Uncomfortable Facts Nickelodeon Hid From Us

Nicki Swift
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There were more than just a few disturbing secrets Nickelodeon tried to hide from us. Grab your orange blimpies and hop aboard the nostalgia train: things are about to get slimy...
Scandal 101 | 0:12
A Biggs problem | 0:53
Angry Beavers vs. angry executives | 1:48
Diva wars | 3:07
Some 'Loud' allegations | 4:07
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Nov 11, 2018

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Comments 242
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift 29 days ago
What other Nickelodeon facts should've made this list?
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman 10 hours ago
Chimo Dan.
Andrew Taylor
The fact that all their Live Action shows were run by a Predatory Child Molester with an obscene foot fetish? We know you know it. You named and shamed two of his known VICTIMS in your little piece here. Dan Schneider.
MGSBigBoss77 7 days ago
Was going to mention the whole ugly affair of the firing of Mitchel Musso from Pair Of Kings?! Because of being caught drink driving while he was on the show after its second season aired. But as i understand it, in North America; Pair Of Kings is pacifically a Disney XD series. However outside the States in different countries this isn't the case and it might've also aired on other Cable/Satellite channels carrying Nickelodeon and Disney XD shows given the whole kid programming genre these shows were all aimed at. Figured its loosely related somewhat though.
Duper Super
Duper Super 8 days ago
Dan "hold her tighter she's a fighter"
Brion 14 days ago
+jrawr Its more than a foot fetish. The guys a pedo
Tony M
Tony M 42 minutes ago
The angry beavers was a great show
Wyatt Spinney
Wyatt Spinney 4 hours ago
Wtf is up with the American pie clip.
Daryl Carr
Daryl Carr 5 hours ago
Dogpiling: How did Dan Schneider not make the cut? He was practically the "Harvey Weinstein" of Nickelodeon...allegedly.
jeffw1267 5 hours ago
I wonder how McCurdy feels about Ariana's paycheck now.
Chichopuente 5 hours ago
Are we going to gloss over the fact most of them got molested?!
Marcos B
Marcos B 9 hours ago
Does someone have the link to part 2 ? I want to hear the surprisingly uncomfortable news 🙂
Shlamdo G
Shlamdo G 10 hours ago
Zoey was basically forced by Dan
ConservativeMedia 10 hours ago
ariana grande had an abortion!!!???!?!??!??
Jeremy Backman
Jeremy Backman 10 hours ago
Why not mention the pedophile that created most their live action shows?
nymbus 43
nymbus 43 13 hours ago
I hate it when shows are cancelled because the actor whines about the other actor making 3.5 mil and they make 3 mil.
Carson Pratt
Carson Pratt 16 hours ago
Where were the uncomfortable facts? Other than the last one, this list sounded pretty ho-hum, and not really all that the title of your video claimed it was.
Syd Parrott
Syd Parrott 17 hours ago
Dan "two in the pink and one in the stink" Schenider
Houndoom 18 hours ago
Dan “Oh, We Gotta A Fighter” Schneider
Zambie Hunter
Zambie Hunter 18 hours ago
I can't ignore the fact that the host's speech lip syncs to the Bojack Horseman clip almost perfectly....
ImmaChiaotzu1 19 hours ago
At least Nickelodeon can handle Twitter outrage better than Disney.
Inspector Steve
Inspector Steve 19 hours ago
OMG I forgot about the angry beavers
izoom 21 hour ago
Dan "hold her tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider
Twila Dickinson
Twila Dickinson 23 hours ago
#metoo is a joke
Europa Man
Europa Man 23 hours ago
(((Jason))) disparaged the wives of GOP candidates in an attempt to sway elections ?
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Day ago
0:39 w-w-w-w-w-w-wait. so who was the father? O_o
M Flanagan
M Flanagan Day ago
I really don't know anybody likes Jason Biggs is actor anyways never heard nobody talked about him mostly not like them
Tuk asfuk
Tuk asfuk Day ago
Why the hell did you open up with the pie sence from American Pie? You think we wouldn't notice?
