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Jan 2, 2019




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Hunter Spitz
Hunter Spitz 4 hours ago
Upchurch you are my favorite artist
Korbin Pollard
Korbin Pollard 6 hours ago
"so much smoke out my window, i can hear my neighbors fire alarm" dude this song bumps #RHEC
Babydoll 6 hours ago
Love the chevs!!!
Brooke King
Brooke King 17 hours ago
Omg! Everytime my husband and I arent listening to your music we are watching your 3am videos! we laugh and sit here and tell all of them retarded people who dont know the difference between rap and country to shut up! You are awesome and f*** the haters, keep doing the damn thing!!
Se7enDiCE 20 hours ago
keep it going bro !! check my ATV channel out! usvid.net/show-UC1kqYRKePM27kHhKAzly1Ew
scrapper fanatic
I can't stop playing this song skin
Dominic Harris
Dominic Harris 2 days ago
Upchrch can you please make a song war you are rapeng
Torey Caylor
Torey Caylor 2 days ago
i searched "western rap" and i found this
jessica bly
jessica bly 2 days ago
Bad ass song bro keep it coming I know you will creek squad bro for life
Amanda Pierce
Amanda Pierce 2 days ago
My favorite song
phycadelic pikachu
This song turned my snapback to a mossy oak cap
Honey Cooper
Honey Cooper 3 days ago
Run that shit son rhec till my last breath.
Honey Cooper
Honey Cooper 3 days ago
Love that fucking truck son
Tim Parker
Tim Parker 3 days ago
Goddamn I love that truck
DrewTube 3 days ago
Who else is from cheatam county? 🔥
RawR_PandaLove 3 days ago
church church church church 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
andrew ackerman
andrew ackerman 4 days ago
Ive heard this song 100 times and it so much reminds me of south pky. . Reppin memphis and Nashville to the fullest. Keep on being you bro
Isaiah Tooley
Isaiah Tooley 4 days ago
Man I can’t stand that everybody wants to put a reaction video up and talk shit about country people like we need to stay in the forest and go back to our truck .. well first overall it’s called the woods and our trucks are more then ur little smart car us Hicks are coming out of the wood work just to show y’all that we ain’t playing and if u don’t like let’s take it in the road and show you how a country boy takes care of business
nitepanda209 Tipton
Shit's fire 🔥
thateffin guy
thateffin guy 4 days ago
Fuck you for thinking you can post this fire ass song but only have it 2 minutes long!
julian perkins
julian perkins 5 days ago
This song is way to fucking short, any one else feel the same ?
Kelsey Hinote
Kelsey Hinote 7 days ago
The best country rapper 😍💯👏🏽🙌🏽👍🏽
Jerry Gardiner
Jerry Gardiner 8 days ago
Bro when I first started watching you, years ago, I knew you were gonna be a legend🤘 true A1 since Day 1 fan right here man🤘💀🤘
Bob Sloppy
Bob Sloppy 9 days ago
Is cheatham a word?
Zack Stockton
Zack Stockton 9 days ago
So dope
Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson 9 days ago
Fire!!!!! Church!!👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Brandi Robinson
Brandi Robinson 9 days ago
What?? Church!!!!
Amanda Adkins
Amanda Adkins 9 days ago
I like your moic
Emily Mitchell Peyton
He good
Emily Mitchell Peyton
I love upchurch
room two
room two 10 days ago
Cool songs that I loved
Tristan Dorval
Tristan Dorval 11 days ago
Redneck TIL the day I die yee yee
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 11 days ago
Hick hop
Brandon Waller
Brandon Waller 11 days ago
When is this gonna be on Amazon music???
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox 12 days ago
This many bars and no sign of last call. Can't believe how far you've came from when you started. hammer down man.
Dena Clark
Dena Clark 12 days ago
Wish you let me show you my side of the woods#NWTN
Aaron Dillon
Aaron Dillon 13 days ago
Lenny Cooper and Upchurch need to do a song together
J Mcc
J Mcc 13 days ago
River river river rat asaurus rex 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🌽🍞🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 RHEC till my mutha fucking heart stops
Xavier Payne
Xavier Payne 14 days ago
Fuck what year it is, where you from? Norwood,Ohio. Call me a yank all you want but we built your Camaro/Firebird.
