We're Running Out of These Elements - Here's How

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Phones, TVs, solar panels, and electric car batteries are all made of some rare and unusual elements. As our modern world creates more and more of these technologies, will things go from "rare" to "nonexistent" and what will we do then?
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Nov 6, 2019




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Comments 1 548
Tom Noyb
Tom Noyb 7 hours ago
Appealing to science is fine, but be guided by the Word. In Genesis3, God commands Adam to make his living scratching the earth. A blessing and a curse. There are plenty of minerals in the earth, if Leftists quit blocking access? Clean yes, but dig.
Jon Swaffield
Jon Swaffield 7 hours ago
Stepping back from the hi-tec focus of this, they could have mentioned Phosphorus. There are various estimates of when the easily mined phosphate rich rock in the western sahara will be exhausted. Yes, that's correct: Phosphorus as in Phosphate as in fertilizer as in food, the Green Revolution. Personally I'd rather eat than have a smart phone to play stupid games on.
Mike Mondano
Mike Mondano 7 hours ago
"Ant-tim-moany"? Really? Where do they find these people? And we aren't running out since these elements don't leave the Earth - they simply get harder to find in more concentrated forms.
Girom Christian Calica
Diamond sword to major steve
Wolfreign Valenford
anarchy duh. im going to kill you & you & you & you & then you & you & you & probably get be killed in one of the processes while being successful at some or most in Killing.
SaltpeterTaffy 10 hours ago
How do you recycle Helium? Isn't it lost forever once it's in the atmosphere?
Aaron Ecuyer
Aaron Ecuyer 12 hours ago
this is why asteroid mining will be important in the near future.
Andrew Dillon
Andrew Dillon 12 hours ago
1st off "Emissions" don't cause climate change, BUT, i hear that in the USA, "SAID EMISSIONS" cause crusty socks....
Jakey Poooh
Jakey Poooh 12 hours ago
Nuclear energy is way better
007kingifrit 13 hours ago
we should outlaw the selling of smart tech to the 3rd world and save it for ourselves
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa 13 hours ago
Hobo Aquatics
Hobo Aquatics 13 hours ago
We are running out or we are not. Your title and what you say does not align.
Catherine Ma
Catherine Ma 14 hours ago
Japanese are already making Olympic medals from old electronics. Of course, gold, silver and copper aren't in the rare metal list here but every country should be Japan on this issue.
The Ram
The Ram 15 hours ago
Investments have been made to restart mineing and extracting of rare metals in the U.S. but china is ramping up supply and dumping it on the market to keep prices low. Just like dji did to every domestic drone maker in the America. Will this happen again??
Drive-By Troll
Drive-By Troll 16 hours ago
As long as you brought up "China" and then "recovering plastic from a milk jug"... www.statista.com/chart/12211/the-countries-polluting-the-oceans-the-most/
northerniltree 17 hours ago
This is why I chose to build my own cell phone out of Legos.
Range Range
Range Range 18 hours ago
Cry some more please
xxmyyoursxx123 18 hours ago
Said the same thing about fossil fules
Terry Sommers
Terry Sommers 18 hours ago
you lost my respect by saying that recycling rare earths from discarded electronics would 'be a win for stopping climate change'. climate change has been going on since the earth formed, and people aren't going to stop it. please, stop your 'climate panic' pandemic. climate has always been changing you effing moron, and your little "sci show' logo is a poor disguise
antisony2008 18 hours ago
we´re running out of beautiful men, like you!
Phytomining! Traffic trees to uptake CO
Denys Kornev
Denys Kornev 19 hours ago
8:58 and buy only the best models and not the cheap ones, since it will work and be supported longer.
Denys Kornev
Denys Kornev 19 hours ago
Bad news about DRC since Russia is going to make a “friendship” with Africa.
Thrax 19 hours ago
Time to strip mine the moon
janey0317 19 hours ago
If we're running out of Helium, why can I buy it for cheap at any Walmart or party store????
janey0317 17 hours ago
@Keallei Exactly! And we only have a finite supply of Helium
Keallei 17 hours ago
janey0317 its a real problem and I wish it would be stopped for recreational use. Nobody NEEDS a floating balloon.
Cracked Emerald
Cracked Emerald 20 hours ago
Trash is stupid and we should stop doing it.
Poor Username
Poor Username 20 hours ago
Yeah, But the Earth is more than a few feet deep, Most likely the easy stuff is running out just did a bit deeper put your back into it and dig.
cosmin 21 hour ago
asteroid mining maybe?
first last
first last 21 hour ago
I wonder why more nickle metal hydride isn't used in things instead of Lithium batteries. They might not be quite as dense, but they do the job. Also worth looking at when portability isn't necessary, is usvid.net/video/video-HmtI8Wat7rY.html
Skeletor 21 hour ago
You're forgetting the most important contributor to "criticality" VERSIONITIS. That's the planned, deliberate, and forceful action taken by device makers like Apple, to get people to perpetually upgrade their phones and other devices, and to accept a culture of version-sensitivity ( more accurately, version obsession). You don;t change you dining room table every 2 years because there is a new version. The hardware we use today could last for 20-30 years if manufacturers left it alone. Moreover, in all cases, the life-limiting components ( such as backlight fluorescent tubes for monitors, capacitors in switching power supplies, etc) are NOT made of critical materials. So critical materials are being discarded because non-critical components have a limited ( and often deliberately so) life span. This is all the fault of device makers. Apple one of the worst offenders. ( they even tell customers "don't fix it, replace it!")
