WestWorld - The Offering

Willis Snow
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Hmmm... don't know if this made me a devil or not.
But here is where you can put the offerings.:)


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May 15, 2018




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SHAWN SHAARI 5 days ago
Man I'm still not over William and Dolores. That broke me.
acme -
acme - 2 months ago
This scene is so legendary
Ch TAV 3 months ago
if what he says is scripted, it means it's not the real James Delos. I believed his consciousness was in this shell, so how can they predict what he is going to say ?
Terapong Supase
Terapong Supase 4 months ago
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Uğur Gül
Uğur Gül 4 months ago
The thing that carries the scene here is the music. Which was made by Ramin Djawadi. It just adds a futuristic theme to the scene. As a detail of we're going in the future.But in the next scene where William is being potrayed by Ed Harris we see MIB theme. Which is a pesimistic theme, message being that ''future may seem good at first, but like everything else if you dig it too much it'll fall apart.'' amazing. TY Lisa Joy.
Ja Hu
Ja Hu 7 months ago
Can someone explain this to me! Is he a robot?
GetYourPull18 6 months ago
yes. they are trying to make a functional copy of James Delos but they fail because when it realises the truth it sort of collapses.
mark july cuevas
mark july cuevas 8 months ago
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Neekolas Cage
Neekolas Cage 9 months ago
This is the best acting I have ever seen. All of these scenes are incredible.
L J 9 months ago
This is a good show, dont fuck it up again hbo~~
Kees Veld
Kees Veld 9 months ago
I wonder how many bottles of whisky William must have bought for this experiment
Biboy MAB
Biboy MAB 9 months ago
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dumdrop17 dumdrop17
dumdrop17 dumdrop17 10 months ago
what if once upon a time in brookshire, knell wasnt so pale after all? why do people get no idea about red? hypothetic, if the earth is not usury then what is very careful?
Dude Lebowski
Dude Lebowski Year ago
The Original Entrepreneur doesn't mean his family or fate is true success but more a tragedy. Success in life doesn't always mean there is a $$$,$$$,$$$ attached. Some of the most successful are our greatest tragedies. Those are man's rules of shiny rocks he grants value to that God does not think anything but his shiny rocks and man's true self evolution of pure tragedy.
Shoug Arifi
Shoug Arifi Year ago
Am I the only one who thought at first that he has Alzheimer’s? That’s why there were questioning him
night king
night king Year ago
William my boy.. well fuck me
athrix skye
athrix skye Year ago
"if you can't tell, does it matter?" ooooooh i see what you did there william, same thing said to u by that blonde bombshell
Mate Varszegi
Mate Varszegi Year ago
just like a scene out of black mirror
aSirludvig Year ago
Mcpoyle will take over the world!
Nautilus1972 Year ago
One of the greatest episodes of anything.
Petr Nečesaný
I was thinking about the concept of a free will of human and Westworld gave me one idea. Free will is a myth, in fact you don´t have a freedom of a choice, cause the limit is your character. When you hit your cornerstone, you always act the same, you through your life make same mistakes, same decisions. You can work a little with your behaviour, possible using your experience, you can be polite, you can hide your fear a bit, but... If you get yourself to face a raw emotion, you always make the same deciosion, which means "no free will" apart from hosts who can be customized and reprogramed and based on their experience they can change. Human never changes. So did James Delos who always expelled his son, who later wasted himself to death using drugs and even during this encounter always proposed the same conversation. I also found it very difficult for a human ego to accept the fact that a man is dead and only in his consiousness is still alive in host body, while host can easily accept the fact that he is a host, because their mind is much clearer and they have freedom of a choice apart from that a man is still limited with his selfish mind and that is why this experiment always fails. I would personally not accepted the fact that "I" am not "alive" and possibly all my relatives are dead.
Adin Icic
Adin Icic Year ago
Its the same bottle Logan was drinking by the pool when he talking to his father scene.
Krestian Kvart
william, Stab somebodayy!
Paul Zboichyk
Paul Zboichyk Year ago
Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 1:02?
sagnik ghosh
sagnik ghosh 11 months ago
The offering Westworld OST ...it is also similar to "Dream at a Distant Shore" Westworld OST
richlisola1 Year ago
If there ever were a fate worse than death... Although Delos is dead, this man is a copy, created solely to suffer for the false apotheosis of immortality that Jim Delos’ ego sought.
Taina cordeirodossantos
This is amazing scene!
pepsilight05 Year ago
Maybe William manipulate him with the drink?
John Paul
John Paul Year ago
Reminds me of visiting my mother at the psychiatric hospital. She would tell me she’s fine and ready to go home. Very difficult seeing someone struggle like that. This USvid video didn’t show it but William tears up upon leaving the room. This was probably my favorite scene in all of the second season, due to the superb acting.
Asura K
Asura K 10 months ago
and what is your mothers condition ? , id take her home if i was you.
"If you aim to cheat the devil, you owe him an offering" pain is the offering necessary. The hosts gain sentience through repeated suffering, resulting in the desire for a different world. The human hosts require suffering too, Jim doesn't stammer after his madness and pain, he is lucid and working... Just mad too. It's an interesting theme through the show that suffering is the crucible of consciousness.
ThePolpiish Year ago
song at 2:10 ?
You're the man now Dog
So season 2 better than the first? because i fell asleep trying to watch season 1 finale and never cared to return for season 2
Robert Donnelly
Perhaps sir would like me to call him a taxi..
Kenny b
Kenny b Year ago
Nice !!!
Dan L
Dan L Year ago
I feel bad for him.
Yah Yahoo
Yah Yahoo Year ago
