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Jan 2, 2019




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Travis Hunt
Travis Hunt 4 hours ago
come to show love from bj cooper channel he mention ya in his video love this brother💯🔥
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy 2 days ago
Love u bro
Gary Austin
Gary Austin 4 days ago
So, when I was groing up as a teenager (80s), not many white boys really listened to rap...I felt alone and didnt understand why I liked it (that BASS), cuz I still listened to country, pop and hard rock/metal, but now Church makes it all good.
Gary Austin
Gary Austin 4 days ago
UM...Let me clarify, back then, I was only listening to the Bruthaz, there was no white rapperz.
Deviant94937 5 days ago
FUck yeah dude this shits fire.
Preston Jenkins
Preston Jenkins 5 days ago
Hoow likes this song
Eric Bowen
Eric Bowen 9 days ago
take a shot at merk upchurch.!!!
Leroy Foster
Leroy Foster 9 days ago
O yeah brother awesome
Eric Bowen
Eric Bowen 9 days ago
upchurch kool as the day is long...
Mike Mccauley
Mike Mccauley 10 days ago
I know you still got that guitar and I know you still got Stitch
Anthony Apergis
Anthony Apergis 10 days ago
Beat is 🔥
Psycho Prophecy
Psycho Prophecy 11 days ago
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Kaleb Brace_is_fishing
Upchurch can you please make a music video for River Rat please
Shirley Philbrick
Shirley Philbrick 13 days ago
J W 14 days ago
I've been up under a a rock or something. This man right here is the truth. Like his music or not you can't deny he's the truth. People who call him garbage are some Oscar the Grouch trash can ass motherfuckers
Trevor Cox
Trevor Cox 16 days ago
This is getting 20x the Cheatham County population amount in views
The Cherokee Gypsy
The Cherokee Gypsy 18 days ago
Off in ashland city as we speak. Off in them sticks. From Nashville though 615 bitch. Upchurch..ima city girl, but being out in these sticks is something else. Love it.
Charles Beaudoin
Charles Beaudoin 18 days ago
Trennn- Danggg 😂
Nightmare the hick
Nightmare the hick 18 days ago
I come back every damn day sence this song dropped
Dusty Frog
Dusty Frog 19 days ago
Good video fockers 👌🇺🇸
Lilbeef 017
Lilbeef 017 19 days ago
British teeth headass
Robert Gunter
Robert Gunter 19 days ago
So I have to ask what's up with the all seeing eye in the pyramid at the end of this video church? I'm totally down with your tunes but that shit makes me suspicious of a closet sell out please explain bra. I obviously don't understand.
rebel till I die
rebel till I die 20 days ago
Long live the legend
A1 VISUALS 22 days ago
I accidentally clicked on this 🔥🙏🏽
Its Ya Boy Topsun
Its Ya Boy Topsun 22 days ago
I think my fovorite thing about this guy is that he don't spend money on shit he doesn't need.
lane gang
lane gang 24 days ago
rags787 24 days ago
Moved to Wisconsin from Georgia. Spreading the love of your music in Wisconsin. Got a couple more peeps up here listening.
Cade Howell
Cade Howell 24 days ago
Right here bro. Wisconsin
Ashley Rodgers
Ashley Rodgers 24 days ago
I love you rayn up church
Tyson Cundiff
Tyson Cundiff 25 days ago
Keep it going Church your the best man #RHEC
Cody Dossey
Cody Dossey 25 days ago
I don't like rap neather does my dad I heard this song we both can't stop listening bro much love u spit truth love u man
Mike Dutton
Mike Dutton 26 days ago
The Grandfather of HickHop...
Joah Blankenship
Joah Blankenship 26 days ago
It's jamming af
Bj Cooper Comedy Show
I would rebuild that guitar for ya brother if ya let me keep it one hundred 🤟
W00DCHUCK 29 days ago
Sounds like Kid Rock if Kid Rock was hard.
Robert Pendleton
Robert Pendleton 29 days ago
Just found this song and it's been on repeat for an hour. Hope my neighbors enjoy upchurch at 12 in the morning. 🤘🤘
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph Month ago
Love USA
Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton Month ago
You are the one 👍
MrPerfect1986 Month ago
I live in Ashland CIty and this is truth. Cheatham county is just like this video.
daniel toburen
daniel toburen Month ago
fuck all haters. UPCHURCH is fucking badass
Its Yaboi
Its Yaboi Month ago
I live in Ashland city and my grandma works at ao smith I’ve been to pretty much all these places where the vid was shot love the music
Layla Cullers
Layla Cullers Month ago
I love all the different cars & trucks you have in your videos! I'd be happy to let you use mine in one lol. Just sayin. 😜
Rex Carl Palomo
Rex Carl Palomo Month ago
d*mn you sound like MGK 😱
Kurtis Morrison
Kurtis Morrison Month ago
Upchurch your song's are mad asf keep bring new songs out ✌
Chrissy Weldon
Chrissy Weldon Month ago
Stitches is badass sometimes the old keeps you grounded no matter where you go. It's all about what footprints you leave for the future
Mikayla Moles
Mikayla Moles Month ago
By far my favorite Keep it up bro💛
Justin Hatfield
Justin Hatfield Month ago
stichs looks bad ass
Anthony Stone
Anthony Stone Month ago
Since day 1 a fan Ryan ❤💪 Thanks
jordanparker608 Month ago
Chevy bitch! Dirty boys
will henley
will henley Month ago
Ryan I bet you can't hang with Robertson county
Heath Haas
Heath Haas Month ago
aiden acton
aiden acton Month ago
1.14 who know the name of that truck i do
Christopher Barnard
Stitches! 😁 love that truck!