Robert Torres
false title none of these were "Hidden".
Gary Lococo
Gary Lococo Day ago
I like jennette mccurdy she is hot and she is right about arianna grande that is fuuny she made that web show about a unintelligible pop star that is wat Arianna is i got to be the only one who doesnt like her i think she is stuck up and trash
Kekistani Necromemecer
Y'all need an outro. That abrupt end was a damn near jumpscare for me.
Aurora Lara
Aurora Lara Day ago
I used to love zoey 101
Liam Phillips
that's ok...Ariana kind of deserved it
A.G is a talentless ,worthless P.O.S -Jeanette is better looking, smarter, funnier and has more talent in her toes than A.G.
ae4xo Day ago
nothing about dan ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
Richard Day ago
i always found the "sliming" part weird of nick. made me think of facials and stuff like that. maybe it was just my oversexualised teenage mind but i couldn't have been the only one making that correlation right? besides, why would anyone even want to be covered by a "green slime"?!
Ben Der
Ben Der Day ago
Nicki Swift wants to sweep pedophilia under the rug, thats why Dan Schnieder wasnt mentioned.....
Eri Bear
Eri Bear Day ago
haha no way im not even watching this then thanks no 3. dan schnider forced Amanda bynes to abort but jamie lynn gets to keep hers
Charles Schuman
You use tmz as a reference? smh
huverdoose Day ago
Good thing Biggs wasn't associated with Nick when he peed on Chelsea Handler.
Naughtysauce 2 days ago
Jeez that last guy. I guess people aren't allowed to make mistakes these days
Devin Tingle
Devin Tingle 2 days ago
I don't think Nickelodeon tried hiding Jamie Lynns pregnancy..
richiefranklin76 2 days ago
Dan 'Beat my meat while touching their feet' Schneider
Zero Photography
Zero Photography 2 days ago
Just like Disney everybody's like 30 years old that are trying to play high school students or if you're 12 years old you're trying to be somebody looking like 25.
OverthereLook 2 days ago
Sam needs to learn the world is unfair. She has to be like Samuel Jackson, just be in everything until people give up and say you're a superstar. Then you'll see more money than any popstar giving head.
Lindsey Lewis
Lindsey Lewis 3 hours ago
+OverthereLook What a bleak and depressing way you approach the world. "Work first, everything else is second." Yeah, can't agree with you on that one. There are a lot of things more important than work.
OverthereLook 3 hours ago
+Lindsey Lewis You need power to do that. You get power by doing what Samuel Jackson did. Work first, everything else is second.
Lindsey Lewis
Lindsey Lewis 4 hours ago
Or she can have principles and a spine and not put up with it.
Angry beaver was my show when I was little
One word.... Feet
PKfire 5 days ago
Dan "beats my meat to feet" schneider
Christopher Delagarza
Is that it is that all you got tell me something I don’t know
reddragon52894 8 days ago
Jaime spears was on the fast track of being something big, but threw it all away. Shame
cloudsRniceC0M3 9 days ago
Oh right, Ariana grande used to be white. Strange what fame does to you
Justin Ellender
Justin Ellender 10 days ago
so spears didn't get a show about her being knocked up, was this before teen mom became a thing?
Lon Hixson
Lon Hixson 11 days ago
How could Angry Beavers be possibly over budget? It looks like it was made on a $50 budget.
Taigan Howard
Taigan Howard 11 days ago
Jamie Lynn got pregnant after the series ended. I heard from another USvidr who was talking about Zoey 101's dark secrets
MGSBigBoss77 7 days ago
No, the show was still in production while she got pregnant during the outset of its 4th season. So Nick cancelled it, thus putting her castmates on the show out of work.
fizixx 12 days ago
Cristian Buchi
Cristian Buchi 12 days ago
pregnant at 16, EEW each time perints are more insecure about there kids I bet even lower then 16 even have ***.
Sevu Vidramus
Sevu Vidramus 12 days ago
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 13 days ago
Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider
Danielle Weiss
Danielle Weiss 14 days ago
we ain't gonna talk about how everyone already knew zoey 101 ended cuz she was prego?
