Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review

Dave Lee
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My review and water test of the OnePlus 7 Pro. This is the fastest android phone on the market - has no notch, no hole but is somehow VERY water resistant.
OP7 Pro - amzn.to/2WIlJ1J
The pop-up camera on the OnePlus 7 allows this camera to have a completely clean front with no protrusions or visual obstructions. The curved edges look awesome but it's a change to the oneplus design that can hinder usability.

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Comments 100
Dave Lee
Dave Lee 6 days ago
The distortion and shimmering water in the jug made the phone look like it was turning off constantly. I was so distracted. Thanks for watching! Is the OnePlus 7 what you hoped for? Is it too expensive for what it is?
biocybernaut 13 hours ago
+sparkes44 for your information, this phone starts at $ 820 and goes all the way up to $ 950 in my country, NOT WORTH IT. Also, DONGLES SUCK: usvid.net/video/video-Ly-bSBHOSIo.html
sparkes44 13 hours ago
+biocybernaut £6 cable gives you the headphone Jack but youd rather pay £200 to get it on a Samsung, mad
E-ink 16 hours ago
Can you link that edge interface app plz
Cookies 2 days ago
+loki kipa build a PC laptops are cheap
H C Hour ago
Hi Dave, totally random. May I know where did you buy your tube lamp? The one leaning on the wall :) thanks
I worked in tech manufacturing. Get your device ip rated can be expensive. Also just get your users to test it. Honestly if this one plus were to be in rated it would def be on the high end
Random Guy
Random Guy Hour ago
& people laughed when phablets came out back on 2013 ,seriously 😂
Skyhighrockhound1 2 hours ago
Purchased this phone on Friday, and absolutely love it! I agree with you about the curved edges,but everything else on this phone is stellar. At $700 it is still a tremendous value
derrick gomes
derrick gomes 4 hours ago
I'm the only one who distracting by his breathing noise?
Kidner Shanthikumaran
3:44 That aint an S10 Plus
I'd always have to remember my password..."but...i can also use my..." MIDDLE POINTERS, if anyone has to get offended, then yes😏👌
lante07 4 hours ago
I really love this phone. I was considering the XR or the S10e.. But this is beautiful. And I'm a big OS guy, that's why I've stayed away from Samsung and Android for years. But OxygenOS looks smooth and effortless. And now I know I can take this phone in the shower with me. I'm pretty much sold. 700$ for 8gb of RAM and 256gb of storage.
lante07 4 hours ago
Hey Apple, Deuces!
Siva Chandramouli
Siva Chandramouli 6 hours ago
Just one thing How did the timer became 15 min for a 13:39 minutes video
MultiOwnag3 7 hours ago
What app is that? i like the app where you swipe from the corner of your screen and some little shortut menu pops out. App name please :)
Rahul Shingala
Rahul Shingala 9 hours ago
you are the best tech guy available in youtube who gives honest review 🥰😍😘👍
CF542 9 hours ago
Make sure to give us an update if this phone still is working without issue
Adhi Suryana
Adhi Suryana 10 hours ago
Imagine if one day Google stop letting Samsung or other OEM use Android like Huawei and we left by either overpriced Pixel or iPhone ☹️
grtent 11 hours ago
how much One Plus pays you ? employed !
Kim Pius
Kim Pius 11 hours ago
TornadoBarrage 12 hours ago
Wonder if I could be in a pool with the phone in my pocket
TornadoBarrage 12 hours ago
Most reviewers say 4 hours of screen on time and that slightly turned me off but he says 7 hours now I gotta try it
Saem Sarguroh
Saem Sarguroh 12 hours ago
The thing that saved the mechanism from dying in water when you opened up the pop up camera was the orientation of the device. Had it been correct side up, water would have trickled into the opening. Honest review as always though 👍
Mohit Agrawal
Mohit Agrawal 14 hours ago
@Davelee How annoying is the curve display?
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez 15 hours ago
this phone is heavily praised. none of the reviews I've watched about the Oneplus 7 pro (or any Oneplus phone in fact) only work on T-mobile in the states. however this is i think i read that the pro works on Verizon now. but that's still too few for a phone that also says its carrier unlocked.
sandipan saha
sandipan saha 15 hours ago
Subscribed you, loved ur simplicity and cuteness. Keep up.
기현 Arikadou
기현 Arikadou 15 hours ago
$700 S10+??? Actually, that's normal. Prices has come down, and the 7 Pro will come down in price as well.
Vasista Vasi
Vasista Vasi 16 hours ago
What the fuck U kept the phone in water at 50 sec after 5 minutes of your video phone will shows 7 minutes in the phone What the fuck Who noticed this hit the like
zaf sohnel
zaf sohnel 17 hours ago
There was never a better phone in this planet....but now i will buy samsung $ becoz no more identical signature of one plus....it looks like every other phone now.
