Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE - HOLY $H!T

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Dec 30, 2018




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Comments 6 402
THE GAMER Gameplays
THE GAMER Gameplays 14 hours ago
jesse pinkman : sience .....word
Furzzy the Fox
Furzzy the Fox 2 days ago
2:34 so does this mean *_t i m e t r a v e l ?_*
Brian Maynard
Brian Maynard 2 days ago
My mind is melting from all the scientific mathematics lol. Don't understand 90% of it
Slikx666 2 days ago
Nice to have something different 👍
Mananga Lilla
Mananga Lilla 8 days ago
11:01 dat bod doe
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel 12 days ago
They can detect these Gravitational Waves. Can they produce them?
RapMastaC1 14 days ago
I love your videos but the last time I was this fascinated with your content was on the DWave Quantum Computer video. Keep up the great work and do more field trips! LHC in the future?
falconflylow 15 days ago
this is the worst case of destroying billions of dollars on unimaginable things whose importance is like how often my goldfish farts in a century. Only to build all that. And they improving it all over time. And all paychecks for scientists.....some African countries have a smaller budget.....
Panduka Rathnaweera
And all we asked for was a headphone jack...
Dannie J Conde
Dannie J Conde 24 days ago
sir linus please spare me a motherboard and a processor please sir :(
GoldenFox 24 days ago
Actually linus the ktp laser Crystal's need alot more ir light then they release into green light do to the laws of energy conservation, you need about 100mw of ir light to make 5mw of green light. This is do to them having to dump alot of their energy into the crystal to get it to flores just like a ruby laser. Their super inefficient compaired go the more modern but more exspensive green lasers that dont do any light conversion.
Its all Gucci Rahhh
Why tho? Seems a bit pointless.
Zeropathic 26 days ago
Holy shit that's cool
Ernest Tabao
Ernest Tabao 26 days ago
how is this a tech tip?
The Wave
The Wave 27 days ago
Yeah yeah I know... but does it have RGB?
George James
George James 28 days ago
3:05 someone seems to be using Debian check out the wallpaper. I love linux
jimbobbyrnes 29 days ago
im imagining a bunch of people in white coats tip toeing around the lab to avoid vibration
SilverRain21 Month ago
But can it play games? :)
illGottenGains Month ago
Gravity waves. The bane of my life
Muuhnkin Month ago
Glad you didn't let Linus near that thing, he probably would have dropped something really, really expensive that would throw the scientists back by 10 years xD
[Blank Space]
[Blank Space] Month ago
holly shit this is confusing
POPCORN454545 Month ago
This is simply the greatest production I’ve ever seen from you Linus. Keep making cool shit like this, amongst your regular content.
neotenken Month ago
They used all this tech and came up with the number 42
Richardz Month ago
Sometimes you can't help thinking the money to make all that could have been better spent.
awlabrador Month ago
Puts even the most expensive gaming "rig" into perspective. Thanks for this video. A very approachable description of LIGO.
Robert Rush
Robert Rush Month ago
Jordan Ishibashi
Who are the 1.5K back savages that disliked this video?
NIBBLESZ Month ago
saw a G710+
ofbarea Month ago
Great Summary. Thanks
Just Joshin'
Just Joshin' Month ago
Love the flerf jab at the end of the video
ChaseTheVase Month ago
oh wow i live there
Mohamed Abdinur
Mohamed Abdinur Month ago
You should do a video on the CHIME team up in your neck of the woods in BC. They are doing radio astronomy using VLBI and large first of a kind static radio telescope. The amount of data crunching is like the worlds entire mobile data per day or some rediculously high figure like that. They use a combination of FPGA's, GPU's and CPU's to process that data in real-time on the premises. They recently found the second repeating fast radio bursts of it's kind which is quite astounding.
Kirby master
Kirby master Month ago
Marvin Abarquez
Marvin Abarquez Month ago
Scishow linus
famixrap Month ago
Finally a PC to run a PS3 emulator with decent frame rates
ZWheel 1
ZWheel 1 2 months ago
In case anyone was wondering, Louisiana State University is the organization that runs the Livingston LIGO location.
