We Made the World's Largest Bath Bomb!

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We made a 2,000-pound bath bomb and then dropped it into Jamie's swimming pool.
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Once again, WE DO IT JUMBO! We made a custom mold and then made a 2,000-pound black bath bomb. Of course, this wouldn't fit into a bathtub, so we pushed it into Jamie's swimming pool instead.
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Jun 16, 2018




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Comments 17 219
Vat19 Year ago
Any ideas for how we can ruin Jamie’s pool again next summer? 🤣🤣 See other crazy large things here! usvid.net/video/video-wiwEw1s5SOo.html
Hiimafan Hi_im_a_fan
JustAGuy :/
JustAGuy :/ Month ago
Shashi Subbiah
Shashi Subbiah Month ago
Llamas YT the water will defeat the fire
Shashi Subbiah
Shashi Subbiah Month ago
Make the world’s largest stuffed animal and than throw it into the pool and it will suck all the water up
Penta AnimsTM
Penta AnimsTM 2 months ago
Hello Random person who is probably mad at me for being the last person or respecting me for being the last person to reply. *buyt anyways thank you for coming all this way too see the last relpy have a great day! Or dreams idk*
Dinand van Bruggen
Why didn't you guys get a lot of bath bombs and make a massive version of it
Richard Eaves
Richard Eaves 3 days ago
2:37 it reminds me of chocolate gelato
Sky Gacha:p
Sky Gacha:p 3 days ago
Them does this to their pool and swims in it: Healthy hair... we don’t know her.
That poor pool filter
Yousifa50 4 days ago
if y’all made the music creepy, the vid would be *way* different
Paraguay 5 days ago
Drinks pool water water: you gone die
Dino 5 days ago
Just my thoughts but isnt the requirement for a bath bomb to fit in a bathtub?
Snakey 5 days ago
Imagine dropping it in the ocean
Matthew Kent Pontino
How about we put in the ocean?
Guinea pig Girl
Guinea pig Girl 6 days ago
I'll make one that's bigger than my bed lol 😂
i am so lonely
i am so lonely 7 days ago
At 2:41 it looks like a lot of poop in the pool xd.
soybat 7 days ago
Jared is shook
lizzy cake and jess games!! enjoy!!!
How they clean it O.O
B Montibeller
B Montibeller 9 days ago
Someone has realized that this kind of masks isn't for filtering gases, just dust, and dirt particles! Maybe the mixture doesn't liberates toxic gases.
Kimber Honji
Kimber Honji 10 days ago
Looks like they're building a cement ball
Chris Kwart
Chris Kwart 10 days ago
Make his pool into a giant soda pool! Or put in cereal
겨털용샴푸 11 days ago
It looks.... disgusting lol
The Chief
The Chief 13 days ago
Welp just fucked up his pool lol
j batter Wayne workshop
Vat19 gets hats off and two round of applause they put a lot of hard work and effort in all these videos and the creativity in the stuff they're making but if they were up to something more Sinister we all have something to worry about
Daniel Atkinson
Daniel Atkinson 15 days ago
TheAwesomeLair- Roblox and More!
And my friend’s mom said “poop” was the worst thing that could happen to a pool filter.
Andrew Dalessandro
Andrew Dalessandro 16 days ago
Next ideA. When you hit 7.10 mil sub fill his pool with.... Floats.
RigidShark 17 days ago
You should've put something in there
Lauryn M Hruby
Lauryn M Hruby 17 days ago
No THC in it...lame
xXDixie GamingXx
xXDixie GamingXx 22 days ago
Is it just me or does it look green
Fayth Ang
Fayth Ang 22 days ago
that will probabaly will take 10 years to clean up
shumble boomble
shumble boomble 23 days ago
Anyone see that splash
Jade Cadden
Jade Cadden 23 days ago
You are soooooo fake
P1nk_ Love
P1nk_ Love 24 days ago
Why is there Korean subtitles?? Like are we not going to talk about that??
FazeSidharth 24 days ago
Looks like dirty water
Cherry Girl
Cherry Girl 24 days ago
Looks like a neptune i dunno maybe uranus
STARBUCKS LPS 25 days ago
2:25 anybody know what that music/song is called
Swarnav Misra
Swarnav Misra 25 days ago
Rich white people stuff
Fury Boii
Fury Boii 25 days ago
i thought it would fricking flood (laurenzside flashback)
anbia marjan
anbia marjan 25 days ago
Hey can you make a bigger one and throw into a the ocean
Anda Mahony Lad
Anda Mahony Lad 27 days ago
The fact that bath bombs should be edible if you use food dye just scares me. Sure it would be sour and have a lot of baking soda taste as there’s 1000 Pounds of baking soda in there but yeah.
Its_Marshyy 28 days ago
I thought a bath bomb was a bomb that is very effective in in water
Model RC
Model RC 28 days ago
2:33 Rc saylors anyone?
Mauro Lionel Mi Piano y Yo
2:50 this looks like a island!
Mauro Lionel Mi Piano y Yo
Two thousand pounds!!
Mauro Lionel Mi Piano y Yo
0:58 to 2:22 what did 2000000 pounds?
Mauro Lionel Mi Piano y Yo
0:58 to 2:22 why 2k pounds? Or what about 2,000,000 pounds!!!
LemonBean 28 days ago
i better find Vat19 in a guinness world record book someday.
LemonBean 28 days ago
i better find Vat19 in a guinness world record book someday.
ML 28 days ago
Next video im future: We made a bath bomb for the ocean
\\DogFight\\ 28 days ago
so how you clean it??
Alex Zamperetti
Alex Zamperetti 29 days ago
Palasios Villagomez
Disculpe cuídese videos español Vanessa
Skyler Marten
Skyler Marten 29 days ago
I should flood my school with this
Brittany Dela Cruz
Brittany Dela Cruz 29 days ago
What scent
viobean Month ago
You guys forgot to tell Guinness world records!!!
Its_Rose Plays
Its_Rose Plays Month ago
Terrance Nyemah
Terrance Nyemah Month ago
Hiimafan Hi_im_a_fan
F;Olof !!
Lorraine Tourish
That is really big
broomsterm Month ago
Now what? All that citric acid (pH 3.2), baking soda (pH 9), and corn starch (pH 7.0) - not to mention the coloring - inevitably changed the pH of the water. Will it have to be drained and refilled? What is that - about 30,000 gallons of water wasted?
Natan Guisard
Natan Guisard Month ago
1:33 please music name!
S1D0US Month ago
Found it it's called rest by otis
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