Walking with people that got longer legs than you.

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One step = 68.5 of yours.
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 5 694
Yolanda Hour ago
The struggle when you tryna keep up I hate having short legs or friends that got long legs😂
GEMX 3 hours ago
vid starts at 1 23
Teepaaplayz 4 hours ago
2:10 was soo funny B... BEHIND YOU I WAS NEVER BEHIND YOU!!
RelapseRunner 5 hours ago
Literally me
siapa aku?
siapa aku? 5 hours ago
i think im in love with you
Clint Norris
Clint Norris 12 hours ago
I can totally relate to this being 6'4. People a look ways yelling at me to slow down
Kazuto Shiba
Kazuto Shiba 13 hours ago
The dislikes are probably from the people who laugh so hard that their eyes starting to get blur and hit the wrong button 😂
TheArmada 14 hours ago
TheArmada 15 hours ago
Caleb you still play destiny 2 or nah
F.b.i agent
F.b.i agent 17 hours ago
Ik this is random but what if you made a joke video on umg? That would be hilarious.
Bravestarr Sandseer
Bravestarr Sandseer 18 hours ago
Video starts at 1:18
finnthehu 18 hours ago
Lol you probably main Orochi noob
Emma Gould
Emma Gould 19 hours ago
Try doing the pacer test against your best guy friend that is 6ft and you are 5’0
KpopIsMyDrug 22 hours ago
Anybody scrolling through the comments that got long legs?
Christopher James
Christopher James 23 hours ago
Lmfao 😂☠
Rohanna F
Rohanna F Day ago
I'm the person with the long legs
Gary King
Gary King Day ago
Hey now. I've been waiting tables for years. I walk fast. I can't 'not' walk fast. I'm not even 6' tall.....
Jacob Goins
Jacob Goins Day ago
I didn't even see first step lol
Sierra A
Sierra A Day ago
Can u split this lyft bru😂
The Ronster
The Ronster Day ago
Chupito ElPame
Gnokx Fastpaw
1:19 when the video starts
* Grace *
* Grace * Day ago
"Don't quote me"- caleb
Brittany Jones
You telling me you on that SAME street
Almighty Manny
On GOD I LOVE For Honor💯 Big Facts💪🏾
First Last
First Last 11 hours ago
E3 was ass tho
Clashed Sayain
Free Skip 1:19
rockyraquel 2 days ago
I am always the shortest so now I perpetually walk fast to make up for it. I speed walk as a normal speed now in order to make up for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m walking so hard and fast I’m just not going anywhere...
Kelly 2 days ago
I'ma just call a Lyft bro 😭
Harlequin1540 2 days ago
That was the most enjoyable sponsored message i've ever seen on youtube. Bless you, man. Keep doin your thing.
Julian Young
Julian Young 2 days ago
I feel like he literal doodoo water at for honor
blairzo 2 days ago
1 min 20 til the video starts Fuck off
Just The99
Just The99 2 days ago
The background music and sound effects be killing me
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer 2 days ago
Whats that song at 1:46?
ThatOneGuyKaboom 2 days ago
You should interact with your fans more like in the first minute. It's entertaining. Do like a q & a or storytime or something because you're cool irl like that
Lieutenant Locust Estralati
this private jet is in my way 😂😂😂
youtuberuh 2 days ago
i thought it said lonker.
Treynt Black
Treynt Black 2 days ago
“Are you in a win tunnel”
quibily 2 days ago
My husband is a foot taller than I am, and this is my life every day.... "Are you on top of a car??" Lots of funny gems in the background at the end.
Hawanatu B
Hawanatu B 2 days ago
“Man hold on this private jet is in my way, *man mOoOoVEe mOOoOvVvVEeE* “
Ocean Redux
Ocean Redux 2 days ago
Brightburn 2 days ago
Starts at 1:19
oscar gonzalez
oscar gonzalez 2 days ago
P.E Teacher: Ok come on, lets start running in the field. Me: SLOW DOWN! PLEASE I CAN'T MOVE THAT FAST!!!
CruddyGraze Coo luis
Didn’t age very well
CruddyGraze Coo luis
The hype about e3
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 days ago
Alliz in Deadman Wonderland
I’m loving your shirt. But the excitement is in the air ☺️
Andie Dae_dae
Andie Dae_dae 2 days ago
Was Keanu breathtaking?
D. Woods
D. Woods 2 days ago
Bruh only sponsorship I fw
Iago 3 days ago
"If Bethesda has sumn about TES VI im finished" be3: WOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH
Dank_memez 2
Dank_memez 2 3 days ago
“I don’t understand slow down I can’t move that fast” 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
As a short person this video accurately represents every time I walk next to a tall person.