Kyle Gallagher
Kyle Gallagher 2 months ago
if earth sins thousand miles an hour how the cancel that
Chris James
Chris James 2 months ago
They do not just know that it is a GW by having two detectors, they (or more accurately a collaboration of universities all over the world, including mine) model what a GW would look like using "Numerical Relativity" modelling techniques, so they can better sift through the shit that comes through the detectors, only then do they check with the other site(s) to see if they got the the same.
Gta cleo
Gta cleo 2 months ago
Gravitational waves? Ahaha its Fake. Gravity dose not exit and with all this Superb tech indoctrination to make you beLIEve in outer space! Research Flat Earth, Canada.
JustAnyone 2 months ago
But can it run chrysis on max settings?
RamenMan 2 months ago
0:13 Why is that banana sooo shiny???
MakeOutHill 2 months ago
Atoool K
Atoool K 2 months ago
Wow my head hurts
Ramon Sauls
Ramon Sauls 2 months ago
6000 wow i can't wait till they get over 9000
Alex Hurt
Alex Hurt 2 months ago
I fucking love science! Please more videos like this. Love the scientific computing stuff!
will2see 2 months ago
very nice video, thank you!
Justin Hartman
Justin Hartman 2 months ago
Thanks Linus, it's a Canadian USvid channel, advertising a Canadian made cell company that isn't available in Canada..
pendeyo 2 months ago
this is something countries should spent waaaaay more money at
SuperKoudel 2 months ago
The Automaticist
The Automaticist 2 months ago
How to Catch Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: this video
No Name
No Name 2 months ago
We know Linus just wants to go there and overclock all those computer cpu cores
John Kaplun
John Kaplun 2 months ago
Holy shit is right.
npcwill 2 months ago
before bitcoin mining how many remember nividia used to offer tools to lend hardware for research to colleges and so fourth? One day we will return to 2008 and realize we had the tools to move forward all along
Xprsniper Xprsniper
Xprsniper Xprsniper 2 months ago
Try running minecraft on this
Adam Rothstein
Adam Rothstein 2 months ago
If only we had this level of error reduction techniques in the modern physics lab I took in college...
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
I wonder if they are getting paid at all since the government is shut down
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
They have the word loblolly on their homepage
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
I fucking lost my mind at 8:08 I love these people
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
Of course scientists use Firefox
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
How could anybody dislike this?
Nunya Business
Nunya Business 2 months ago
What CPU cores were actually meant to be used for
Helix 2 months ago
I loved watching this lmao.
Hong Kong Tony
Hong Kong Tony 2 months ago
Oh so they are not going to neglect the 22 microsecond transmission time delay but i have to neglect the fact that water inside a container is decreasing when a hole is made Like if you get it.
Hong Kong Tony
Hong Kong Tony 2 months ago
Why do people have to say that energy is conserved even when not asked. Is there someone watching everything who is desperate to prove that conservation of energy is not real.
Aitor Rosell
Aitor Rosell Month ago
yes, because if one scientist prove that, is instant novel.
romio lover
romio lover 2 months ago
but does it run crysis ???!!!
Poti 225
Poti 225 2 months ago
The Ting go bling bling bling
Dan Nobles
Dan Nobles 2 months ago
Hi Linus! As a longtime fan, I love the builds and reviews too, but I must admit the heavy science stuff like this is a personal fave. Thanks for the great content!
CARLOS Martinez
CARLOS Martinez 2 months ago
holy shit this made me feel stupid.
No Name
No Name 2 months ago
This is great, this is basicly a sensor for our space glasses. Great shit. This can be rly helpful with lots of shits, and save a lots of time
Some1The4Got10 2 months ago
Mmm, yes, very interesting, I understand nothing.
Norman Wolfe
Norman Wolfe 2 months ago
so this explanation of how gravitational waves were detected is possibly the best, most simple explanation i've ever seen. great job!
Zagrusz Ventus
Zagrusz Ventus 2 months ago
3:40 debian probably sience linux
Waldemar Hachaj
Waldemar Hachaj 2 months ago
I'm impressed.