Alvin Alberto
Alvin Alberto 17 hours ago
Does anyone know the name of the application that he's using in the video for the side panel on the right side of the One Plus 7 Pro??
Howard Batiste
Howard Batiste 18 hours ago
Front facing camera unlock in my experience(I have the S10+ as well) is as fast as the S10, my issue is if you edit the dpi settings of ui in developer options, the light for the optical finger print sensor is moved further up making the fingerprint sensor practically worthless. Longevity will tell how the Front facing camera holds up, screen is fantastic, and its the first phone ive brought home the SO loves due to the front camera hiding itself. Good to know rain and a splash wont hurt it Dave.
Aso Rokay
Aso Rokay 18 hours ago
tell me reason why they remove headphone jack while thiers fan ask not to
Glen Carolus
Glen Carolus 18 hours ago
Good review, I enjoyed it. Thanks Dave
Supreme 18 hours ago
While The Video is 13:38, the stopwatch on phone exceeded 13:38 way ahead
Ashwin Israni
Ashwin Israni 19 hours ago
I don't know guys, I got my Galaxy S10+ on eBay for $800 in the US (snapdragon variant) and love it. I do want wireless charging etc and it's a gorgeous screen too. The 60hz refresh rate doesn't bother me. I have my new iPad pro with 120hz and it's not that different. This is a great phone for One Plus but can't beat the GS10+ for $800 or so.
KingSam 22 hours ago
The 7 isn't available in the US. The 7 undercut the 6T in those markets but the 6t is barely discounted in the US. I'll stick to LG for value
Timothy Grant
Great review as usual Dave. I'm not sure why everyone is harping on the price. The budget options are still available for sale and, most important to me, expensive != a lack of value! Value for me is a price that directly correlates to the value you get from the components and software in the product. Often times, more expensive phones with longer lifespans, quality of software, and resale value provide more VALUE than budget options. But I agree that 1+ is changing from the budget-priced, flagship killer that the 1+1 was. Still, with flagships costing over $1k, I still think they are doing pretty well. Sent from my iPhone.
tirken eowin
tirken eowin Day ago
show me where you can get an s10+ for $700 without trade-in. They're like 1200 bucks.
Nalwadda Jeniffer
This level of distraction is insane.... Just found my twin bro
Alex007 Day ago
I use OnePlus 5 and with op 7pro not having a good camera by good I mean good and they fucked up the front camera a big turn off
Suhas Vasisht
Please don't do the water test simultaneously. You constantly kept looking at it and it was soo annoying
tirken eowin
tirken eowin Day ago
Dave2d: "I like high-refresh gaming, high-refresh everything. All my laptops, high-refresh." Still putting youtube videos in 24p. in 2019.
ajpoppin gaming
Try recording a video with the front facing camera and dropping the phone
warak anda
warak anda Day ago
With such price for a China made device, I had better go for Samsung...
jt663 Day ago
All these one plus fan boys don't realise how massive this phone is or something?
dominicd2011 Day ago
If you were gonna wet it, then just wet and pop out the camera. You just click baited the video and nothing was significantly water tested.
Siyabonga Nkosi
Harshrajsinh Jadeja
90hz refresh rate works only for screen navigation not for games and other apps. Games have not optimized for 90hz refresh rate. Next time you do a video have some research before saying something!
Av3570 Day ago
I was thinking to myself that this was a well written out review, everything said is sensible and stuff but then 11:18 came and now only 11:18 is in my mind
Salim AL-Makhmari
How is the screen brightness under the sun compare to i phone xs max?
Ferra16 Day ago
That‘s my new phone!!!!
Viktor Krum
Viktor Krum Day ago
let us know in a month to see if theres any lasting longterm damages from the water dunking
K7AUS Day ago
I like the way you handle the phones.
Sebas Robiag
Sebas Robiag Day ago
5:43 the look on Dave in the almost fall of the OP7 Pro though.
Bineesh Km
Bineesh Km Day ago
The reason y its not IP rated cz it costs extra dollars for the fone...they dont want to increase the price... Believe me this fone is awesome... I call it a beast...
Luca Stronks
Luca Stronks Day ago
No headphone jack. Really? On a $700 phone... Never mind this phone, I'm going Asus Zenphone 6 when my current phone breaks. Great review nonetheless!
Boogie2001 Day ago
Great review sir! Is this dual sim? I want to use it on t-mobile and Verizon.
Novanata Kit
Novanata Kit Day ago
Nice review Dave, quick question, the on screen fingerprint sensor, do you have to activate the phone to use it or can you just use it as soon as you take it out of your pocket? Anybody?
