Westworld - Soundtrack (OST)

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Main Title Theme
Black Hole Sun
Paint it Black
This World
No Surprises
Dr. Ford
A Forest
Nitro Heist
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Freeze All Motor Functions
Fake Plastic Trees
The Maze
House of the Rising Sun
Trompe L’Oeil
What Does This Mean
Something I Can Never Have
White Hats
Back to Black
No One’s Controlling Me
No Surprises (Stride Piano)
Violent Delights
Sweetwater Stride
Do They Dream
The Stray
Bicameral Mind
Exit Music (For a Film)


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Mar 31, 2018




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Comments 197
WP J Day ago
Soundtrack as deep as the whole concept of Westworld. Westworld helps me think of human life in general on Earth. Whose to say that we are not (most of us) synthetics to an even Superior Being, going through our 'lives', thinking they are "all that and a bag of chips" when actually, in the grandest scheme of (Universe) things, well... ...you know.
Joeri Spek
Joeri Spek 29 days ago
That's one humdinger of a soundtrack, partner. Shall we drink to the lady with the white shoes?
Geo Korf
Geo Korf Month ago
Freeze All Motor Functions 41:11 Rocks! Memories 1:18:45 Dramatic also rocks with nostalgia!
William Jaya Saputra
Sweetwater: Ciamis :))
manar harbi
manar harbi Month ago
CS Office
CS Office 2 months ago
"No Surprises" is song by Radiohead, with Radiohead credited as the writers. They should be credited here as well. "Exit Music (For A Film), "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Motion Picture Soundtrack" are also originally Radiohead songs, written by Radiohead.
HAO YU 2 months ago
Just an epic
Mae K
Mae K 2 months ago
THIS 36:29
Scott Corkhill
Scott Corkhill 2 months ago
Fuck those ads
Tsar Fox
Tsar Fox 3 months ago
Mankind redefined, er, I mean, we totally didn't ripoff the plot to Fallout 4. No way our show's logo is identical to that of the Institute. In no way does Dr. Ford resembles Father in anyway shape or form. No way does the manufacture of hosts resemble that of synths. In no way does the man in black resemble Kellogg. You totally didn't notice this because we showed a bunch of hot people naked and a ton of our target audience doesn't play video games and Bethesda ruined their own franchise thanks to greed; oblivious to the fact that their own game depicts the US falling victim to a similar fate. Nope. Not at all. Stop thinking and just re-subscribe to HBO Go. Regardless, I just want to exploit nostolgia-er I mean paint is black.
Stephanie Capelache
Stephanie Capelache 3 months ago
Eargasm 🤤
BetterTelevision 3 months ago
149 people don't sound like anything to me..
Whizper2me 3 months ago
The history of human suffering is encapsulated in the metaphors of Westworld...and humanity lives in loops, even the monsters themselves live in a false reality that tortures them. The man in black is just another Dolores. We are torturing ourselves because we are in pain. When we hurt each other we are hurting ourselves. It all comes round, in loops, forever.
thespartanchannel 3 months ago
Just realized No Surprises (19:35-23:35) is The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice Dx Dx my heart!
Mean Bean Productions
Had a dream I was in season 3... I have a problem but the music doesn't
Mean Bean Productions
Finished season 2 the other day and this music has just been in my head non-stop! Beautiful and haunting.
Mareli Schoeman
Mareli Schoeman 3 months ago
loving all the radiohead !
طوق الياسمين
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed 4 months ago
Ramin Djawadi must be the musical god
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi 4 months ago
04:30 Black Hole Sun reminded me of Stobe the Hobo may he rest in peace
Cezara Olteanu
Cezara Olteanu 4 months ago
9:17 !!!!!
Capitao Zion
Capitao Zion 5 months ago
Melhor série atual. Mensagem profunda.
NervousNoah 5 months ago
Motion Picture Soundtrack is phenomenal...
Robbie Diaz
Robbie Diaz 5 months ago
Goosebumps start at 00:01...
Supadubya 5 months ago
Too many ads- spaced so they interfere with listening (song starts, THEN ad...)
Jeffery Jones
Jeffery Jones 19 days ago
Ad Blockers are free!
Capitao Zion
Capitao Zion 5 months ago
Espero que a essa obra prima nunca morra, que o belo nunca morra. Pena que nem todos percebem a mensagem de liberdade que essa séria passa.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 5 months ago
33:40 guess I won't be needing you then, Robert. *BLAM*
Yohann Busani
Yohann Busani 5 months ago
Hello ! I made a little cover of 3 beautiful WESTWORLD musics, what do you think ? :) usvid.net/video/video-mcC2sZ4iE6M.html
Dahye 6 months ago
41:11-44:14 ME: start to cry
๖ۣۜ๓ยђค๓๓є๔༻ Izzeddin
Does anyone know from which compositions is this 00:33 to 50th second?
TechLili 6 months ago
If you mean 33 minute then its called Reveries
Tiny Marsh
Tiny Marsh 6 months ago
The anachronistic numbers remind me of Scott Bradlee's lovely contributions to BioShock Infinite :) Motion Picture Soundtrack is incredible.
Stephanie Meslé
Stephanie Meslé 6 months ago
Oh surprise 30:..Cure ;-)
Andrés Gigena
Andrés Gigena 6 months ago
Victor Bouisse
Victor Bouisse 7 months ago
