What happened to BENNY HILL

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Benny Hill was a prominent figure in British culture for nearly four decades. His show proved to be one of the great success stories of television comedy and was among the most-watched programs in the world.

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Aug 14, 2019




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Comments 7 508
hydyr han
hydyr han 7 minutes ago
@01:52 Girls hand hairs though....
Loreley 41 minute ago
Omg he was the toy maker too in chitty chitty bang bang! - 👌
orion8012 5 hours ago
Oh Benny... How you made us laugh and smile... The way the world is now, well, we don’t deserve you. I guess we never did...
Aguz25 6 hours ago
Benny was a man who thought as a man and made humor for mans...what is the problem with that? He was the funniest tv pervert of all time, hilarious guy.
Thom Pabol
Thom Pabol 7 hours ago
What's interesting is PBS which is considered left and socialist TV in the USA was the one that aired Benny Hill. especially in the early-mid 70s when the Woman's Right movement was still in it's Heyday. Even those people saw it was satirizing Womanizing and not that he was a Womanizer. the easily triggered people of today just can't understand this.
Clifton Photographer
I could have sworn he had 7 daughters!!
Chris J-B
Chris J-B 11 hours ago
I still laugh when I think of him slapping Jackie Wright's bald head.
M H 15 hours ago
He gave to the world a lot, really a lot.
3786373 18 hours ago
RIP. With a big-big-big LOVE to Benny Hill from Russia. We will always remember YOU ... and we will laugh!!!
mustafa KARATAS
mustafa KARATAS 20 hours ago
He is The King of Comedy. RİP
ncis 21 hour ago
interesting fact,benny had a house in my village,never met or saw him,but we knew his maid/cleaner,benny was travelling back from birmingham (uk) and had a heart attack on the motorway,another driver came to his rescue and got himhelp,months later aftermaking a good recovery,he sought out the good samaritan who came to his aide,and gave him his jensen interceptor as a thankyou.
deslocc124 Day ago
Benny Hill had 'Honest Humor' something much of today's Comedians lack.. Robin Williams had it.. and a few of the Greats like Johnathan Winters.. May he RIP...
Karl Wain
Karl Wain Day ago
He became Axl Rose
power play 4 real
This guy could make you laugh 4 real , he was hilarious.
King Mufasa
King Mufasa Day ago
His Angels are Today's Every man's Dream Woman. He Was More than Just FUNNY. He Knew the future is no good place. Women full of Tattoos.
CRW404 Gals
CRW404 Gals Day ago
Met him in 91. Still have his autograph
luciacindy Day ago
so sad...such a great comedian, we loved his shows
Elkysium Day ago
1.1K fools that don't know what a legend is...
C. Fazz
C. Fazz 2 days ago
Grew up watching Benny, just an amazing entertainer. To all the woman who claim his humor was sexist and degraded woman, so so wrong. I think he just showcased the beauty of woman. Obviously his shows wouldn't be allowed these days due to someone may be offended. You made me laugh Benny, thank you.
orlanduce 2 days ago
Paul Lorenzini
Paul Lorenzini 2 days ago
I'd rather watch Benny then the liberal idiots Hollywood sends us today.
Peace Dog
Peace Dog 2 days ago
answer at 5:06 ...you're welcome
It is funny to bend the rules, but if there are no rules nothing is funny anymore
vausemike 2 days ago
Where is this Taymes she refers to?
Rocky 3 days ago
I remember watching as a kid, I always knew he had a special touch. He was a great actor, one of the best, I think!
Terry Curran
Terry Curran 3 days ago
He was a funny man... Always remembered
Me Here
Me Here 3 days ago
A true comedy legend, how anyone could give this a thumbs down is beyond me, he's sadly missed from a time when comedy was actually funny.
Jeffrey MCCOMAS 3 days ago
I never was much on British comedy Monty python was a little much but I never missed an episode of Benny Hill
Stan Kingzton
Stan Kingzton 3 days ago
God bless you Benny Hill!
star dog
star dog 3 days ago
Some relative to Becky Hill ?
KnA Harrington
KnA Harrington 3 days ago
