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Jordan Peele's Us Ending Explained. Us Explained SPOILER Review. Breakdown of the Meaning of Us. Directed By Jordan Peele Us Ending
Us Spoiler. Us Twist & Hidden Meaning. Us Movie Review & Us Analysis. Tethered Explained & Tethered Origin. 2019 Horror Movie
Us 2019 Ending Explained
#UsMovie #EndingExplained #UsExplained
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Mar 21, 2019

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Comments 7 000
3C Films
3C Films 3 months ago
Jason Switched FULL EXPLANATION: usvid.net/video/video-Si_EOJQNclY.html
suhe ndar
suhe ndar 2 months ago
Clik here full movies => bit.ly/2J1mDSP
truthdemon 3 months ago
Flourine is a biotoxin as researched in variousnpeer reviewed papers. Be a bit more respinsible in thisnday and age where it is common knowledge that flourine is and can be used a mass biopoison
Elise Davis
Elise Davis 3 months ago
Andrea Garcia He gave his mother that look because he understood her real identity.
locafly 3 months ago
3C Films where did you get “tethered” from?
BiN0 W.
BiN0 W. 21 hour ago
I think Red was coming back to get her son. 🤷🏽‍♀️ which is why she didn’t kill the boy.
18 DAYS OF villainism
Yonna Bea
Yonna Bea 3 days ago
I just realized that you couldve guessed that she wasnt the real Adelaide b/c how could she have known about the hands across America commercial/movement if she'd never been overground enough to see a tv.
Jonathon Simpson
Jonathon Simpson 4 days ago
Pretty sure it was the Shane Dawson who said the Florida thing
TTGang_ 4l
TTGang_ 4l 4 days ago
When i tell u I did not know she was switch throughout the whole movie if you didn't either this should be blue.................................👇
Antonette Cross
Antonette Cross 5 days ago
I don't got to worry bout nothing cause I live in Jamaica
Young Che
Young Che 5 days ago
I don’t think the little boy is switched. Bc of the walking backwards part where he steps in the fire. And how upset “Red” is when he steps into the fire. As well as how good he is at scaling walls and shit. He couldn’t have gotten that good in the little bit of time he was down there with the tethered people.
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus 5 days ago
You’re a brainwashed little bootlicker fluoride is not healthy u fucking idiot
0 ROBLOX_GAMES 0 6 days ago
or she was saying no when the boy was walking in the fire bc he’s a clone like her and she knew that
FeePlays 6 days ago
I don't think he was switched out because how did he learn to talk again so fast AND THIS IS THE EDIT PART I noticed how you said the mom taught the boy underground how to talk I think not because she barely could talk at all and she said he was born to love FIRE key word so u don't think he was switched
Vivid Rose
Vivid Rose 6 days ago
Lol this was an amazing review!!!! Glad I found you!!!! 💯💯💯
black beauty
black beauty 7 days ago
You’re a genius😳😂
Crazy Crab
Crazy Crab 8 days ago
Then why doesn't her husband or daughter speak if she would have taught the little boy to speak?
kingjimmyb ofall
kingjimmyb ofall 8 days ago
waste of time
100% Conscious Eternal Light Hologram
Fluoride in the water is not a crazy conspiracy theory. Read the book "The Case against Fluoride" by doctors. There are a lot of books that say fluoride is toxic waste from aluminum factory stacks. This toxic waste is making people very sick. They scrape what is inside this stacks and then give it to us in our municipal water surply by saying it is healthy. HELLO ! Haven't you figured out yet that we have a nazi government that doesn't care about us? I see you are way behind.
chase lawson
chase lawson 8 days ago
No the kids and the mom (possibly the dad) are all teathered beacause the teathered mom gave birth to them not the real mom and the teathered mom is a copy of the real mom making her kids teathered when she gave birth to them. Or they could be half human half teathered depending on if the father is theathered or not. Edit: watching this video at a later point i see that the real mom has to have kids with a tethered man she didint love. She shouldnt had to have because she was the real copy not the teathered copy so she didnt have to copy the teathered copy. The teathered copy had to mimic the real copy underground. If the real copy didnt marry then the teathered copy couldnt either. Therefore this film doesnt make any cents in its own logic. Sooooo reds (a.k.a the real mom) family of people wouldnt exist and this movie woulndt actually happen.
Freckles 8 days ago
Fluoride is def not good for our teeth. It's a chemical/poison and it only masks decay. It doesn't heal decay or strengthen teeth. Case in point... my son was on zithormax at 3 months old. At 1 yr old his teeth were brown from this. His doctor put him on a fluoride supplement to cover the decay. At 5 yrs old his molars started breaking in half which showed fluoride did nothing to reverse the damage.
Malajah W
Malajah W 9 days ago
I love the this video 😂 ughhhh thank you for existing
tiana stewart
tiana stewart 10 days ago
Red pretty much told us that she was the real addy when they all were in the living room. Red was referring to herself as the girl and was referring to Addy as the shadow
greenlego man
greenlego man 10 days ago
Well im lucky i live in canada
Jordan Ray
Jordan Ray 10 days ago
I have the same shirt 🔥🔥🔥🔥
KeyZie Ink Vaperchick
It just still didn’t make any sense! It is a movie I would not watch again, I disagree with the whole theory because in the end the tether mom was remembing what happened an it showed everyone as if they were at a theme park yet they too were in the tunnel as well.
Tisha Williams
Tisha Williams 12 days ago
Fluoride in the water is not a conspiracy!
