What He Really Means: Translating Texts from a Flake

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Tanny is tired of the games from a man she met, so Steve is here to decode his texts - and he has quite the surprise for her!
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Nov 7, 2018

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Comments 373
Idk 18 hours ago
Steve looks like a silver fox. That beard is sharp man.
girlgreenivy Day ago
That beard! Steve. No
Alexis Carter
He’s handsome! Great smile!
D.R Linsey
D.R Linsey Day ago
She bad John tripping 🤦🏾‍♂️
Allison S
Allison S Day ago
Tammy looks like Marjorie!!
Imani 4 days ago
Video paused someone said “Goodbye” 🤣🤣🤣😹
Leya Chivers
Leya Chivers 4 days ago
Thank you, NEXT!!!!
Dodex 4 days ago
She looks 25!!!!!!! Not 30
A Google User
A Google User 4 days ago
Let's break it down: 1) They met in Vegas - ever heard the expression what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? 2) He was at a bachelor party - his romantic interest should be taken with a grain of salt! 3) He's got baby mama drama - nuff said! Although he cuts a suit nicely, when he "axed" her for a date on the show it shows that he is well below her level! So let's really break it down - he's screwing other women oh, he has at least one child, he's broke and probably has no formal education based on the way he speaks. He's not being honest because he's either immature or lying, in denial or all three. No need for a third date you are wasting your time! Ladies take note.
michelle thomas
michelle thomas 5 days ago
Run away as fast as you can
Pesi Belau
Pesi Belau 6 days ago
how old is this boy?
Helmsson 7 days ago
Imagine how this same audience would respond if the roles were reversed.
TelAviv Druaboyea-Blanco
Y’all can hate but she still gone take him back. The end.
Rise Wise West
Rise Wise West 8 days ago
Where the hell is the rest of this video???
YOU AND ME ? 10 days ago
She liked but this guy he not sure women
Sawyer Averys
Sawyer Averys 11 days ago
I believe in giving someone another chance, but once time is wasted and time is tooken up and too many games are being played, then it's time to say goodbye and no more looking back on *shoulda woulda coulda* becuz you had the chance and now those chances are no longer on the table
Joel Woodhead
Joel Woodhead 11 days ago
Jon, It's what i do
Holly Wyant
Holly Wyant 12 days ago
I relate to this so much
Jordan Norman
Jordan Norman 12 days ago
Damn she did that💪😍✌
Rosie W
Rosie W 12 days ago
Dumb woman!
Abena Amaka
Abena Amaka 13 days ago
What is this nonsense.
Suhasni Singgaravelu
Awesome 😂
T.S k.
T.S k. 14 days ago
Oh you have him have him
Calina Santos
Calina Santos 14 days ago
Well, he is FINE tho!
yo-yo Mary
yo-yo Mary 15 days ago
That is so stupid
Angelica Cushing
Angelica Cushing 16 days ago
What was in vegas should have stayed in Vegas.
Ms Lady
Ms Lady 16 days ago
I think the guy is wacked first chance that is it he blew it he is a game player If it was me done after the first time .
z 16 days ago
Run from guys like this! He showed u consistently he's a shady flake! Run
G 17 days ago
I wonder why Steve let this carry on...isn’t he always warning us about dudes like this?
Christina LT
Christina LT 17 days ago
Miss me with that mess. He's a child.
Atousa Katigari
Atousa Katigari 18 days ago
He handsome
DNG3 19 days ago
The audience was so against him until he walked out. Then the women started understanding her predicament.
Mr Colemore
Mr Colemore 19 days ago
Tell her to text me.
Adrienne 19 days ago
All this emotion for some dude she barely dated and talked to? We women love to do this to ourselves.
