Uncomfortable Facts Nickelodeon Hid From Us

Nicki Swift
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There were more than just a few disturbing secrets Nickelodeon tried to hide from us. Grab your orange blimpies and hop aboard the nostalgia train: things are about to get slimy...
Scandal 101 | 0:12
A Biggs problem | 0:53
Angry Beavers vs. angry executives | 1:48
Diva wars | 3:07
Some 'Loud' allegations | 4:07
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Nov 11, 2018

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Comments 574
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift 3 months ago
What other Nickelodeon facts should've made this list?
Tiff Prendergast
Tiff Prendergast 21 day ago
LuNaTiK lol
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 22 days ago
Contests and game shows that were a hoax not what others though they really were and the weird reason that Nickelodeon never told is the ingredience of what goes into making green slime you know this network has a lot of explaining to do and if they don't explain themselves I will email news stations that network has till the end of the week to decide.
Conch Boy Animations
duell collins humans are animals though?
Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh Month ago
DAN schneider being a pervert and jamie lynns baby daddy
oew41092 Month ago
the pedophilia for 1 thing.
ExtensiOncoRd 3 days ago
I knew that Ariana Grande had let her fame get to her head from the start 😂😂
deanthebean gaming
fun fact, during the #metoo movement, older people referred to the # as a pound, not a hashtag, so they were referring to it as Poundmetoo, yeahhhh
MrTmontona 6 days ago
So your not gonna mention San Schnieder?
Mufasa Trump
Mufasa Trump 6 days ago
Dan "the man with a plan to get your kid in his van" Schneider
Mr Debunker
Mr Debunker 6 days ago
This made me laugh so hard. Ariana Grande has the exact same body in 2019, did someone forget to hit the puberty button.
Corey Mitchell 2020
Old Nick was good now they are all cry babies
Dino Dino
Dino Dino 8 days ago
Jeanette McCurdy 🔥
andrew930605 8 days ago
yall see that girl get nailed in the crotch 0:23
Bobby Hempel
Bobby Hempel 9 days ago
Why not just tell people the truth , they molest children.
thats right
thats right 13 days ago
24 seconds in someone got hit in the nuts by a water balloon
AquaDronix 14 days ago
Children don't know better, *MAKE THEM BE BETTER*
H A R 24 days ago
80% of this isnt even nick shows...
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell 25 days ago
Empty vessels
TheMarionick 27 days ago
In that one iCarly episode, they hid an ostrich from us in plain sight and made spencer say he had a smoothie. I never trusted that show ever since
Marquel Dewitt
Marquel Dewitt 29 days ago
It seems like for the loud house creator he was suffocated out of his position of work because of a bitter female that may sexual allegations and that's not cool because she's affecting somebody else's paycheck because she's bitter obviously but why would you just let bygones be bygones don't say s*** to him he don't say s*** to you and if he does then that's what you make his career hell but now you couldn't wait to jab his ass
Evan Cornell
Evan Cornell Month ago
I remember back in the day i was just a kid myself and even i thought it was shitty the canned Zoey 101 just because Jamie lynn got pregnant.
Michel Angelo
Michel Angelo Month ago
nickelodeon is more sincere then disney that’s for sure lol
Randy Keith
Randy Keith Month ago
The metoo movement is still going on though.
Hedgehog Month ago
Okay recommended I've watched this. Are you happy now?
Ducks Month ago
I appreciate the fast swift video, you don't over extend for add or just viewing time. Just as an edition suggestion. Add one more extra second to the transitions
Kaidan Hetzer
Kaidan Hetzer Month ago
So sevino lost his job because of, allegations? Was there proof
MrJayra210 Month ago
Ariana Grande looked like a nice white girl back then. Not anymore.
BubblePop Month ago
Jamie said that the show was cancelled and then she was pregnant.
connor scott
connor scott Month ago
You gunna show evidence for that last claim?... or nah? Like damn people just believe these days instead of looking into it.
Jordan Cooper
Jordan Cooper Month ago
So funny you guys don't mention Dan Schneider
thrasherx2k1 Month ago
Sam and Cat was cancelled over Sam in real life having leaked underwear photos... at least that’s what I remember
thrasherx2k1 Month ago
Is this the Mashed lady???
372961880 Month ago
Dan "The Hymen Divider" Schneider
Danjal Veskandar
Our primary concern is her wellbeing - PS, the show that provides her income is cancelled and we're cutting all ties with her.
Harry Hanz
Harry Hanz Month ago
I don't think Nickelodeon hid any of this.
Codename: Xelda
Codename: Xelda Month ago
You mean nostalgia blimp?