Kelsey Carithers
Kelsey Carithers 12 days ago
I feel like there’s a connection on your theory with the boy. When he stops the door is always an ambulance toy car. And when he finds out the mom wasn’t really her, he was in the ambulance with her. I feel like there’s something there. I think he was switched some time in that house because someone mentioned something about remember last time he got stuck in there or something
Katie Blankenship
Katie Blankenship 13 days ago
So this is like coraline but more in depth.
Kathleen Rafalko
Kathleen Rafalko 14 days ago
You guys Jason was probably switched to because he couldn’t do the magic trick or snap and red didn’t Kill him because it was her son
Unleash Me On Mankind
Kathleen Rafalko thats true, I thought of that as well.
Damlordpunt 14 days ago
Fun Fact, there are real underground tunnels under the entire Boardwalk in Santa Cruz and the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Darth Blunt042
Darth Blunt042 14 days ago
Jason wasn’t switched. I understand why that theory is out there but no just no.
Rosa Mendez
Rosa Mendez 15 days ago
“As always, I’m chris”..... or are you? 🧐
sai76 15 days ago
What a dumb movie. So all this time these dopplegangers were living in some government facility that anybody can get in and out of, living off lab rabbits which would have been wiped out in a week since they weren't fed. How could the government clone so many people in such a small facility and how did they put on the same clothes as the people living above ground? If it's a failed experiment., wouldn't the government just destroy the facility and kill off all the doppleganers?
Onso-kumaru 16 days ago
What controls "who" is getting controlled? Is it a matter of who is underground or above ground? For example, the fake Adelaide lived above ground but she lived her own life. The one below ground, the real one, had to do everything the fake one did? Like she had to have a family because the fake one above ground had one? It's like the tethered was controlling the real in that case.
Judah Reynolds
Judah Reynolds 16 days ago
Some of the movies like get out are so detailed that it makes u wish there were more movies like that
Judah Reynolds
Judah Reynolds 16 days ago
Red and the mom(forgot name) don’t even look alike
Judah Reynolds
Judah Reynolds 16 days ago
Us is fr creapy
Mr Duckweed
Mr Duckweed 16 days ago
Flouride is a conspiracy theory hahaha what an idiot
filip 17 days ago
The movie sucks.
Miru 19 days ago
12:52 Adelaide was chained up when she was taken underground, she couldn't leave, although after that she isn't, the others might have convinced her that underground was her home, they could have stopped her from running away, because they might have seen that she was different from the others.
Cody Hoffman
Cody Hoffman 19 days ago
The kid couldn't of been switched out lm... there's only one doppelganger for each person.... you need to watch it again obviously
Art Dean
Art Dean 19 days ago
I am glad to not have wasted my time watching this terrible movie. I alredy seen this concept in an animated series called boardertown s1e8 santa ana winds oh yeah that was back in 2016. Us is 2019. Peele use to work on foxs mad tv, boardertown is a fox series. Just saying.
Scott G.
Scott G. 20 days ago
If the boy was switched out then how do you explain the scene with the car on fire? That would mean the tethered was controlling the real kid. How does that work?
Kevin Vang
Kevin Vang 20 days ago
So the kids are half tethers?
george collins
george collins 20 days ago
This movie was such trash. Total waste of time. The entire country was taking hostage by people armed with scissors 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I red boxed it for 1.99 and i want a dollar back
RosesAreCool 20 days ago
I just wanna say not all kids are happy good kids. And parents say "What's gotten in to you?" All the time when kids curse, unless your parents didn't care. Jason is about that age where kids in his school influence him and his language, so in my opinion I believe Jason is not a red jumpsuit wearing kid.
jscott2410 20 days ago
Another thing I would say is this, when the Government can’t use others (people in poverty/The Tethered) to control you, they abandon them to die.
Shaun Mason
Shaun Mason 20 days ago
If they ate the rabbits, what did the rabbits eat?
Rico Munoz
Rico Munoz 20 days ago
The real mother.?? She was a child
Kenneth Desmond Mosley
I think you’ve got an interesting theory. But it never says she was switched. Fluoride was absolutely put into water in Ca when I was going up. It was called fluoridated water lol
Joy M
Joy M 21 day ago
I just can’t buy that Jason was a tethered. The “trick” has been unused so it doesn’t spark like it used to and a magician “never reveals the trick” so he wouldn’t tell them what it’s supposed to do. Red doesn’t teach any of the other tethered to speak including the daughter and husband so I doubt she would only teach the son. The reason the tethered son burned himself was because while Jason had a magic trick, he only had real matches so when Jason would do the trick, Pluto would actually catch things on fire. They had also not taken the kids to that beach before because Addy was scared of it and were only there because they were meeting friends there so there was never an opportunity for Jason to be switched. Also, Pluto does that strange running on all fours like an animal and crouching. Besides, if Jason had only been taken the summer before (when he had the trick as he said), he would remember his real mom and wouldn’t be attacking them and acting so feral. The reason he looks at his mother with fear at the end is because she sounded and acted like the tethered when she killed Red. He wouldn’t have been afraid of that if he was also a tethered. Red didn’t kill him because they each killed their own “original” and she wouldn’t have been able to get Addy to follow her if she had just killed him. Besides, with Pluto now dead, she might have wanted Jason to take his place. I think Addy feels compassion for the tethered kids because #1 they are kids that look just like her own children and #2 because she is originally a tethered herself. I think it would be less realistic if she never had any compassion for them. It would also make sense for him to be a little odd. He is a child of a tethered so he would be a mix of a person with a soul and without. That’s also why he has difficulty with rhythm and wears a mask. Plus, kids are strange- ever had a conversation with one?
phoenixmoon3 21 day ago
Very good movie!
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