Withrow Stockton
Withrow Stockton 20 days ago
Men play too many games....and why would you want to play her though? Shes beautiful....I dont get it
bigjayking24 20 days ago
Wait...Why would You bring him there on the show Steve?? WTF?? All for ratings?? Really?? You can't see how uncomfortable she is and this is for her?? SMDH! Wow!
setaBC 23 days ago
Hes just smashing....her and a few others, let him be a dog karma always works everything out
Dave Ayo
Dave Ayo 23 days ago
ol' girl is fine tho , i will have slide in tht DM too
Happey67 23 days ago
Sick of all these made up women with their fake confidence and will engage a loser man at all cost.
nesha fields
nesha fields 24 days ago
Hes texting way to much, clearly he doesn't want conversation! What happen to PICKING UP THE PHONE AND CALLLLL
Robin Light
Robin Light 24 days ago
Why would she come national television and put the business on blast.
MsCanbelieveit 24 days ago
Girlllllll, He is FINE!!!!!!!!
Lucy 24 days ago
He only cme to the show for a vacation. He doesn't give a crap. Wallet forgetting ghosting man.
Wally Marz
Wally Marz 24 days ago
UNCLE STEVE checking dudes outfit and shoes out lol
Marlo Ramos
Marlo Ramos 24 days ago
I thought the dude was dumb but dear lord that woman is dumb as helllll. Pray for her y’all..
Mattelstown 24 days ago
she is an amazing woman omg yes!!!!!! queeennnnnnn
Dc Liverachee
Dc Liverachee 25 days ago
Her ig is @Tannymosley I got y’all 🤞🏾
John Duffy
John Duffy 26 days ago
Women are IDIOTS!
Joyful Queen
Joyful Queen 26 days ago
Gross...women stop seeking for closure!! U don’t need closure or validation from a man! Damn! He was obviously in it for a free meAl smh...who forgets their wallet?
ameno0o 27 days ago
He is a player player
Anyanwu Chrisangelo
Grrrr, few more minutes will satisfy my curiosity!. Some men do want closure if i may add ^ ^
Princess Gina
Princess Gina 27 days ago
When he walked in I was like woaaa
MyTyi Kiss
MyTyi Kiss 28 days ago
Steve!!! Why does your suit match your beard???😏😏😏
mc hammer
mc hammer 28 days ago
nobody going ask why she wearing a belt around her stomach.....no?...ok
New Naturel
New Naturel 28 days ago
Where's the other part to this video?
Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson 29 days ago
This is how texts are always taken out of context
Ada 29 days ago
Low standards make me nauseous
sasha rigby
sasha rigby 29 days ago
Steve damn near FBI
Shamsudeen Mohammed
Lets take a moment and admire her beauty. She fine
Judah- Emmanuel Paddy Acquah
Jerry Springer noir
Jj Mmm
Jj Mmm 29 days ago
she's really pretty
marskeins 29 days ago
So what I get is this dude makes us good dudes look bad. He thought basically the grass was greener on the other side. And then got on the other side and realized the water bill was high as hell. So now he wanna try and scope her up. He ain't gonna stay with ya long sweetheart. He playing ya!!!
Vielle Vielle
Vielle Vielle Month ago
Gah, she's so gorgeous!
PartyGirl Month ago
lmao... this little segments tickle me!
Pierre Month ago
2:46 whats wrong whit him? and again like wtf 4:07
Latika La-Shae AndThenWhat?
I think we should at least listen since the guy was willing to be on tv to meet her :)
Nicole Smith
Nicole Smith Month ago
🧐🧐🧐 taking notes to her replies lol 😂
Young Professionals
He sounds like a player..
TaD D Month ago
1. What really happened in Vegas Sis. 2. He said that when he's cleared up his situation, then he will be ready. Cut him off till then. 3. Is this dude married? Wife is dying???
Jesse Hill
Jesse Hill Month ago
DAMN.... HE Drop the BAG!!!!
Wendy M. Woods
Wendy M. Woods Month ago
Nope, nope, nope...
Mema Del Rey
Mema Del Rey Month ago
He is married!!!
