Undercover Boss - Donato's S5 EP3 (U.S. TV Series)

Craig Dave
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Jane Grote Abell, chairman of Donatos Pizza, works undercover at her company.

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Jan 1, 2014

Undercover Boss Full Episode




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Comments 1 492
Fatima Magana
Fatima Magana Hour ago
If she knew it was undercover boss wth did she rat her out like that a 🤡
momyluvsu2 Hour ago
bullshit TV for brainwashed ones.
sushileaf 3 hours ago
"But he does his job very well, hes a very good driver..." YEAH, weed doesn't casually fuck you up lol. It's not like the dude is hittin a gram dab of shatter before turning the ignition. Jeez.
DJ Shock Africa
DJ Shock Africa 4 hours ago
USvid kept recommending this video to me for a long time. Glad I finally watched! Thanks!
Mueed Mushtaq Mackay
This is 100% staged.
old soul triangle
old soul triangle 7 hours ago
wow, this jane is so kind, what a lovely person.
Neelix99 7 hours ago
She really had no idea how things have changed since the start of the company. She probably hasn't stepped in one of her (franchise) stores in years.
Noelle Sung
Noelle Sung 7 hours ago
the way the drive thru girl talks 🤣
Justin Drew Bieber
Justin Drew Bieber 7 hours ago
“And that will ensure our business is around for another 50 years” Climate Change: 👀👀👀
Maddie Smith
Maddie Smith 9 hours ago
How in the hell did the manager figure it out so quick ? Why is noone else commenting about that
Grimshaw Grummage
Grimshaw Grummage 11 hours ago
buffy the vampire eater
Dana Alajmi
Dana Alajmi 11 hours ago
there is a frkn camera filming them how did he not know haha this is a joke
roger hunt
roger hunt 12 hours ago
So just to send a message to the rest of the employees that smoking pot is not acceptable I'll promote you like a boss would do that ffs
roger hunt
roger hunt 12 hours ago
They'll all act surprised of course cos that's how they've been told to act tiresome shit
roger hunt
roger hunt 12 hours ago
This is all bullshit ,they all know ,you don't tell a new staff member your life story then start crying after plus for good measure I'm going to college soon clearly mentioned that so at the end it gets paid for ,they've all got sob stories and that's the best way to get money out of someone all staged ,all bullshit
Blueberry.M4 14 hours ago
‘It’s not wrong of me to hate people’ Me 24/7
Viviotic_Galaxy Assassin
How one can impact others life , its just amazing . The gift to give , to share
Justin Grewal
Justin Grewal 18 hours ago
Typical person: yah im going to college and this is just my side and me and my family are all healthy. Person on undercover boss: yah both my parents died when i was 2 and all my siblings have cancer also my dogs legs dont work and im expected to live for 2 more days
Will Barkley
Will Barkley Day ago
He says she's his type, but little does he know as a level 7 crook he's going after a level 100 Mafia Boss.
nushin youssefian
She gets offered $50.000 and she simply continues wiping her face without any reaction saying " ...it's just...I appreciate ". FOR FUCK SAKE ,JUMP ON THE CHAIR !SHOW ENTHUSIASM , BE SHOCKED !
ekechi bernive
who hated this video
Kevin Shillito
She’s a great boss
IIario Tea
IIario Tea Day ago
why th actual f would u cut pizza like that wth
Aayan Syed
Aayan Syed Day ago
im confused how does the driver not know that this somw type of show like there is a man following you around with a CAMERA hes literally in your face 8:08
Nick w79
Nick w79 Day ago
Tangee's reaction though
Adam Croft
Adam Croft Day ago
Anurag Day ago
is there a link of some 'hub' about a pizza delivery chick from ponatos who brought the wrong orders!
ThatsB Day ago
The boss herself would never get hired at a fast food restaurant 😂
Karim Abdul
Karim Abdul Day ago
Money buys happiness
Obsi. OP
Obsi. OP Day ago
Marry me please. Haha
Just Nobody
Just Nobody Day ago
Aaron: Died inside after hitting on the person that owns the place he works at Tangy: Already has trust issues Jean: well hi Everyone else: Shooketh
A - A - RON Coulda had 10 bands but had to be a dumbyyy
Im not crying you're crying.
Jay Ibrahim
Jay Ibrahim 2 days ago
How didn’t he notice the camera when delivering
Akshay Kanth
Akshay Kanth 2 days ago
Wow! Buffy really Slayed it there,
Khenovie Clein Galvez
This video is so wholesome
Anarchy Ducky
Anarchy Ducky 2 days ago
If only we as a human race did not ACCEPT this legal dumfucking immoral life, than everyone would have enough, and many if not all of these problems would not exists, they only exists in a legal slave world... which most of us HELP keep in place by not changing the world or our individual lives. Fuck this dumb ass world lol
Emily Scholes
Emily Scholes 2 days ago
Buffy just got 70 thousand dollars and a 17 thousand raise, she rollin
Dayu Pertiwi
Dayu Pertiwi 2 days ago
Such a generous boss!
Mallisetti Rajendra babu
Even my Motto in my life.. I would open up about all my life and family problems and how pity my life is to the person i knw for a day and with a camera crew on it.. How do you think i will be popular with telling my crisis in front of camera..20:00
Mallisetti Rajendra babu
Totally Freaking Staged.. Rule in food industry.. Wash your hands before you start your shift, rule 2: No finger BANG rings,, who really wears that hugh fancy rings and cook food in Hospo kitchen..
Om abdullah Mohamed
Then then a vacation and paying her bills and her tewshion
Om abdullah Mohamed
What if she doesn’t give her the money
Om abdullah Mohamed
30 thousand 17 thousand rase and 40 for the kids
The pro Lifehacker
Sabs 3 days ago
Yep Jane need to hit that bong
Νικολας Τσικας
Don't mind me I am just doing heroin...
Pasdor 993
Pasdor 993 3 days ago
If buffy didn’t get a raise I will die
Pasdor 993
Pasdor 993 3 days ago
When the guy said she was hot he listed everything fake about her
Om abdullah Mohamed
I never never check my pitzza they always give me the rong order even tho I check the same thing it’s soo stupid of me !!!
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