Using 6000 CPU Cores for SCIENCE - HOLY $H!T

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Dec 30, 2018

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Comments 6 442
Sined WOLF
Sined WOLF 4 hours ago
*Пожалуй подпишусь)*
I C Day ago
Science is awesome!
margeobur Day ago
Me and the boys detecting gravity waves at LIGO
Michael Van Bommel
does this run Crysis Laser Edition though
KNOW 4 days ago
Linus Science Tips but actually good!!
kirby march barcena
I would love to be able to visit those observatories.
Umm 🤔 ... *Holy Cr@p!* ‘If you’re a member of the flat earth society, you know what to do’ .. 🤣
KillerPant 5 days ago
Whoa!! billions of dollars spent just to prove what some old man told some time ago? Humans!! how dumb you can be? It is still better than USA spending billions of dollars to kill people in middle east. Still, those money could have been better used.
imanuel nugroho
imanuel nugroho 5 days ago
Linus Science Tips
JonasHagenDK1 5 days ago
I love this!
Ugly Penguin
Ugly Penguin 7 days ago
8:04 hol up... is that an apple in a caltech/mit project??
NickDawg 7 days ago
But can it run Minecraft?
Kyriafinis Bill
Kyriafinis Bill 7 days ago
So 100 gamers one machine I guess?!
Uria 64800
Uria 64800 8 days ago
ok when do they run crisis ?
Scott Murray-Anderson
This is by far the coolest video done yet. More physics please! BTW, so the earth isn't flat?
allDigital 11 days ago
3:39 I'm detecting Debian
RagingGinger 12 days ago
but wait... there's more they built 2!!!
Thottilyfluids 13 days ago
Elon Musk wants a link to buy the items featured in the video.
Thottilyfluids 13 days ago
This video is amazing, you should make more content like this. I like your regular stuff, but a video like this once in a while would be awesome. It's always great to see the bleeding edge of technology. This machine went on to detect the black hole as you probably know.
Fernando Mansilla
Fernando Mansilla 15 days ago
you did it again man, best chanel ever
A Dogtor
A Dogtor 15 days ago
The GovNer
The GovNer 16 days ago
I can't even get my brain synced with my alarm clock
CreidDesmodus 16 days ago
huh, Linus doin an Anton Petrov themed video... cool stuff
Ed O'Neill
Ed O'Neill 16 days ago
11:00 horizon looks awful FLAT to me.....
Von SpicyWiener
Von SpicyWiener 17 days ago
Linus is talking astrophysics and quantium mechanics? Got my attention!
Niighting 17 days ago
Did i hear that right, we can detect gravitational waves now? But the most important question tho... Can it run Crysis at max settings???
Reaper Mace
Reaper Mace 8 days ago
Niighting no it can’t I don’t think 🤔
D1xon_Cider 17 days ago
I wish I'd known that you were out here lol. I live in the area
Feer.C9 18 days ago
11:18 steam what?
meme marc
meme marc 18 days ago
6000 CPU cores: exists me: imagine the fps
omnimoeish 18 days ago
I feel like they could've taken these billions of dollars they spent just to be able to say they detected something and paid off my student loans
marthale7 18 days ago
I see all of this and think..... and we can't help the homeless, but have to have a kilometer long tube? Different values I think.
Sir Boop
Sir Boop 18 days ago
A 4 kilometer long tube, multiplied by 4!
Declan Cole
Declan Cole 18 days ago
my adblocker aint workin
Shivn 19 days ago
when did Linus became smart?
Tyler Padgett
Tyler Padgett 19 days ago
Short story the US wasted a ton of money. Likely government grant money = tax dollars
MiniDemonic 19 days ago
Wait wait wait.. Ting costs on average 23$? How is that a smart choice or cheap for that matter? 500min, 1000 texts and 1GB data costs 36$? WTF, that's expensive as fuck... I have unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 8GB data per month (data I don't use gets saved for the next month etc, I'm up at 50GB right now) and I pay like 15$ per month.
