What He Really Means: Translating Texts from a Flake

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Tanny is tired of the games from a man she met, so Steve is here to decode his texts - and he has quite the surprise for her!
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Nov 7, 2018

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Comments 532
Corey Smith
Corey Smith 2 days ago
Didn’t Steve tell his wife he would marry her the first night he saw her.
Lambochaser 2 days ago
She's too beautiful and sweet to lower her standards like this. She must've been really sheltered as a kid.
serious 2 days ago
That boy is a fool
B-me C-HIM
B-me C-HIM 3 days ago
He walked on the stage n dem legs was already opening up.. hahahhhaa he tall. That's all. Lol
I'm Inspired
I'm Inspired 3 days ago
Ok where's the update? The 90 days have passed. He sounds like he's not ready, why is she wasting her time
PJ the rap god
PJ the rap god 4 days ago
Wtf y she sprung
KiannaOshun 4 days ago
They should've boo'd his butt .
Alika Noles
Alika Noles 4 days ago
Ew man! She seems so naive and gullible.. you better leave his ass alone! Ewww like he could come on the show but not meet up with her to have a proper date wtf
Armonti 4 days ago
She only made him feel better, he probably laughed tbh he got you on a string shorty
IDEAtvAfrica 4 days ago
I love this lady already. that clap back was a classic
Neka 5 days ago
She is soooo slow 😒
Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight 6 days ago
Uncle Steve is messy 😭
Sage Mchottie
Sage Mchottie 7 days ago
Though she did came off a little too desperate at first, I do thing this young lady is smart, beautiful and educated. Now all she needs to do is wait for love, never chase it. Chasing or hurrying love will only result in hurt, heartaches and pain. Ladies and gentlemen, never let anyone tells you they love you, just after 24hrs, 48 hrs over even 96hrs of knowing them. There’s no love there, just hormonal reactions of getting laid, hit it and quit it!
Mo'Naturals 8 days ago
They are so adorable and handsome together
Leah 11 days ago
If he felt it was better with her, then why didn’t he make that text to the other girl, he’s so manipulative.
Johnny Fang
Johnny Fang 12 days ago
woah no cap. this a handsome ass dude
Happy T.
Happy T. 13 days ago
she kind of looks like Niki Minaj
Blair Henry
Blair Henry 13 days ago
I would have walked right off the set. Oh hell naw.
a e.s
a e.s 13 days ago
"I blocked him" had me deeeeeaddddd
Always Rae
Always Rae 13 days ago
What type of Jerry Springer mess is this?!! When he came out I almost fell out laughing. He didn't have the time and ghosted her in the past, BUT does have the time to get "flewed out" *in my Yung Miami voice* to the show. Make it make sense please!
Francella Brown
Francella Brown 15 days ago
This guy is a textbook gaslighter!!!
ron kolosky
ron kolosky 15 days ago
His smile says "I'm so hot I can get away with anything ".
ron kolosky
ron kolosky 15 days ago
You sent her out alone with this player Steve? He's playing everyone including you Steve! He Will hurt her heart if not more.
Lisa ODierno
Lisa ODierno 16 days ago
Oh SNAP... Nonsense.
jenniefromtheblock XD
Why the helll did she give him a hug
jenniefromtheblock XD
Nah john F your apologies you played way to many games
The.Multi. Dimensional.1
is there a link to the 2nd half of this?
Kathleen Thomson
Kathleen Thomson 18 days ago
I love her dress! 😍
Cee Bee
Cee Bee 19 days ago
Uncle Steve! So cute!
clovers10 19 days ago
You could’ve stopped her story at “I went to Vegas.” 😂😂😂 Steve (Realistically): So I’ve identified your first problem.
The Money View The Money View Group
Please l left my money at home no way... I would not treat that clown.