G breeze
G breeze 14 days ago
Dan Schneider is going to be the next Harvey Weinstein
Young God
Young God 14 days ago
"I think we ALL deserve a bigger paycheck."
LlamassRuthless 15 days ago
None of these are hidden facts? You literally said for almost all of these that they issued a public response?!?!?
MGSBigBoss77 7 days ago
We know. they're simply stuck for ideas on making a YT video is all. So they bend the truth a little. The facts aren't hidden anybody can dig'em up online.
LlamassRuthless 15 days ago
i miss zoey 101...
Chatternat Acts
Chatternat Acts 16 days ago
It wasn't because she was pregnant. They cancelled because they ran out of ideas so the network decided not to go on with the show
Dylan Mok
Dylan Mok 16 days ago
Dan Schneider is a rapist!!!?
Dylan Mok i think he just really keen on teen feet
Hi I'm UnD34D
Hi I'm UnD34D 17 days ago
sad the invader zim cancellation wasn't in here
Zeke  HD
Zeke HD 18 days ago
I miss Sam and cat what happened to it
Natalie Carmen
Natalie Carmen 19 days ago
This is why we need more shows like avatar the last Airbender. Nickelodeon doesn’t even have their re runs up anymore. It’s very disappointing
MGSBigBoss77 3 hours ago
+Hawkeye 03 I know that, just asking if its played in conjunction with Avatar though? They are still apart of the same mythologies and canon, regardless of which is the better one i.e. ATLA for obvious reasons!
Hawkeye 03
Hawkeye 03 4 hours ago
MGSBigBoss77 Legend if Korra wasn’t nearly as good as ATLA
Natalie Carmen
Natalie Carmen 6 days ago
Unfortunately no. LOK & ATLA could be recorded on Nickelodeon last year though.
MGSBigBoss77 7 days ago
What about; The Legend of Korra! Isn't that still being shown at all?
Pat B
Pat B 20 days ago
I like how the video abruptly ends
Gamer Godess
Gamer Godess 20 days ago
The fact that the ad to watch this video was a Victoria's secret ad for bra's came on I have been uncomfortable the whole time...
Apollyon 21 day ago
Eh who cares. All these people are trash.
Misfit 636
Misfit 636 22 days ago
I thought that was a young sssniperwolf in the thumbnail
David Noriega
David Noriega 23 days ago
It wasn’t all happy happy joy joy
J Lee
J Lee 24 days ago
Duck this video for having ads
Titus Lee
Titus Lee 25 days ago
Uncomfortable with a capital U
kittykatchar 27 days ago
Hi im feeling stressed today. send good vibes or prayers please
Parii27 28 days ago
I‘m still mad at jamie lynn spears for getting pregnant😭😭
Black Swan
Black Swan 28 days ago
There are more secrets Nickelodeon tried to hide from us...
Nathaniel Stringer
Nathaniel Stringer 29 days ago
Fuck Metoo!!!!! Fuck Billary!!!!!
Jenni Moore
Jenni Moore 29 days ago
Yall see how far back Ari's hairline has moved since this thumbnail? A warning against excessively wearing weaves
Nina Ingram
Nina Ingram 16 days ago
Jenni Moore Or it could also be from her hair failing out for having it dyed every week for Victorious and Sam and Cat. The weave was a protective style and grew her hair back.
Andrew Tolan
Andrew Tolan Month ago
Funny how evil the that networks directors... "dan" are in the first place. They are responsible for the overexposure and negative images these regular teens got. Jamie spears was 16 and pregnant and was judged so hard yet there is a tv show called 16 and pregnant/teen mom that the media absolutely loves. It's the adults here that should really be ashamed. Money hungry pigs exploiting children.
Gary LeFevers
Gary LeFevers 28 days ago
Could not agree more.