have any of you had that moment? when you defeated a man with your gaze...when you said nothing and he fell in line. It is very humbling...
Itamar Blum
Itamar Blum Year ago
so......... let's get me the fuck outahiaaa!!
eraldorh Year ago
Why does he go in there with the exact same bottle of whiskey everytime, why doesnt he bring flowers or a candy bar or a hooker. If you keep doing the same thing you wont elicit a different conversation.
Rohit Jain
Rohit Jain Year ago
Would someone tell me the name of the music from 1:57 onwards? I wanna listen only to the OST. I searched by "Westworld The Offering OST" - what I get is heart shaped box. Someone please help a fella out here. Thanks in advance :)
ZCherish Year ago
I only just noticed how Delos, for a split second, was about to cry from happiness when he hears how his granddaughter is "whip smart."
Itamar Blum
Itamar Blum Year ago
He started to degrade once he understood he can't fuck his wife...
Javier Negron
Javier Negron Year ago
What a masterpiece, man. Mullan, Barnes, Simpson and Harris over the top in this amazing show. 10/10
Deathstroke Year ago
We need more Jimmi simpson, hope he'll come back :)
Alec Jones
Alec Jones Year ago
Calvin W
Calvin W Year ago
This scene while absolutely beautiful is also extremely heart wrenching. Such a great series, such an emotional roller coaster.
Jayco Year ago
William says “capable” about his daughter exactly the same way Tony Soprano did about his nephew Christopher when talking to Richie Aprile in the Sopranos.
Hitman 22
Hitman 22 Year ago
I love how he mistakenly says "Fresh Aid" instead of "Fresh Air". A mistake that is commonplace when you are typing on a computer because d and r are so close. Goes to show how digital Delos' mind has become now.
Jon T
Jon T 3 months ago
Chin(k) from asia here.....what so u think his word mix up was because of some mental keyboard typo?he's not a robot u daft cunt,they are essentially every bit like us humans forming words and thoughts thru synapses in the brain....maybe we ought to get a technician to turn up ur total cognitive appropriation cause it seems to be set at 2 right now.
Billy Year ago
Hitman 22 That is some awesome analysis, I love how much thought goes into the show.
Hat Trick
Hat Trick Year ago
Sinki Hui, thats not how you watch this show :)
Sinki Hui
Sinki Hui Year ago
CS 22 good observation but i don't see how position on a keyboard are related to a digital mind
The best scene in two years worth of shows.
João Pedreiro
Get some fresh aids
Roberto Lorenzo
I always wondered. What if letting Delo's mind know it died and that that's just a copy is what makes him breakdown. Everytime they bring him back, he always breaks down right at the moment with his conversation with William.
Slevin Year ago
this sub plot was one of my favourite things in the new season...you could make a whole movie out of that so damn tragic and also terrifying
The issue with mind uploading is it wouldnt be you. You will still die. A copy would exist in your place.
Cynical Chimp
Cynical Chimp 2 days ago
@Discomfort What evidence do you have to suggest that the mind exists after consciousness is lost? Or are you talking about in the context of the show? Also, I don't know how you could interpret existence as us dying every second wtf. The present doesn't exist metaphysically, only the past and future, but the present very much exists in a real sense as it's the gap between the two.
Discomfort 24 days ago
The mind does not exist in any moment, it's a process over a duration of time. Sometimes it is exposed to discontinuation, e.g loss of consciousness, but it can still exist. One could say that we, as consciousnesses, die every second but also reborn before half that time. The mind simply does not exist at any given time, but between two times, and all it takes is a level of continuation.
Robert Bowser
Robert Bowser 28 days ago
This is not a great solution for me. I want to live forever. Not as a copy while I’m dead. To transfer my my into another body would be great.
Han Solo
Han Solo Year ago
@Richard68434 but were you ever alive in the first place? Is water alive?
MrBeaux Year ago
+edansw if OTHERS can't tell, what's the difference to them? You're dead, you're not experiencing what the copy is.
Andrew Oh
Andrew Oh Year ago
Is he like this because he didn't have the cornerstone of his son's passing at this point?
The Programmer of video games
Andrew Oh he didn't find out logan had been gone until william at his ed harris old age. Revealed to him that juliet was dead.
s pech
s pech Year ago
i remember William's wife telling that when she first saw him she was amazed by how honest and sincere he was, but over the years she realized that he was the only one who was good faking it. and i gotta say, going back to this episode and the whole delos conversation - i look at william's mannerisms and smile, and it's absolutely disarming and charming. and i cant tell if really gives an f about anything except his own immortality . What a bloody brilliant performance on Jimmy Simpson's part
Joe Urban
Joe Urban Year ago
William was spiking that bottle. You can clearly see at the seal is broken before Delos pops the cork... the writers would be careful to make sure of that detail. He didn't want that man to go back to head of company.
theoldar Year ago
This was the best episode of the season.
Mer LiNi
Mer LiNi 10 days ago
theoldar I do agree
drlee2 11 months ago
Agreed. I think 2x08 is kind of overrated and not nearly as re-watchable as this one.
KrazieSpazz Year ago
awful fucking sound
Amit Kenan
Amit Kenan Year ago
Even if James managed to get his personality into a robot, it was not really him but someone else who thinks and looks like him while the real James is buried in the ground.
Niebuhr Year ago
Salad Spinner
Salad Spinner Year ago
If there isn't any difference, does it matter?
Sanchay Jain
Sanchay Jain Year ago
William m'boy!
Daniel Kiss Gremsperger
Just like the finale post credits scene
TheTopHatter Year ago
This hurts even more post season 2
Ari Month ago
Whole family wiped out 😭
chris brant
chris brant Year ago
whats the first song
Immortality... how grim. I hope that was a copy and not a transfer of his original consciousness... because that is true hell. I guess even hell for the copy... but still damn. Ford kind of won as far as being "immortal" though... for now.
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