Levi Bailey
Levi Bailey 22 hours ago
So start recycling touch screens and plasma screens. Humans are the most wasteful primates on earth, even chimpanzees know how to reuse sticks to obtain their food.
The Amazing Spatterman
The implications of each of these are staggering to me
Lumpy Muffin Mamnma
Looks like we’ve got to start mining asteroids in space
Bliefking Day ago
People aren’t always willing to mine that stuff for us. They are often forced to. By powerful people or their dire circumstances.
Frik Na luzie
*helpfully points upwards* There's a lot, lot, LOT of this stuff in space. Problem is getting to it, and returning it to Earth - but this is a problem solvable by sufficient amount of money thrown at it.
F4Wildcat Day ago
4:14 Thorium issent a problem. Its infact a fuel that can (temporary) replace uranium untill we master nuclear fusion. Thorium is already a massive byproduct that can be safely stored underground. These massive supplies can power the entire USA for 1000 years. its waste after usage is far less then uranium.Especially if we master Thorium salt reactors. 5KG of thorium would result in 5 grammes of waste. Uranium issent a problem per se but after actually using it we are left with alot of dangerous waste. 250 ton of uranium produces...210 ton of waste Radium however, is a big problem...as it has no use today because of its toxicity.
Carlos Calderon
Mention more f1 and I'll become a bigger patreon
The Ccarbiter
Instead of solar panels, we should go nuclear it’s a better and cleaner form of a energy Also yttrium isn’t a rare earth metal
Andrew Brammer
Time to mine asteroids!
harristung Day ago
Such Irony, the world is running out of rare earths for solar panels and batteries, still we find more Oil and Coal...
Ian Richardson
Information can not be lost or destroyed, we can't run out of any element. We just have to recycle them.
Ian Richardson
Well, unless it escapes our gravity, then it's just outside of our ability to use.
Tokaji Leo
Tokaji Leo Day ago
the solution is mine the asteroids
50k3r2 Day ago
Holy crap. Monazite is just straight up yummy.
Jin Kee
Jin Kee Day ago
What about asteroid mining?
The Man
The Man Day ago
”Scientists worry”... It’s not scientists, it’s political panels. The year was 1972 when a UN ”scientific panel” first stated that we would run out of rare metals in 10 years. And the alarms have releaved eachother ever since. Like now, when ”scientists” worry about climate. Scientists actually criticise these alarms. The IPCC reports are not written by scientists. It is just a summary of scientific papers, written by political byrocrats. Don’t take my word for it. Check it up. You wanna bet? You can define the terms AND odds. I’ll take it. Climate hysteria is a hoax.
TruckerLee Day ago
Goddamn china
Mca5518a Mca5518a
When I sent my phone into repair. I had to remove the case, and the white Sim card, and the black micro SD card, then I had to Factory Data Reset the entire phone. Which erases everything. When I got the new phone, or rebuilt phone, it had a new serial number. So I put the white card & the black card in the new phone, wrote the new serial number down, and called my phone service provider. They turned it on, and told me to charge the phone for a couple hours. That's how that goes.
Joe T
Joe T Day ago
Build electronics with the ability to self diagnose itself for problems = less e-waste. Who by now doesn't know of the bad capacitors in components 🤔
Cookie Bandit
Sounds like we need to figure out how to mine off world. I mean there are asteroids out there rich in these minerals and elements..... my favorite activity in elite dangerous. Sadly only fiction atm.
Warrior Son
Warrior Son Day ago
The elements inside a smartphone cannot possibly be "literally priceless".... Otherwise you wouldn't be able to buy one for a fixed price. 😑 smh 😒
"fight aginst global warming" a term symnonous to "I am a tool"
Richard Wolfe
Mark S
Mark S Day ago
haha. Love the irony. We will reach peak battery before we reach peak oil. The other great irony is that it is the environmental movement itself that is limiting our access to the rare earth substances we need to move from fossil fuels. These substances can be mined over here, but that mining is not allowed, so we are forced to pay the Chinese who will mine them. So what the environmentalists want is for us to live in grass huts. The progressives want to regress the human race back 10,000 years. And for 95% of us to die to make that possible.
This why china so rich everthing made nowadays is from china in some form
TheLightBulb Day ago
Asteroid mining?
Galaxis Day ago
Will we run out? Well, if it is not something that is obviously renewable, then obviously we will eventually run out. So, the question should be, how could we _not_ run out?
J P Day ago
horseshit, problems are solved when they become "real" problems. there is no issue with all the problems you have set forth that won't be solved in the future, when they need to be solved. Don't worry, be happy.
CombatWombat Day ago
Space colony time.
Christopher Dizon
~95% of solar panels already use 0 Indium.
Jeroen Jager
Jeroen Jager Day ago
Does my car have rare elements? Nobody wants to buy and I'mc about to leave it in the scrapyard.
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