We Got Married...(Pt. 2/4)

Danielle Cohn
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The Day i Committed To My Bestfriend!!

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Apr 13, 2019

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Comments 37 270
Bear17 K
Bear17 K Hour ago
He Looks So Good Can I Have Him!? *wtf is this video*
Ellie 124
Ellie 124 3 hours ago
Casey Vaught
Casey Vaught 4 hours ago
I'm sitting here laughing at this whole thing. Her veil is also completely backwards.
Chioma Vogrin
Chioma Vogrin 5 hours ago
Poor mikey I fell sorry for him
Chioma Vogrin
Chioma Vogrin 5 hours ago
The way they kiss 😂😂like they’re trying to not touch lips 😂🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
Bella Flores
Bella Flores 7 hours ago
Not even Mrs it is kid
the random gamer some how lolz
We impressed everybody now where is our money
Andrea Garcia
Andrea Garcia 16 hours ago
Who’s here when they’re broken up??
Nicole T. Gibbons
Nicole T. Gibbons 20 hours ago
Cringe cringe cringe
Gachagirl23 21 hour ago
This is stupid
Anaya Nayyar
Anaya Nayyar 21 hour ago
k so yall tellin me that you can be in a relationship for 1 yr and make a decision to get married and then 3 months later break up lmaooo.........
Kloppings Underlings
Emily Gonzalez
*Faker than American cheese*
Imvu Studio
Imvu Studio Day ago
How old are you, you pregnant not even of age and you need that flat ass whooped
ary 1312
ary 1312 Day ago
All this people in this room be like :"😴
ary 1312
ary 1312 Day ago
Let's not Talk about their night
ary 1312
ary 1312 Day ago
Let's not Talk about their night
C r o p p e d ♡
Mikey and Dani? Aren’t they supposed to say their full name
nya’s world
bruh when he said best friend i was dead 🤣🤣
droptop3f krit
if you get married in vegas you're ONLY married in vegas
MysteryKookiBaby Cooky
13 year olds these days be wilding oof I’m 13... but i ain’t really wilding if you know what I mean 💀
Erin Gasca
Erin Gasca Day ago
mikey deserves so much better than her
Alena Ishak
Alena Ishak Day ago
There in freakin Vegas -.-
sara Alhosani
sara Alhosani 2 days ago
It’s all fucking fake😪🙄
ariana watkins
ariana watkins 2 days ago
so uncomfortable...
Anong Phomakay
Anong Phomakay 2 days ago
So glad you guys got a divorced
Rose 2 days ago
Her brother looks so done 😂
Serenity Avelar
Serenity Avelar 2 days ago
This is to to cringy
Ella Rae
Ella Rae 2 days ago
Fake af
Lily_Bud 2 days ago
Please stop writing hate comments... My fingers are hurting from liking them all
Emma Baker
Emma Baker 2 days ago
What kind of a wedding photographer would take the photo in vertical?
OzZy's _entrentainment
Who tf wears a prostitute dress for a wedding 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Casey Vaught
Casey Vaught 4 hours ago
Lots of people in Florida, unfortunately. There are many "less than classy" people in this state.
Teairra da Baka UwU
12 year olds can't marry ._.
Abbey Guitar
Abbey Guitar 2 days ago
And she’s how old? Yeah 13
Madhuri kumar
Madhuri kumar 2 days ago
She is shameless bitch.
Cheyenne Arket
Cheyenne Arket 2 days ago
FaKeR than my fRiEnDs
They call me Big toe
This is the most awful wedding EVER Wait.... Its not real....!
Officer Fangirl
Officer Fangirl 2 days ago
this is faker than James Charles career
forever _yuh
forever _yuh 2 days ago
Danielle 13 years old:We ArE gEtTiNg mArRiEd! Me at 16 **who dafuq ate my sandwich?!!!**
student life
student life 2 days ago
Ty 2 days ago
Yeah so you can go to Vegas and have friendship ceremonies this is what that is
patriicia 2 days ago
Isn't she going to school?
Fiona Mbeketcha
Fiona Mbeketcha 3 days ago
im so late this was back in april
xox comtery
xox comtery 3 days ago
This is actually funny
Kiersten Boals
Kiersten Boals 3 days ago
That dress is shorter than her marriage
Kiersten Boals
Kiersten Boals 3 days ago
She’s thirteen. THIRTEEN. And she’s wearing a tight “wedding” dress. Nasty. I’m sorry jojo I love you I’m sorry we ever doubted you.
jude bc
jude bc 3 days ago
Dani: *posted on april* Me: *shook*
Lakaria ‘life I
She not pregnant she just fat
Jeffery and TY Track
Fake aff
Liz Gacha Life
Liz Gacha Life 3 days ago
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