Ivan L
Ivan L 3 days ago
Playstation is not☹️
Trash muffin
Trash muffin 3 days ago
This is how the npc feels when your on there quest and they have to follow you.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders 2 days ago
boots of blinding speed
Pres 3 days ago
the real question is why did he call someone on the streets there can be cars
Our Trashy Life
Our Trashy Life 3 days ago
LCC Gaming
LCC Gaming 3 days ago
Yo make a sequel, “Walking with people that have shorter legs than you”
Carycelesterebecca Nagy
Wow! Takes 1:20 to get to the video i lost my interest :(
SirDogs Gaming
SirDogs Gaming 3 days ago
Caleb is one of the only people I’ll watch ads from
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 3 days ago
This guy should sign up for the Super Human Interview
Suzuki Yoko
Suzuki Yoko 3 days ago
Ahahhaa so true
As a short individual, I can confirm that all of my long legged friends do this
Your breathtaking!
Apostate 3 days ago
I'm 6'1 which isn't impressive, but my body mostly contains legs. Mom's spaghetti.
Ageosj 3 days ago
man your a genius
Human Meme
Human Meme 3 days ago
He Protecc He Attacc But most importantly, *His Long Legs ARe Soon Gonna SnAp!*
Mr.[Insert Name Here]
Human Meme
Human Meme 3 days ago
The Video Starts At 1:20. 🙃
Baran Aygun
Baran Aygun 4 days ago
When you so excited about E3 you forget to move your electric toothbrush out of frame 🤣
Dembuckeyes 4 days ago
Yeah im 5'3"... Gotta Olympic speed walk to keep up
Rick Leung
Rick Leung 4 days ago
When Usain Bolt misses a bus, he waits for it at the next stop.
A Slice of Bread
A Slice of Bread 21 hour ago
That's a good one.
Joseph 4 days ago
When fortnite lags and
Ayanna Scott
Ayanna Scott 4 days ago
You crazy if you think imma slow down for you. I’ll stop and stare at you but my speed will never change
爱aizila 4 days ago
who else knows this guy from 9gag?
0 taka
0 taka 4 days ago
When you use hack in real life
Madden Alt
Madden Alt 4 days ago
Minute long promo on 2 minute video kys
J Squad Vlogs
J Squad Vlogs 3 days ago
Madden Alt kys
Aii iiA
Aii iiA 4 days ago
We all been there at some point xD
Dark Void
Dark Void 4 days ago
nigga was MHS'n it
Kaquan Holland
Kaquan Holland 4 days ago
Your funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cat Fish
Cat Fish 4 days ago
Shuto!....shuto!... Fuc?s#k...UP!
Lazy Couch Comedy
MissyRoxyful 5 days ago
I’m 5’2”. This is too real 🤣
jdsi 232
jdsi 232 5 days ago
No joke I'm only 5 ft and my sister is only am inch taller than me and she walks like a private jet. Even my tall friends can't keep up.
BabyMango 5 days ago
My friends to me every day
SpaceGirl 5 days ago
Can't relate. Have short legs but walks faster than my 6 foot friend
Brandon Ruddock
Brandon Ruddock 5 days ago
This man time-skipping to the moon and back.
Soap 5 days ago
I don’t have the longest legs, but I walk fast af lol
Stoked My Dude
Stoked My Dude 5 days ago
And I thought I walked fast. He warped. He was literally a warlock.
PolarAce LordDeth
Bethesda spoiled E3
Jordan Coates
Jordan Coates 5 days ago
ronald4life1 5 days ago
wiskeydorf 5 days ago
Yo I gotta know. What's that phone case? I want that phone case.
Esue Pinkham
Esue Pinkham 5 days ago
"Walking in front of people with no legs"
Garrison Dinsmore
I love this video
10,000 views without any Subscribers
You and hardstop Lucas need to Caleb because you been talking about sliding people, and Lucas is loud and gets mad easily
Eli Vangarde
Eli Vangarde 5 days ago
It be like that sometimes ^__^
Imaproshaman 5 days ago
This was amazing.
Thicc Slayer
Thicc Slayer 5 days ago
Holy Molly! Is This The Power Of King Crimson!! STANDOO!
Piruaxh Tavio
Piruaxh Tavio 5 days ago
I thought u were barlezy
TheOne 21001
TheOne 21001 5 days ago
Guy in yellow hoodie signs up for superhuman interview 3
ObnoxiousArtist 5 days ago
Basically Spies from TF2 trying to catch up their targets.
Jalen Harris
Jalen Harris 5 days ago
This nigga really spent literally half the video on a fucking sponsor
SuperWolfkin 5 days ago
ramsy51 5 days ago
I can confirm, I'm the guy with the long legs. I get this reaction all the time haha!
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