What Do You Wish You'd Known Sooner in Life? - Part 1

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We open up about with what we know now, if there is anything we wish we had learned sooner. Real fam, is there any decision you would have made differently knowing what you know now?


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Oct 17, 2018




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Francis Rienzo
poor jeannie :((
brooklove90 Day ago
I thought she was 28
RJ playz
RJ playz Day ago
If it not for u get out of it. The truest thing u can tell a woman or man. I am going 2 get out of something that’s not right for me in 2020. I wish I had the money 2 move in a different apartment. When the opportunity comes I am out. God knows I deserve better. Please God help me get out. I respect her honesty and sharing her pain. I been in pain because of a very bad bad relationship for about 4 years now. If it’s not right for u get out of it.
123 245
123 245 Day ago
Is it weird that I automatically knew it was a black guy that cheated on her?
Bored Nerd
Bored Nerd Day ago
Umm.. No.. It was a very very white cowboy dude and an absolute douche
shadee15 2 days ago
I'm so glad she is happy and in love now.
Tinny Gzz
Tinny Gzz 2 days ago
It hits when she said before “I don’t want kids yet,he said he not ready either” then they divorced and a few months later...”were prego!” Like what? Gtfoh that’s disrespectful right there maybe he was toxic and didn’t open up about Jeannie bc she is so open on how she’s not ready and she loves love she always joking and so sexy and playful and he over here fooling around with this blond fool who tried to justify herself for breaking a marriage I know for a fact he was cheating it makes no sense how they got prego to quick yet he said no to Jeannie 🙄
Tifferia 6 days ago
I love you guys so much....
Tracy Hansen
Tracy Hansen 6 days ago
Wait til you turn 50!! You really reflect .
Penis 7 days ago
I wish I've known my ex 'girlfriend' was actually born a female.
Love this scene. ..being vulnerable is necessary
Jason harvey
Jason harvey 7 days ago
be strong sweetheart you will find mr right soon
Paolo Brigante
Paolo Brigante 7 days ago
I wish the producers of the Real would’ve known Amanda Seales was gna make this go down the toilette before they put her ignorant, stupid ass on the fucking show
J Cal Music
J Cal Music 8 days ago
unless we hear Freddys side of things its not fair for her to put out his business to the public without him defending it
MirrorMommy 9 days ago
To love and hold on to my loved who passed away 💔💔 I love you all RIP 💔
Denishea Bates
Denishea Bates 9 days ago
Oh Jeannie no please don't cry you will get me started
azercalicia 9 days ago
I almost married someone who was could have ruined me. My ex was away at work for the summer and when the summer ended we were suppose to elope and move away. Well at the end of the summer I kept calling him and he never answered my calls. My ex's best friend's wife had to call me and break the news that the reason my ex never called is because my ex cheated on me and the girl ended up pregnant. I was completely heart broken. Then 3 years later I had a very good friend tell me that knows my ex and told me his wife was having so many problems with my ex. It was problem after problem with their marriage. After that I thanked God for the heart break I went through in the past because God saved me from a very bad relationship. Before I knew everything, I ignored the red flags because I chose to but it's very very important to pay ATTENTION to those red flags.
Abbie Whitehead
Abbie Whitehead 10 days ago
Well done
MoJenZ 10 days ago
It's 2020, and I'm still crying watching this😥. Jeezy better NOT hurt Jeannie!!
mariana martinez jimenez
This shows that wanting to not repeat a relationship or situations that you lived if you got to relive your life is not regret is human nature. If somebody says they just wish they would have been able to to listen to their gut before getting into the actual situation just listen to them. I am actually questioning myself if I ever be able to sustain a lasting relationship. Cause now I just keep on looking for red flags in every relationship I go to.
Syeda 10 days ago
these women are the big sisters I needed
Maya Banuelos
Maya Banuelos 10 days ago
I feel for Jeannie because I went through a similar circumstance and it’s definitely hard to move on and realize the person you love is not there anymore and is a totally different person. I’m happy she made this choice. I hope that she finds the person she deserves ❤️
Paula Mugabi
Paula Mugabi 11 days ago
Best hair on Loni ever😘😘😘
Lorrie Kelly
Lorrie Kelly 11 days ago
Yes she's so right you get the Feeling something or they ain right ? Like you can't trust them Pay attention to your intuition ? And there actions ?
Miriam Calderón
Miriam Calderón 11 days ago
Oh please victim role 👎🏽
Chaunsey Billings
Chaunsey Billings 12 days ago
Jeanie so sexy
Ab Bar
Ab Bar 12 days ago
There is always two side of the story.....
Retired Early 53
Retired Early 53 11 days ago
You can say that again !
1063Designs 12 days ago
Girl I feel you!!!!
ineedhoez 13 days ago
Damn. I didn't know she got divorced. That being said.... I watch these videos sometimes and they way she talked him made think she didn't really like him. She would just say little things here and there about their engagement and her hesitation. She seemed very separate from him. Tamera doesn't seem separate from Adam.
Rita Stearns
Rita Stearns 14 days ago
I appreciate how Jeannie opens up about these things.
clarissa farias
clarissa farias 14 days ago
I know this is 3 years old but I can 100% relate to you Jeanie. I went through a similar situation, ignored the red flags during an 11 year relationship, always found myself questioning what version of him was real, and made excuses for behavior. Three years later and I’m the happiest I have ever been with a person who has truly shown me what love is. Thank God we dodged a bullet! I wish you all the happiness in the world. ❤️