I'm sure those in Heaven are laughing with him everyday!
TheWingsoffury 3 days ago
thank you Benny hill for the laughs, you are missed
E F 4 days ago
I have fond memories watching his shows as a tween. So sad to find out he died alone at only age 67. 😥 R.I.P., Mr. Hill.
Jermaine 4 days ago
narrator can't pronounce 'Thames'
DIOGENES V.2.0 4 days ago
Thanks, Ευχαριστώ Benny from Greece
Elegant Fowl
Elegant Fowl 4 days ago
Interesting his name was Alfred Hill. My granddad Alfred Hill was killed at Oppy Wood in 1917..5 years before Benny was born.. My dad's family were originally from Herefordshire... just up the road from Southampton.. Perhaps a relation !
Studiofifty4 4 days ago
The lovely 'Hills Angels' .....could we ever forget these on his shows, especially ones from the disco dance scenes like ie ''Supernature' which were absolutely hilarious... I mean you have nothing today that can touch that level of comedy.
Jake Cutter
Jake Cutter 4 days ago
sad ending
Fish Man
Fish Man 4 days ago
Legend ❤️
Derek Downs
Derek Downs 5 days ago
So sad. I always wondered what happened to him. Loved watching his show. He'd be perfect right now.
Joldrath 5 days ago
Sad story about a great man who deserved better.
Grady Wilson
Grady Wilson 5 days ago
Loved by everyone, and yet by no one sad.
CAPTAIN O'RALE 5 days ago
Benny Hill was a Barrel of LOL!
Mose Willis
Mose Willis 5 days ago
Benny Hill was the best . I watched his show every night . He is truly missed ,May he bring laughter to Heaven as he has to earth .God bless his soul
Richard Sandwell
Richard Sandwell 5 days ago
Proper comedy, before all the PC brigade and the end of free speech.
Rick Wolf
Rick Wolf 3 days ago
Pity it was the PC brigade of the time that took his show out.
weesky 5 days ago
my youth, i laughed so much watching him as a child... chaplin, laurel and hardy, benny hill, Mr bean, the end.
john Hightower
john Hightower 5 days ago
I never liked Benny Hill I always thought he looked and acked like a pervert. I just don't like English humor
john Hightower
john Hightower 4 days ago
@E F no he wasn't funny 👎👎👎
E F 4 days ago
He was a funny pervert.
BluesBadTom 5 days ago
One more for all the readers. The good old school days of jokes and slapstick humor are gone form TV and Social Websites now, Only to become Censored today. Yes just thank the butt hurt pansy ass people that get too offended now days. Peace Everyone and Happy Holidays to you all.
BluesBadTom 5 days ago
I miss Benny Hill so much. He was #1 in my book of the best TV comedian shows ever. Never Forgotten Mr. Hill and Rest In Peace bud, you are a legend Sir.
Giorgos Glinis
Giorgos Glinis 5 days ago
I was a kid then and i was watching the show for the boobs! Getting older i realised he was great comedian!
B Saver
B Saver 6 days ago
The only funny show ever produced in Britain.
B Saver
B Saver 6 days ago
He looked the same as a baby
gargara77 6 days ago
I love you Benny
TubeBarth 6 days ago
If Benny Hill were still alive, the world would be a happier, more peaceful place. We truly miss him. Thanks for all the laughs and fun, Benny... God Love you forever.
Truck trucker
Truck trucker 6 days ago
Those neo-leftists of political correctness can blame even Ch.Chaplin for sexism,racism,animal maltreating etc.They need to spend a month in a stalinist gulag to learn what is really sexism and racism.
Bruce Dressel
Bruce Dressel 6 days ago
Trans gender deceivers everywhere ...
neil johnson
neil johnson 6 days ago
great comedy actor and a pioneer, people need to get a sense a humor and stop classing his material as sexist
Mark Rubin
Mark Rubin 6 days ago
What happened to Benny Hill??? He broke his leg and they had to shoot him.
YZFR1mart 7 days ago
Benny if there happens to be an internet connection up there. . Your a star mate. You were never greedy. . You done it for the love of performing 😀👍 if there's no internet up there. . Then I sound like a dick 🤣
theo9952 7 days ago
My late father who lived in Greece was a great fan of the Benny Hill show. He didn't speak or understand a word of English. But then again, he didn't need to.
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