What He Really Means: Translating Texts from a Flake

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Tanny is tired of the games from a man she met, so Steve is here to decode his texts - and he has quite the surprise for her!
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Comments 100
Daniel Derese
Daniel Derese 21 hour ago
This guy really good writer. He should write a book.
YOU AND ME ? Day ago
I'm make one day
Jim Lan
Jim Lan Day ago
Females flake all the damn time. So often that guys literally need to come up with strategies just to avoid these "flakes" 💀
Sarah Milner
Sarah Milner 4 days ago
Steve doesn't need to be wearing those skinny pants Marjorie!
hala0coco 5 days ago
Awkwarddddd !
C J 5 days ago
Steve lookin fly as always
Nova Love
Nova Love 5 days ago
Well damn. Uncle Steve got him on the show lol
Ben Ola
Ben Ola 5 days ago
And they cancelling this show like wtf
Ben Ola
Ben Ola 5 days ago
Immature man
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor 7 days ago
Tanny IG anyone??
Yvonne Koreta
Yvonne Koreta 8 days ago
Uncle Steve, I could use this very same type of help, may you please help me?
a and
a and 8 days ago
the women in the audience are better than the show lol so funny
Elizabeth Rose Mohammed
Lol ellen did this
Indian Naruto
Indian Naruto 9 days ago
As a guy myself , she should stay away from him..
Layla Green
Layla Green 9 days ago
Yess girl
Megeshan Reddy
Megeshan Reddy 9 days ago
Damnnn ima use these lines on these girls next time they play with me 😤
lily alonzo
lily alonzo 10 days ago
Flake on me once shame on u flake on me twice shame on my
3DayPriest 10 days ago
Beard makes him chinless at times.
M_ TheGod
M_ TheGod 10 days ago
Why she didn’t keep that same energy when he came out ????
Jacqui TheGreat
Jacqui TheGreat 11 days ago
He looks broke! Girl run!!! 😂
Princess Judah
Princess Judah 13 days ago
Wait, why do people go on dates with people they don't even know?!!
LadyLikeBabyKay 13 days ago
Good Girl
Good Girl 14 days ago
I feel dumber just after watching this madness eh
Good Girl
Good Girl 14 days ago
Yeah "you've raised my standards of what I really want" translation: I now know I can get women to pay for my time, sit back, lie and eNjoy!
Chuna G
Chuna G 14 days ago
Girlllllll bye 😂😂😂
kdjohnson5586 15 days ago
1 word. SCRUB
Eden Standing
Eden Standing 15 days ago
The guy in the audience at 2.46 looks ridiculous hahahaha
John Williams
John Williams 17 days ago
Question why is it that when a man gets involved with a woman he has a personal interest in why does he have to spoil her and whine and dine her when she isn't even his girlfriend would it not be better to work up to that instead of starting out that way a man is not responsible for the happiness of a woman until he has formed an intimate relationship with her no that doesn't mean having sex it means understanding who she is and what she's really about on a personal level hence the words intimate relationship meaning personal as a man if you barely know a woman you've gotten involved with not sexually but a girl that you like then you are not obligated to spend a dime on her if she expects that then her intentions with you are selfishly motivated which is all the more reason to not be involved with her maybe keep her as a friend but not pursue her as a lover by friend I mean don't dismiss her as a bad person that's not worth your time but rather as some one you can talk to from time to time maybe not consistently but just whenever you cross paths with each other
MS BOSS LADY 18 days ago
When a guy tells you that he forgot his wallet, you tell that mf to get his ass back home and get it. If he doesn't do that you with your dignity let his sorry ass work way more harder for a 2nd chance. If you let it slide once then they want to keep playing these little games testing your worth.
Leila Johnson
Leila Johnson 20 days ago
Beware of a smooth talker 🗑
Andreanna 20 days ago
He ain’t even cute
Matt Lourer
Matt Lourer 22 days ago
A man will never forget that wallet. Loser.
Tyaija Hicks
Tyaija Hicks 23 days ago
She’s so beautiful 🥰
Suedi Elmi
Suedi Elmi 24 days ago
Kenya K
Kenya K 27 days ago
I liked her response!!! Tell him girl!!!