Elizabeth Reilly
the style was tough to follow this time, without clear title pages
wicked deadchick
That mcurdy (?) chick looks like she's middle aged
Ventura the Ace
Ventura the Ace 11 days ago
Blonde chicks don't age too well lol
MyTurtleApril Month ago
3:20 Jessii Vee lol! (Joke)
Elliot Shelton
Elliot Shelton Month ago
ARIANA is just a better actress/actor than most of the people she's been working with Liz Giles to
Agent J
Agent J 5 hours ago
... did she ever play any roles but Cat?
Yensid’s Funkos
This list should’ve been MUCH LONGER!
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Month ago
This is why Nick is trash. There’s other reasons but this is one of them.
Riqochet Rose Tarot
Damn, what'd Ariana do? Lol
sligen Day ago
Have success outside of Nickelodeon...
The Mojo FloJo Chronicles
Thanks Nicki now I feel dirty, I'm watching Cartoon Network from now on
Skky Gavin
Skky Gavin Month ago
Wow 😮
Izzy Busy
Izzy Busy Month ago
I still have Sam and Cat they're just older episodes
Spicydav23 Month ago
Dan "The Cheek divider" Schneider
Chris Cameron
Chris Cameron Month ago
Is Nickelodeon NONCE base...YEAH!
Central Illinois Morel Hunters John Asbury
Ariana Grande deserves a swift shin kick to the throat that is if she is not an AI 🤖 robot.
asamusicdude Month ago
Lol ariana had a more grande paycheck
Vahan Nisanian
Vahan Nisanian Month ago
I guess according to Nicki Swift, the pedos at Nick are not that big of a deal.
Meep 1234
Meep 1234 2 days ago
Tomas Carroll yeah but it's not talked about anywhere near as much. I personally forgot about the whole Zoey 101 issue
Tomas Carroll
Tomas Carroll 2 days ago
+Meep 1234 they covered Zoey 101, everyone knew that
Meep 1234
Meep 1234 13 days ago
If everyone knows it, it's not hidden
Brion 14 days ago
They all cover for each other
Gary LeFevers
Gary LeFevers 28 days ago
Nolan Hughes
Nolan Hughes Month ago
Wow. Such a dumb video. Literally everything you said was stuff we all already know!
J pac
J pac Month ago
Jamie lynn ruined my life i loved zoey 101
Drason Vender
Drason Vender 28 days ago
It's really weird seeing someone with an Eazy E pic saying that
Machine Shop Inc.
Pedowood. Cut the cord on cable.
oneeyesmiley55 Month ago
You mean Dan "If she's a fighter, hold her tighter" Schneider? >o
Zachary Carns
Zachary Carns Month ago
Zoey 101 wasn't cancelled.
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega Month ago
Girls with 2 first names always get pregnant at 16
lee61387 2 hours ago
+Holly Sian i see you like to live dangerously 😂
Random Name
Random Name 5 days ago
Holly Sian oof
Holly Sian
Holly Sian 5 days ago
... ahhh noooooo . My 2 girls both have 2 first names
reddragon52894 8 days ago
Not Mary Kate Olsen
Cheezecake Me
Cheezecake Me 14 days ago
Why is this so accurate. In high school our token pregnant teen had two first names.
Andrew Pollard
Andrew Pollard Month ago
More like "Uncomfortable Facts Nickelodeon *Tried to Hide* From Us". haha
Vanii Bonii
Vanii Bonii Month ago
Sooooo we’re not going to talk about the elephant in the room, Dan Schneider?🤔
Violent Prophet
Violent Prophet 6 days ago
Amon Göth
Amon Göth 14 days ago
+GummyPop I remember that episode.
GummyPop 14 days ago
+Amon Göth Yeah there was some weirdly gross episodes of his shows...one particular was in iCarly where Miranda and Jannette were both barefooted showing their feet to the camera while playing with them....
gilbert martinez
gilbert martinez 20 days ago
smallblue08 wtf it is very real, why else did they distance themselves far away from schnieder now !
BenisPutter 20 days ago
+Amon Göth Yeah he has a thing for children feet and shit. Theres also allegations on child abuse as well
StarSkyShadow Month ago
Oh you talk about Jennette and Arian a but not Arianas feud with Victoria
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