
Jernialooves 2 days ago
At 3:10 is she saying the n word??
Jaafer Kelifa
Jaafer Kelifa 2 days ago
Thats sad
X. M I M I .X
X. M I M I .X 3 days ago
She sounds like Cardi B like if you agree
Tiffany Raphael
Tiffany Raphael 3 days ago
This was so uncomfortable Mariah dunno wtf she talking about damn
Ashlee Robinson
Ashlee Robinson 3 days ago
Rich reminds me of this bum ass dude I used to date ( his face looks so stupid) when got caught in something
Is anyone gonna ignore the fact that Mariah is so beautiful 🥰🥵🌏
seven rue
seven rue 5 days ago
Omg i feel so bad for her i hope one day she’s strong enough to walk away from this pos
Deryn Dior
Deryn Dior 5 days ago
Remy makeup is throwing me & Mariah was just spilling the beans 😂😂
Reek' Natural
Reek' Natural 5 days ago
Dam but why would she put all his dam business out there tho 😖😖😣😣
Kiyah Boo
Kiyah Boo 5 days ago
Smh she embarrassed herself
Yusuf :]
Yusuf :] 6 days ago
Okay Mariah shouldn't have talked about the disease and Rich shouldn't have stayed silent and should have backed up his actions, he known for being a player. And know he's making her look bad and he was mad disrespectful!
Tyrique -
Tyrique - 6 days ago
TMI: too much information, some thing’s people don’t need to know I would feel so embarrassed for Rich if I was him
markeac Mcclain
markeac Mcclain 6 days ago
She shouldn't have put his biz on blast like that it was definitely wrong
T DMJ 6 days ago
She spilled too many personal facts. He’s done.
SoYoung Bethea-Bullock
Mariahlynn and Rich been dealing for long time on and off and I hope they can work things out
Tinisha Washington
That was 🤧 to not have her back 🤭like I’m a heart broke when she walked off the stage ...I’ve been there and it’s time 🕰 for a change
Johnathan is such a good friend
iaeli Kaleta
iaeli Kaleta 9 days ago
Aww that made me cry poor mariah u deserve so much better!
Teniqua Brown
Teniqua Brown 9 days ago
Rich is a clown
Sherry Iverson
Sherry Iverson 9 days ago
Clearly he wasn't going to back her up. Let's be real it's Rich, sorry honey if you have to ask then you already know the answer.
KayG_Loves 9 days ago
Who ever did remy’s hair and makeup has her sitting up there looking like an overdid drag queen 🙌🏽 FIRE THEM!
Shamika Mims
Shamika Mims 8 days ago
Nicholas Channel
Nicholas Channel 10 days ago
I hate the fact that Mariah says niggas so freely
Jessica Lae
Jessica Lae 10 days ago
jordan woods
jordan woods 10 days ago
but sussss......u DO look embarrassed 😩
Haylie2 fye
Haylie2 fye 11 days ago
this is beyond me!
Milly Milly
Milly Milly 11 days ago
I'm glad Nya Lee is back 💯
Milly Milly
Milly Milly 11 days ago
Why is Alexis on love and hip hop new York she looks so out of place
Marley Mac
Marley Mac 11 days ago
I feel so bad for her, pleading with a man who won't stick up for her. It was very sad to watch
justin hudson
justin hudson 12 days ago
Anyone who says I can have anyone I want is very insecure.
Maddie Brown
Maddie Brown 12 days ago
She literally had to beg him to her up. Smh she’s too pretty she needa leave his ass alone.
Michael Dipsey
Michael Dipsey 13 days ago
Rich is a looser it’s diabetes u serious what a clown and she down for him he stupid af
2ENVY Shanice
2ENVY Shanice 13 days ago
This looks similar to Eric dating Rich, she was begging him to have her back also.
Natalee Gardner
Natalee Gardner 13 days ago
He should’ve definitely defended her and those faces he does just makes me wanna slap him and nya had no right to say Mariah’s embarrassed bc he didn’t have her back it’s honestly what Mariah and him think of the relationship and if they are happy.i mean I grew up having my own back and back myself up🤦‍♀️I feel so bad for Mariah
Brandy Leon
Brandy Leon 14 days ago
He always plays games and it's sad he cant just claim his woman.
Logan Par
Logan Par 14 days ago
You don’t expose that dude in public on a stage
Michael Hickman
Michael Hickman 15 days ago
Coundnt be@@@@@@@@@@ me ! Think it stinks
Joann Kennedy
Joann Kennedy 15 days ago
The fashions for this reunion is outrageous, awful, and very very unworthy. Please allow next year for you to go outlet store especially Ralph Lauren. Oh my goodness.