Hey guys! I'm a french composer, and a huge fan of Ramin Djawadi's work on Westworld! I just made a full album based on my admiration for this composer, and this amazing show! Please take some time to listen to it, and make sure to subscribe to my channel! usvid.net/video/video-DlnMAtCO2Ug.html
JayZLockett 7 months ago
33:25 AHHHHH!!!!!
Viviana Soto
Viviana Soto 7 months ago
35:31 Now we ride!!!
TechLili 6 months ago
Thmrthmr Thamer
Thmrthmr Thamer 7 months ago
A wonder ful. Music
Padloxyt 8 months ago
Ramin Djawadi is a pure genius...
muks08 8 months ago
Competitor of Hans Zimmer
Athina Younan
Athina Younan 8 months ago
عظمة على عظظمة
Andrew Bettencourt
Andrew Bettencourt 8 months ago
Ramin Djawadi became one of my fav modern composers. His work with Westworld and GoT its just brilliant.
Taťána Baudišová
don't forget iron man!
ResoluteHD 8 months ago
What do we say to the God of good music? Shit wrong show Thanks Ramin :)
Ace Vaptsarov
Ace Vaptsarov 8 months ago
Alex Cubillo
Alex Cubillo 8 months ago
What a great show and what a great soundtrack. Can't wait for season 3!
StormBlade 8 months ago
A bit scared it will stray too far from the themes of consciousness and turn into a human-host love story but gotta keep those hopes up
Adib Lima
Adib Lima 8 months ago
Tv shows loves fit radiohead in their plot,no one did better than this show.
Natanael Paredes
Natanael Paredes 9 months ago
Como se zupone que se ve la pelicula ? Mierda carajo!
Tom Porter
Tom Porter 9 months ago
Westworld could be the next GoT depending on how Season 3 is. S1 was a masterpiece which S2 was never going to be able to replicate, but they introduced the other parks well. One thing's for sure, HBO have damn good soundtracks, props to Ramin Djawadi
wood 9 months ago
Lets hope the trailer drop was a perfect execution post-GoT Finale
pylyo 9 months ago
sadly useless because of all the bloody adds..
TechLili 6 months ago
ahem ever heard of a magical program called A D B L O C K E R?
Soisob Das
Soisob Das 9 months ago
19:36 that part is really awesome.............
dehim verveen
dehim verveen 4 months ago
@Sebastian Pye I really like this version of exit music (for a film). I also love Ramin Djawadi's version of heart shaped box, but that's in season 2.
Sebastian Pye
Sebastian Pye 9 months ago
@Soisob Das np, btw these radiohead songs are in it too (instrumental versions) exit music (for a film) and fake plastic trees, possibly more that i dont remember
Soisob Das
Soisob Das 9 months ago
@Sebastian Pye thanks mate.
Sebastian Pye
Sebastian Pye 9 months ago
it is the song "no surprises" by radiohead (i think there are at least 3 radiohead songs in westworld btw, i guess the creators are fans)
co.c 9 months ago
aozf05 3 months ago
@Ante 123 Nah, GoT lost its magic after season 5. 6 was still bearable but 7 and 8 were absolute writing garbage.
monkeykong 8 months ago
@Ante 123 i take it you didn't watch past season 5?
co.c 8 months ago
@Maxime G I agree with you, it's also a question of tastes, you're right.
Maxime G
Maxime G 8 months ago
@co.c I think it's not matter of writing or production (even if it very pleasant to have good dialogues and an amazing realisation). I think it's also a matter of tastes. Some will love Westworld and other will love Game of Thrones (like me), it juste depends on your tastes and I think that trying to find out which show is better in nonsense.
JR RJ 8 months ago
Ante 123 if we are talking about season1-4 yeah, if we are talking about all the seasons hell NO!
bijo 9 months ago
What's the music that plays at the park's headquarters where it's Sweetwater but it's more futuristic?
Vodka_Banane _
Vodka_Banane _ 7 months ago
nitro heist ?
kokoro 9 months ago
The soundtracks are amazing is the series as good as the soundtracks are?
aozf05 3 months ago
I didn't realize until I read a comment somewhere that I enjoy Westworld more than Game of Thrones, and that was a fantastic series (minus the last couple seasons). I might even say Westworld is on par with Breaking Bad.
kokoro 9 months ago
great then! I will watch it soon
Sebastian Pye
Sebastian Pye 9 months ago
could be the best show i ever watched
Viksgeek 9 months ago
Raven_ Rez
Raven_ Rez 9 months ago
armando hernandez r
armando hernandez r 9 months ago
west world guerras sangre dolor y muerte para veneplacito de los dos grupos de expectadores
Gabriel Friedel
Gabriel Friedel 9 months ago
25:55 The sound...new world altogether.
Israel Brilhante
Israel Brilhante 9 months ago
Dr. Ford (23:36). Masterpiece.
Ezekiel P
Ezekiel P 9 months ago
Wandered back here after the GoT Night King masterpiece. I remember really liking Dr Ford 25:55.
Brittany Stapleton
Brittany Stapleton 9 months ago
After this week's GoT and 'The Night King' with its Westworld vibes, I had to come back.
Adrián B
Adrián B 9 months ago
Totally agree
anthony roussea
anthony roussea 9 months ago
Sweetwater :}
Simos Tsitoglou
Simos Tsitoglou 10 months ago
In my opinion, the message of the series is simple: Love your people! Before they become hosts and reveries.
Viajantes do Tempo
Viajantes do Tempo 10 months ago
Sweetwater is "Light of the Seven" level. Masterpiece!
Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen 10 months ago
these musics obsess me
Jorge Albarran
Jorge Albarran 3 days ago
glad to know I'm not the only one.
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