Katie Shannon
Katie Shannon 27 days ago
he looks so cute in his little suit, his ankles out and all, i love it!!!
DEE J 28 days ago
Carley Gomez
Carley Gomez 29 days ago
........she all kinds of dumb🙄 ......he gave you your closure, he's trash? The heck case closed???
Precious Chilufya
Uncle Steve you are great
Cesar Davila
Cesar Davila Month ago
Did he smash tho lol
marco baker
marco baker Month ago
Why can't I meet a beautiful good girl like this??!! SMH 😥
Tboooy A
Tboooy A Month ago
She is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tessitura9 Month ago
Why do women oftentimes give guys like this the time?? I feel like us women need to stop lowering our standards. No one has time to deal with boys like that. That guy was obviously a joke from the first time he stood her up 🤦🏽‍♀️ You don't need closure, you need to move tf on!
Suzanne Faye
Suzanne Faye Month ago
He's not even good looking, girlll u know u can do better
Suzanne Faye
Suzanne Faye Month ago
This guy is the devil incarnate... RUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN 🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿🏃🏿
Jelisa Sanchez Ramirez
When it comes to closure I learn not to look for it and move on. Just imagining that you walk all over him and life your life. Like Steve say they just move on like nothing happened
he's handsome
well she's gorgeous .mm way to pretty for him. wow
gorgeous girl
876ME Month ago
She’s playing herself by still entertaining this man. Y’all met over a wknd in Vegas. He’s ghosted you ever since. He expressed very clearly through his actions that he’s not that interested and he’s not serious. So wtf is she doing? I’m sorry, but if you stand me up once, that is the end of any relationship we have. FOH!
Rachel Tepirjian
What's wrong with the audience lol
My usernames always suck
Damn, that guy's grammar is so good😂
Rue de Rue
Rue de Rue Month ago
Where can I watch this entire episode?
Stella M
Stella M Month ago
Tell me you didn't undermine that woman's well place boundaries and hook her up with that punk against her own better judgement.
O Dionne
O Dionne Month ago
Didn’t even have to watch the entire video to see that dude is straight trash...funny how he won’t come correct but will come be on TV
Cheroldine Kanana
She looks and sounds very naive
Kiera Williams
Kiera Williams Month ago
He’s not attractive
Rachal Emily
Rachal Emily Month ago
He's married. End of story.
Megan Torres
Megan Torres Month ago
cliff hanger that's cheap
Lolita Candy
Lolita Candy Month ago
ya hes a player trying to make things dramatic and for her to react also trying to manipulate her with some of those words smhhh
Jacqueline Ramphal
Why didnt she just block him on IG? Let IT GO!!! Forget closer ;he will start stalking you! He said he was done; LEAVE him alone!
Positivity Breeds Positivity
He’s married or has a girlfriend
Blessed Ndhlovu
Blessed Ndhlovu Month ago
Steve about to turn Maury real quick!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Brasa 000
Brasa 000 Month ago
that white dude had me death from laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sary M.
Sary M. Month ago
I'm in a similar situation. I need to let him go ... But it's hard because I want closure too
Lizette Beach
Lizette Beach Month ago
Steve. The Tani and John needs an update. The show was Nov 7th. You brought him to the show then sent them on a date. So. You requested an update in 90 days. I want an update as well. Help .... Inquiring minds want to know. peace
Sharneezy Babi
Sharneezy Babi Month ago
Steve messy
Erika Stalling
Erika Stalling Month ago
Waste of everyone’s time...
louis delarampe
louis delarampe Month ago
What is Mr. Potato Head wearing?
Diana Robles
Diana Robles Month ago
I bet she gave him another chance.
sevillelawson1 Month ago
I like how the audience wasn’t rocking with him at first. But then as soon as he walked out they alll clapped for him lmfaooo
Roshelle Dunn
Roshelle Dunn Month ago
in this case I think I am a man; because when am done am done
Melanie B
Melanie B Month ago
Where is the continuation of this?!?!?! Ommggg 😱😱
Dre Month ago
Why they were video chatting if he was behind the set? 😬
Miesha McCray
Miesha McCray Month ago
Men just play with all of our feelings. Sighhhhhhh
Pie Nash
Pie Nash Month ago
He have issues.. Cause he's tall won't make him a good man for you. Or a good lover..
