Using only ONE Color in HIDE AND SEEK! - Challenge

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CAMO HIDE & SEEK CHALLENGE! Using Only ONE COLOR Secret Camo Hiding Spots in HIDE AND SEEK game at MORGZ MANSION! (Winner Gets $10,000)
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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 17 364
Morgz Month ago
Claude Quinlan
Claude Quinlan 19 days ago
you replaysd her w minni morgs heart break so how much are you paying him v bux
pufferson k
pufferson k Month ago
Did you really fight infinite list
Skittles Reaper
Skittles Reaper Month ago
Mu yus ,m ,
10 subs without vids yeeyee
Morgz u gay
imikehd45 real
imikehd45 real Month ago
Eat surest blueberry slush
Stuffed Productions
Stuffed Productions 23 minutes ago
Martin should sniff blue cheese
Dustbelief Papyrus
Dustbelief Papyrus 39 minutes ago
Ice bath
Shemar Miller
Shemar Miller 43 minutes ago
Jump into the pool and let him stay there for 2 hours
Leo Slade
Leo Slade Hour ago
Jump in ocean
Stark_Catalyst 24
Stark_Catalyst 24 2 hours ago
Can you prank your family with peniwise clothes
Family Yong
Family Yong 2 hours ago
Put big ice in the pool and call Martin swim in the pool.
San Min
San Min 3 hours ago
Put ice inside Martin’s cloths ❄️
Dario Istrate
Dario Istrate 3 hours ago
You are the english Vlad Alexandrescu
Jessie Morada
Jessie Morada 3 hours ago
It ays 😈 and it sily
MR BEAST 3 hours ago
Eat poo
MR BEAST 3 hours ago
Jackie Ruggles
Jackie Ruggles 4 hours ago
During a blue smoothie
2000 likes with no videos
Morgz mom stupid
Goha Ghost
Goha Ghost 5 hours ago
Who's better Comment: morgz Like: mum morgz Subscribe: bald martin
Siju Pathak
Siju Pathak 5 hours ago
U could move the bed Martin
I'm Supremeboy
I'm Supremeboy 5 hours ago
I think it's scripted..... Because he can see it by recording it and he holds the camera and Morgan Acts Like He Don't Know Where They Hide... And Martin and Morgan's Mum shouted so Morgan can found them.... Scripted!!!
cookie milk _fluter
Make him eat cat food
Stitch 7 hours ago
i think martins punishment should be jump off the roof to the pool then let him stay there for a whole week...hahahahahahahhahaha
Kelvin Ye!!!
Kelvin Ye!!! 7 hours ago
I think he should jump the roof to the pool
David Terrones
David Terrones 7 hours ago
Him stay in the pool for 24 hours
eat maco eat
eat maco eat 7 hours ago
You give me a freaking headache 🤕 Edit: his mom is most likely High
ThegrandMaster 7850
Who that fat kid?
The_Wolf_Pack666 6 hours ago
ThegrandMaster 7850 well so do you so you might be friends 👌
ThegrandMaster 7850
He looks like a fat kid on crack
The Spicy Mice
The Spicy Mice 7 hours ago
Roses are red violets are blue morgz just married you like to undo 👇
Bro vannda
Bro vannda 8 hours ago
He has to buy a iPhone 11 pro max for you guys Mum you and jensan
Glayz 8 hours ago
His punishment is use acid to pour on head
jason2011rey Pina
jason2011rey Pina 8 hours ago
I know a punishment pretend hes dead and cry
Alex Kouts
Alex Kouts 9 hours ago
10000 press ups
Sandra Paulino
Sandra Paulino 9 hours ago
These videos are gay
Poppy Worsley
Poppy Worsley 8 hours ago
Yes they are
Harrison Richardson
I don't like mini morgz
Charlotte -
Charlotte - 9 hours ago
At first I was too old for kids tv and now I’m too old to even understand kids tv.. what is this
franny james
franny james 10 hours ago
Push him in a pool 3 times
Singing mum
Singing mum 10 hours ago
One hundred push ups and one hundred sit ups
mesaaq ez
mesaaq ez 10 hours ago
Morgz toy
Binshad Begam
Binshad Begam 11 hours ago
Ice water bath for 1 hour
SIR MEOWS A LOT 11 hours ago
*CONFIRMED* Morgan is blind.
Hardcore Mike
Hardcore Mike 12 hours ago
Bald Martin Punishment Is He Should Be Hit In The Head With A Sugar Glass Bottle Or Put Him In A Dry Ice Freezing Pool For 1 Minute
TheLeabee79 12 hours ago
Jill be loud
Jhostin Nunez Paulino
put a pepper on his head e.e
TheLeabee79 12 hours ago
Willgames 12 hours ago
Jhostin Nunez Paulino heelo
Liam.Slimer. Fight
Liam.Slimer. Fight 13 hours ago
Water doesn’t do anything to chili pepper
Elena Kotomina
Elena Kotomina 13 hours ago
Mom’s Punishment: SLIMED Martin’s Punishment: Climb On The Blue Car and then Jump Off The Car Mini Morgz Punishment: Chug Hot Sauce
Carwyn Fortnite
Carwyn Fortnite 13 hours ago
Martin done a good job right
Carwyn Fortnite
Carwyn Fortnite 13 hours ago
Martin punishments should be by a Lamborghini
dead_ ender07
dead_ ender07 14 hours ago
Mini morgz that's orange
Reece Morin
Reece Morin 14 hours ago
This is so scripted
Lillie Droid21
Lillie Droid21 15 hours ago
I love you I’m 18
Lynn Fisher
Lynn Fisher 15 hours ago
Prank him
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 15 hours ago
Break phone
Townes Mast
Townes Mast 15 hours ago
the pool
siddhant sawant
siddhant sawant 15 hours ago
Bald Martin had to drink sea water
Salvatore Schiano
Salvatore Schiano 15 hours ago
Ok he should go 00 the old on I'm trying to think he should go in the in the cold is put in the whole entire
Fatos Behluli
Fatos Behluli 16 hours ago
I subscribe
Obama Clarke
Obama Clarke 16 hours ago
Team martin
Obama Clarke
Obama Clarke 16 hours ago
Cut his hand of
Autumn Tate
Autumn Tate 16 hours ago
Here is another one to jump of the car while it is moving
Autumn Tate
Autumn Tate 16 hours ago
He has to drink from the pool
Hannah the dancer McKay
LME Gaming
LME Gaming 17 hours ago
You bonncfgfs☘️
Reese Adams
Reese Adams 18 hours ago
Melanie Michetti
Melanie Michetti 18 hours ago
Martins punishment should be to jump off the car
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