Upchurch is a fucking legend
Cole Sullivan
Cole Sullivan Month ago
Do you even make a bad song? Haven't heard a song that wasn't 🔥 asf from you
Dominick O.
Dominick O. Month ago
This song is so much better with the new sub I got put in my truck 😎
Gmoney732 Month ago
iSnack Month ago
I showed this to my goldfish... ..now it’s a megalodon that’s hungry for your boat
Tyler Mccasky
Tyler Mccasky Month ago
Hear before he even got on USvid and it was random ass Facebook videos 😂 man you followed me on I’d with only a couple thousand followers. I still brag about it 😂
jukra k
jukra k Month ago
I love this song and i love this pickup can someone tell me whitch model that is?
ALEX CRUZ Month ago
Reilly Thomson
Reilly Thomson Month ago
I'm getting my first truck this weekend and this going to be the first song I play as loud as i can
Thomas Bombaci
Thomas Bombaci Month ago
Remember when the lights went out in New York City?..Yah well there back on now.🇨🇳
any body still jammin in 2019
Dizzle theDevil
Dizzle theDevil Month ago
Clinton, TN up in this piece...
CYB Month ago
My brother works at AO Smith. 😂
Charvell11 Harvell
Church the man
Jennifer Gutmann
Upchurch needs a radio station
Hunter Meeker
Hunter Meeker Month ago
🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🤘🤘🤘👍 t.h.c. in my mouth boy FUCK YEAH
brayden hauenschild
this is a badass song
B 2 G
B 2 G 2 months ago
Your damn good tho ik you will keep growing.. I love you man..
B 2 G
B 2 G 2 months ago
Your the shit should be on top 100..
James Britton
James Britton 2 months ago
I wish there was an instrumental version of this! This beat is killer
RoastNReview 2 months ago
Jonah Martin
Jonah Martin 2 months ago
I like this song
Jonah Martin
Jonah Martin 2 months ago
Urgence Pc
Urgence Pc 2 months ago
Not bad! Not bad at all!
Ericka Harris
Ericka Harris 2 months ago
I just wana say, im 27, same age as you. But I've decided to be a fulltime mom, as i am a mom of 4 🤣🤣🤣 i spent most my wild days acting wild, and "hype" when i was like 15-17, this song makes me feel like im 10 years younger, and when i am driving around Columbia, TN listening to it on my mini van, with all my mommy bumper stickers on the back, nobody can tell me nothing! I love this song along with many others! Keep it up UPCHURCH. What im saying is for the length of this song im not MOM, im ERICKA. Which is hard to focus on or do anything for yourself when you got 4 minions running around
Mike Cherney
Mike Cherney 2 months ago
Always droppin fire tracks
Emilee Gibson
Emilee Gibson 2 months ago
My dad said that him and Jenn meet you do you remember them
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 2 months ago
Made a spotify account,only 1 artist 1 playlist,all upchurch ⛪🔥
Jim Smith
Jim Smith 2 months ago
Dustin Davis
Dustin Davis 2 months ago
Kiean Shay
Kiean Shay 2 months ago
Yo upchuch, your voice seems a bit raspy. were you sick brother.
Kelley Butler
Kelley Butler 2 months ago
I’m old enough to be his Momma and I’m just so thankful for the great Artist: UPCHURCH, finally music that you can truly rock to and also has great lyrics. I enjoy all his works of art whether it be Rap, Country or Alternative Rock or whatever you want to call it. I’m just grateful and thankful for some real music with great substance behind it! Shout Out To The Producer: THOMAS TONER Too! Keep It Go’in Young Gentlemen!! I can’t tell you just how happy your music makes me and others, it’s absolutely needed by so many people!!
Christopher Wiley
Christopher Wiley 2 months ago
best songs are by upchurch
stars channel
stars channel 2 months ago
Hi my family is a big fan of your videos are soooooo good and I'm a USvidr too and I have 17 subscriber ☹️ I'm crying too get 1,00000 subscriber and I'm a big fan of your videos too and im 12 years old and my family loves your videos soooooo much and me I loves your videos soooooo much too!!!!!!!?
Southern Momma
Southern Momma 2 months ago
I love it!
hfj gaming
hfj gaming 2 months ago
Kids Moore
Kids Moore 2 months ago
That's some good shit right there
Reilly Thomson
Reilly Thomson 2 months ago
I've must have listen to this song 50 times and I sing this all day and everyones annoyed by me
Jordan And Jamie Swartwood
Hell ya Johnny cash would be impressed!
Dave Winemiller
Dave Winemiller 2 months ago
Straight killin it ..you are the next eminem on that Purple pill
Tammy Boatrite
Tammy Boatrite 2 months ago
I’m old school & don’t have a ox so it’s CD for this old girl . Just got my 1 CD ordered & tee shirt ! So excited that I can bump church going down the road 😎 going to buy every one of them . Thanks Upchurch & redneck nation 👍
hope Calfe
hope Calfe 2 months ago
Totally Amazing!! I love all of your videos!
dakota workman
dakota workman 2 months ago
The only thing I don't like is its only 2 minutes
Billy Sattler
Billy Sattler 2 months ago
Got to cloese a eye to read this
Derrick Johns
Derrick Johns 2 months ago
Man upchurch this is fire man keep doing tha damn thang
Redneck Rapper
Redneck Rapper 2 months ago
Redneck Rapper
Redneck Rapper 2 months ago
Kiley Self
Kiley Self 2 months ago
Todd Thompson
Todd Thompson 2 months ago
Upchurch and adam are the best around. Merica!
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