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith Month ago
That whole message sounds like a LOAD OF BS!!!! He has a gf and is cheating and must’ve got caught, but he’s trying to win points with “honesty”😐
Sasha C
Sasha C Month ago
Was this pose to be like some kind of heartfelt reunion? 🤔😂
Renee Haskett
Renee Haskett Month ago
After he stood her up twice then she blocked him, he had THE NERVE to say I did not know it was that serious. Since when is standing someone up even once is OK? Then he had THE NERVE to play some guilt-trip on her by saying I see that you moved all the way on and I'm outside now hoping I can explain myself to you and I don't have anything else to say you've made your point. He is a very self-centered man. During dinner she better discuss this standing up situation with him and not wait until later. Standing someone up is very selfish bc that person knows what they are doing and you're like is she/he coming or running late. He could have told her why he couldn't meet up with her, apologize and reschedule instead of flaking on her.
SHE Speaks
SHE Speaks Month ago
Why is she seeking validation of closure from him. He has told u what u need to know by standing u up multiple times. If u were important to him he would show u plain and simple
A True Love Official
I can see it in her eyes that she really likes the guy that gives her so much confusion. Luckily Steve's got the solution for almost everything.
Esther .M
Esther .M Month ago
Wouldn't you need your drivers license to drive... isn't that in your wallet?
Shishi shiks
Shishi shiks 26 days ago
Esther .M Yes exactly my point.. like what about your DL???
Twyn Colen
Twyn Colen Month ago
Like that suit 80s.......
Steve messed up. This guy is running game period.
Rebekah Porter
Rebekah Porter Month ago
Steve would have fun with my texts 🤣
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Month ago
He ghosted her, and had her pay for dinner, and she's still thinking what could've happened with this guy. He's just not into u honey. And that's his loss bcuz ur gorgeous.
Amber Bee
Amber Bee Month ago
He’s full of 🤬 and if she sticks around then she can’t blame anyone but herself when he waste even more of her time smh
Jackie Morris
Jackie Morris Month ago
Karma S
Karma S Month ago
I just saw the other video. Steve actually push them to go on a date together. This lady needs to wake up and realize she is WASTING HER TIME! I can't believe she even allowed him to touch her when he first walked on the stage. I would have looked at him like, do I know you? 😲 She is WASTING her time and making herself look like a COMPLETE FOOL!!!! How many times have she been on his show already? How many times did he stand her up in person? Now she want to welcome him with open arms and go on a date with him!!!!! REALLY? Are you that THIRSTY? STOP making just not black woman but all women look bad!
Marcus Melton
Marcus Melton 24 days ago
If he does it again(which wouldn't be a surprise) then I won't feel bad for her.
ocubex Month ago
These men are giving us a bad name!!!
Jude Diegue
Jude Diegue Month ago
People make mistakes. Clearly he knew he was getting ready to make a HUGE mistake. I'm glad she has a kind heart and gave my dude another chance. Lol.
Kenneth Smotherman
Lol Steve had me rolling when brought him out😂😂😂😂😂.
Nat Rambo
Nat Rambo Month ago
Shes fine she could slide in my DMs anytime
LaLabutterfly Month ago
🤣🤣🤣 I’m living for the stone cold straight faces the guys are trying to maintain
Precious Jewlz
Precious Jewlz Month ago
Go Uncle Steve! This is getting good! Lol
Airwane Month ago
look at all these women they were like naaah boy bye but when they saw him they were daaaammn!
Roots Month ago
Get that man a barber!
Suhaib Awad
Suhaib Awad Month ago
idk about yall but that beat was hard when he showed up
Chaunika English
Heads up!! The second part of this video is called "Confronting a cagey man" Thank me later 😘
DoubleJ85 Month ago
The guy in the first row at 2:47!!! LMAO!!!
Kim Flowers
Kim Flowers Month ago
Hurry and get them back before the show gets the ax.
1Grand Adventure
You missed a chance at "struggle love".
mcdonalds1499 Month ago
ahhh she was almost perfectly moved on lol
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