Adrian Mora
Adrian Mora Month ago
So apparently my brain is so small that I can't understand a thing she's saying though I speak English and no other language, so basically my brain is just very *VERY* tiny. So tiny, in fact, that I probably don't even have a brain anymore it shrunk so small. No, but seriously, WHY don't I understand the video at all, or anything she's saying.
Retard Patrol
Retard Patrol Month ago
10/10 would bang Jennette McCurdy
Diego Brando
Diego Brando Month ago
Honestly who cares about the me too movement , I just ignore it's existence , or at least try to but people make it such a big deal to the point where you can't get on the internet without hearing some bs everyday
flipnotefan fan [Trคƿƿ૯ძ ᔕ૦υl]
Really? I get by everyday not knowing it's existence.
Epsilon Lane
Epsilon Lane Month ago
People keep going on about Nickolodeon . Its Viacom that is the problem .
educated /isiah
educated /isiah Month ago
wtf 666k views
jiye wu
jiye wu Month ago
that was a very rushed ending
Dale Platt
Dale Platt Month ago
You opened with something that was public knowledge not hidden, lol...
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Month ago
I'm a old skool dirty harry type of guy! So go ahead pervert, make my day.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Month ago
Back in the day, they would have dragged that nick dude through cactus plants. Guess what l'm sayin is, do that too my daughter, ya done,son!!
alexubel Month ago
So Nickelodeon didn't actually hide any of these things. Got it.
Andy Og
Andy Og Month ago
I would have nutted in her back then too!! * (;
Alvin Ameyaw
Alvin Ameyaw Month ago
I feel like I wanted my time watching this 🤦🏿‍♂️
Shadow Awakened
Shadow Awakened Month ago
Some of these are good on nicks part tho they fire ppl who don't meet the wholesome agenda or at least warn them and r willing to apologise over their mistakes? ??
Nycto Shade
Nycto Shade Month ago
Well I have to side with Jeannette on this one though. that is b.s. when both of them did equal work for the show.
OriginalDarkMew Month ago
look up what the slime on the awards show actually represents. Quite disturbing
OriginalDarkMew Month ago
look up what the green slime represents, warning, it's f*cked up.
Chewy V
Chewy V Month ago
Wasn’t Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant with a 50 year old producers baby and they covered it up or something ?
Zay Zay
Zay Zay Month ago
At least their not super control freaks like Disney
Cthulhu Month ago
You missed how they always hired sluts like Grande
Righteous Kung Fu
Ariana Grande was willing to play the game some of these other chicks wasnt lol
Raptor FlyBy
Raptor FlyBy Month ago
Fortnite is broken, like if you agree
Me to movement is cancer and a load of bullshit change my mind.
DJ_ ICEE Month ago
0:23 homegirl gets a water balloon to the crotch.
Gabe Watson
Gabe Watson Month ago
Imagine losing your job because the 16 year old star got knocked up.
Hood skin is good skin
I’d uh giver a hand down some stairs
Rwy801998 Month ago
God, I hate Ariana Grande
Richard J Mendoza Mendoza
Jamie's new show on MTV, 16 n Pregnant.
Aaron AJ Knight
Aaron AJ Knight Month ago
You forgot all about Dan Schneider...or is that something we don't talk about?
Azriux Surana
Azriux Surana Month ago
No Dan Schneider molesting all the young girls on his shows and ruining their lives? Look what happened to Amanda bynes.
Mysterious J
Mysterious J Month ago
How to effectively cancel your own product: Assume you are going to get cancelled, with no evidence. Write an episode that ends the series while talking shit about the network airing it. Realize that you weren't going to get cancelled in the first place. Get cancelled because you pissed off the network because you talked shit. Absolute genius I tell you.
Ryan Langley
Ryan Langley Month ago
Cartoons are terrible now. Duck tales was the shit
Noah Stockstill
Noah Stockstill Month ago
#metoo is pronounced "pound me too"
Anthony Palumbo
Anthony Palumbo Month ago
How is the Zoey one something they hid? Every pre-teen from Cali to New York knew she was pregnant
Senshi No Kodomo
😲Wait, Spears got speared? Jeez!
Dylen Lowowski
Dylen Lowowski Month ago
can you guys rename yourself to NickiTea?
Furnabulax1 Month ago
What about Dan Schneider and his creepiness?
Mindlesscargo Month ago
Pregnant at 16. Wow
Shortfilm Madness
Did they even fact check those allegations? I hate that companies would rather completely can an employee than double check a probable lie.