Bethany Morse
Bethany Morse 14 days ago
Kid Rock at least comes to western NY for concerts! O yes and there are more cows than ppl in our county! I like your shit, but never put down Kid Rock!!! If you have never been here (Wyoming County ) look it up!!!!
Austin Bobo
Austin Bobo 15 days ago
What year is his truck??
Sallie Mitchell
Sallie Mitchell 15 days ago
Kartoon313 15 days ago
I’m in ur town, where’s ur mud? CHEVY BIOTCHES!
Steven Petty
Steven Petty 15 days ago
I love the "I stay in the sticks with the hicks and the firearms" which is a reference to "Come and get it"
Illusion Haidusek
Illusion Haidusek 15 days ago
Ayyy deardoff in the back "I STAY IN THD STICKS WITH THE HICKS"
Jake Huddleston
Jake Huddleston 16 days ago
My dad introduced this to me and it is the best on the planet
Matt Keeton
Matt Keeton 17 days ago
I fucking love this song .Great video an damn good job skin!! I no it's been out an its on one of my Top well 20 every song just keeps getting better n better an the bill boards don't lie. UP MOTHER FUCKING CHURCH!!!
Perry Vitale
Perry Vitale 17 days ago
they need to put upchurch in video games like gta or make him his own game
John Perry
John Perry 17 days ago
No other “artist” compares to this man here. #churchfan-4-life
Mackayla Young
Mackayla Young 18 days ago
Church in two month you got over three million views ❤️👌
Damian Monk
Damian Monk 19 days ago
I'm sorry for all of those hatter's they are missing out on upchurchs songs
Damian Monk
Damian Monk 19 days ago
Nice truck are u selling it
cayden whaley
cayden whaley 19 days ago
redneck ''TIL I DIE'' like if you thank the way i do
Asphalt - Cowboy94
Asphalt - Cowboy94 11 days ago
"Rednecks" dont purposefully type with an accent to seem more redneck...
Redneck Tv
Redneck Tv 19 days ago
His truck juts looks good it has a stants
Charles Hunt
Charles Hunt 19 days ago
Fuck I can’t stop bobbing my head I love it
Colton McLamb
Colton McLamb 20 days ago
RHEC till i die
Chris Greenwood
Chris Greenwood 20 days ago
My favorite part about upchurch is the weird looks I get bumpin it in my truck haha
Ms Jewlz
Ms Jewlz 20 days ago
This beat is sickkkk.. walking by, caught my attention likkkke who's this..
Steven Salisbury
Steven Salisbury 20 days ago
I’m In Cheatham co by pure chance wish I could run into you brother church your a inspiration to us hillbillies
Cody Lawerence
Cody Lawerence 21 day ago
He's my favorite
Cody Lawerence
Cody Lawerence 21 day ago
Upchurch is the shit
Cody Lawerence
Cody Lawerence 21 day ago
Bro if u don't know upchurch then I'm sorry we can't be friends
Jamie Bahantka
Jamie Bahantka 21 day ago
really likin your music ! gettin me in the mood to go muddin soon this summer we got Kirby's kompound down here in Rochester ny always a great time
mike the creekman jones
Ten ne as ee repping all the way from south cacky lacky
Russell McAnear
Russell McAnear 22 days ago
Howdy fuckers
Josh Shepherd
Josh Shepherd 22 days ago
I’m impressed, I’ve seen Upchruch’s rant vids for couple years or more now. I would of never guessed he rapped. He’s talented, either you’re a hater or you just don’t like rap/hip hop. With your attitude and outlook on life, you’ve definitely got all you need to succeed. Best of luck bro,
Shaun Sullivan
Shaun Sullivan 22 days ago
This is straight fire✊💯
Zues 34F
Zues 34F 23 days ago
“One of Nashville’s legends mr Johnny cash would be impressed with” I got some goosebumps hearing that line :)
Jesse Faucette
Jesse Faucette 23 days ago
Make this a ringtone on itune Start with they say I sound like kid rock and let roll I’ll buy it
Carson Maloney
Carson Maloney 23 days ago
Best song ever dude
RenewThyself 23 days ago
Used to live down the street from Lewis country store and always pick up that hunts brothers pizza.. dank.
Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch 22 days ago
RenewThyself you ain’t Lyon
robin crone
robin crone 24 days ago
That was really cool of Upchurch going in to see and hang out with that little Ratliff fella. You got my respect.
Catherine Stockdale
I wish there was an option to heart this video. Amazing work Upchurch. ☺️
Jacob Irons
Jacob Irons 25 days ago
USA Cheatem county Creeksquad
Seth Estrada
Seth Estrada 25 days ago
I really love your Country/Rap music brother.... You have great content. You are fav song artist Like this so Ryan Upchurch can see this.
Jerry Tv
Jerry Tv 25 days ago
I live in Tennessee CHEATHEM
amber reynolds
amber reynolds 25 days ago
Come back to SC! 🍻
amber reynolds
amber reynolds 25 days ago
Casey Mundy
Casey Mundy 26 days ago
Are you adding this song to Spotify
Phillip McLeod
Phillip McLeod 26 days ago
Anyone else think he sounds like MGK?
Dallas Odaniel
Dallas Odaniel 26 days ago
Love this song🔥🔥🔥
Marcus Hack
Marcus Hack 27 days ago
I like that Johnny Cash tribute you threw in there. Stoned eating pie in a bush hahaha CREEK CREEK CREEK TO THE MOTHA FUCKIN SQUAD
Marcus Hack
Marcus Hack 22 days ago
Ryan Upchurch hell yeah brother!! Can’t wait to see you live again, hopefully get to meet you next go round! Keep it up! *RHEC*
Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch 22 days ago
Marcus Hack haha I’m glad you noticed that lol
mersades Benz fan
mersades Benz fan 27 days ago
And still this shit ain't on Spotify.....
michele page
michele page 27 days ago
love it
John Morganati-Martineau
This song makes me stay up till 9:02 but my bedtime is 9 lol edit: OMG three likes
Joseph Harrelson
Joseph Harrelson 27 days ago
I fuckin love that beet it sounds like I'm watchin a horror movie frm the 80's
Jeff Kwiatkowski
Jeff Kwiatkowski 27 days ago
Frickin Love this song!!!!!!!!!😀
Thekingscene scene
Thekingscene scene 28 days ago
Church if you ever want some pyro in your videos hit me up.
Thekingscene scene
Thekingscene scene 22 days ago
For real we can make it 🔥
BigSerg B
BigSerg B 28 days ago
This dude sounds way better then kid rock has more heat fosho keep that shit up whitboy got heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Month ago
This is why hicks get made fun of
Ryan Upchurch
Ryan Upchurch 22 days ago
Jon Smith 😂😂😂😂 yeah okay lol
Upchurch Is so fucking so awesome i love this dude
Travis Soper
Travis Soper Month ago
Amazing song. My boss hates country rap but I had him jamming out to this song last snow storm
YES IS NE .. oh man .. is a fool
why that cheating or bc i i know the hackers are on this along with my enemies and still talking and letting all yours finally know what it really is and what it is NOT .. makes you mad im still going .. CALL ME KERMIT .......SHOULD I JUST GO BACK TO MY TV IN THE LIVING ROOM AND KEEP IT ARE LITTTLE SECRET WHY STOP NOW .
Now I see
Now I see Month ago
Jade Hern
Jade Hern Month ago
Jade Hern
Jade Hern Month ago
Its 5am and I'm jammin
cheri siwietz
cheri siwietz Month ago
This is not my account but I can just say this I'm 10 I sub and lime and I love rapping to your songs I was hoping to move were u are upchur h but my dad doesn't want to anymore me and him love ur songs i have been begging him to get me one of your hoodies but not know hope u read my comment upchurch one of ur biggest fans and yea thanks!
Estevan Martinez
This song slaps and goes fuck yea ariva igleasia
corbinstein228 Month ago
C.HE.A.T.H.A.M you can here my pipes all the way to the a.m
monkey ass
monkey ass Month ago
I'm living in a small town where everyone drives a truck including me and I find that when I put upchurch on I'll get half the school rocking out I fucking love your music man
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