R4Z0R84 19 days ago
Like 20gbit fibre nice
DSS Singh
DSS Singh 19 days ago
Everyone and watching this video acting like that interested are all just waiting until the benchmarks
Adrian CHO
Adrian CHO 20 days ago
but can it run crysis?
Ralf Engelmann
Ralf Engelmann 21 day ago
6000 cores 64 GPUs 4 TB RAM 5,5, Petabytes of storage This makes up a decent gaming machine :-D
A DAS 21 day ago
Jaap Bijnen
Jaap Bijnen 21 day ago
But, will it run crisis
Khor Mun Huai
Khor Mun Huai 21 day ago
this video is using languages that only physicist understand....lol
Raynor 21 day ago
I see Debian
JAYGLADEEE 21 day ago
and yet i sit in my chair watching anime
Henrique Domingues
Henrique Domingues 22 days ago
Imagine having more RAM than most computers have in storage
marthale7 18 days ago
I was thinking Our entire sever room back around 2001 did not have 1 terabyte of data on all 50 servers.... The average cell phone has more computing power than the cray 1.... Boggles the mind the rate of progress.
Blackofnight 22 days ago
Man imagine someone accidentally tripping on and pulling out a chunk of those cables. They'd have to recalibrate everything again XD
Subramanya M
Subramanya M 22 days ago
This is eye opener. Really good documentary. Thank you :)
Osu Sounds
Osu Sounds 22 days ago
i take drugs, bacon, so im vaxei :D
Irrational Pancake
Irrational Pancake 22 days ago
“Noble Prize”
GGTyler 22 days ago
Good video, but you talk about the "6000 cpu core computer" at around the end of the vid, which is pretty fucking clickbaity but I'll give it a pass
Tyler Hardin
Tyler Hardin 22 days ago
0:00 the answer is you pull out a microscope and put it in ur pant
sean craighead
sean craighead 22 days ago
what crafting level do i have to be to unlock this recipe?
Xalzinor 23 days ago
8 minutes and 50 seconds folks. that's 8:50 for Linus to talk about the computers!
Sushischale 23 days ago
Linus' new server looks great so far
Jessy Nemati
Jessy Nemati 23 days ago
THANKS! Great video!
MankeySock 23 days ago
lol i gave it a thumbs up just because of the last comment (flat earth society)
Matteo Martinez
Matteo Martinez 23 days ago
11:20 steam machine, valve is everywhere
New KING 23 days ago
I like how they make this multi million dollar project then at 11:18 they don't arrange their monitors correctly in settings...
kodi Williams
kodi Williams 23 days ago
you do realize that monitor setup is 100% personal and maters absolutely zero, right?
Leon Abeln
Leon Abeln 23 days ago
At one point watching i even forgot that i Was watching ltt...
Hydro 24 days ago
Use a Sharingan
ugo graff
ugo graff 24 days ago
Linus in 3 years : Overclocking NASA servers and try to watercool it
DigBipper188 Hour ago
More like Quantom computer overclocking guide...
Toon Vdh
Toon Vdh 24 days ago
imagine finally being done building thid thing and then someone says ''ok boys lets build another one at the other side of the country''
Youssef Ben
Youssef Ben 24 days ago
You should have started with Hey ltt linus here
Sittichok Poosiri
Sittichok Poosiri 24 days ago
randomly skipping forward and a random Linus weirdly waving shows up
Natei 24 days ago
Linus has a lot of experience measuring small things... He's 5ft
rickard1200 22 days ago
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Mad Zen
Mad Zen 22 days ago
5 comments wasnt enough?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
@Coldsteak I didn't, I only clicked once on my firefox browser!
Coldsteak 21 day ago
bruh why did you post this like 5 times
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
Русский космополит
Linus, how do you manage to stay so slim?
john doe
john doe 25 days ago
My god this really lets you know how fucking ignorant you are
American Citizen
American Citizen 25 days ago
How much did this cost and who paid for it?
Donquixote Rosinante
Ofc they're using Debian
LyXq Ørb!t
LyXq Ørb!t 25 days ago
i love science And this is great, fun, informative
Dawsen Mage
Dawsen Mage 25 days ago
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