Jeffrey Bozko
Realme x costs 2x less lol
G S Day ago
The only genuine youtuber. Stay unchange Dave.
Ido Ziv
Ido Ziv Day ago
Is the oneplus 7 pro comes sim free? Does anybody know?
Mau D. Lu
Mau D. Lu Day ago
Wow. It resisted 17 minutes. I don't have to worry if I drop in the water or snow by accident!
Yudy Iztiro
Yudy Iztiro Day ago
90 hz or 90 fps?
Shivdeep Nancherla
Lol, you look so worried through the video. Guess you love the phone so much that you care 😁
Francois Gultig
Hey Dave, whats with Oneplus only providing 2 years of support, which they announced in their keynote, surely that will drop the value of the phone from the minute you walk out the stor with the phone
Devesh Joshi
Devesh Joshi Day ago
Did you notice ' I'm amazing' at 12:20
Unai Gonzalez
Por que tan absurdo vídeo, cuando un movil no es para el agua y lo mete en el agua...estamos mal..
Tony Synz
Tony Synz Day ago
Open the selfie camera and drop the whole phone on the water. 😂
naveen chauhan
That intro was dope af. Fanco Mobile legends. Love it.
Prakhar Nigam
For those calling it in one take, have a look at the timer running and the video time, the video time is lagging behind, means it's not only edited, fast forwarded, but the way he held the phone in the start, also meant there was some sort of protective coating on it to start with! Common!
Samson Sliteye
so fake...
shreyansh sankhla
Hey Dave. Would like to know that is the Oneplus 7 pro really better(except for refresh rate obviously) than S10+. I wanna buy one and wanna know which is better especially in terms of picture quality and battery. Thanks.😊😊
Ishmam Chowdhury
the display gets bigger if u drop it in water
GenericGamer no.227
such a good comment
4:50 say T H I C C
Modius Day ago
you actually look like Oneplus ceo
Aryan Affable
Why don't you test the speakers underwater
12:32 the result
Sachu Ash
Sachu Ash Day ago
mkbhd said the phone only had 4 hour of screen on time!
Walter Ngo
Walter Ngo Day ago
i don’t like the curve screen too
Urvin Savla
Urvin Savla Day ago
Phone manufacturers are just increasing the display size without thinking about usability Even I am not a fan of big phones Completely agree with you on that one
Chin Aik
Chin Aik Day ago
set playback speed to 1.5x..
Urvin Savla
Urvin Savla Day ago
The OnePlus 7 Pro survived under water even though it does not have an official IP Rating That's really great Thanks Dave for doing this Love watching your videos
Nayak Indradeep
The Game @12:08 ??
joshua abraham
Post a review 10 days after immersion you moron! Obviously it will work if u use it immediately after soaking it!!butt face
thomas MO
thomas MO Day ago
Is the sound still working great ? That's a thing that no one testing after water immersion
Caboose Day ago
Fuck you, Dave.
Nana Day ago
One plus 7 pro is not a water proof smartphone as when I did similar thing water reached inside the lens of back camera...
Karthik Hegde
What's the name of the movie that was playing?
BABAR DA2 Day ago
What is the name of that Application Which you used as 3rd party interface
Iskandar Mamadnazarov
Dave, the phone review is in laptop playlist ;)
I'M GoneWithTheWind! FABULOUS!!
Why are they doing it to non waterproof phone huhuhuhu
He looks at OP7 after every 2 seconds
Sanskar Kaushik
*_Review in 1 line: Don't buy this Phone until you are mental_*
Gatsby A
Gatsby A Day ago
China No.1
Kishore 7
Kishore 7 Day ago
OP 7 pro is now water proof😎
donnieb Day ago
IP ratings are about as useful as THX audio certification. It matters but not that much. Almost any modern smartphone can survive underwater these days. Also who would leave their phone under water for 30 minutes?
Sarath Kumar R
Anyone know this game usvid.net/video/video-z8AdxtkkQDo.html
Jimmy Rojas
Jimmy Rojas Day ago
What is that edge app ???
Ilestun Day ago
Can you please give us updates in a few weeks ? If there is a problem, it will take a few weeks for rust to appear and screw the phone.
James Fernihough
👍 I'm amazing
don198769 Day ago
The curved edges are worthless, I'm a galaxy note user and it's so frustrating that using the s pen to type is ridiculous. Rolls off the side, the only reason for the curves are to make the phone narrower but I'd rather have function over form any day!
Arun Sudheesan
RIP Samsung S10+ fans😝
slick back
slick back Day ago
Who keeps any phone in water over a minute... Like seriously tho... Ip ratings are a waste of time from 2016
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