Pie Nash
Pie Nash Month ago
This how woman seems thirsty. He broke her heart now he's going to break her wallet. Girl Run..
justice5914 Month ago
Typical Boston dude unfortunately ....ugh. That's what we are exposed to constantly
James Mabs
James Mabs Month ago
2:46 the dude with the blue shirt looks stubborn
Janice Cowley
Janice Cowley Month ago
30? She looks 45 in the face.
Shirley Allen
Shirley Allen Month ago
She's moving...they're moving too fast...she's ready to plan a wedding and get into this fairy tale romance the first week...she's giddy...like a teeny bopper...the way she giggles and seems to have a childlike attitude about men...
Its me
Its me Month ago
He's a Narcissist!
69Fabulosity Month ago
She still into him look how giddy she got like a school girl with a crush..Hes a smoothe talker & if he apologizing now he gonna be doing that 4the rest of the relationship & not mean it! Im sure he didn't 4get his wallet he did that on purpose & him talking about the other woman is game he running on her so when she finds out hes still hes 👀 the other woman he will say something like im sorry again lol.."its complicated" i told u about her & make some excuse lol..& she will be hurt but constantly going bk & forth with him 🤦‍♀️❗Some grown ass woman & still dont know the game🤦‍♀️❗Having 2come on national t.v only 2look like a "Pick me chick "🤦‍♀️❗
Khadra F Mohamed
A lady had partner and he said someday that he is doing something important for a week so don't disturb me. How would you behave ?
Basma Q
Basma Q Month ago
So what did he say?
grigas003 Month ago
tanny is dummy thicc
• Wanna See My Shot Glass Collection •
3:17 That is obviously just him trying to guilt trip her into giving another a chance. He knows he doesn't another chance so he's just tryna make her feel bad about doing it. Smh.
Vannessa Fanning
Would steve look out for her? He wouldnt have him come if he didnt approve.....right? 😬
Lauryn Martins
Lauryn Martins Month ago
Beauty and brain ♥️
Princess Kajal
Princess Kajal Month ago
Glad I watched this n learnt something!!If it was me I would have given him ++points bcoz the first thing that I would think is okay he is being honest!!Now I would give a big "-"
Milan Tique
Milan Tique Month ago
Man, no one does closure. People ghosting each other all day every day lol Personally I find ghosting cowardly. Yes it hurts to tell someone why you don’t want to see them anymore but it will help the other person and it will help you because you will regret not letting the other person know why. No one likes to be ghosted so none of this “no answer is an answer” crap. Just tell others their flaws or maybe it’s just as simple as you aren’t feeling it anymore because if you tell them then you both will grow.
camellia robert
camellia robert Month ago
He have a nerve indeed
Bryanna Clarke
Bryanna Clarke Month ago
Damn they would look good together wtf 😭
Imersiion Month ago
My ex gf wanted me to pay for food even though I didn’t get anything only a glass of water, she had like $40 worth of food and drink, got up and went home haven’t seen her since. Blows my mind that women think men have to pay for their food even if we don’t get anything.
Gobblerster Month ago
no grown woman should be using slang like "he slid into my DM's..." geez is that how people talk now?
Kat Ramos
Kat Ramos Month ago
She is my heroe lmao
Goddess Bish
Goddess Bish Month ago
“U better get in his face “ lol I love that line
ELLA WARD Month ago
P Grenton
P Grenton 2 months ago
She is so pretty....
Tisha Brown
Tisha Brown 2 months ago
Lmao 😂 this dude just tried you in you think it’s funny or he means it lol 😂 Girl he has a wife in 3 kids If you blocked him why you here Since you wanna play He will smash your ass in go Cause you still thinking about him that’s why u still talking Girl bye 👋🏼
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