Gregory Whitaker
Gregory Whitaker 20 days ago
Steve suit is 🔥🔥🔥
Michael YOKEMCDIESEL Delaney
Cait C
Cait C 21 day ago
Girl he so fine I can see why you fell on stupid 😂
Leia T
Leia T 21 day ago
That High5 was so good
Shieva 21 day ago
If he forgot his wallet he should have taken her with him and got it and went on with that date... lol
Tia Michael
Tia Michael 21 day ago
Leave him alone, bye.
Brownhippie X
Brownhippie X 22 days ago
He left his wallet but knew well enough to tell you as soon as he picked you up ? ... he tried it, cash app
Personal Acc
Personal Acc 23 days ago
Boy you want a hug? Nahh you can get this handshake
acay 23 days ago
What is Steve wearing? PJs?
V 24 days ago
One of my girl went on a date with guy who said he misplaced his wallet too, on their way to the movies they got stopped by the police , he was asked go show his license or get a ticket 😂 the wallet mysteriously was in his pocket
Jahmel LaRue Jr
Jahmel LaRue Jr 26 days ago
The way that beat dropped and he came out the cut😂😂😂
Feminine Essence
Feminine Essence 26 days ago
Steve to Maury, real quick
Wisemen Wisemen
Wisemen Wisemen 26 days ago
Women only respect men who treat them badly, these are "FACTS" ladies and gentlemen
Tsita Direko
Tsita Direko 27 days ago
Not true Uncle Steve that not all men want closer, The are men who wants closer
Queen Paradise
Queen Paradise 28 days ago
Shi Cruisin'
Shi Cruisin' 28 days ago
The minute he had the chance to get on TV............ He's not there for you, dear, but for his own egotistical behind! Lotsa self-love in this guy! Drop him girl!
A R 28 days ago
Dued should have shaved!!
xavier whaley
xavier whaley 28 days ago
I want to see the rest of this!
Daniel St. Juste
Daniel St. Juste 28 days ago
Damn. She fine af! She not getting stood up at all
Vânia Pacheco
Vânia Pacheco 29 days ago
Katelynn Murphy
Katelynn Murphy Month ago
Steve's audience is getting younger and younger, I'm here for it. YOU HAVE MADE IT WITH US YES STEVE WE STAN YOU
tiko mendez
tiko mendez Month ago
she is basically trying to explain she is a hoe with some serious mental failure
Bilal Ounees
Bilal Ounees Month ago
Steve doesn't even need that ipad LOOOOOOOOOOL
Ana c
Ana c Month ago
and when he walked in it all made sense.
Chileshe Cecilia
Yes!. Uncle Steve!.
uyaziNawe Month ago
Is this really all about a 27 year old boy. Lady you're 30. Met at Vegas. Now on uncle Steve's show. Girlbye!
Zion Sanders
Zion Sanders Month ago
Uncle Steve 💯
Adline Witcher
Adline Witcher Month ago
booboo Kitty
booboo Kitty Month ago
Uncle Steve, please don't leave us hanging like this again; I almost had a heart attack when the video ended without CLOUSURE!! 🤣🤣🤣 ...but then I saw the rest of the video below. Thanks Uncle Steve! 👍🏾
QUEEN_BRE Month ago
Why is the audience and her so "SAD" that he admitted he was talking to someone while he was talking to her??? For example, if I'm not in a relationship I can talk to a 100 different people if I want to. Me personally I wouldn't get offended if a guy confessed that he was talking to someone while talking to me. OK😂😂😂 I'm talking to other people while I'm talking to you to. Were both single, we can mingle.
K. D.
K. D. Month ago
And that's why there is a lot of single woman out there looking for the right guy... they keep picking the same guy, and believing the same bs, and at the end they blame man... Man is there for us woman, we just need to pick RIGHT!!!🤔🤔🤔
DomTatham Month ago
The simple fact that this chick gave this guy yet another chance blows my mind...
K Deloris
K Deloris Month ago
I wouldn't give him the time of day he is full of💩💩💩
Andrea Danford
Andrea Danford Month ago
Baby Red Flags you need to run for da hills!!