GORILLA ITA 16 days ago
Omg I can't belive this how I miss this wow she got me cryin & I can't stand her but na WAT my heart actually hurts for her back her up rich 😡 wtf when newyork comin back on as well
Margit Ouma
Margit Ouma 17 days ago
Riche's face when Mariahlyn talked about the vasectomy. He doesn't want her fr...
Cassandra Williams
Cassandra Williams 17 days ago
Tht is messed up tho 💔
femylafi 17 days ago
Rich is a bas-terd though... he had Erica Men crying the same way, treating her the same, but no one can see a pattern..
Sosquiid 18 days ago
Any man that will lay with you in private but deny you in public is not worth your time sweetie. On the one hand he’s a trash ass dude for doing her like that but ultimately people only treat you how you allow them to.
Toofly105 Fly
Toofly105 Fly 18 days ago
Monica’s new #1 hit single ‘Commitment’ out NOW‼️
Peachesxo 18 days ago
Rich has got some serious demons, he enjoys playing with girls hearts and making them look stupid. Because to him it’s some ego thing, he thinks he looks like The man to other men. Stay far away from men like him, they’re toxic.
Amarie Miller
Amarie Miller 18 days ago
Rich a little girl man 😤😤😤
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight 18 days ago
Shes being used lol. Girl needs to open her eyes and Run away from him
Gene Best
Gene Best 18 days ago
T M 18 days ago
I wish cardi was there she would have been behind mariyah and bianca bruhh
Reece Elaine
Reece Elaine 18 days ago
Rich is a POS
ryan booth
ryan booth 18 days ago
Nya has a fat head
Janiyablair Banks
Janiyablair Banks 19 days ago
She put all his business on national TV he didn’t want everyone to know his disease and his Business
Kayla Martinez
Kayla Martinez 19 days ago
He’s ugly asf for her and she’s dumb
Jae Kay
Jae Kay 20 days ago
Hes a complete creep,He knows he just blew his entire operation.He dont deserve her at all. Im glad he got a vasectomy,he dont need to make humans who behave like he does.
D Onslott
D Onslott 20 days ago
Just want to say that I’m black and it’s disheartening to see that most ppl that watch this show are black. Love and hip hop is a disgusting show that degrades ppl of color and undermines the true sense of everyday life. This is not life , this is exposure of our greatest downfall to see our ppl fall into this realm of low self esteem. My ppls there are better things for use to burn our energy into something more productive. Shows like black ink crew and love and hip hop have been draining out time and energy and converting it into pure evil. Please don’t let your children watch anything like this.
jae sutt
jae sutt 21 day ago
Lol rich dead wrong
Javarous McNealy
Javarous McNealy 21 day ago
Mariah pissed me off in this scene! She spoke too much and didn't ALLOW him to express! Sometimes, a woman needs to shutup and let the man Represent and Speak for himself! 💯
Penny Moore
Penny Moore 21 day ago
Who did that to remy
Cherise Phillips
Cherise Phillips 22 days ago
She should of left it right there wen she said she not pregnant by him all that make out thing wasnt called for
Ms. Wiggins
Ms. Wiggins 22 days ago
When did they became a couple
Mariela Meneses
Mariela Meneses 22 days ago
Nia was right but she SHOULDN'T SAY IT!
Melina Mendiola
Melina Mendiola 22 days ago
🤔so that's a No then Rich?
demi-god 1000
demi-god 1000 23 days ago
She sound like cardi b little bit
Undisclosed Username
Why cant I get enough of Mariahlynn? She just draws attention, good or bad, to her and I can't answer why.
Mason Star
Mason Star 24 days ago
He’s not worth it!!!
Twsquad 4l
Twsquad 4l 24 days ago
I’m dead nya lee she spit fact but she embarrass her too
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh 25 days ago
Wow shocking news I thought they didn’t get along . His asshole
Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green 26 days ago
Leave him alone. A Man that dont love you won't back you up ever.
Olasunkanmi Awodijo
I need to arrest who did Remy Ma makeup
Khadijah Sherman
Khadijah Sherman 26 days ago
That little girl talks to much. Why would you put that man's personal health business out there.
Talcintervention organization
This episode was bullshyt cause everyone can tell and already knew rich was feeling her... And kickin it with her... So thevither bytch sound dumb and look dumb
Timothy Garner
Timothy Garner 27 days ago
Rick is being a coward now.He's smashing a fine bunny like MA and can't man up.what a putz.And impregnated her or at least trying too.
Ivette Lopez
Ivette Lopez 28 days ago
Really she made herself look foolish
STARY MICKAILA 28 days ago
Mariah just made herself look even more worthless.
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