USC's historic, stunning 4x400m relay comeback in 2018 NCAA Championship

NCAA Championships
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See the full 2018 women's 4-by-400 relay in the NCAA Championships. This relay was immediately considered one of the greatest comebacks of all time, and covered across all sports. Watch the race from announcements to starting gun to incredible finish to aftermath.
**Race starts at 1:08**
**Final leg starts at 3:46**
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Oct 10, 2019




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Comments 373
No Excuses
No Excuses 17 hours ago
Ah number 5 damn
Brigitte Adams
Brigitte Adams 18 hours ago
Fast five #2018
Brigitte Adams
Brigitte Adams 18 hours ago
Fast five netball 2018
Chuck Self
Chuck Self 3 days ago
At 5:59 of the video, the UK runner's stride changes as the USC runner passes. I'm not a track and field person, but the commentator is saying "if there's any impediment at all" at that very moment. IMO, if that's the rule, she impeded - it was slight, but it was there. Was this controversial?
The COACH 3 days ago
I could watch this over and over this race and anchor leg was Epic
summer breeze
summer breeze 9 days ago
U go girl
Amar Ring
Amar Ring 9 days ago
It all comes down to how bad do you want it.
Tony Hartman
Tony Hartman 10 days ago
Damn, that is hella determination
Undi Mumba
Undi Mumba 12 days ago
Coach should have shown her that someone is catching up
PnW Gate
PnW Gate 13 days ago
I think she yelled "Fudge" when she was passed LOL
ddland45 15 days ago
"I don't think Purdue is going to get caught....wait, what... oh, my goodness! What the FUCK?"
crimdell 16 days ago
That Purdue anchor should be ashamed of herself.
aka501z 16 days ago
Man, that track condition horrible.
Gean Dos Anjos
Gean Dos Anjos 16 days ago
petite pomme de terre à sa naissance se répand sur le sol
Leroy Foster
Leroy Foster 17 days ago
Vijay chick who was leading the race, she now works at Burger King , not interested in athletics anymore.
youtpfpm 17 days ago
Looks like the women french relay in euro championships 2014. But they were three on the finish line
Path_Finder 17 days ago
Iftekhar Khan
Iftekhar Khan 17 days ago
Perdue almost had it 🦷💀👄👅👀👁️
Iftekhar Khan
Iftekhar Khan 17 days ago
Meow Meow
Meow Meow 17 days ago
Looks slippery
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson 17 days ago
The announcers was amazing 😂😂
Hannah Hinderman
Hannah Hinderman 17 days ago
I feel like crying for her
Lavinia Perser
Lavinia Perser 17 days ago
Esteban Rafael
Esteban Rafael 17 days ago
angelo j
angelo j 18 days ago
Wow now that never given up...
Dionne P
Dionne P 18 days ago
I live for these moments!
James Bond
James Bond 18 days ago
Heart of a Champion.
Alvin Cologne
Alvin Cologne 18 days ago
Feel the black power ❤️
김종호 19 days ago
wow .kk nice
Nate McDonough
Nate McDonough 19 days ago
4:37, love it how the 2nd place Purdue lady dropped an F bomb haha
David Powell
David Powell 19 days ago
Amazing USC comeback 0%, Purdue lady coasting 100%. That's really bad. And I'm not saying the the USC lady wasn't great.....but come on it was a gift.
Caitlin Schilbe
Caitlin Schilbe 19 days ago
This is why I want to go to SC their athletes are of a different breed
Adorthus Cherry
Adorthus Cherry 19 days ago
Straight FIRE!!!👊🏽power time the people
Dat 1 Song
Dat 1 Song 19 days ago
How did she pull that off??? My goodness...
djarvils EU
djarvils EU 19 days ago
Greatest win robbery I've ever seen
Hiro Nito
Hiro Nito 19 days ago
This is a women’s 4x400. Not some transgender trying to break every record...
Kishore Babu
Kishore Babu 20 days ago
great run
Disappointed User
Disappointed User 20 days ago
Oregon did pretty good considering their two person handicap.
Isabel Hobbs
Isabel Hobbs 20 days ago
Great form she has a motivated face and strong legs great race also I’ve never heard someone say baton that way lol
MyDino79 20 days ago
Crab Hawk
Crab Hawk 20 days ago
two thumbs up!
Bumble Bee
Bumble Bee 21 day ago
why the f am I crying?? I have absolutely no connection with track, USC, or any of this...my god....emotional...what heart.
cyclesmoking 21 day ago
The announcer dude was intent on calling the winner before the race was over. He called it for Purdue way too early, and then almost called it a too early for USC just before the wire.
hanafi 88
hanafi 88 21 day ago
I cried watching this..
MN Old Man
MN Old Man 21 day ago
Watch the foot speed difference at the top of the final turn . Amazing effort.🙏
1v1mepvp 22 days ago
4:38 you had to see her drop that f bomb after she got passed
Bobby Uttcrumbs
Bobby Uttcrumbs 22 days ago
lol the purdue idiot
Bryce Lorette
Bryce Lorette 22 days ago
Anyone else get that dumbass cheerleading commercial on EVERY video and advertisement break?
Tomas P
Tomas P 23 days ago
the future of women's sports belongs to male transgenders, we all live in the liberal submarine.. lol..
mena94x3 24 days ago
Good Lord, that last exchange was all kinds of messed up. USC slaughtered from the left, right and behind! That poor 3rd leg got brutalized!
mena94x3 24 days ago
4:37 . . . Purdue’s anchor has a potty mouth. 😱🤭🤐
multiyapples 24 days ago
uMADden 24 days ago
Damn as A Purdue University student I'm pissed at that bitch
Jonathan Kolbinsky
Jonathan Kolbinsky 24 days ago
My 400 time in HS would have beaten these ladies.
hezron albert
hezron albert 23 days ago
Such a shame when you compare your self with women. 🤞😭😭
Rohan Desai
Rohan Desai 24 days ago
I see almost all the athletes are of African origin. I wonder if USA can ever have a American origin athletes ever. A perfect example of how USA depends on other nations talents
Nkiru Nwabudike
Nkiru Nwabudike 19 days ago
@L Friz He said of African origin, I'm sure he meant descent, probably because they're dark skinned like me.
L Friz
L Friz 22 days ago
Dude, what? The majority of these runners are American. Of the top three teams, only three are not American and only one out of those three are from Africa (the other two being from Canada and the Bahamas). I'm assuming you're implying that if someone is black or African American, they are less American? You're obviously not from the USA cause that's not how it works.
Perisean Baltimore
Perisean Baltimore 25 days ago
she hawked her down, great effort!!!
Gitiffan 25 days ago
WOW WHAT AN ANCHOR LEG THAT WAS! Talk about, "never quit until it is over" attitude! All that after a bad baton pass too!
So one girl cleaned up the mess and won it, definitely not the whole team..
Marco Sella
Marco Sella 25 days ago
Senza parole!!!!!
Fancy Ndzefu
Fancy Ndzefu 25 days ago
Wish my behind was that smooth 😜😜
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