Master Bruce
Master Bruce Month ago
And cat dog weren’t really twins
Corbenik Gaming
Corbenik Gaming Month ago
So they fired the guy did they look into the story to see if it was true or was the guy another victim of the false me too members? Not to say that all of them are lying but sadly a LOT! of them are sorry I don't know the guy and haven't heard of him before but it makes it hard to believe anyone now that's using the me too slogan so many woman mainly Feminist are using the me too movement to fulfill a vendetta and innocent guys are fired and sometimes arrested just for being a man without any proof of the claim that's one of the privileges women have to instantly be believed without question without evidence and a innocent man's life is ruined all I ask of people is to think before acting and to be honest with themselves and those around them.
Ben Witte
Ben Witte Month ago
“ facts that Nickelodeon hid from us” First one has an official statement from Nickelodeon
Exton Jonas
Exton Jonas Month ago
None of these are hidden. This is really stupid. You make it sound like it was a semi conspiracy but its really not that interesting
Diego Degollada
Diego Degollada Month ago
So, will The Loud House keep keep continuing?
zombiewafle Month ago
Dan "Show me your anus, I'll make you famous" Schneider
Martin Park
Martin Park Month ago
How are these secrets?
0rland0 D00M
0rland0 D00M Month ago
Dan the Man
Light ONE39
Light ONE39 Month ago
This actually was very enlightening
ryan townsend
ryan townsend Month ago
So a guy lost his job on unsubstantiated accusations... yea sounds about right.
Matthew Giese
Matthew Giese Month ago
I have read that a few people who have worked with Ariana Grande have said she's horrible to work with and have been very upset with her attitude and the way she behaves.
EpIc GaRfIeLd GaMeR
None of these things were ever hidden from us, Nickelodeon made public apologies a day after these incidents describing them, how are these in any way hidden.
benalor Month ago
EpIc GaRfIeLd GaMeR
How did Nickelodeon hid the fact the Spears was pregnant if they released a statement a day later and made it public knowledge?
E E Month ago
Dan Schneider!??
Imperial Month ago
well since all arianas past co stars hate her. you can see a connection especially as she demanded more money why victoria died off and sam and cat.
Coteh Month ago
It really is amazing how an accusation can ruin your entire career and livelihood, without any proof.
Sebine LifeWind
Sebine LifeWind Month ago
I love how these bitches didn't have any proof but Savino got fucked anyway
So they fired a talented guy because a couple salty broads didn't happen to like him? Lol what about the Jeanette McCurdy porn scandal?
leo artie
leo artie Month ago
how is bojack horseman a nickelodeon show? it has alcohol and drugs, tf
pianogigger Month ago
Aooowooh! Naaoww I know the bad stuff Nickelodeon do. Thank u for filling in and informing Nicki Swift. Come on, get out of here. This is like the least of uncomfortable facts about Nickelodeon. This is like what their pr firm would put out as a joke about bad times. Why do you guys bother to do this if not for cash and no care of any ethics on reporting anything?
Inebriatd Month ago
"her co-star Ariana Grande took home a bigger paycheck." See. Wage gap!
Emily Alexander
Emily Alexander Month ago
Dan “schlob on me knob and ya get the job” Schneider
Keaton The Cretin
Wait so a comedian (Biggs) got in trouble for making a joke? Comedians CANT be comedians anymore.
cyberpimp29 Month ago
Shocking! How none of this is the least bit shocking....
Rare 2002
Rare 2002 Month ago
I never knew how important an outro was until I seen the end of this video. Thank you
dezperado2006 Month ago
4:31 So that's what "Nicki Swift" looks like. The cartoon woman in the white jacket is voicing you words exactly as your speaking them. As Spock would say..."Fascinating".
Dom Reyes
Dom Reyes Month ago
Dan “wanna be on shows? Show me your toes” Schneider
Rueben McFadden
Rueben McFadden Month ago
you guys need to work on your endings of videos.
How's he a "beta male" if he always gets the chicks?
King Nobody
King Nobody Month ago
Soooo... not one mention of the rampant molestation going on at Nickelodeon? The ongoing culture of exploitation? Talk about burying the lead... How much did Nickelodeon pay you for this puff piece? Did they instruct you to blame everything on the young teen performers or is that your own prejudice showing? What about Schneider the creepy foot guy taking pictures of the little girls on his shows? Lastly, wasn't Jamie Lynn Spears impregnated by an executive that oversaw her show? No mention of that either...
Jay Pocket
Jay Pocket Month ago
The first two "examples" had nothing to do with Nickelodeon, nor did the network hide anything in the respective situations. With all of the real issues surrounding the brand, it's suspiciously underrepresented truth makes your intentions here seem dubious and misleading.
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