We Need To Stop Emma Chamberlain

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Emma Chamberlain has had backlash for her streamy speech, merch and new style of blogging.
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Nov 8, 2018




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Comments 11 869
ImAllexx 11 months ago
30,000 likes for a new shirt with pixels on.
Danny Devito’s cousin. A
Never even heard of emma
Jaylon Yuki
Jaylon Yuki 25 days ago
ImAllexx stop talking shit about other people
Rohim Khan
Rohim Khan Month ago
ImAllexx gc
Cool Empire
Cool Empire Month ago
You've got 105K more
Emilia Seger
Emilia Seger Month ago
Well well well... HAVE YOU DONE ITTTTT
iiJupitxr 17 hours ago
John Cena Aka Joana ce dia is better than herrr
lxlucylu88 2 days ago
She’s a white youtuber she will never be stopped
Manu Wislocki
Manu Wislocki 3 days ago
Her change in LA i don't really blame her, she was surrounded by such bad influence like cof cof jc cof cof
I'mDaddyCool UwU
I'mDaddyCool UwU 4 days ago
On behalf of the trans community, we forgive you.
Satrzxx 0217
Satrzxx 0217 4 days ago
SHUT UP MUTHATRUKER jk....... im a fan of emma chainberlain and even though this is kinda mean and rude i still respect ur opinion
Daniel C
Daniel C 5 days ago
U mean u need to stop exactly bye 👋
Malaika Gomes
Malaika Gomes 5 days ago
I don’t sit and watch Emma’s old videos because I miss the old her. You do
•łøvłęy Wøłfy•
99% of people hating on her 1% *Me commenting that she is not a bad person*
Olivia Houghton
Olivia Houghton 7 days ago
‘I cam back broke and depressed’ mooooooddddd😂😂
Seaz 7 days ago
Emma went to school with my aunt and apparently she was kinda a bitch
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 days ago
Emma Chamberlain is a btec Joanna Ceddia
Kasvi Methi
Kasvi Methi 9 days ago
i didn't get the joke? what's so funny about deadnaming a trans person??
_Jιmιnιe τhe pσσh_
Oh my god his hair is so long in this one
adriana 🧚🏼‍♀️
when she died her hair, everything changed
I'mDaddyCool UwU
I'mDaddyCool UwU 4 days ago
She killed her hair?!!
Please don't change Alex :c
lol k
lol k 10 days ago
She’s like the embodiment of r/notliketheothergirls
pluto 11 days ago
well I’m not surprised........ she’s a gemini
pluto 11 days ago
alex: what I’m going to say may shock viewers at home.... Emma Chamberlain.. * ad starts playing *
Danny Devito’s cousin. A
I’ve never even heard of her
not spider-man
not spider-man 12 days ago
its the matter of using caitlyn jenners dead name (or birth name)... its disrespectful to many trans individuals who live with that struggle of worrying if someone will call them their birth name or if theyll actually respect the most basic level thing about them. the joke was funny, yes, because i really dont think caitlyn jenner is that smart (take a look at her last name), but emma should not have added the "bruce/caitlin," as if its an optional name. its not; she changed her legal name, she doesnt want to be called bruce, she is caitlyn jenner. its really common sense so its sad that i have to explain WHAT about her joke was not funny. Sorry if I'm overexplaining but this is something that irked me pretty bad. Have a great day if youre reading this
Ara Gehrmann
Ara Gehrmann 14 days ago
I just know her bc of the Dolan twins and JC
Jessica Krystine
Jessica Krystine 18 days ago
Let go of the speech!!! It was a while back dude...leave the girl alone.🙄
idk ttt
idk ttt 20 days ago
Fame and money change people
Beatriz Barreiros
Sheldon left the chat
Nikki Gulayan
Nikki Gulayan 21 day ago
Honestly, does she deserve THAT many subs?
Tyrion Lannister
Tyrion Lannister 22 days ago
She’s trash... with trash subscribers.
Domenique Echols
Domenique Echols 23 days ago
Thats video was shitty ur just jealous :(
Regal Peter's
Regal Peter's 24 days ago
Why does everyone ship ethma like he looks thirty and she looks 13 😐🤔
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley 25 days ago
You remind me of Chris Kendall holy shit
Andrew Vásquez
Andrew Vásquez 26 days ago
I literally love Emma hahahaha I can't with these vid lol
Madacyn 27 days ago
I’m not saying that her joke was offensive, Im more so arguing with this dude, but when u make an offensive joke u shouldn’t just continue to make offensive jokes it’s called u learn the boundaries of comedy and stay within them otherwise you’re no longer funny you’re just an asshole (unless the ‘offensive’ joke wasn’t actually offensive at all and ppl r just extremely fucking sensitive which is v common these days)
Treesh from The bx
Treesh from The bx 27 days ago
you need to stop yourself foh
Katelyn Green
Katelyn Green 28 days ago
Well, I for one, love Emma Chamberlain 😂
Koraline Nicole
Koraline Nicole 29 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the lgbqt community? shit is just TOOO funny. I can’t stand people who are sensitive little babies. Just remember it’s all about perspective 😎
Pete h
Pete h 29 days ago
Hate them twins, can't stand em diveys
I’mnot Human
I’mnot Human Month ago
She not that bad I don’t know what she did to you :l
Riley Ridgway
Riley Ridgway Month ago
i mean you don’t have to be rude about stuff
Somebody Month ago
Emma is a BITCH
Interpreter Jenny
At first I thought the boy was gonna roast Emma, then I found out he actually liked her but was expressing it in a sarcastic way.
TokyoT __
TokyoT __ Month ago
*Trans person walks in at 8:00 * Me - Who's the transphobic b 👞
4KHILL Month ago
We need to stop whoever this guy is
UnicornKeo Month ago
you kept it 100
Yanais Rivera
Yanais Rivera Month ago
You look like you still suck your thumb. 🤷
jamie gooch
jamie gooch Month ago
I can’t stand these types of youtubers y’all just jealous Bc she’s getting blown up and getting deals from Louis Vuitton Hahahah
Hallie Moore
Hallie Moore Month ago
your mustache is killing me
Arikxul Month ago
She's so damn annoying
Liatris Luna
Liatris Luna Month ago
Some people on internet sell air in a bag 😹.. I’ve seen things like even selling bath water
Dora Winifred Read
I started watching her form the sister squad but then after they all split up i stopped watching all of them. Except james because he's always stirred ul in some sort of drama every week.
Cecília Róta
Cecília Róta Month ago
"Now I'm gonna say something that may shock you. Emma Chamberlain..." *ad break* 😒😂😂😂
Buchanan Games
Buchanan Games Month ago
where can i buy things that were also made in a literal place ?
Connie Robbins
Connie Robbins Month ago
its funny how shes only 17 (then) and already getting millions of hate comments. Like gIvE hEr A bReAk pPl
Grace InATree
Grace InATree Month ago
cut ur hair
Kay Duggan
Kay Duggan Month ago
EMMA IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! SHE FUNNY sorry caps but you are entitle to your opinion also you funny if you read this tell will I whach him as well
Kay Duggan
Kay Duggan Month ago
EMMA IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! SHE FUNNY sorry caps but you are entitle to your opinion also you funny if you read this tell will I whach him as well
Kristinah John
Kristinah John Month ago
Bett this boi would change his feelings about this if he got to meet her
Great video!
Soapy Time
Soapy Time Month ago
Nonce Tash
sam malson
sam malson Month ago
Well done alex you hit the 10 minute mark! You never disappoint
hee hee
hee hee Month ago
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