Torashin1 3 months ago
Mind blown
Crónicas de um desactualizado
Loved the video. It's a good thing to be eclectic and still be spot on the channel themes .
Gajdos Gábor
Gajdos Gábor 3 months ago
no drops :(
Kewbraminx 3 months ago
But can it run crysis?
kebman 3 months ago
Something something theory of relativity, but how do they convince tax payers to fork out hundreds of millions of dollars on these projects that seem to ultimately not really contribute much, except proving more aspects of the Theory of Relativity? In other words, what's the point? What to regular humans get out of it? Or do they do it for the _chance_ of finding some mind-bending life-altering tech (with real-life application)?
Aitor Rosell
Aitor Rosell Month ago
basically this is for 3 things, 1 prove the theory of relativity, 2 prove black holes that also prove the theory of relativity and find black holes that helps to map the universe and that may help us solve the problem whit "What the fuck is dark matter" if whit that thing we found lotta black holes, the dark matter would be that black holes we previously were not capable of detecting. The theory of relativity is the base for many things like quantum physics and quantum physics are useful for creating better computers, so proving the theory of relativity further and further is useful, it would be also useful to disprove it, science that would lead us to a new theory more accurate that would help to make better tech, this experiments have not direct utility but are needed.
kebman 3 months ago
So they use Debian. :D
Jeroen Bax
Jeroen Bax 3 months ago
awesome vid!
iLoveTheseRemoras 3 months ago
Our closest star is the Sun, at least last time I checked
ChaotiX 3 months ago
Okay flat earthers, we've proved that Gravity exists. Your move.
ChaotiX Month ago
+Aitor Rosell Do Black Holes not suck things in? What is that pulling force? The answer is Gravity.
Aitor Rosell
Aitor Rosell Month ago
actually they proved black holes exists
Pizza Cat 1732
Pizza Cat 1732 3 months ago
what's the wifi like in there
RectalDiscourse 3 months ago
So uh, I'm about halfway through the video Wondering when the 6000 core CPU is gonna show up...
SuJu_Mimi 3 months ago
hot damn.
Pete Lomax
Pete Lomax 3 months ago
No-bell not no-bull (noble)
kevin hansen
kevin hansen 3 months ago
Still can’t run Arma 3
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Oh, these calculations aren't done by those excess graphics cards then? :-O
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Gravitational waves, huh? You mean... so when my girlfriend's shit falls...?
Jacob Powers
Jacob Powers 3 months ago
Tape drives wut
brent grubbs
brent grubbs 3 months ago
But can it game?
Dan D
Dan D 3 months ago
You visited LIGO that is really cool. I remember when they got the result. Loads of people though it would not work, not sensitive enough or just is not possible to detect gravity waves. I bet they had a sick party on that day. Drunken professors swinging from the chandelier. I would have paid to have been there.
Aitor Rosell
Aitor Rosell Month ago
actually there is a interview and they did not have a party there in fact they didn't believe the results themselves and keep searching for 3 weeks who was the one that manipulated the results and as they convinced themselves that the results where real slowly during those 3 weeks when they were convinced fully it was so gradual they just accepted it without a party, they thought the result was too good to be real, and they convinced themselves so gradually that it was real that there was not "Eureka!" moment, that is how good scientist work, skeptics even of their own results that had dedicated their lives to them
Minecraft Parody Guy
But is it RGB
LEDtherebelight 3 months ago
Sonny Thomas
Sonny Thomas 3 months ago
only 4000 gigs of ram puhss that aint shit lol!
SirDieselPower 3 months ago
did they calculate the curvature of the earth for that tube.. oh wait.. there is no curvature. my bad
Kervin 3 months ago
I'm pretty no one understood anything but everyone pretends they did.
spaladon 3 months ago
I always wonder how these projects and programs get money to fund all of the research, resources and staff.
Aitor Rosell
Aitor Rosell Month ago
government funded or investors, science this experiments most likely don't have a application that can be transformed to profits, most probable this is government funded
Average Gamer26
Average Gamer26 3 months ago
All these smart people to sciencey stuff and I’m over here trying to figure out how to find midpoints
360mins 3 months ago
Who's watching in 4k lol
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