Alicia Verduzco
Alicia Verduzco 14 days ago
This breaks my heart. But speaking from experience can I just assume and blame Freddys new piece for the ugly divorce? I’m sure his new chick has tons to do with the ugly aftermath, I can bet on it!! BE STRONG GIRL!!!
Magdalena Krauze
Magdalena Krauze 14 days ago
One year ago I went through break up and it helped me a lot. First that I'm not the only one and second I took this Oprah lesson deep into my heart. Bless You The Real Girls😘
Oluu Maankaanna
Oluu Maankaanna 15 days ago
I feel for her but! Marriage is a "playing thing" some people will be messing up with their partners when they angry or disagrees with something, And wish that they could get divorced
Rachel Denby
Rachel Denby 15 days ago
Divorce prob is wack 💕 that looks like the same red dress I got from @surrealshops
stillfoxyforever 16 days ago
Save the tears Jeannie
Collin Samatas
Collin Samatas 17 days ago
These women are amazing
AJL 18 days ago
Seeing Jeanie cry breaks my heart, I feel for her, went through the same thing except 17yrs of marriage & with children Involved 😭 thank goodness she did not have kids with the man! On a positive note, it's good to see that Jeannie has a lot of love and support from friends & family. Healing comes with time.
Octavian Ivaniuc
Octavian Ivaniuc 19 days ago
He did her wrong man... he seemed so nice but he really messed up. Cheated and got a kid...
Justin Searcy
Justin Searcy 20 days ago
Girl stop that damn crying..
Rahim Mitchu
Rahim Mitchu 22 days ago
It was meant for her to meet jeezy
sade obrien
sade obrien 23 days ago
i hate to see her cry because it reminds me of my mom and all the bad things she went through in life
sade obrien
sade obrien 23 days ago
how important education was and not to let bully or mean teachers get in the way of it
Remedy Kitchen
Remedy Kitchen 23 days ago
Wow I love Jennie ❤️ I’m glad she’s not afraid to be vurnerable
Cris S.
Cris S. 24 days ago
Watching this after a watching "a marriage story" makes it so much more deep...
kris cazt
kris cazt 24 days ago
Your so strong
kris cazt
kris cazt 24 days ago
Omg she is speaking to my relationship that ended like who was he really
PV 27 days ago
I’m in bed...this video makes me wanna turn around and slap my boyfriend whos asleep and he didn’t even do nothing 🤣
Cassandra Bruington
Super Simple Mama
Best freaking comment!!! Me too!!!
Sakshi Arora
Sakshi Arora 6 days ago
locafly 14 days ago
PV 😹😹😹😹😹😹 I know, right?
Vannessa Mogatusi
Vannessa Mogatusi 27 days ago
Don't cry Jeanie , we love you
Nenka Apple
Nenka Apple 29 days ago
I love Jeannie you are such an inspiration to me on so many ways 😘😘😘😘
Asad of Lagos
Asad of Lagos Month ago
Crying doesn't mean you're right
Standup Reject
Standup Reject Month ago
she’s so beautiful and strong.
jenny rivera
jenny rivera Month ago
Wish I would stayed a single mom
Sephora Israel
Sephora Israel Month ago
I wish I knew that it is impossible for men to love me, and its ok that I am going to die old and alone, but at least I loved the Lord!
Cachay Green
Cachay Green Month ago
This is a healing and real moment. Love these moments❤
Rosalina Burton
Rosalina Burton Month ago
The is the biggest betrayal. When someone you loved so deeply turns on you after things don't go their way. Defiantly been there. So painful. I question everything about that relationship I had. A chunk of my life feels like a lie.
Tinesha Robinson
Jeanie is almost 40 but damnnn she look still younggg asf
Yasmin Khan
Yasmin Khan Month ago
I wish I had have known that my retaliation on my ex would have caused harm to my 3 babies. If I could go back in time I would have just let him do his own thing and I would have just made a career move without him
TommyMLe Month ago
Makes you want to jump through your phone screen and give Jeannie a hug. #HomewreckersDontDeserveHappiness
Fathomless Fitness
I think it’s important for all of us to realize we have been given different cards as far as relationships and life. Not everyone has the same struggles but we all do have struggles. One of the things I have to constantly check is...”is this the person God really has for me” or did I jump the gun. The Bible constantly talks about people changing for the better and some for the worst, but in order to truly know if that person is going towards the better is their overall morals and relationship with Christ, their love for family, and that will show you if their mistakes are genuine mistakes or if that person was just a person you were forcing to fit your idea of a perfect man or husband. We all have to leave room for grace and understand that going into a relationship or friendships we’re bringing in our childhood baggage and experiences. We don’t know what baggage Jeannie brought into the relationship from her past traumas that might have affected things also. I’m not saying she was in the wrong but we don’t know the entire story. I think talking to a therapist or a counselor before marriage is one of the things I wish I did. It will cause you to lay your experiences on the table to make sure your not going into the relationship as that hurt little child and you can actually grow together without unnecessary drama
Hardeep Bhambra
Hardeep Bhambra 22 days ago
And also Satan is a big deciever he does nothing but decieve people. What we see is on the surface level, but spirituality there is a spiritual warfare going on. Marriages can be saved and restored. Our spouses are not the real enemy, Satan is.
Shanon Kannigan
Shanon Kannigan Month ago
This jus broke me, know how she feels, she is so gorgeous and brave, since high school iv been watching Jennie from the make iver show, no one deserves that, she deserves the best
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