Warriors became alarmed when Kevin Durant didn't feel joy winning rings - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst and Amin Elhassan react to comments made by Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers about the Kevin Durant sign-and-trade with the Brooklyn Nets, and discuss whether they could have done anything more to keep KD.
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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 1 532
J Dineen
J Dineen 4 months ago
Gs is still going to be good, but they're done winning championships.
DeVon Avant
DeVon Avant 4 months ago
I don’t know KD personally, but I get a sense that he is just genuinely about the love for the game of basketball. Who criticizes media more than any player in the league? KD does. All this entertaining players are forced to do, and money, and the “mountain top” of winning a ring is an illusion. I think he realizes this now.
icemann1419 4 months ago
Because he know he didn’t really “earn” it the way you’re supposed to so his 2 rings is irrelevant
frank beans
frank beans 4 months ago
For fucks sake he's a bitch he won't enjoy anything, anywhere! Mofo gots hundreds of millions and he'll still be sad in Brooklyn!
PalmdalesAdonis 4 months ago
Because they beat Cavs 4-1 and then swept them the next year .. There was no challenge.
Boski Woski
Boski Woski 4 months ago
People gotta understand....Warriors had no intention on keeping KD for his market value. Why? It's gonna take away from ownership bottom line. They would've had to pay over $100 MILLION A YEAR Luxury taxes to have KD, KLAY, CURRY and rest roster. No owner is giving $100 mill from his own pocket. That's why we see good NBA teams get broken up all the time. MONEY comes first for owners. Think about a player u enjoy watching, all of sudden gets traded or released. Because the owners dont want to pay the back loaded part of their contract. Examples: CP3, Conley, Gasol, Westbrook, etc.
Noah Ark
Noah Ark 4 months ago
bec. you joined warriors😂
Raphael Martinez
Raphael Martinez 4 months ago
The reason why he didn't feel satisfied by winning & being the Finals MVP is because GSW is the so-called 'Steph Curry's Team'... What KD wants is that tagline to be changed to 'Steph & KD's team... Recognize what he did for the team, just like his former status on OKC!
massoux ttg
massoux ttg 4 months ago
Tater Puddin
Tater Puddin 4 months ago
Because he knew he had sold his soul for those rings. Along with everybody who wasn't a Warriors fan.
O.G. Francis
O.G. Francis 4 months ago
Joining the Golden State Warriors will forever be a crime
Monkeydude16 4 months ago
KD wants the feeling of leading his team to a ring like Kawhi for Toronto, LeBron for Cleveland, and Dirk for Dallas. Simple as that
D Johnson
D Johnson 4 months ago
Kd will never be happy
Gibran Leon
Gibran Leon 4 months ago
KD's rings in Golden State are as valuable as Lebron's in Miami. Steph and Wade got their insurance and made sure to make the most of it. They're the real bosses in this.
Bella 4 months ago
Facts. But no one in the media discredits Bron's rings the way they do KD.
Kevin Moses
Kevin Moses 4 months ago
That is very alarming, if that is the case. He could be at risk for suicide if that is the case, which I don't want to think about, but many savants have had similar mentalities and they ultimately took their lives. I hope that that is not the case for kd, I really do.
danilo domingo
danilo domingo 4 months ago
He didn't feel enjoying of winning a ring because he got stuck with bunch of higher ego in OKC, Durant, Russell, Harden and Anthony. He took a short cut joining the warriors, he knows they can win championship ring.
Yorke Head
Yorke Head 4 months ago
Why are they even discussing this? Rachel interviewed him, just ask her. She knows. After two titles and two Finals MVP's, KD realized that he was more than just a basketball player. Whoa. What tremendous insight Rach. So glad you interjected some nonsense (your own ego--i.e.--I interviewed him-I know why) into the conversation and bring it to a screeching halt.
MovieVidKing 4 months ago
Free agency is allowing the players to choose the team they prefer to play with as well as the players to combine their talent with in pursuit of a championship. So, its possible for underdog team's to have a chance in regular season to be contenders in the playoffs. Some players like the grind and major accomplishment of being able to be a factor to a team/ organization.