The Life and Thoughts of Shan
He really wanted his 5 seconds of Fame huh.... He had to come on down and meet uncle steve but was flaking on ole girl smh she is very gullible ... Beautiful, but weak... Get a back bone lady, and stand up straight so you can see the forest through the trees
KitKat Deaumont
KitKat Deaumont Month ago
Let's get this straight: he fell smitten for her after a week or so of knowing her while he was still talking to someone else, he picked her up for their date w/o his wallet so we have to guess where he keeps his license, he flaked on paying her back and despite it all he somehow managed to make her feel like she closed the door on a potentially good thing. Then on top of that, Steve brings him on the show and coerces her to go on another date with him😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
Lf J
Lf J Month ago
This night if me as hell
AriannaNicole Month ago
That white guy at 2:47 😂
The Glorious6One9
That guy is bugging out. She is a beautiful lady.
blumountaindew Month ago
This is FAKE. The guy sends text with ... and no space before starting the next sentence. On Instagram they’ve swapped texting styles with each other.
Ira Richards
Ira Richards Month ago
( 817
Laudvekky's Groove Lab
Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Austin Rozeal
Austin Rozeal Month ago
She fine as she’ll Steve, the grind continues.
FullTimeSlacker Month ago
This is gas lighting
Caintastico Month ago
2:21 Ha!? She didn't say Aunt the same way as Ant just like other normal Americans!? She is a rebel American! What's the cure for this disease? Beating
Ally Cat
Ally Cat Month ago
HE DID HER DIIIIRRTTTYYY bringing that Jiggaboo Jones to her 😭
nilu1121 Month ago
Girl I feel her awkwardness all the way from Texas! When she looked away, I looked away!
Wrzkrz Month ago
She looks thick, waiting for her to stand up.
Shani Toyyo
Shani Toyyo Month ago
Miri Gradica
Miri Gradica Month ago
6:18 that beat when he walks in is so sick. I wanna find the name of it
A.G. Month ago
Nah. I don’t get this. He can be found to be on national tv, but can’t make it to MA to go on a date? Foolery.
Honey Month ago
It’s what I do
TheVJProduction Month ago
shes 30 and hes 27. you was a smash and dash.
Trey Lawrence
Trey Lawrence Month ago
Man I wish the world would really STOP PAINTING WOMEN AS THE VICTIM... Women play Games too! I can’t COUNT How many times I’ve been stood up even without a response or explanation... I’m not falling for this.
AL Clarke
AL Clarke Month ago
She looks like she's 19 years old not 30...
Stephanie C
Stephanie C Month ago
What the hell is Steve thinking? You shouldve kept him on video. He does not deserve the right to be "flewed out" to see her in person. I bet she gave him another chance after that because TV made the situation too perfect. Why does this remind me of Offset and Cardi and how he crashed her show just to make this stupid public apology?
mannagod100 Month ago
what is this womens instagram I need to slide in the dms
Tide Pods
Tide Pods Month ago
There’s no such thing as a loyal alpha male. And no he’s not hiding anything. He just got options.
Nqanawé Shangase
This guy needs to fight his barber re: 6:30
PayThePiperr Month ago
Wow she is gorgeous
liesa scott
liesa scott Month ago
You would not have these problems if you would talk face to face only. These electronic communications can be extremely crafted and you are inviting it. The guy is a talented writer, that's it.
Trey Taylor
Trey Taylor Month ago
Not even 2:00 into the video And me and everybody should know that dudes full of it
Green Month ago
jerry springer; new edition lolz.
رزان ْ
رزان ْ Month ago
There are billion of men..
Jemimah- Miracle
What?😅 Sis, you guys just met, and boy is already processing his “love” for u... But u just met!!!😂 Plus u met at a party in Vegas.... 😆
Pablo Noriega
Pablo Noriega Month ago
Damn! That suit looks fly Steve!
N1kay7a Month ago
This getting a kitty jerry spr.... it's too much
N1kay7a Month ago
She is too cute.
brrr brrr
brrr brrr Month ago
Steve looks better with his real facial hairs looooooooooooooooooooooooool
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