VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 3

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The Crew reacts to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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Jun 8, 2019




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Comments 7 686
Dan Sadler
Dan Sadler 13 hours ago
Please react to the crow... replacing Brandon Lee in scenes after he tragically died during filming
Vyankatesh Sahu
Vyankatesh Sahu 22 hours ago
Movie name @10:22
C H Day ago
My name is Clint and I felt an unexpected burst of emotion at 11:36
The Siegers
The Siegers Day ago
React to Kong: skull island cgi plllllz
NitroGamer9210 2 days ago
Guys, has anyone seen the new Mahtr-ix movie?
REHAN gamer
REHAN gamer 2 days ago
Yo thats a perfect pewdipie look a like person I've ever seen
Stranger Sid!
Stranger Sid! 2 days ago
React to kgf moive chapter 1
Anish Galaty
Anish Galaty 2 days ago
With such a great budjet to their films and still the cgi works suck😂
Elite Yeets andrew Mireles
He said mat trix it's mae trix
Shane Cordova
Shane Cordova 4 days ago
In resident evil I got to give them credit and it’s funny that you would not catch this but the reason why the headpiece bobbles is because it hit his shoulder
noman gul
noman gul 4 days ago
React on godzila the king of the monsters
SpiderDude Productions
Matt tricks,that's gonna bother me.
The HERO Family
The HERO Family 5 days ago
React to WARCRAFT. I would love to hear your take on the VFX from that movie.
Daniel Carithers
Daniel Carithers 6 days ago
No one: Literally no one: I mean absolutely no one: Not a single organism in the universe: Not once was this a thought that popped up into anyone or anything's head: This dude: The MATT-rix
Zacho the Great
Zacho the Great 7 days ago
so uh, when's that "best and worst vfx of CorridorDigital" coming out?
Johnny blaze
Johnny blaze 7 days ago
@CorridorCrew guys please do Disney movies, Dinosaur, tangled, frozen, big hero 6, zootopia, moana and do Pixar movies, toystory 1-4, monsters inc, finding nemo, wall-e, ratatouie, brave, cars, incredibles, please guys thanks.
Anders Vestergaard
7 adds... really? Done watching this channel without addblocker.
Zara khan
Zara khan 7 days ago
I Loveeee your videos
pappu!! !
pappu!! ! 7 days ago
3:38 background 🕉️ he 🙏
oxfordcommasutra 7 days ago
12:43 Rolling off his shoulder maybe?
tang roro
tang roro 7 days ago
The reason Superman's mouth looks real sometimes is because they're not all reshoot, so some of them are real
Ruvieb 8 days ago
Blade actually had a bullet shot before the matrix.
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 8 days ago
The second pacific rim isnt bad it’s good I a different way then the original but I do like them both
The Delivery Boy
The Delivery Boy 8 days ago
I love how even Bella's face was just disgusted when looking at her CGI baby
Jakob Beul
Jakob Beul 8 days ago
btw what the heck is wrong with clints wrist all the time...?
nn 9 days ago
Do for Batman vs Superman
Shin Gojira
Shin Gojira 9 days ago
I am the only one who doge dem bullets
Kian 10 days ago
Why did he say the matt trix
William Phillips
William Phillips 10 days ago
Guys, I love your channel, but..... so. many. ads....
Alfo Zavala Foto
Alfo Zavala Foto 10 days ago
jaggers were the monsters in pacific rim 1... the second movie doesnt get that and made them look like a toy
Haku infinite
Haku infinite 11 days ago
The moral of this story is, just buy a real baby
ego death
ego death 11 days ago
Damn guys, you showed Metal Gear as a reference for a body being sliced up instead of the original shot from the movie 'The Cube' that Resident Evil copied? Disappointing.
Peter Gill
Peter Gill 11 days ago
Something I just noticed with the superman shots is that there doesn't seem to be any shadows on his teeth.
Basil Mathew
Basil Mathew 11 days ago
Baahubali . Indian movie
Dalton Guarino
Dalton Guarino 12 days ago
this is a great video keep it up boyz
Rev3rse 12 days ago
Did he say mAAtrix
Tom R.
Tom R. 12 days ago
react to dark pheonix
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
First time I watched Justice League, I was like "What lip problem? What're you talking about?"
Ecto Tech Industries.
You guys are so awesome.
James Fischer
James Fischer 13 days ago
Why didn't they just do superman with a beard.
Riley Kirchner
Riley Kirchner 13 days ago
I thought something looked wrong about that justice league shot
A A 13 days ago
I think the chunk that floats is meant to look like it hit his shoulder before falling off the side. That's what I thought when I first saw this movie.
Dakota Davis
Dakota Davis 13 days ago
Hey you guys should look up film comics explained. He went into how they did the criss cross lasers and everything and I think what they actually did may surprise you :)
Kevin Gomolchak
Kevin Gomolchak 14 days ago
In regards to Justice League, they should have just followed the comics better. In the comics Superman had a beard & mullet when he resurrected. It would have been easier/better to give Cavill a prosthetic beard instead.
BreeTV 14 days ago
Ok hold up. That baby at 10:25 may have looked real digitally but there is no way in hell a NEWBORN would be waving its arms and legs around like that. The movement was creepy and wrong looking. Great CGI though.
Discovery 14 days ago
Why didn't they just reshoot close up shot of Superman with a mustache?
Casey *notrelevant
Casey *notrelevant 14 days ago
Please recreate the cgi baby from twilight omg
Curpin21 14 days ago
The robots in the second pacific rim movie, are faster because they are smaller
raj singh
raj singh 14 days ago
Do review on Bollywood movies some really hilarious... plz...🙏
Frog Guru
Frog Guru 15 days ago
I want cg Arnold from term 4
Morgan Douglass
Morgan Douglass 15 days ago
Harry potter
Elias Ramey
Elias Ramey 16 days ago
The Matt Trix
JIK 16 days ago
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 16 days ago
watching these videos make me judge all movies now, like you telling my inner child Santa doesnt exist 🤣 you killed my movie inner child thanks
Chicken Speed
Chicken Speed 16 days ago
tbh I didnt even realize so for regular folks probably couldnt tell lol but now that I know it's all I can look at 🤣
Aye2D 17 days ago
how did u pronounce matrix as mat ricks
Tommah1000 17 days ago
You guys should do a review on The Wandering Earth, the Chinese sci-fi block buster that came out earlier this year. It’s supposed to be a breakthrough in Chinese VFX.
Matt Stebbins
Matt Stebbins 17 days ago
9:40 r/old babies
Liezel Baronia
Liezel Baronia 17 days ago
How aboat react attck on titan
илька пилька
13:50 sounds like a VFX artist's motto
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