We Used Household Items As Makeup Primer • Beauty Roulette • Ladylike

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"Give me the butter!"
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Feb 27, 2019

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Comments 2 203
olivia suttmiller
olivia suttmiller 9 hours ago
1.5 is more then 1
Taryn Hugo
Taryn Hugo 23 hours ago
I really didn’t like Freddie’s attitude in this video, and all the other competitive ones. She usually has an amazing and hilarious personality, but when it comes to competitions it just goes away. Jen TOTALLY should have won the tie breaker because she went all out and actually used a bunch of shaving cream but Freddie used the tiniest bit and won. 😒
Cheetotania _
How the fuck is lube a household item
J.E. Cooper
J.E. Cooper 4 days ago
Kristen needs that win poor girl going from 3rd to 4th
Uh Oh
Uh Oh 5 days ago
i think jen should have won..
Reese Mangum
Reese Mangum 5 days ago
Alicia Vigil
Alicia Vigil 5 days ago
Alicia Vigil
Alicia Vigil 5 days ago
This will cause clogged pores
Keeping up with the Jayda
Why is everyone’s hair a disaster excluding Freddie 😂😂
Emma Wheeler
Emma Wheeler 6 days ago
Wait... 1.5 is 1/2 a point more then just the number one. Which means Jen won my HALF a point😖
emma :D
emma :D 6 days ago
Any video with Jen is my favorite😂
Addison Whited
Addison Whited 6 days ago
nji2300 7 days ago
You guys give me life
I like Squirrels
I like Squirrels 7 days ago
Actually anything with a .5 or any point is height then just the whole number
Lizzie Serrano
Lizzie Serrano 8 days ago
5:51 and 5:52 “mmh...wouldn’t be the first time”-Jen
Space_ Nutella
Space_ Nutella 8 days ago
I don’t know why but you guys never fail to make me smile. Thank you for making me smile everyday!!!! 😊
call me mari
call me mari 8 days ago
My future wife, I- I mean Jen, should've won :(
Ayanna V
Ayanna V 8 days ago
Everyone’s saying Fred cheated and like okay sure she used less but I think it’s just a good strategy. The rules never said you needed a palm amount. Just calm down everybody
June Halfacre
June Halfacre 8 days ago
Did you see a shadow poking a out of the corner of the wheel ?
Shauna Morrison
Shauna Morrison 9 days ago
I ♥ Jenn! She's just so darn funny in all these videos!
Valarie Villarreal
One of the most funniest parts in this video when Devin uses butter (spoiler if you haven’t seen this video sorry) that she says “I feel like a fired piece of chicken”- Devin Ladylike
light shadow
light shadow 9 days ago
Why isn't lotion on the wheel?
Mihaii :3
Mihaii :3 9 days ago
If y’all won’t sthu and get over the fact that Freddie cheated or w.e as long as they all had fun it doesn’t matter Edit: don’t comment on my comment😂
Olivia Hampton
Olivia Hampton 9 days ago
Justice for Jen
Cavetown Is amazing
Vasilin is a natural makeup remover so 👍👌
Joanna Middendorp
This triggers me so hard.
Kaavya Dasgupta
Kaavya Dasgupta 9 days ago
Toothpaste would actually not burn....in India we use it as an alternative for acne/pimple cream.:)
Kaleigh Jones
Kaleigh Jones 10 days ago
Wait....that means Jen won😂 She was 1.5😂
Luke Mcveigh
Luke Mcveigh 10 days ago
Cas Plays
Cas Plays 11 days ago
*D I N K L Y*
Lauren Schindler
Lauren Schindler 11 days ago
Chantel is my favorite from lady like who else | | |
Lauren Schindler
Lauren Schindler 11 days ago
Was Kristen’s hair bothering any of you too
Bella Saint Onge
Bella Saint Onge 11 days ago
This gives me anxiety 😖
Justin Braun
Justin Braun 12 days ago
kristen hair is messed up
Pesy and Leighade!!
They should messure an amount that needed to be used
Carol Jobe
Carol Jobe 12 days ago
1.5 is bigger than 1
Ella y Wella
Ella y Wella 12 days ago
What about the toothpaste
Rylie Hawthorne
Rylie Hawthorne 14 days ago
Omg Jen is XD
brianna nila
brianna nila 14 days ago
kristen hun, ily but ur hair
Y o d e l e
Y o d e l e 14 days ago
I want their jobs!!!! 😅😅
KoolAidee’ Jammin
Really didn't like how Chantel Talked To Dev And Kris very rude and not ladylike
Javine Whitter
Javine Whitter 15 days ago
What is lube
I'm Taken
I'm Taken 16 days ago
Fred looks the most normal
kati7990 kati7990
kati7990 kati7990 16 days ago
the Asian looks really pretty
wallflower 16 days ago
"I definitely want lube." *_" we love lube"_*
Tina Stoecker
Tina Stoecker 16 days ago
You should try Phillips Milk of Magnesia! It works better than most expensive primers and the cost, $1.50.
Collection Girl
Collection Girl 16 days ago
These women represent all of my moods
GalaxyAlpacaSaki RainbowUnicornCoca
Why does Freddie gets all the good stuff
Ιωαννα Δημουλα
I love how they all go crazy every time they say "It's ladylike and we are...." *goes crazy*😂
Alena A.M
Alena A.M 17 days ago
4:31 is just a meme waiting to happen
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