Taleea Lee
Taleea Lee 4 months ago
JESUS is the only one who can fulfill KD.
BESTpart Capture
BESTpart Capture 4 months ago
He just wanted VALIDATION and winning without getting that stole the happiness away. I hope he gets that in Brooklyn.
Flores Janna Catherine
Gsw should know first and foremost that kd is an ASSHOLE....
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 4 months ago
Durant just has emotional issues.. the dude is overly wrapped up in his feelings.. dude, just play ball and enjoy your effin life.. you're great great grand children are set with your generational wealth.. stop trippin. Play ball till you can't and make that $. It's really that simple.. these shows wanna make a soap opera out of everything.
Kristian Alvarez
Kristian Alvarez 4 months ago
He was happy in okc but the guy listens too much to the media and took the easy way to a chip we know this already he’s trying to accomplish something he works and suffers for deep down inside him he knows he has and he has to face that
Gregory Morillo
Gregory Morillo 4 months ago
Only reason lebron left the heat to go back to cavs is because he wanted to deliver a chip to the cavs obviously if not I think he would of stayed and then joined lakers regardless
Mario Flores
Mario Flores 4 months ago
Had KD stayed in OKC, Horford would've signed with them over Boston. Then they'd have a lineup of Russ-Roberson-KD-Horford-Adams, with Dipo as the 6th man. Then if the PG and Melo deals still happen, it's Russ-PG-KD-Horford-Adams with Melo as the 6th man. He could've been the clear-cut leader of his own superteam in OKC for years to come
lito dat
lito dat 4 months ago
Gee I wonder why maybe cuz you didn’t win it with your real friends or people you’ve grown
Jiren 4 months ago
It's like playing 2k with all lockdowns gets boring 😂
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 4 months ago
Ewing, Barkely, Malone, Stockton, Miller, and the stars who never won but didn't take the hoe way to win got more respect than KD
Jimmy Perez
Jimmy Perez 4 months ago
Cause he knew he was a Busta going to the Warriors.
Jay Rock Jinx
Jay Rock Jinx 4 months ago
Him winning those rings made him feel as satisfied as reading a book and then flipping to the last page and finding out how it ends.
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 4 months ago
These are his on personal words, they are not Kelvin Durant s word. Kevin Durant worked hard and is truly a beast on the court.
Robert Camp
Robert Camp 4 months ago
KD is a fraud period. I would take Dirk Nowitkis one ring over KDs two. I don't look at KD championships the way I view MJ, Magic, Isiah Thomas, and other great champions. KD took the easy path and there is no way around this issue. If Jordan would have joined Bird, we would be saying the same thing about him.
3X0SK3L3TON 4 months ago
KD went there for free rings
KL Chambers
KL Chambers 4 months ago
If you don’t find joy in winning...especially a championship then something is wrong mentally. I think he needs a sports psychologist before more bad karma hits this man
KL Chambers
KL Chambers 4 months ago
If you don’t find joy in winning...especially a championship then something is wrong mentally. I think he needs a sports psychologist before more bad karma hits this man
John50 Beach
John50 Beach 4 months ago
I mean his 1st ring he seemed pretty happy. The 2nd one though, literally no-one on the team seemed to really care. And it was mostly Lebron's fault. The close out game 4, he didn't even try and Curry ended up hitting 37 and blowing them out. They won the championship while sitting on the bench. Hell even I wouldn't feel much accomplishment that way
Jordan 236
Jordan 236 4 months ago
Come on. He joined a 73-9 win Superteam and cake walked to a ring. Of course he could dominate and win the Finals MVP when you have so many superstars to take the load off him. He doesn't feel the joy that Jordan, Kobe, Bron etc felt since he had it so much easier
Noushino Reigns
Noushino Reigns 4 months ago
Because it didnt count
Pulling the Strings
Pulling the Strings 4 months ago
That's what happens when something doesn't feel earned.
poopz 4 months ago
idk if its true... but good.. because those 2 rings kd has are a fraud and he should feel ashamed
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