What Is Love?

Will Smith
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Nov 14, 2019




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Comments 5 121
t Czinege
t Czinege 40 minutes ago
Oh my... I watched it tipsy and almost cried. You should be proud of yourself Will, you are a good man and I wish I could support my family the way you do..
smilingsingh13 52 minutes ago
Thanks Will
Love is never being alone.
Rashi Anand
Rashi Anand 3 hours ago
Oh you missed receiving Joey already said that. It's giving and sharing and receiving😉
OhmZen 4 hours ago
Werd...thank u Mr. Smith.
Lina Trejo
Lina Trejo 4 hours ago
Thank you for this. I
Lisa van Zyl
Lisa van Zyl 5 hours ago
*Tears in my eye* Today is a horrible day for me. For the first time I am admitting that I need help with my life. Can’t explain my situation here and now. But I wish I could sit down and just have a full conversation with you. 😭
me me meme boy
me me meme boy 5 hours ago
I'm crying at 9am rn. He has such a way with words.
Amalia Ayunda Putri
In my mind love is about acceptance.What's yours?
Angela Salim
Angela Salim 7 hours ago
I love luv, happy to be a nurturer I am. 😁♥️
zidia Mcmillan
zidia Mcmillan 11 hours ago
Can someone tell me why isn't will writing no philosophy or motivational books? This video made me cry. Will I'll tell u this you're truly living your purpose. My take is... Love is what you do for other people over and over again until they find what's is worth fighting for
Farah Jamil
Farah Jamil 13 hours ago
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Jessica Coulanges
Jessica Coulanges 14 hours ago
Listen. Understand. Validate ..LUV✨ Needed this!!
Jessica Coulanges
Jessica Coulanges 14 hours ago
Everything about this video and the messages hit me in the right places.
Ivan Murcia
Ivan Murcia 17 hours ago
Best video ever from @Will Smith! 💚💙💜LUV it!💜💙💚
Dorian R
Dorian R 17 hours ago
This needs at least 7 billion views
Marta Tomczak
Marta Tomczak 17 hours ago
It showd me a lot. I was thinking my four years of relationship are stable. I think I'm in good relationship, but we're still learning to understand each other. There are days of conflicts but we're solving them together. If we can't solve, we're accepting our differences. We're not perfect halfs as we used to think. But I'm thinking I'm on good way. As you said, when people can't complete their desires they're breaking up. It never happend in my relationship. We are treating each other like Gardeners and Flowers. She wants me to follow my dreams instead of following her path and I want same for her. Because truth is no one needs take same path, when you're always deciding to see each other at every single point of it. Before her I was only expecteing. I was dreaming about perfect relationship but it pushed me to expect from my partners and from myself. She showed me what I was doing wrong. She's my flower I want to care about and let her bloom. Thanks to you I want to understand her more and more ♥ Thank you, Will. I always was thinking about you as great actor, but now I see you as great person!
Canal Jp X super
Canal Jp X super 19 hours ago
Will smith você fala minha língua português
Cocacabana 20 hours ago
I love listening to you n Jada - I wish she would switch red table talk to USvid.
Bernadette Alvarado
Bernadette Alvarado 22 hours ago
Thank you for sharing your light & love with us Will 💞🙏🏻😘
Mohammed Rowdi
Mohammed Rowdi 23 hours ago
و يمكن انا جحى مدري
Mohammed Rowdi
Mohammed Rowdi 23 hours ago
بينحس بينسمع جحى :)
Nikki Poseidon, Shiva
❤️ Well said! 🎉😊
cat Day ago
Baby don't hurt me..
G Day ago
It’s a song by Twice
Nicole Hannah
Skip to 2:30
G. Coleman
G. Coleman Day ago
I love this man
Irene Baggetto
thank you for your gift!
Dana000 Day ago
I believe in what he say and I agree because he studied Psychology in university, and I'm a Psychologist.
Ricardo Croes
Love is the most powerful Energy in the World and the Universe, you find Love in all dimensions, in colors, sounds vibration 528 hz, in frequencies, human vibrations ( Smile, animals, flowers ) Love is everywhere, because every is Love ! Mr. Hedu
My Soul Speaks Divinely Guided
Yes... been working on this myself with my family and friends for years. Love is action..
Oliver Clive
Oliver Clive Day ago
that flower analogy hit hard
SunrEyes Dime
I love you so much, you are brilliant
Klint Eastwood
The ultimate display of love was Jesus on the cross.
SHAY 2 hours ago
Juan Camargo
Juan Camargo Day ago
Baby don't hurt me
ange nkanu
ange nkanu Day ago
True love has already been conveyed in the bible In ‘1 Corinthians 13:4-8’ Thank you Will, but our praise should go to Jesus .. who clearly showed us what love is.
Hudson Cornett
Very strong video
So what happens with toxic families?
Joanne C
Joanne C Day ago
Nice to see a celebrity that really gets it ✌🏼💜🙌🏻
Sarah S.
Sarah S. Day ago
1 Corinthians 13
brayden klunder
L.ifes O.nly V.aluable E.motion ♾💓
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