Waking Up At 5am For a Week.

Garrett Watts
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I tried waking up at 5am for a week and YIKES. This was quite the challenge for someone as nocturnal as me. I think I might be bad at self improvement. I don't know. I love you and I hope you have a blast watching this. Love you.
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Jun 15, 2019

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Dizzy Gillespie
Dizzy Gillespie 16 minutes ago
Garrett I’m a night owl too! I’m in London and it’s 3.00am in the morning watching your video so I can totally relate!!!!!!
Vi 31 minute ago
the editing is AMAZING
Lindsay Luvs Color guard
I’m both tbh I go to bed really late like 2 and wake up at like 6. I never sleep it’s pretty great.
Tea Radunovic
Tea Radunovic Hour ago
Right now (for a 3 mounths) ive been watching anime until like 4:30 or 5am. Im starting a new tear in a new school in september, and i will have to be in the bus at 6am so....rip me
Kelsey C
Kelsey C Hour ago
Why am I the only one who definitely believes Garrett could be a serial killer.... 😬
Gil Absolute
Gil Absolute 3 hours ago
Garrett is super sexy and those editing skills. 😆😆
Gabeygamer 2006
Gabeygamer 2006 4 hours ago
ok WHAT THE FUCK kind of dore handle is that at 34:36
MateriaGirlYuffie 4 hours ago
Garrett started sounding like Greg Universe towards the end there!
Marlow York
Marlow York 6 hours ago
You need to make more videos because they make me laugh soooo freaking hard. As someone who wakes up at 4:30am every day, I don't relate to people who stay up all night, but my internal clock is very different from others. People are out doing stuff around 8pm and we're already in bed haha.
Souny K
Souny K 7 hours ago
Legend says that to this day... Garrett is still sleeping
Miss Johnson
Miss Johnson 7 hours ago
That restaurant is called frische’s big boy in Ohio lol
Ashley Halloween
Ashley Halloween 9 hours ago
7:56 OMG I had to drive on the sidewalk once because I'm so bad with directions I went on a one way street and the cars were coming towards me
Shannon G
Shannon G 10 hours ago
Garret: “Let’s talk about that” Me immediately thinks about good mythical morning😂
kitten_lover Hun
kitten_lover Hun 10 hours ago
wow that looks.....not fun I wake up at 10:00 am every day for the past 3 months
Eden Willis
Eden Willis 10 hours ago
You are a vampire lol
mylie rose
mylie rose 10 hours ago
you are soo mee and u helped me but I'm never gonna not be a night howl
cecilia mendoza
cecilia mendoza 11 hours ago
Thorn32406 Thorn32406
Honestly I’m a HUGE night person. I usually stay up all night watching blue bloods or Chicago PD. I hate mornings most of all XD
Alia Davis
Alia Davis 12 hours ago
See you in six mithes, jk
Waltz 12 hours ago
I wake up at 4 a.m to catch the bus and ride for 2 hours to go to school in a different town.
Milo V
Milo V 13 hours ago
Garrett is a mood
Oscar Undevall
Oscar Undevall 13 hours ago
So i have now watched the first 40 seconds of this clip almost 20 times and I'm still laughing.
Anabelle Barrientos
Anabelle Barrientos 13 hours ago
**sees a newspaper ** Garret: morning are crazy 💀🤣17:44
Brenna Berchtold
Brenna Berchtold 14 hours ago
I honestly wish I was a guy so I could date Garrett, he is honestly too cute and I can't handle it. When he said I love you for still watching my heart jumped lol
Aleš Sigl
Aleš Sigl 15 hours ago
when u are going to normal work, u mostly getting up at 5 :) or 5:30 depends
CHiLliN vILliAN 17 hours ago
Thats honestly me. I need help😂
Julia Wells
Julia Wells 17 hours ago
i would say i'm nocturnal considering I'm watching this at 4 am. You're not alone! (favorite marvel movie is iron man, we stan a classic)
Lexi Grubb
Lexi Grubb 18 hours ago
It's 3:46 am and I watched this, and the part with thanos made me laugh sooo hard lol
Sarah Kidd
Sarah Kidd 18 hours ago
Thats the time i got to bed 0-0
Francesca Holmes
Francesca Holmes 18 hours ago
I wish I was a sponsor so I could sponsor Garrett and give him $$$$
Jordyn Anderson
Jordyn Anderson 18 hours ago
we miss you ),:
Jordyn Anderson
Jordyn Anderson 18 hours ago
i usually go to sleep at like 2 and wake up at like 1??
Jacqueline Cruz
Jacqueline Cruz 19 hours ago
I am extremely nocturnal and it’s really very bad because I’m still in school so me just not being able to sleep at night is one of the worst things because I have to get up at 5 or 6 for school. I love how your house isn’t a complete mess and is still super clean in comparison to how it was before, keep up the good work Garret! I always look forward to when you upload❤️
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 19 hours ago
favorite marvel movie is either winter soldier or spiderman 2
Sakura No Hana
Sakura No Hana 19 hours ago
I SOOOOOO ship garret and Andrew
Sammy Randy
Sammy Randy 20 hours ago
Omg! Most silly songs !! ♡
Ivan Bernal
Ivan Bernal 20 hours ago
Just discovered your channel, subscribed after watching one video! Wish you uploaded more often tho’ 😁🙈🎬
Sk8ter_ Queen
Sk8ter_ Queen 20 hours ago
Who else paused video to actually see if there was 25 words 😂😂
Jocelyn Padilla
Jocelyn Padilla 20 hours ago
"I really have to stop being everything I am" MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!😂😂😂😂
Gabby Santos
Gabby Santos 21 hour ago
I’m starting to think Benjamin is alive. 😶
Fandom Fanatic
Fandom Fanatic 22 hours ago
When he was singing Sweeney Todd I was too, good ol boy singing a good ol song
Elizabeth Strieb
Elizabeth Strieb 22 hours ago
I watch youtube and play video games at night. I'm also definitely nocturnal since it's like 12 AM when I'm typing this.
Alexis Breaux
Alexis Breaux 22 hours ago
Even though its been six months, the timing of this video could have not have been more perfect. I've also been trying not to become nocturnal this summer. I haven't shifted all the way to waking up at 6 pm, but still, waking up at 12 or 1 PM definitely bothers me. I'm trying to find something that works for getting me the heck out of bed. I'm terrible at consistency. Anyway, it certainly has been a blast watching your video, as always! :) :) :)
Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson 23 hours ago
Andrew and Garrett make me happy.
What happen to the mice?
Wendy is Shook
Wendy is Shook 23 hours ago
“I’m back” They said...
Dsff Frgdg
Dsff Frgdg 23 hours ago
WEAK I do that all year just to get to school on time
I'm definitely a night owl, staying up late is just a lot more appealing than getting up early. I love gaming and drawing late into the night! PS: I'm so glad you're still here and doing your best! Keep it up! We're here to support you. ❤
Valerie luna
Valerie luna Day ago
We miss you!!
Maria sal
Maria sal Day ago
Garrett is honestly so attractive like holyyy
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